Friday, March 23, 2018

Oh, My Wonder!

Wonders over 40

Mary Louise-Parker and her Tab soda pop!

Mary Louise-Parker, actress

... from a Broken man: pieces.

The Awaken One.spoken Poetry

Young and foolish I never knew how the universe revealed,
But being older as a King I gotta keep it real.
I find myself wandering in the past of no return,
Wondering how much respect did I earn.
A moment of peace come thinking about your womb,
And how within me and the universe is intuned.
Writing chasing desires and dreams about things I did in the past,
Will you please accept my apology at last.
Sins that killed the innocence should have been me,
Thinking I was a man because sex was given to me free.
In existence, you share with me the best part of life,
But doing that time I didn't know GOD was giving me advice.
An overjoyed power as a foolish man inside your womb,
Destiny would change a melanin seed into me soon.
Those I made love to and those I never touch,
Please forgive me Goddess for not understanding you so much.
My grievance and despair comes from not recognizing your worth,
Not understanding GOD the father or Mother earth.
Life's bitter fruits have always been the Melain of your skin,
And my life has always been the air that you breathe in.
You commit yourself to a paradise and share a piece with me,
And not knowing that to get to Heaven you were the key.
My inner desire was a selfish mistake to the fetus and myself,
Here is my apology and all my poetry that is left.
You are like a fragile crystal but never broken glass,
A mystery of myth about you never last.
You are unparalleled to every star in the sky,
And the universe always whispers to me why.
You are Divine like a religion we worship all the time,
And if I may say, also fine as wine.(wink)
Spiritual love transformed into sound and speak to me every day,
And even though my ignorance you never went away.
If something ever happens to you celibate, I would be,
A lonely King is walking the earth never feeling free.
To defined beauty, the world must read this poem every day,
And memorize every word while thinking of your beautiful face.
You soothe a man's nerves by touching the deepest of his heart,
And you taught me how from your womb I came out of the dark.
You molded me into a King and sculptured me into man,
Because, your divine womb from the beginning had a plan.
I know better now about the infinite of your womb,
And I promise another poem for you real soon.
I will nourish every moment to respect and teach those around,
That when you are in the room, GOD is on the ground.
Beautiful, secure, gentle (Womb)man, will you accept my apology,
For the first time in my life, I see what GOD see.
God sees our real beauty, not in a sexual type of way,
And I became a KING so I could say I am sorry to your beautiful face.

Patrick Hornsby 

Together in the morning. 

Pause and hear.

The darling aspect of the dare from certain women leads to a Godliness unlike what men can be a part of. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 3/22/18

jeans worn.

jeans worn by the beautiful woman in the window.

"jeans and a choker bodysuit correctly worn by this woman sets it off with her disposition."
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 

jeans filled by a dark beauty.

"jeans Kim Kardashian wears must be something other than jeans! Good God!!"
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 11/23/17 

jeans worn by a right size woman.

Although jeans were invented for work, for men; jeans have become a part of women's wardrobes. Women turned them into flesh. They adore a woman's body a man needs to have, to hold, to marry, to long for, and be swayed by. It is remarkable the re-invention capacity of jeans. The colors they support, the way they shape cultures, and fit around a woman's body follows the creative flow of what makes sculptures possible.

The most compelling women in jeans are not famous. We see them in our localities. This is important to know because the streets inform the fashion halls of Paris, and they reinterpret them on underfed models. The translation is in language, and women's language, in particular, Black American women, defines the depth of fashion internationally.

I only make this assessment from what I have read and studied over the years of my interest in the women's fashion industry. It is compelling, but it makes many whites bristle with rage their relationship with the granddaughters of ex-slaves, who have been the examples of sexual freedom, and elegant expressions of dress and dignity despite the turmoil created by the white women who have enjoyed watching Black men suffer by their hands during and after slavery, or dangling as strange fruit from trees! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 11/23/17

Sacred Touch to the Soul.

Protecting the sacred space.

Secretive women, private in their nature, call men to them, who think beyond themselves into the light of who they are becoming. These women need that to grow the way plants need shadow as well as light. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

"You can't believe everything you see, but you will believe what transports you from unbelief to knowing better how mystery works within women who draw you to them." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

Goddess healing through water.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

He Loves her, He Needs her

A voice that lasts a lifetime came out of the dark,
From the fetus, black beauty connected to my heart.
Hidden somewhere deep within your melanin skin,
You are the universe that never has any end.
Within your arteries pumps beauty for us all,
You are teaching us that even God can give a smile.
She said her hair wasn't done and she didn't have any makeup on,
Do me a favor and leave your beauty along.
Ancient autumn daybreak comes because of you,
Your black mix with beautiful become one of the few.
I am instinctively feeling your connection all the time,
That's why I always put you in my rhymes.
Always evolving is your eyes so deep,
Vital lovemaking that always put us to sleep.
She said her hair wasn't done and she didn't have any makeup on,
Do me a favor and leave your beauty along.
An inherent sense of knowing the beauty of your walk,
Please forgive me, but even your booty talk.(wink)
I am always harvesting the look you give to me,
Writing poetry hoping for a kiss for free.
Your nature’s symmetry is irresistible to the human mind,
Creating a brand new language ebonics call a Dime.
She said her hair wasn't done and she didn't have any makeup on,
Do me a favor and leave your beauty along.
A revolving circle of perfection was always your to control,
You are teaching the world about melanin gold.
You have me changing my religion with a smile on my face,
Losing my mind for a second singing “Amazing Grace.”
The sun shines a little brighter when you step outside,
There is proof of your beautiful lips beauty cannot hide.
She said her hair wasn't done and she didn't have any makeup on,
Do me a favor and leave your beauty along.
You always delight my searching eye with your coke bottle shape,
Proving that turning my head to look at you was not a mistake.
I give you immortal love from a king to a God,
being blessed by your Skin pigment is such a great job.
The most significant commandment is love I so gladly do,
Being baptized in your beautiful, powerful womb TOO!!
She said her hair wasn't done and she didn't have any makeup on,
Do me a favor and leave your beauty along... 

March 14, 2018  

I am therefore we are.  Ubuntu.

I dig where you're coming from. "With a glimpse of where you will go from this place of being a man imagine where maturity will find a place within you to justify growth. You make it easier to grow where you are going, Patrick Hornsby with your sense of what a woman's sacred place is and what to call the 'She' of essence: the Womb. That is the place the warrior within the man develops a priest craft..."

I'll stop here. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 3/22/18 

About This:

Debbie Allen, choreographer, actress and director of note.

"There will never be authentic women like these two women to teach Black girls to be ladies without Black ladies teaching them to be ladies. If this isn't a community concern be concern; no good thing comes from this indifference." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories [march 22, 2018]

Diana Ross without makeup is as captivating as light from Moon to Water...