Friday, October 20, 2017

Black Woman, a theme.

A strong and gentle way of being a Black woman. photography by Roland Dawson

Wish I could tell the story. This woman embodies the elusive and powerful pull typical of Black American women, common in African women and not within other women, who have their own persuasions of being otherworldly and within types of beauty to be enjoyed and explored! This story of alternative versions of being a Black woman ventures towards an art form made more intriguing in a way that sits you down to listen.

The other photographs of this woman, Roland Dawson have the same story, but different chapters and shapes to empower in very subtle ways.

One thing I am trying to say is that the model here has a strong and gentle way of being a Black woman!
- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 10/17/17 

A strong way of being a Black woman. photographer Roland Dawson. 2016

A powerful way of being. photo by Roland Dawson.


Nancy Wilson by Jack Vartoogian honored at the Kennedy Center 2013

Nancy Wilson is the epitome of elegance, and what I call: "Ladyship". Elegance is important and neglected in the development of girls into women, and amongst women a major flaw they seem, for the most part, unaware of why and how this is fundamental to the role of being a woman. If the female is out of balance and they are married to the creative process of life continuing in the profound and fundamental way that births at all levels Creator design for life to dance with death towards resurrection to life again. If we understand what happened to white women from Europe we can see why the dysfunction plaguing the lives of American women's sense of self and place and significance began there and how it holds dominance in the insignificance women battle against in male dominated value systems.

The indigenous peoples of Turtle Island are invisible to American citizens. The African Diaspora , weighed down by the history of terror inflicted upon the soul of the women birth this legacy, this dichotomy to each child into families broken by our relationship with these people. Still embraced by the changes white women forced on our thinking, and sense of self we cannot find 'salvation' in their approach to the fundamentals of the feminine place in Creation. Our salvation is in 'unlearning' everything we learned from them. This is the initial discipline missed in our assessment of what we should do to connect with what matters to us, and from our ancient times remember what we knew, and what compelled the European to travel hundreds of miles to learn from the universities in North Africa.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
June 03, 2017

Nancy Wilson, the epitome of a Lady.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

5 Black American Women his camera sees.

5 women by Roland Dawson.

5 women by Roland Dawson. Capree Washington, Brittney Blair, Latoya Taylor and Anna Griffin. the last one is unnamed with long hair.

5 women by Roland Dawson. Anna Griffin, Brittney Blair, Capree Washington, and Latoya Taylor and the 5th woman with the casual ease within her self. 2016.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Black WOMEN understood by his camera.

Angelie Rodriguez by Roland Dawson (Oct. 16, 2016)

She said, "The man upstairs gave me beauty and a smile to light up the night,
so its only right to smile up at him and say thank you from the heart..." 

Anna Griffin by Roland Dawson (October 2016) 

the things Breath talks about....

"Bathing in the out of doors. Is this lust she is inspiring, or divinity she exudes." - Gregory E. Woods (Dawn Wolf), Keeper of Stories [June 02, 2017]
photo by King Kesia

Noemi Manse by Heather Hazzan for Land of Women

"Is this lust?" is such a fundamental question a boy needs have an Elder ask of him before and during his initiation into manhood. Sadly, not enough boys are initiated into manhood in Western societies. For that women pay a heavy price and grandparents have predictable outcomes to look forward to in their generations to come! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories [June 2, 2017]
Expression untold. Is this lust?  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What He Said.

By Debashish Bhattacharya

"If god would like me to stop playing I would stop. Until then, I'm unstoppable.....

The purpose of life is to live the life. The purpose of life is to learn our life all the way from the beginning to the end. I feel the life force in the music which inspires the life force in the life which inspires the musicians inside the music."

Art Work from the Soul.

Unbelievable! This capture is so beautiful and compelling in ways far out of what I can translate from the way your model tells her story and the way the photographer saw the vision. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 
photographer Roland Dawson captured Exoticx Dee in a timeless way of being mysterious.