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HIGH ART: compelling voices.

Church, Gentlemen, Ladies & Fashion
Black woman's high sense of style.
Church style of formality, casual, and African mix.

Lady ready for church full of glee and delight.

The dress comes across the way fashion should come off with delight, or joy. There is something compelling and inviting about dress that connects elements that instantly cause women to let loose the delight they feel. Clothes that do that can be made by someone who is a Master of Cloth. There are not many left who know and feel the emotions in cloth with the understanding of how to weave high thoughts and emotions into the creating of women's clothes. I only know one.

This photographer captured delight, joy and release making all the connections that bring light to the essence. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Feb. 9, 2017

Lust to Relief to Sin?

Sensual fires burning within...

There are realities you want to wake up to and those you don't. Before you sleep there are choices we make. Oh, Yess, there are moments we want to believe a woman pretending to be sizzling is but is really a danger to your soul. How often men have fallen into the holes they've created is the number of times women have been blamed for their shame, their fall. It is in the Bible! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 10.22.16

Goth chick, Dark Doll from Costa Rica.
photo by Mario Peraza.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Let Her Talk About FOOD.

Màat Petrova shopping for vegetables. July 2017.

My diet is plant based. Vegetables.. Fruits... Whole Grains...
I eat wild caught fish once or twice a month. And even that is not fresh like getting it fresh out the ocean as when I visited Ghana.

I never get BV, I may get a yeast infection once a year if that. My pumpum stays happy. Because of my mouths diet, my emotional diet (letting go of hurt, pain, anger), my vaginal diet (my lovers health and chemistry with my body). - Maat Petrova (July 25, 2017) 

Màat Petrova and a child by Jah 772.

Children's partiality to vegetables begins with the parent. Lotus loves dark leafy greens raw (vitamins a, c, k, minerals antioxidant, fibre)
with some homemade dressing::
Olive oil
Braggs aminos
Cayenne pepper
You'll figure out the portions.. but its yummy!

Sense of Women

Words of Michelle Obama mimicked...

I agree and believe Mrs. Trump copied Mrs. Obama, for reasons neither will state publicly; but I acknowledge both are women, in a country that fundamentally and historically does not put stake in women's worth, or place value in their advise. Both were speaking from a woman's place of heart the patriarchal structure of American society cannot stand for, with, or put enough stock in to stop fighting, hating, taking and colonizing! We, as a nation, are not the Iroquois Confederacy!

"We have to use the forces that gave us world power; so what sense does it make to change that?" millions said when the last elections put Trump into office.

The call for peace is unreachable for so violent a people to create, and the cry to stop the violence is as absurd as asking a cougar to stop hunting sheep, and other animals!... - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8/14/17 

Wonder Woman as a victim.


Marisol Baez reclining within an elusive spirit of a beauty impossible to capture, but possible to praise and reflect upon. She is a Native woman (Taino) activist I met a couple months ago on Jay Winter Night Wolf's radio show about the march she was a part of. . . - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (Sept. 2016)

"There is an elusive spirit to beauty poets capture similar in a way photographers can engage the senses to see what can move very fast from a base sense of a woman into an electric change and challenge to the sense of where the lines lie between beauty and character. How this relates to power is beyond being able to show strength. Spirit within talks to its attributes in lovely or beautiful ways as the mystic may say, or Beauty embodies what Spirit needs to see within Creation. Either way it is a mystery how beauty is to beautiful what intelligence is to consciousness. Consciousness raised by the spirit of a woman is potent and able to subjugate the feeling of being overwhelmed when thinking takes place and one discovery is that 'seeing' is reflection." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (October 19, 2016)   

What We Grow Out of & Into.

Rachelle Hoffman's profile by Dave Kelly

Elegant, older more grounded and set in self as a force to learn, be around, and love. This happens by age, experience and molding of the soul. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 10.20.16

red hair, black t-shirt by Furious Ideas.