Saturday, July 22, 2017

Ancient Practice

Mereana Taki shared this:

Celestials and they serve a purpose with respect to balance in the Cosmic family. They represent masculine energetics, the creative power to render into materialised forms. The immortals.

"These are Celestials and they serve a purpose with respect to balance in the Cosmic family. There are many words for this kind of representation, remembering they are forged out of the children of Great Forests Tane Mahuta, deity of Great Forests on Earth and in the Cosmic Forest. As such it also represents masculine energetics, the creative power to render into materialised forms. When Carvers create the immortals they usually do not use human forms. In this case they are to remind ourselves where we come from and what we are capable of. I often put these deities up for my own nourishment and protection, Spiritual cleansing of space and as sentinels on the cyber highway." 

Mereana Taki
September 19, 2016 

Friday, July 21, 2017

INDICATION of Purpose.

Candy Flossin
Candy Flossin's indication of purpose is in the question she poised. "Which one U hittin' first, The Blunt, Brandy or Candy?" To which a young cat, Eric DemetriGiovanni Sims, quickly responded saying, "Roll the blunt, lick the candy, wrap the blunt, sip the brandy, light the blunt, lick the candy, then candy all night."  

A point in life comes and it will come when the end game is enveloped in questions centering around worth and purpose. At the end of not fully understanding the power of the punany is a story of an empty hole in the soul, a broken something or other rattling around the chambers of the heart, and a gnawing sense that you may never regain what was once mysterious, sacred and formidable a force in Nature born from your own nature!

There is a cost to not knowing who you are and what are the powers invested within you from the Creator, who is a She over the powers of the Womb. Then again consciousness may never arrive inebriated or high. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Sept. 13, 2016

Sacred Prostitution:
The Whore and the Holy One
a paper by Elizabeth Cunningham
prepared for The New Seminary

I was sent forth from the power,
and I have come to those who reflect upon me,
and I have been found among those who seek after me,
Look upon me, you who reflect upon me,
and you hearers, hear me.
You who are waiting for me, take me to yourselves
And do not banish me from your sight…
For I am the first and the last
I am the honored one and the scorned one,
I am the whore and the holy one…
I am the silence that is incomprehensible
and the idea whose remembrance is frequent.
I am the voice whose sound is manifold
and the word whose appearance is multiple.
I am the utterance of my name…

Excerpts from "The Thunder, Perfect Mind",THE NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY.

Jada Fire is one of the most tragic of whores.

Sacred Whore ? Is there a transition from a common whore to a sacred one? - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

Thursday, July 20, 2017

To Tell Age.

The spirit never ages.

Beauty is a light object in the air of transition. For aging, it is done gracefully only in the aftermath of struggle and conflict and reconciliation. The emotions attendant to aging are not for the faint of heart, or the sorrowful pity youth can contribute to the demise of hope. Aging requires finding the process for the individual that works for the good of understanding why and how things work for the betterment of Life in all.

Silver haired women of older charms from deeper wells burn the fires, and douse the pitiful angst clinging to youth as the real magic unfolds in their lives. It is an incredible thing to be a part of, to know, grasp and understand within the depth of who you are in your being this way.

There is more to this unfolding. Resist it not, or slow up in the resistance to change into another being. One needs the friction of resistance to grow, yet the release into the rigid perception of aging and maturing into old age creates a glow, an equation outside the familiar squares where originality has long fled. Within the totality of expanding will be a surprise young age cannot grasp because it only nudges the nuances of the dynamics of energies released from the embryonic stage into the journey north on the Medicine Wheel capable of designing the paths.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
Sept. 9, 2016

Yasmina Rossi, 58, a model and photographer, long, gray hair functions as an enveloping cloak. “It protects me everywhere I go in the world,” Ms. Rossi said. “I’ve been in deep Amazonia, I’ve been in Egypt, and in places completely isolated, and people were respectful of me because of my gray hair.”

Older ageless concepts of beauty are about self and where one fits in place.
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

Two Fine

Katya Elise Henry by Aris Jerome

Kenya Moore on Puerto Rican beach.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

a story from inside

a Light worker, Debra Robinson (July 24, 2016)

a few years ago I went through a near life and death experience. what that experience taught me was self reliance. I was lead to studying energy medicine and learning about the integrity of energy because everything is energy . I learned how to heal myself. there was no doctors no medicine no help except form the beings of light that came to me.

as Jesus said "you too will do what I do and more ...." as my vision is open I was able to see these beings of light, and I learned that there is so much that goes on in the unseen world that we don't understand and some of us don't believe in. the unseen world effects us more than we know. 

I teach my clients how to be empowered and how to heal themselves and their energy bodies. I learned that disease starts in the energy body meaning it is more than what we eat that effects us. its everything we do on a daily basis, and when your wanting to get well you understand that it takes work and discipline to get better.

if I can assist you on your journey don't hesitate to contact me on my page Debra Robinson Live Your Souls Journey. remember we are always being helped by beings of light, but they cannot intervene unless we ask them for help. I also learned that revenge never helps anyone it only hurts everyone involved.

wishing you so much love and peace and blessings always xoxo.


Teach A Man, a Woman

A woman dreaming, a dream herself.

A woman dreaming, a dream herself is a breath of Life from someone's dream in Life. She is a wonder, a parallel mathematical equation of the pyramid's mystery. Knowing a woman to understand divinity is sacred work. What she means to a man becoming a better man needs to know he has access to these spiritual properties. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories [May 31, 2017]

"The lovely forms shape our view, mold our perceptions of the formless wonder of a woman's essence..."
- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.31.17 

Vulnerable to the elements is vulnerable of the soul shaped by Nature, as she is to the woman longing to birth and be birthed. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.31.17

Monday, July 17, 2017

the timelessness of glamour in black.

Taraji P. Henson at 2015 Billboard Music Awards show on red carpet !!!!

simple elegance by Jeri Kekahuna