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LARGER than LIFE women

WWE champions Dana & Charlotte

WWE champion Ivelisse Velez 

Alena Chumakova elegant in black attire.

Raquel Welch in her old age.


African couple in white cloth. 
"There is something natural and innate that makes lines, and draws circles. Every creature finds a way to designate its own space in the vastness we live in. It is the intellectual properties of people that has the capacity to disassociate itself, and live in the pretense of not being connected. It is an option we have. With all of life we can make our self a part of the main stream of consciousness, or we can travel a road to alienation.  

What the White People did in the world was baffling and outside of the laws of nature the way they moved through people's worlds, and land and lives. At this point in time and history our task is to restore as a body the touch that connects us with each other and the space we live upon and call Earth, our Mother. 

These are my words." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.22.14

Exploration of Forgiveness

Older woman in white towel thinking 


Sometimes it isn't healthy to "make" it work........especially when you've tried almost every way under the sun. It becomes a drain and toxic to both people. There's a difference between "giving up" and just having the wisdom to know it's time to walk away. - Jessica Nicole  8.7.15

Jasmine Johnson agreed saying, "Hall yes!! thank you, some of these posts make it sound like those of us who have needed to walk away took the easy way out! when in reality it wasn't easy at all, it was necessary for self preservation."

Ashfaq Janjua I agree. Love is a two way street. Some people aren't ready, some people are afraid, some haven't the foggiest idea what love is and and some don't know the difference between Love and lust. If you're comfortable with who you are, have self respect and have any love for yourself, it becomes easier but the hurt still remains but gets easier over time. Get to know and embrace the real you to find happiness.


What do u do when the trust is gone, the care is there but u can't make it work? I want full blown love truth and honesty, if your gonna live a lie what's the point?! It has to be real and it has to be powerful and amazing or it's not worth having.
Some things can't be worked out once the damage is Done - Hayley Smith

Your words come from the end of a road. I suggest coming away with the beginning of learning to unlearn and trust again with new parameters, new definitions and the freedom that comes from deep cleansing after a "ceremonial time of recapitulation". - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8.9.15


"Adultery is forgivable. It is somewhere deep beyond belief and other things that prevent it from happening." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

"LOVE is the greatest feeling in the world and the GREATEST challenge to share if you've never experienced it. Lust is not love." - Lee T Judy

Relationships bring perspective 

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A Look Back

"a rise in the morning with the right woman, a wife, is something beyond the mating call of a gigolo, a player." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

a look back...

My Story

I was 15 years old standing before my father. Daddy held his hands out palms up and said, "On the one hand I can teach you how to be a man." He raised the left hand and said with the same solemnness, "On the other hand I can teach you how to be a Playboy."

More than anything else I wanted to be like Daddy; a man! I touched his right hand. Daddy said, "Good. What I am going to teach you is applicable to both!"

A great deal of choice is based upon what you don't know, but I knew I wanted to be a man. Being a man was all I'd seen growing up. It is important to ground children in the basis of life allowing the elements of Creation to become alive. They are already within us. Let them live to express themselves is the example I gleaned from watching men like my father, and men with women like my mother.  There were probably sissies, and homosexual men prowling about, but the men I grew up with protected us from that element. How it was done came alive within me when I had little children. It had been part of the arsenal invested within my character by Daddy and other examples of wisdom. I learned a craft from men. From the perception of life as sacred the challenge of brokenness within men expressed through aggressive sexual advances against same gender was met with force of spirit, understanding of the elements within the two of us, and just a hint of an ass whippin'! You see, how we love as men is how we war when necessary. Isn't love stronger than death, and doesn't love cover a multitude of sins?

Today, in the aftermath and brutal process of warfare against alpha males in the schools, and social systems the attacks are creating a crippling fear within fathers and men. It is astounding. I can't relate to it, but I see it. I touch it. I converse with it, and decided to help in personal ways through interaction wherever possible. But, that is not enough. I realize fear is a by-product of bullying, and the dominant characteristic of the American way is bullying. With so many feminine men defended by women their sons, who were born to protect their mothers and sisters find themselves in a place without the prerequisite teachers of their masculinity. Without real men to develop a boy into a man monsters come forth, and killers become more dominant in our war-like culture.

A Solution

It is possible that manhood in the U.S. is truly and deeply shaped by the Euro-American, and therefore tainted for other ethnic groups. The folly of trying to be a man in the social context of what is 'American' for other cultural groups is quite possibly soiled because outside of our heritages, the cultures we come from; the truth is we are not white men! We had their spirit forced upon us, so is there wisdom in not finding a way out of that morass?

I think we need to run, and get our souls, and families out of this crippling spirit's grip. We can live here in the United States, but we need to be defined by our ancients. There is no life as a white person with the spirits they brought to these shores for us that would honor our ancestors. We have seen and known this all the years we have been here as slave, visitor, immigrant, or Native person. What we need to do is grow the courage, develop the concepts, and plan the strategies to unlearn ourselves into our authentic selves.


The answer is in the declaration: unlearn and listen to what you've learned by doing. On a parallel course unlearning and discovering one's self is the spiritual work this endeavor requires. It is a question of life or death, not only for us individually, but for our children's children. That vested interest alone steps us outside, just a wee bit, from under the spirit of the whites because their spirit eats their grandchildren to feed their children.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Elena as Queen typifies the standard of womanhood to be idolized, and protected by men. It is in the movies, written in books, and displayed in plays, and acted out throughout American history as the catalyst for hanging Colored men for looking upon a white woman's 'purity'! - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 6.28.16


Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq  

You question the concepts that come to you on the fly from numerous commercials, ads, and print media, if your mind is trained. If not concepts cling like so many wet mosquitoes to your body of knowledge, and you are covered with incomprehension begging for relief like a  helpless child-person. It is not the way of an adult to be characterized thus, but many are content with this condition.

I only say this because it takes clarity to grasp the simplicity of what Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq's mother shared with him about melting the ice in the hearts of men. Clarity brings light as well as enlightenment from one direction in a Medicine Wheel teaching, and makes visible Power(s) in the corresponding direction. 

Amongst true healers, and keepers of particular Medicines and Powers of Being it is easy enough a task to unmask, embrace and embody the spiritual responsibilities of melting the ice. But, how does the depth and the simplicity of the message translate into the mundane language and worlds of the many? 

It is our task to answer that. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.20.14 

"Uncle blessing TaKaiya with the cedar regalia she has worn and received a few years ago. At her Regalia receiving ceremony." - May 6, 2014 

Uncle and TaKaiya after he blessed her new buckskin regalia dress.

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51. Principle and Process

lounging naked in heels

Everything, every behavior, is a vibratory pattern or process. Such process emerges, develops, and decays, according to the single principle.

People have a natural reverence for the principle, and they naturally love the vibratory energy which obeys the principle.

The vibratory energy and the principle make a partnership, which produces an infinite variety of forms. But the partnership takes no profit from its productivity. Neither does it get its power by making things happen in a coercive manner. There are simply no alternatives; there is no other way.

This partnership between principle and process is the first fact of life and of our work.

leadership strategies for a new age by John Heider

Lesley Ann Down naked as a young woman.

Elders Talk: HIGH MATH

 Gen. 1:28 Be fruitful, multiply, dominion. Fruitful = mature ones character, creating mind/body unity centered on God. Individual sync with God.

Multiply = have children as a couple where the vertical love of God is rooted in the human family. To seek for man/woman love before maturing individual love of God first creates problems as the love of God can't flow freely within the couple, as the individual foundation for love is not established. - Adruma Victoria

African woman in black dress. 

"The notion that a man must first find himself before he finds his woman, or he'll damage whatever women he comes in contact with along the way is not an absolute. More than anything else this sentiment thinks of itself too highly. It is as if a man is a disease, and women crumble before his presence afflicted by his ineptitude. Is there any power within women? Is she indeed the weaker vessel without fortitude of her own? 

The complexity of development and revelation can lead thought and reflection on and on and on until patterns space themselves out into various modification of the formulas we are familiar with. When that happens we have become more than we thought and the exchanges between a woman and man can lead them down and up paths of discovery until both have balanced themselves together, or separately. 

I dig the way Adruma breaks down Genesis 1:28. His assessment moves consciousness from the crude into the thin intangible delicate spheres of awareness." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.23.14


ocean relaxing 


"As men we are initiating subjects of equal value with women who are in object position. The reality we know is out of sync with the creation ideal in the heart of The Creator who created man and woman, as the subject/object representatives of His own inner subject/object dynamic. This was with the intention to achieve true and glorious subject/object relationship between man and woman such that The Creator is enraptured in our human stimulation, covering human love with God's love where everyone is honored, valued and equal partners in love. The ideals of the engagement of love have been trampled and all experience violation and betrayal. That would not be our collective experience had humanity followed the original flow of true love outlined above." - Adruma Victoria 5.23.14

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Guitar Chords (for me)

Guitar chords
"The D diminished on this list is wrong, by the way. You should have a finger on the third fret of B (second) string to make a true D Diminished at that position." - Michale Kasprzak 

Trying to Git Out Du 'Hood!

Roccky'Love felt up
Somehow the eyes turned this pose Janet Jackson held and what Joséphine Baker could have held as elegant into something different and far lower than previously projected. Somehow, but how? Is it the suggestion, the beginning of a smirk, or what passes for indifference that changes the nature of what could easily become a spiritual testament, or a formless way form has translating form to formlessness?

This is a remarkable mystery. It is - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 10.26.15

Sadi Ma'at seated in power !!!!


Women to know Men to find out 3

Innocent Black & sexy say something ...


An innocent looking, Black and sexy woman says something to the senses of men. The calibre of each man attracted to her tells the woman, the recipient of their attraction to her powers, is a story discernible within seconds. Translated to a man's head is either an intellectual process leading to a decision with good consequences, or a non-process leading to the head attached to drive, uncontrolled desire, and fire. Sex appeal's guises are shields for a woman, and tricksters for men to 'see', or be manipulated by. It is the proper order of the intangibles men cannot have access to without invitation and invitations come by knowledge and intimate knowing of things beyond the veils between women's legs, surrounding their heart chambers, and intellectual promiscuity into the complex talk culture has in store for women's compromises. Attraction after dissection isn't as simple as initial reactions. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 3.13.15

Flora « Hegre Art Porn « Nude Pictures
Hegre Art - Flora 

an Inuit story

KAKORTULIAK Was At A Reindeer-Hunt,When They Only Succeeded In Hitting One Large Deer, Which Made Its Escape By Jumping Into A Lake. Kakortuliak, However, Pursued It By Swimming, And Fastened A Line To Its Antlers, By Which It Was Hauled On Land. He Got A Large Piece Of The Tallow, And Leaving The Party, Went Off By Himself In Search Of Further Game. 

He Saw Two Ravens Pursuing One Another; But On Viewing Them More Closely They Had The Features Of Man. At The Same Moment A Reindeer Suddenly Bounded Forth, Apparently From His Own Bag; And He Found The Tallow At The Same Time Had Disappeared, A Little Morsel Only Remaining. He Then Felt Himself Lifted Off His Feet And Carried Away Through The Air; But By Rubbing His Skin With The Bit Of Tallow He Again Quickly Descended Towards The Earth; Yet Without Touching It He Gained His Home. 

On Arriving, However, He Had Lost The Use Of His Senses, And Lay Down Almost Lifeless, Though Unable To Die. Such Was As Has Been Told, The Condition Of The Heathen When The Ruler Of The Moon Had Taken The Souls Out Of Their Body. From This Time Kakortuliak Gave Up Hunting, And Turned A Clairvoyant. His Soul Used To Leave The Body And Roam About The Inland And Along The East Coast; And On Returning He Related What He Had Seen, And How He Had Lived With The Inlanders.

Tales And Traditions Of The Eskimo, By Henry Rink; London [1875] And Is Now In The Public Domain. [Greenland]
from Blue Panther's archives

... has its own definition.

Lakshmi Chandrika 

Life is a Resolution that
Accompanies youth, and a diligence
That follows maturity, and a
Wisdom that pursues senility. . .

Kahlil Gibran, poet from his tome, "Secrets of the Heart"

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Northwest Creation Story

Raven was so lonely. One day he paced back and forth on the sandy beach feeling quite forlorn. Except for the trees , the moon, the sun, water and a few animals, The world was empty. His heart wished for the company of other creatures.

Suddenly a large clam pushed through the sand making an eerie bubbling sound. Raven watched and listened intently as the clam slowly opened up. He was surprised and happy to see tiny people emerging from the shell. All were talking, smiling, and shaking the sand off their tiny bodies. Men, women, and children spread around the island.

Raven was pleased and proud with his work. He sang a beautiful song of great joy and greeting. He had brought the first people to the world.

from archives of "Blue Panther"

Conceptual view of

Mereana Taki silently observing the play of unseen power 7.20.14

"An exquisite beauty is from an exquisite dream of living substances that are elements essential to creation, and creativity! Some dreams you talk about. Other dreams come to pass. There are dreams we dream and there are the dreams we are, the dreams we come upon, and the mystical dreams we come from to meet a dream come true..." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9.23.14

vulnerable beauty of a Black Woman

exquisite beauty of Helen Mirren 2

2 Perspectives of 2 faces

freckled face of a sepia woman 

"Her face is stunning. Its poetry is more prose than poetry, and more essay than mere prose because the roundness and the woman's freckles speak to and of the bloodlines of her ancestors, who insisted on being a part of who she is in this lifetime!" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 10.23.14

lips that seduce 

"... the gentle pursing of her lips suggested a smile, a thought, a hint of what could happen or be. It was anyone's guess, but it was the assumption that she would be attracted to the ego of anyone who could not see her was a far-fetched unction that made the wise observer smile inwardly..." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 10.23.14


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of Hope

Observant of human nature, Jordan Blackhurst, said of Hope Solo's terminated contract: "It's totally OK to say whatever you want, because of "Freedom of Speech", however, you must be prepared to face the consequences if it ever offends, or upsets people...

I can understand your frustration as a competitor for the loss, but what you said was both ridiculous, uncool & uncalled for."

Hope Solo's words after her contract with The U.S. Woman's National Team 8.24.16

Hope Solo's medals (7.18.16)

Hope Solo's birth picture with her father.

WHAT ISN'T KNOWN: generosity

Eva Mendes, actress relaxed in her splendor.

Eartha Kitt in 1965.
Relaxation within who one is is a gift to the world. What one exudes tells a story. When it is a strong and confdent story people are strengthened by it and comforted knowing strength is possible and accessible in a world denying access to power. It is an interesting game watching how people function not understanding the powers they were born with. It is the responsibility of the powerful to teach power directly and indirectly generously.

True power like love does not hoard. Power and love share with each other and give to each person who makes themselves capable of being powerful and loving the gifts of sharing and the ability to teach how love and power live as a natural state of being human. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.14.15



Jack's Riddle – Jamaica

Clarence Tathum, Mandeville.

A little boy once heard of a king's daughter who would answer any riddle, and so he told his mother that he was going to ask the king's daughter a riddle. Whatever riddle the king's daughter asks him, if he can't answer, the king's daughter will kill him; or else, he will get the king's daughter. And the mother made some dumpling and gave to him, made six, poisoned one. And he eat four and gave two to the donkey he was riding, and one of those two was the one that was poisoned. So "Poor Lo" died. So seven John-crow came to eat Poor Lo; so while the seven John-crow were eating Poor Lo, they were dying one after another by the poison of Poor Lo. And he saw an orange-tree with one ripe orange on it, and he went and picked it and eat it, and he picked up one under the tree and eat it. And Jack went to the king's daughter, and she asked him the riddle; and after he answered it, he asked her this one:

"Two kill one and one kill seven; the top of the tree was sweet, but the bottom was sweeter yet."

See Grimm 22, The Riddle, Bolte u. Polívka 1:188-202 and compare Barker, 171-175; Fortier, 62-69; Recinos, JAFL 31: 475-476.

Jamaica Anansi Stories ,Martha Warren Beckwith, New York, Published By The American Folk-Lore Society, G. E. Stechert & Co., Agents. [1924] and is now in the public domain.

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A Fear held by white Americans: Black Empowerment

Lena Horne once said, "Malcolm X made me very strong at a time I needed to understand
what I was angry about. He had peace in his heart. He exerted a big influence on me."

the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses


On this date in 1908, the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses (NACGN) was founded. Martha Minerva Franklin founded the association.

This was an organization dedicated to promoting the standards and welfare of Black nurses and breaking down racial discrimination in the profession. This organization served an important need, as Black nurses at that time were not welcome in the American Nurses Association (ANA). The main purpose of the NACGN was to win integration of Black RNs into nursing schools, nursing jobs, and nursing organizations. In the early years, membership was low and the major achievement was the development of a registry of Black nurses.

Then, in 1934, Estelle Massey Riddle Osborne (who, three years earlier, had become the first black person to obtain a master's degree in nursing) was elected president of NACGN. Her top priority was the hiring of the group's first paid executive director, and the person she chose was Mabel K. Staupers. For 12 consecutive years, Osborne and Staupers attended each ANA House of Delegates meeting, lobbying for complete integration of Black nurses into their professional association. RNs had to be a member of a State Nurses Association, such as NYSNA, to belong to ANA. But 16 southern states and Washington, D. C. didn't allow Black members.

They traveled throughout the country, drumming up new members and support for the NACGN's goals among conventional nursing groups, other Black organizations, and the Black press. They were phenomenally successful. In 1933, the NACGN had only 175 members; by 1949, that number had grown to 947. One of their greatest achievements was their successful lobbying for an integrated Cadet Nurse Corps during World War II. This, in turn, produced a snowball effect; by the end of the war, all but a few state nurses associations admitted Blacks as members. Shortly after the war, the ANA suggested that it take over the functions of the NACGN "and that its program be expanded for the complete integration of Negro nurses."

The ANA also agreed to continue awarding the Mary Mahoney Medal to the person or group contributing the most to inter-group relations. The NACGN had created that award in 1936, named for the nation's first Black graduate nurse. So, in 1951, the NACGN did something rare in the history of bureaucracies: it declared victory and voted itself out of business and its members voted to merge with the American Nurses Association.

National Black Nurses Association, Inc.
8630 Fenton Street, Suite 330
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3803

Cuidado!! Attention!! Look Out!!!

"At some point it will be difficult for the young father and husband when he discovers what has caught and distracted his wife's attention!"

walking across the beach alone.

Candid Beach Thongs 

Messianic Transformation

A growing number of people have marginalized their thinking process to 'tweeting and texting shapes' to such a level that the skill set required of non-violent transformation of conflict makes the process environmentally unfriendly to their state of mind, and terrorizes their senses knowing there is depth to the change we must make as we chant, and pray for and work towards transformation.

For many more there is the Messiah. But, looking for a Messiah preys on intelligence and creates a mind set able to make do without the required integrity it takes to be a powerful shapeshifter, or non-violent, or skilled in listening and conquering internal fears that obscure the vision of transforming lives.

That being said those are minor considerations because making oneself into the kind of soul and spirit to transform conflict within is the foreplay. Afterwards, it takes a small number of people to change, and transform at the deepest levels. That release into the ethers is strong enough to begin reshaping the weak minds without spiritual base elements in there. We don't need everyone. We need the skilled and committed because we know the weak follow the strong, and the unsure followed Moses at night because of the fire in front leading each night of their military jaunt away from the armies of Pharaoh.  - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8.25.14

Josephine Baker's hat cocked ace deuce & a quarter

"The hate directed against the colored people here in St. Louis has always given me a sad feeling... How can you expect the world to believe in you and respect your preaching of democracy when you yourself treat your colored brothers as you do?" - Josephine Baker 

Josephine Baker 2

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Hitched together

Bridget Moynahan actress, 44, wed businessman Andrew Frankel in the Hamptons in New York on Oct. 17 , 2015

Marriage is one of my favorite states of being. Speaking for men it takes a man, in the deepest sense of the word, to be married to grasp the concepts of merging elements, balancing male and female energies as Creator with Creatress as lived in the stories of Creation that shaped the beginning and continues in the present as creations stories. Creation stories are endless. Life-death-resurrection flows like water and air when water has run its course upon the ground, the mountains and pools, streams and oceans.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker, have been married seven years.
They meet working on the set of Soul Food.


Ignorance is not bliss.

photographer Sam Hodges - 'Caught up in the confusion'
 August 24, 2015

 "Caught up in the confusion" as a title marks these days with a prophetic brush stroke. Young men and women are snared, it seems, in a trance convinced of about what is important without an introduction to what is important. The vague look in their eyes is fear, confusion, a desperation to fit in, and a strange sense of not being whom they believe they are with their gadgets and schedules.
Life isn't urgency when born in the wealth of a super power or is it what the powers outside of themselves say it is? - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (Dawn Wolf) 7/14/16


A Tribute to the Divine and My Wife.

Powers of one woman comes out in life forms translated by either light or darkness.
- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8.24.16 

"There are deep powers in a moment. Within any moment are the arresting powers of knowing many things at the same time. Within a woman it is different from a man's ability to transform a woman. The sensual power from one woman changes the internal landscape of many men, and transforms the life and spirit of the man she chooses.
A mysterious thing about all of this is how the Powers of one woman comes out in life forms translated by either light or darkness. In essence women give birth constantly. It is the self-defining ability to receive and store seed as well as a man's essence that says who a woman is in the context of Creation."
- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

[note: my wife does not want herself present in cyberspace. she won't let me post her pictures.]

MYSTERTY Mysterious

nude study of Hot Lyke Fiya

"Mystery. Mystery. Mystery can be displaced, shattered, devalued, demystified leaving a woman with nothing of substance to hold on to or give away from heart to heart. The question to a relationship with a woman is based upon the depth of manhood and the developmental process to become a man. Without vision neither a man, or a woman can be the right mate and without a life vision a woman cannot hold the mysteries she was born to possess because vision allows one to see with clarity and clarity sits opposite Power in the sacred teachings of the Medicine Wheels." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories  2.6.15

Blue Moon

Cloth, Desire & History

Muslim women are making it a point to modernise Abaya, adorn it, glamorise it and wear it as a symbol of absolute elegance. Abaya Islamic Cloth Photo Collection (2012)

vintage photo of a white woman during the days of Jim Crow, when she was off-limits, feared and desired secretly by a lot of Negro men! - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 8.17.16


F.U. its Mine

I've written a great deal about the degradation of women, and sex. Prior to that I lived deeply in the teachings superior to that way of life as a son first, later as a father and lastly as a man in the deepest sense of the word. The thrust of what I learned guides me towards wholeness giving me the insight and the prophetic gift of foresight to derail many a potential disaster around sex and women. The biggest arena to learn from was in and during the short and long relationships with women whom I love, like, feared or avoided.

What to do with pussy is as difficult as the challenge of how to treat the soul of a woman who has placed a portion of her Being into the care of your heart and imagination. What to call pussy is as important as how you listen to pussy. A great deal of thought goes into the approach and appreciation of pussy. Who she (pussy) is, and how she will respond to her purpose, direction and needs in your presence is solely dependent upon what you know, or don't know, understand, or misunderstand. This is a deep art and one to be taught man to son, man to boy, Grandfather to grandson, and Elder to initiate. You may, or may not understand this, but all of this and these intangibles boils down to love, and how we love. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.24.14

vulnerable & naked Asian woman covering her holy place