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Being Selfish or Mean?

Back in March of 2010 (the 20th) this one guy said, and I quote, "I pray healthcare Deform does not pass." The only thing I could think to say in response to Rick Gould was to ask questions.

"Why? Were you one of those who decried the lack of and the quality of health care in this country and then jumped aboard criticizing every effort to give citizens good health care all these decades? If so, why? Are you one of the detractors with no vision or solution to offer for the good of your fellow man, or simply a man enjoying beating ideas, advancement, and growth down?"

The funniest response came from a farmer, a woman Robin Sunbeam. "You must live in Texas which opted out of the ACA. Now 45% of Texas population has no health insurance at all. Sounds like a great plan!"

- Gregory E. Woods 11.30.13


dark skinned beauty in white mini dress


Stacy Renee's Art

"the coolness of pretending to be sophisticated is an intriguing allure for many men. what surprises some in the end is how effective dreams are because the dream and pretense of sophistication can become the woman." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 11.30.13

'Orbital' by Stacy Renee
June 3, 2013


Artwork of Nicole Kallenberg

October 25, 2012

"The dance we do as men is inspired and caused by the women's dance we see, that is in our thoughts, our spirits, our dreams of self that tell the world who we are alive. It is an honor to be a man. It is an honor to be responsible for a woman as a man in the deepest sense of the word." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 11.29.13



mature woman's beauty is hard earned and natural

mature woman relaxing in her office


Himba woman.

exquisite beauty of a brown sista poolside!!!!


Elizabeth Taylor 7

"I diamanti sono i migliori amici delle donne", diceva Marilyn Monroe... "Le grandi donne hanno bisogno di grandi diamanti", affermava invece Elizabeth Taylor... ecco, forse non sapevano che "dai diamanti non nasce niente, dal letame nascono i fior" - Fabrizio de Andrè

from Telma Regina Garcia's gallery

 "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," said Marilyn Monroe... Great women need big diamonds." Elizabeth Taylor said instead, "... here perhaps they did not know that the diamond is not born. The flowers arise from manure born flowers." 

Elizabeth Taylor

"This translation I assume is Italian. Is this a close approximation in English, Telma?"

"Yes. This may sound better."

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend, said Marilyn Monroe ...Great women need big diamonds, Elizabeth Taylor said instead ... here, perhaps they did not know that the diamond is not born at all, the flowers arise from manure."

Or perhaps, "Only Diamonds are a girl's best friend, "said Marilyn Monroe ..." Great women need big diamonds, "said Elizabeth Taylor instead ... well, maybe they did not know that" nothing comes from diamonds from manure born flower.

elegant Black beauty in red

Diamonds mean something totally different to an African miner, his family and his village.

Friday, November 29, 2013


The crackdown on freedom of expression in Saudi Arabia is widening with at least a dozen human rights activists sentenced in 2013 alone.
Philip Luther, Middle East and North Africa Director at Amnesty International.

Arabian woman's long long hair

This is a disturbing report. It brings into perspective how dangerous seeking freedom is in countries like Saudi Arabia. Here in the States there are slogans flung around ridiculously that insult the efforts and struggles of activists in dictatorships whose actions, words and mere presence is a threat to their government, and a threat to the length of their own lives. Without thinking many Americans say our soldiers are fighting for our freedom when they are in another country invading, or toppling a government no longer of strategic importance to us.

The slogan "Freedom Ain't Free" sounds hollow against the backdrop of real freedom fighters standing as a tiny minority that reflects the needs and desires of their countrymen who really want to be free in their own country, and free from an oppressive government. It is a shame and embarrassing the things we say, and think we are conveying over in the United States. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 11.29.13

the Story

Arabian women sitting on arms of a chair. . . !!!!

Four Arisen From One

four religions and belief systems that suddenly arose from the heart of rising civilizations
during the Axial Period: Judaism, Islam, Taoism, and Christianity changed the world, and now influence change and urgency within people to change from religious beliefs to personal spirituality. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 11.29.13


I am a Russian woman looking for companionship.

This one cat, Stefano looked at you once and said, "Tall, brunette, long legs, round face. Can I have a phone number please?" It was a spontaneous reaction to you, and how you come across and against a perception about Russian women. Said with honest astonishment his words could easily not come across as a line.  Stefano is a younger man. Good for him. He is probably unaware of how, and how long Russian women were depicted as mannish men/women with no sex drive, or appeal during the Cold War. Good for him. The old images can fade, and young people can refine love, and its definition for their time and their needs. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 8.31.13


Megan Fox's legs raised is suggestive, and will raise a man's attention span noticably. It means one thing to one group and another and other things  to other people what we are looking at, and what we are seeing, and what the actress is showing to her public. To a  Sarah Palin, and many mothers it would alarm them knowing their daughters' sexuality is blooming in the spring, fall, and other seasons of the year. It is daunting for any parent to send their children unprepared and prepared into a world full of darkness, and violence, and social predatory practices that capture the ideals in Venus fly traps.

The terror of it all is more important to be understood from the perspective of elders who have initiated youth into adulthood. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of the Sacred Medicine Wheels 4.3.13

Sarah Palin enhanced in pink lingerie is either a spoof, an insult, or a degradation of the ideals she tried to  espouse. This obviously isn't her body. It is her face set upon another woman's body that tricks my thinking. Sarah Palin is a beautiful woman to look at, and as a mother I'd rate her quite high. I don't think as she does, but I tried to see the words of her mouth without looking at how good she looks, and I saw a set of fears I could not relate to or dignify sympathetically.

I don't share the fears whites have about losing their dominance in the world as their numbers shrink before ever growing populations of Colored People. I don't feel any urgency or necessity to arm myself any more to assert dominance over a world already conquered. I don't have the desperate, and deserved fear of retribution from all of the historical 'shit' left in the wake of my coming and goings.

No, I have the considerations and concerns of a Peace Keeper; a facilitator, a father and a man ready, and able to help my relatives. - Gregory E. Woods, 4.3.13

Medicine Wheel of all the People


OUTSOURCE, Global Economy, Selfishness

cartoon - Pinocchio eating pussy

We sent the jobs out. When social activism mattered and would have made a difference Americans were content and snug with a way of living and thinking that kept us from social activism. In exchange we became silent spectators watching what distracted us and engaging in what entertains us. The government leaders did what they did because we are more consumers than creators, more compliant than mavericks, more scared than thinkers and more lethargic than participants, and worse of all more fearful and patriotic than analytical and proactive! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 11.21.13

Carrie Underwood playing 22nd City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge in Nashville !!!!

The Deeper they are. . .

Himba woman standing next to a motor bike.

exquisite beauty of a Black woman against red backdrop. 

the HUES

beautiful arms of
Lavaneka Grier
Thai beauty of Mai

Kim Kardashian bikini sexy
Kim Kardashian in October 2007
along with her two sisters, brother, half-sisters, mother, and stepfather were featured in the E! television series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Sandra Bullock in jeans

dark beauty of Allyson Felix

a babe & car:
 a discovery story

Thursday, November 28, 2013

How Rabbit Got The Widow's Daughter

Christies Cabaret of Glendale

September 10, 2013

An old woman had a beautiful daughter with whom Rabbit was in love. So he went to the old woman and asked to marry her. But the old woman made excuses, saying that the girl was not old enough, did not understand housework, etc. Rabbit thereupon went off and made a plan, which he proceeded to carry out. He took a cane and made a hole in the back of the fireplace so that the sound could come through the fire. Then one night he got behind the fire and spoke through his cane, saying: "Anyone who has a growing daughter and does not allow her to marry will surely die, will surely die." Then the old woman was frightened and said to her daughter: "Listen to this. When he comes back you had better marry him." And so Rabbit got the girl.

Myths and Tales of the Southeastern Indians, by John R. Swanton; Smithsonian Institution, USGPO, Washington, D.C.; Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 88 [1929] and is now in the public domain.(Creek)

archives of Blue Panther

Nicole Scherzinger, formerly with the Pussy Cat Dolls on the beach.

lover to be

Carrina Suicide

Leopoldo Silva Perez: Hay my vida con cada imagen tuya me enamoro mas de ti.
There is my life with each image of yours I fall over you

married couple walking the beach

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Ultimate Dream Girls

"One day maturity will catch up with the pose that indicates, or suggests its eventuality." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.21.13

April 13, 2013


Beautiful Black Love

Let me begin this post by saying I support ALL love. Whether gay, straight, African American dating White, or Chinese dating Mexicans. Love is pure, love is kind and it is the most beautiful form of emotion there is to experience and it is everyone’s right and privilege to share that with whomever they chose.

However, there is something that does bother me and it is African American men who say they only date Caucasian women. I wish I could delve into the minds of some of these men that I personally know, and those I see on television so that I can get a true understanding of the logic or motivation behind this. White women are undeniably beautiful and there is no surprise that over the years the percentage of interracial has dramatically increased.

But to hear a black man openly and proudly admit to only dating women of the opposite race is very disheartening and simply leaves a bad taste in my mouth. How can you be dismissive and simply disrespectful to such beautiful women who in a sense are a reflection of you? Was your mother not a beautiful, strong, African American woman? Are your sisters not beautiful, strong, African American women?

Has society created some sort of false perception for our young, black men that when you reach a certain level of success that you top it of with a trophy white woman at your side? If so, I am dissapointed in our men for being so weak minded and I am also embarrassed. Is it insecurities coming into play, self hatred, maybe something as simple as immaturity? I feel the need to once again express that I have no doubt in my mind the there are tons and tons of interracial relationship based on true genuine love. This is simply my curiosity mixed with some distaste being expressed.

So with all this being said, I have such admiration for strong ethnic couples. There is nothing more dynamic and beautiful than melanin topped with more melanin. The Obamas, Beyonce and Jay Z, Gabrielle Union with Dwayne Wade are all such breath taking couples and give me hope for our generation. And for those men who have counted all the beautiful brown women out of their dating pool all I have to say is, “ Deuces”, it’s definitely your loss and not ours. - Lady Rema 5.3.13

Twitter: @Lady_Rema
Instagram: @Ladee_Rema

There is something profound you've missed in your assessments, Lady Rema, about Black men who chose white women as their wives, or girlfriends when they are at the top of their games in their careers. 

Without providing background there are two things the defensive thinking and reasoning within Black women and men on this subject consistently miss. First, more often than not Black women are trained to be mistresses not wives, and second, there is a level of excellence successful men need Black women centered in the elements of survival are unaware of, and incapable of providing. Third, the high and sensitive nature of the subtle, and obvious reinforcements, and the dynamic energies a man needs to birth the Sacred Dream he was born into are unavailable in women who base relationships upon conflict.  Fourth, marriages and love based upon reciprocation have a higher demand for impeccability crude elements never grasp, hold and internalize into the fabric of their being. 

At this level of being Black Americans usually falter and the conversations always turn back to the lower levels of understanding conflict and this, a major component, is sidestepped, not researched, and no effort is made to ascend into Knowing from diatribes. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.4.13

Men in Training

Nothing Was Created for its Own Sake

What is the basis of individualism? One cannot claim anything as his alone. When a child, through the love of parents, grows from an egg in the mother's womb and is born, 99.999 percent of its existence is from the mother's bone, flesh and blood, which was combined with the 0.001 percent from the father's sperm. There is no concept of "myself alone" in nature.

Nobody is born with a concept of "myself." None of us, however great, could claim that we had become great all by ourselves. Bone, flesh and blood are all inherited in the mother's womb. We should acknowledge that the important parts of our body are an extension of our mother's body. All the essential elements of our body were included in the egg and sperm. There is no exception. Therefore, there is no basis for self-centered individualism.

When we think of above, we automatically acknowledge below. Can individualism stand only with the concept of above by itself? There can be no concept of the individual by itself. Talking about right presupposes the existence of left. In the relationship between front and back, front presupposes back. The word man also cannot exist by itself. It presupposes woman. This is not just the claim of any one person, but is a universal fact.

Why was man created? Usually men say that they can live alone by themselves, so they don't care why they were created. Yet man was born for the sake of woman. Without woman, there is absolutely no need for man. Actually, nothing was created for its own sake.

Consider our five senses. Were our eyes created merely in order to look at themselves? In the same way our nose, ears, mouth and hands were all created for the sake of our partner. The force that can mobilize and focus all five senses is true love. Eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hands are the tools that were created for the sake of true love. Nothing was created for its sake alone. If people take things belonging to others, and use them as their own, aren't they thieves? Therefore, any man who arbitrarily uses his five senses and his body for himself alone is a thief, because these were created for his wife. - Adruma Victoria nov. 8, 2013

Telugu actress Ileana D'Cruz
nov. 13, 2013

tattoo on legs of Ebony model !!!!


Medicine of the Serpent from Pegi Jodry

Higher Order Thinking!

July 6, 2012


There are those who have walked the path before us & who have accomplished "Self Mastery" & who are not members of the collective mindset of our human consciousness. 

They have risen above the human consciousness & are the masters of their own mental habits. 
They have become as gods... The gods of their own being. 

They are as gods & rule on their own "MENTAL" plane, they can never be "THE ALL IN ALL" in whom they live, move, & have their being....But they are "Masters Of Self Consciousness".

Mastery does not mean that one human will rule another human. It is not possible for humans to rule or exert power upon anything outside of their own consciousness when they cannot even rule & discipline the mental habits of their own Minds.

How shall this type of person extend his or her own influence beyond their own Minds upon other humans & the environment in which they live ???

By manipulation of "your" mind. They do it by the laws of Government, & the doctrines of Religion.
Their goal is to keep you in a constant state of submission, aggravation  & addiction....Mental states that will never allow you to Master Self. -  
Kijhana Roby

Monica Lewinsky operating within the lower elements of her being. It gave her fame, but the exchange . Was it worth it, and what did she learn over the years? - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.7.13

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Only in Black America

Smiley Garrison, fb

In Bollywood!

Bollywood, is part of my childhood, which explains my fascination with the actresses and the stories and pageantry of the art form. - Gregory
Yami Gautam
April 14, 2013

Yami Gautam was 20 when she moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in movies. She made her debut on television with Raajkumar Aaryyan followed by Chand Ke Paar Chalo, after which she played her most notable role in Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam aired on Colors. She was last seen as a Television actress in Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam after which she moved on to feature films.

She has made her Bollywood debut with Vicky Donor where she's cast opposite Ayushmann Khurrana. She plays the role of a Bengali girl who falls in love with a Punjabi boy. The movie was a commercial success, and has also received critical appreciation. In 2012, she was featured on the cover page of Prevention (magazine) and Wedding Affair which discussed about her life and personality and also about her interest in Hot yoga She has recently featured on the cover of Femina (magazine) November 2012 issue.

Yami Gautam
September 6, 2012


"Being called African American is another way for white people to say we are not a part of this country this is also listed in text books. If we are African American then what do you call the people who were born in Africa, but moved to America. Also if we're African American, white people should be called European American instead of white. Do not let them take that away from us, we worked hard to build this country. I was born in America, not Africa." - Rita, the Black Butterfly 11.25.13

Rita, your last sentence, "I was born in America not Africa." always makes thinking and non-thinking whites chuckle because the doubt of self is evident, and easy to play with.

These are head games we played with in the 1960's and 70's out of necessity. There are things far more probing into identity than the name game again. We are still wrestling with power, what it is, what it looks like and how to powerfully live in the world as people of African descent. Still we negotiate and wish and work for things hoping and on the defense. We are marginalized by our beliefs and practices. We are not in the game of power at the global level and should be, have the capability to be taken as serious as the Jews, the Japanese, the Taliban, etc. We are struggling with the mentality of a slave recently freed.  

As I write I am thinking about the white woman that purposed to teach me how white men with power think. I was in my twenties. One of the numerous insights she shared stung me the way she proved to me how deep the fear of whites lives with and within every Black born in the US. It operates in broad and determined ways and is subtle and easily brought to the service of whomever manipulates our images we don't own. The truth is we are more Wasicun Sapa (Black White People) than we will admit. 

Don't believe it? Study to prove her and other whites wrong, or leave the country for a period longer than a year and learn a new language in another country, preferably an African or Asian country. You'll see when you return to the States, and there will be no discussion. You will become engaged in the serious work of unlearning all you know. You will be stunned by what you really said when you said, "I was born in America not Africa." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 11.26.13

Sandra Bullock's quote


Ra Intwy Damaleya

Some women have an air about them that says, "I am a promise. I am for someone. I have depth worth developing a better man for..." 

Others have a voice within that says, "I am made to be a wife..."

In life men learn that language while players play... - Gregory E. Woods 5.26.13

DANGER for whom. . .

Lion & naked Black Woman in the marsh 


L'il Kim in pile of dead dolls
"The great things we need to conquer overwhelm us when we cling to what ails our souls. The souls of Black folks bound by images not theirs contradicts the notions of freedom. Now this is a song to never sing again. . ." - Gregory E. Woods 4.3.13

Lisa Ann, porn star, wrapped in American flag is its own contradiction
put upon by whites to Members (as Colored folks used to call themselves).