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a story about a test of skills

This story is about a (test of) skill.

A story, a story.

A certain chief begat children, three males. One day his councilors assembled. He said he himself wished to see the most skilled among them. There was a huge baobab tree (near) the entrance to the chief's house. He said he wanted them to mount (their) horses, (and) come (and) show their skill, where this baobab tree was.

So they mounted their chargers, (and) went far away. The eldest galloped (and) came, (and) thrust that baobab with (his) spear. The spear went right through and he followed, passing through the hole made by the spear, with his horse. And he passed on.

The next to follow the eldest came on. When he was near to the baobab tree he lifted his horse (on the bit) and jumped the baobab.

When the youngest galloped, he came, (and) pulled up the whole baobab, roots and all, and came on waving it aloft at his father, and the place rang with applause.

Now I ask you who excelled among them. If you do not know, that is all.

Off with the rat's head.

Hausa Folk-Lore
Maalam Shaihua, translated by R. Sutherland Rattray

African beauty of Evelyn Ikuenobe

“There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is, not how it compares with other expression. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open.” Martha Graham

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actress Nia Long

Nia Long modeling


‎'Education' is a slippery idea. Formal hegemonic/dominant group-defined 'education' or the multi-spatial 'education' by communities of their own children before 9am and after 3pm ideological 'schooling'? Who defines what counts as 'educations' and ...whose interests are served by these definitions? Who is left out and ...why??????

- Mereana Taki, healer

power of childhood by Formaly Known'as Lef'Eye

Floyd Buckskin

Floyd Buckskin is Headman of the Ajumawi Band, Pit River Tribe whose traditional lands lie east and south of Mount Shasta. He wrote the following about realizing the Creator's purpose in Mount Shasta:

The mountain is sacred just as all things created by the Creator God are, but are we supposed to worship and glorify things created above the Creator himself? Where is that love for him? I love Mount Shasta because the Creator made it just like he created everything. But I love him more because he can help me, teach me, love me. He can heal and correct me. Mount Shasta cannot do that of itself. But the Creator's active spirit through Mount Shasta, through you or anything or direct from the Creator himself, can. It is the Creator's active spirit in all of creation that keeps us alive. It is in all of us if we just acknowledge and honor the Creator. Worship him in spirit aud truth, and throw out the middleman.

The only reason that Mount Shasta is important and any of his creation including you and me, is to remind one another of the Creator, God, and that his purposes will be realized in all of creation, so that honor and worship are directed to him, not to the thing created. I love the Creator, I love you, I love life, I love the earth, there is no need to fight over that. Let the Creator be praised on the mountain, in your home, in your heart, by the river, beneath the shade tree; everywhere at all times and places let him be praised. No mountain can contain him, no temple, no palace, even the earth, nor the stars, but he contains and maintains them all. He establishes his tents with us, and these things that we are expire and cease to exist efore him, but he calls us into being and we exist again, because he loves us, and his will and purpose is realized forever.

Then why protect anything? It's because the Creator gave us a responsibility the day of our creation to take care of the earth. Our people have been here for thousands of years. One of the old prophesies speaks about how we had to take care of this place, take care of this land, take care of this earth, these plants and things, because that's our life. The prophesy says that when the snow begins to disappear on Mount Shasta, we as a people will also disappear. It says that when the snow disappears, things will come upon your people, upon the land, that will threaten your very existence.

That's why we make any effort to protect sacred places, mountains, streams or lakes, animals. We don't own it, the Creator owns it, but he gave it to us to use, to respect and take care of it, until such time as he comes to reclaim it. The earth isn't just the planet, it's you and me. Do we love one another, take care of one another, feed one another? We're not Americans, we're nor Europeans, we're not Indians. We're not our own people but his people. The things that belong to him are his. So he is returning to examine us to see if we have fulfilled what he has put us here for. And if we have lived up to that, then we can enter into his joy, his life.

So what does Mount Shasta mean to Native people?. It means our culture, our way of life, our food, our religion, our symbols, and all those things like that. It's important to us. And those are for our teaching and our understanding, and they're not necessary for you. You have your teachings and traditions that you can draw on. It's available, it's not hidden anywhere. Eagle feathers aren't necessary to pray, to communicate with the Spirit.. We can do that freely, without material things before us. So we can go to the mountains, the rives, the streams, the quiet places, because the Creator calls us to those quiet places so that we can talk to him without interruption and without confusion. We need these places; that's why we need to take cart of them, because we're taking care of our need to be with and communicate with the Creator in a beautiful way.

Floyd Buckskin's writing used with permission of the Indigenous Environmental Network

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African American women - Kori Barrett, Donna Barrett, Margo Adgerson


Told by: Felix Pitre
Puerto Rican Keeper of Stories

In the lush green jungle of old, a slow gray beetle walked across the ground. She was minding her own business when she ran into a wild gray rat. The rat was very fast and mean. He stood up on his hind legs and said, "Look at you, you old beetle. You are so slow. Don't you wish you could be fast like me?" The rat liked to make fun of the slow beetle.

The mild little beetle did not wish to fight with the rat. She just nodded, and she did not tell him about the many things she could do if she wanted.

A wise parrot in a tree could hear the wild rat and the quiet beetle. After a while the parrot said to himself, "I just bet that beetle has some trick up her sleeve. What might it be?"

"We should have a race to find out which one of you is really the fastest," the parrot called down. "To the winner I will give a beautiful coat made of some of my feathers."

The gray rat and the gray beetle agreed. A coat of so many beautiful shades or red, yellow, and green would be fine indeed!

The parrot said they could race from his tree to the old stump deep in the jungle.

When the parrot yelled "GO!" the rat pumped his thick hind legs and ran and ran. He was fast, but he reached the stump only to find that the kind beetle was there.

"How did you win?" asked the rat.

"I used my wings," said the beetle as she tucked them away. "You see, I can go very fast when I have a mind to do it."

That is why today beetles have beautiful coats and wild rats are still dull and gray.


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Kelli Healing Doe Bennett on the Navajo reservation

“I understand this mysterious force emanating from the colors, and from you, Kelli. My understanding comes from the place where there are no words just images, and knowing.”

- Dawn Wolf,
Keeper of Stories


Jennifer Lopez leaving American Idol show in 2010 decembre !!!!

"One cannot submerge Jennifer Lopez into obscurity. She has created an enormous sphere of influence, and expanded her aura beyond the capacity belief of average folks, and in So doing deepened the colors of her energy lines and her fields of perception. Her spiritual work to maintain her status, hone her craft, and support her family requires a focus on herself fans can never get from her. Outside of this type of development she is incapable of lowering it. She can only grow in it, and become better, and simpler in the way great musicians deepen their craft to the point they can tell it all in one note." – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

absolute beauty of a Mashpee Wampanoag woman -


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Denise Richards playing with her daughters in pool



Told by: Joseph Bruchac

Once there was a boy who was very soft-hearted. One morning, as he was walking along he saw a rattlesnake by the side of the road. There had been an early frost the night before and the snake had been caught out in it. The snake was stiff with cold. The boy stopped to look at it, feeling sorry for the snake. Then a wonderful thing happened. The snake opened up its mouth and spoke to him.

"Help me," the rattlesnake said in a pitiful voice. "Pick me up, warm me or I will die."

"But if I pick you up, you will bite me," the boy said.

"No," said the snake, "I will not bite you. Pick me up, hold me close to you and warm me or I will die."

So the boy took pity on the snake. He picked it up. He held it close to him so that it would be warmed by his body. The snake grew warmer and less stiff and then, suddenly, it twisted in the boy's hands and--------WHAH!

It bit the boy on his arm. The boy dropped the snake and grasped his arm.
"Why did you bite me?" the boy asked, then he said, "You said you would not bite me if I picked you up."
"That is so," said the snake, "but when you picked me up, you knew I was a rattlesnake."


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fire circle built by my wife, jan at Wolf Run

Chiefs are as only good as their people, good people make good Chiefs, it is in the stewardship of people that success is found.
Tell me and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I'll understand.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain. Experience is a Wonderful Thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. 

"The only way to change a society is to change its false perception."
Status Band Member to the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation


"Snowflakes are one of Nature's most fragile gifts... as is the fleeting smile of innocence barely masked by mischief on the face of woman holding a man of her choice, captive." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

Pamela Ruedemann, the mystery of a woman


A Cree chief had a very beautiful daughter who was sought after by many brave warriors. There were two suitors who led the rivalry for her hand, a Cree chief from Lake Winnipegosis and a Sioux chief from Devil's Lake. The girl herself favored the Cree warrior, and when he brought a beautiful white horse from Mexico as a gift for her father, the man agreed to the marriage. The Sioux chief was enraged by the rejection of his suit. On the day of the wedding, he gathered a war-party and came thundering across the plains toward the home of the beautiful maiden. The Cree chief tossed his lovely bride on top of the white horse and leapt upon his own gray steed. The couple fled to the west with the rejected Sioux and his war-party on their heels.

The canny Cree chief doubled back several times and the couple hid among the prairie bluffs. For a time, it seemed as if they had lost the Sioux. But once they were on the plains again, the beautiful white horse was visible for miles, and the war party soon found them. A rain of arrows fell upon the fleeing lovers, and the warrior and his bride fell dead from their mounts. At once, the Sioux captured the gray steed, but the white horse evaded them. One man claimed he saw the spirit of the young bride enter into the horse just before it fled from their clutches. The white horse roamed the prairies for many years following the death of the Cree warrior and his lovely bride. The inhabitants feared to approach the horse, since the spirit of the maiden dwelled within it. Long after its physical body passed away, the soul of the white horse continued to gallop across the plains, and the land where it roamed became known as the White Horse Plain. They say that the soul of the white horse continues to haunt the prairie to this very day. A statue of the white horse was erected at St, Francois Xavier on the Trans-Canada Highway west of Winnipeg, to remind all who see it of the phantom white horse and the beautiful maiden who once rode it.

<> THE END <>

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Medicine Wheel Ancient of Days from Procer Octavis Branch


Who are the Métis?

TERRORISM: a Christmas carol

... a real beauty at home how safe is she outside of her home?

2 French Canadian women

If security were the motivation, and lived beneath our government’s actions American citizens would be empowered. We would be safe. Employing the tools of an abusive spouse or a lurking predator to trick people to believe in your menace is securing the citizenry is an insult to intelligence and the notion of security. Weakening the support structures of a people or a person, and watching their every move is intimidating, and the core paradigm of Homeland Security. American citizens deserve more than the cautionary tales of the Boogey Man passing as national security. Protecting families, and protecting a nation develops from the initial fear of losing to an enemy onto diplomacy, and up into the high place of a true Peace Keeper. The conflicts between people are the histories leaders, and citizens need to know and understand intimately.

The subtle elements of the Sacred Circle need to encircle, and embrace the history of our foreign policies, Natural Law, and an honest assessment of war, and the reasons for fighting in a way profoundly different from our tradition of agitating for more conflict. Agitating for conflict and exaggerating fears do not lend anything to the security a nation needs to function in a mature fashion that leads to peace. The truth is we do not, and have not operated from a high place with honest peacekeeping skills. We don’t have this kind of maturity yet. We are adolescents in the realms of power. Our hearts are separated from our minds. We believe in separation. It feeds our sense of superiority. We, like all Western nations, have learned none of the secrets of ancient Egypt’s abilities to remain in power for 3,000 years!


The basic elements of security come from a deep understanding of balance, and Life. They boil down to affirmation of life, facilitating birth processes, building and strengthening foundations, and empowering home and nations abroad. The highest elements of security are the release of spirit, the comfort and adventure of knowing, and being peaceful of soul, balancing and controlling the powers to destroy, and heal at all levels; at the same time.

The dangers of the world are the horrors of our hearts, and minds bent out of shape. One cannot fight a war against an act, a tactic. We war with self in rooms of mirrors, and find ways to lie to ourselves, and our children as we send them, as warriors, to fight an outside force we deliberately enraged. The inner man wars the way we all fought to latch onto eggs in our mother’s wombs. Needing to ascend to the highest heights we kill our souls before we grow because we are scared people out of relationship with truth, and separated from our higher self. – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories ©2007


Orange Mandala the colour of the Rising Sun from Aqua Raman

“Meals are the food for the body;
Knowledge is the food for the mind;
Meditation is the food for the spirit;
Music is the food for the love of heart;
Dreams are the food for the consciousness;
Prayer is the food for the Almighty;
Love is the food for the living heart;
Thoughts are the food for the brain…” – Valerie Arrington-Kelly 

Pamela Anderson playing with her pussy...


the Woods family together just because in 2010

“The Magic is the right theme to have in life. How one functions without it is baffling to me. My family is close, and Christmas and other high days were spent together. But the real magic was what transpired between us in betwix those high days. Those days glued us together, and drew us to be a part of a whole within our thinking also, and has trinkled down through the generations. Magic is the operative word. I know Christians misuse the word, and miss the magic for the sake of proving some point, but the point is Life is Magic, and you embody it.” - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Mommy & Daddy and their children

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Ascending Consciousness of Man

Ascending consciousness of man by Milton Foster


“Most people have 1000 wishes for Christmas; a cancer patient only has one, to get better.” – Sylvia Bunny Traymore

"I think disease is effective at levels of being science and medicine dare not probe. Hidden in those arenas of study, of being answers live. But like all mystics the answers to the questions disease poses live in the structure of our other bodies..." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

JESUS a captured moment within eternity


"You have made comparisons, but to what end? What redemptive purpose lies in stating the obvious: that Jesu is King? It will not improve the state of affairs in government, nor deepen the experience of our walk on Earth in part because the majority of Christ walkers are not initiated into the mystery teachings Jesus was! Not being exposed to the study, and the spiritual disciplines Jesus had to submit to average Christians cannot possible walk or rule as Jesus could if he was King!" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

a child, Ms. Wynter by Phelan Marc


Rosario Dawson overshadowing Hayden Panettiere's immature beauty !!!!

I don’t know what proper adjective fits the feel of this observation of Hayden Panettiere’s youth, her good looks, energy, or the sheer weight of the accolades and expectations heaped upon her by a celebrity worshiping populace. She is a young thing with a lot of years to navigate through employed in an industry that caters to young people unnaturally. A fear-based adoration of youth, and their beauty has limited possibilities, and a long reach into a dysfunctional adult life. It is incredible the number of people shallow enough to play a superficial game of adoration of, and devotion to the permanence of youth. Not only is youth a short-lived stage of life it has no permanence. In the West youth, gifted youth are a commodity. This culture takes the long way of demonstrating disrespect toward the process of growth, and as long as money is given unnatural adulation the need to develop impeccability, expand the mind, and deepen the soul as we age settles on the bottom of a bog. In the long run, people of this kilt make bad decisions raising children being so terribly focused on measuring their aging bodies, and looks against the firm bodies of 20 year olds who are untested, and immature. Pushing against, and away from their maturation these kinds of ‘adults’ entwine themselves in a non-strategic mess, and become cult members who maintain membership by downplaying the importance of more serious issues that affect their futures, and the world at large. In other words they become selfish, petty, and self-centered. Poverty feeds off of those elements.

One of the predictable outcomes of this paradigm goes to the heart of poverty and wealth. More often than not these young celebrities manage their money and develop a sophisticated understanding of money, investment, currency, business, and nurture a keen interest in the state of affairs of their fellowman. Often they develop deep knowledge about the things they are passionate about. Building legacies, investing, developing businesses, and supporting community organizations, hospitals, medical research, and child development programs at the national and local levels becomes their focus as the media and their adoring fans focus on the most trivial of things about them, and miss the whole individual all together!

These artists can develop spiritually on a dynamic level. Developing their craft and skills to the highest level spills into a higher level of being, and their spirituality can take a turn outside of the often uninformed, crude form of religiosity of their fans. These tendencies have led many to criticize people like Madonna, and Michael Jackson, and Wesley Snipes, Tiny Turner, and John Travolta because it is impossible for the likes of these celebrities to grovel in a fundamentalism that is comfortable for millions, but below the high levels of excellence they have worked so hard to ascend to.

Regular folks complain about the enormous salaries of star athletes, and actors often comparing their contributions against teachers. So how they don’t understand in a capitalist society people being paid according to the value they bring to the market place is understandable considering how the United States has mastered the art of under developing their children. Teachers are important but children, and childhood development pales against the money made from developing youth detention centers, adult jails, and prisons, and pharmaceuticals. At the top of the economic food chain value corporations develop influence to affect government policies, and make profits, and the powerless, easily misguided people are seen as no more than bottom feeders, cannon fodder, or consumers. People need to understand their place according to the distribution of money, and the value they bring to the market place to before they can begin to tackle the bigger problems of the current state of this economy in 2010.

This culture is full of libraries, and long before the Internet access to information was there. It simply required curiosity, and a work ethic to obtain the information, and a strong algebraic understanding of things, and how they work together in this life. To fill in the gaps of knowledge, and to expand one’s mind, and deepen one’s spirit and connect the dots it is best done without the TV, but most folks stop right there and go no further, and so do the high achievers in Hollywood, and other venues. They won’t share what they know to most of their fans. They cannot teach people how to excel. They can’t teach people to do the math to see what the truth is. That comes from one’s passion to excel. Once a person starts that journey everything and everyone they need to help, and guide them gets the news, and a conspiracy to help that individual begins to unfold. Duplicate that in the community and the world changes noticeably. – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories


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Mayan Creation Story

"God made some men of mud, but they were very soft and limp and couldn't see. They could speak, but what they said didn't make sense. When they got wet the couldn't even stand up. God saw that they were of no use so he broke them up and said "I will try again".
Then he made men out of wood. The wooden men were better; they could walk and talk. They built houses and had children, and there were very many of them. But they were dry and yellow, and their faces had no expression, because they had no minds nor souls or hearts. They beat their dogs and they burned the bottoms of their cooking pots. They had forgotten how they were made and could not remember any of the names of God. So he said, "These men will not do either. I must destroy them also".

And he sent a great flood and the houses of the wooden men fell down. The wooden men wanted to escape, but the animals they had starved and beaten, and cooking pots they had burned, and the trees whose branches they had chopped off, all turned against them and wouldn't help them. Only a few of them escaped from the flood, and it is said that their descendants are the monkeys. And it still hadn't dawned; and God wanted to make real men when the dawn came and the sun rose.

. . . He took ears of yellow corn of white corn and ground them into meal. With the corn meal he make nine kinds of liquor, and these became man's strength and energies. With the dough of the meal he shaped the body and he made four men, very strong and handsome. They were called the Wizard of the Fatal Laugh, the Wizard of the Night, the Careless and the Black Wizard...They were gifted with intelligence and they managed to know everything there is in the world. While the men slept, he made four women very carefully, and when the men woke, each found at his side a beautiful wife.

. . . When they looked they would see everything that was around them, and they constantly contemplated the arch of the sky and the round face of the earth. "Thank you for our life!" they said. "We can see, we can hear, we can move and think and speak, we feel and know everything, we can see everything in the earth and in the sky. Thank you for having made us, Oh Father!"
Then the Creator was troubled, for he realized that these men could see too much and too far, so that they would not really be men, but gods. He saw that he had to change them so that they could be what he needed. So he leaned down and blew mist in their eyes and clouded their vision, like breathing on a mirror, and from then on nothing was clear to their sight except what was close to them.

The four men and their wives went up on a mountain and waited for the dawn. First they saw the shining face of the great star, the Morning Star which comes ahead of the sun, and burned incense and unwrapped three gifts to offer the sun.
Then the sun came up. Then the puma and the jaguar roared and all the birds stretched their wings and sang, and the men and their wives danced with joy because the sun had risen."

From the Popul-Vuh of the Quiche Maya

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Black Genesis

We're afraid of a Black Genesis
govts. put it in their parenthesis
want us to think govts. parentless
they don't care less, only lies yes!
We've been taught to demonize
the Black Man and Woman's cries
the Black Child of Divinity Sunrise
the Black Direction baptizing NOW
the Black messiah Ocean in flow.
We're claiming we don't wanna now
tho we don't even know we don't know
Following Leaders who bleed us n
claiming to free us tho nothing is
goin on but the rent of our Humanity
to EGOnomic profanity, its INSANITY
to think doin the same things gonna
bring a change. BEcome the Change.

Ngaronoa MereanaTaki

N. M. Taki
Dedicated to all of you Sacred Kin.

art by Gunnar Magnusson - tribute to the Child Mystic in us all


Jenny Matin is freedom

“The reality is that we see things not the way they are but the way we are. And the more untruthful (dishonest) we are with ourselves, the more we will distort all other truth, including God's truth, to make it match our perception of reality and to have it say what we want it to say. In other words we exchange the truth for a lie.” – Jenny Matin

“There are times a lie takes on a different form, and how it looks changes as one's perception of the lie, or the situation needing a lie appears.” – Gregory E. Woods


"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." ~Henry David Thoreau


"Allow love to is the answer.” – Marian Linda Tucker

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African spirituality

Nana Baakan Agyiriwah after performing marriage ceremony

Paris Hilton holding her rat dog


Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962), born Norma Jeane Mortenson, but baptized Norma Jeane Baker, was an American actress, singer, and model. In 1999, Monroe was ranked as the sixth greatest female star of all time by the American Film Institute.

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portal into other realms by tony r. march

As requested My brothers and Sisters of the light and love we give to the world... Focused with great intent to our brothers and Sisters of Brazil and Rio De Jenero . . .

Here is the center of all answers to my prayers. the source of my light, my Love my very life force the essence of who I am... my connection to the Great Grand Father, our God, we every one of us joined here together in all humility ask for this healing to take place as if like a miracle this living souls life and body is healed. WE are grateful Father beyond gratitude itself for this gift formed from your compassion the power of your love for us. I send all my power of healing, my light, my love to all that are in need of it, I give all that I am, all that I posses, I give everything, I with hold nothing. I am grateful beyond gratitude for what they are all about to receive, this gift of your love of them, these little ones whom are the affection of your eye. Thank you Great Grand Father creator of all things, know~er Of all things, Source of all things... Yes I will pay this price take me, I give my life over into your hands, if the price is my pain... to suffer this thing alone... or my life itself I offer to you in exchange for all to be healed of their illnesses, their inner peace and the outer Joy they may live for all to see as a witness to my sacrifice to you, my very own life I give if it is the price... your loving son,

Tony Gray Owl


by Elizabeth T. Harris

The Story Tree

"Yet in life learn not to become involved in every story. We can be taught." ~Sage Marti

"The story draws us In to the story itself --- at times not inward for the meaning of the Story." - Elizabeth T. Harris

Yasmin Warsame

Yasmin Abshir Warsame (born May 17, 1976) is a Somali-Canadian model. In 2004, she was named “The Most Alluring Canadian” in a poll by Fashion magazine.

laughing & living

A great many things can be resolved with kindness, even more with laughter, but there are some things that just require cake." 

Lisa Nicole Carson laughing & living


Hayden Panettiere in an asymmetrical twist-front Tadashi Shoji dress !!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass has posed in advertisements for Calvin Klein, Chanel, Gucci, Donna Karan, Byblos, Dsquared2, Givenchy, Fendi, Max Mara, Valentino and many more. Also Kass was awarded by Vogue as “Model of the Year” at the 2000 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards. She has now signed to be Max Factor newest spokesperson.


Mary-Louis Parker a pensive beauty from within

When the Mind is organ of greatest pliability and a Heart-centred intelligence instinctually articulate with Spirit's deft clarity is as yet uncultivated, whole intelligence individually and collectively remains ...untapped and vulnerable to manipulation. Consciousness understands that Truth is a pathless land (Krishnamurti) and freedom is not a gift, it is a responsibility (Freire). – Mereana Taki
Mereana Taki laughing

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Marilyn Monroe sitting in white dress !!!!


Mary-Louise Parker bare in pure form !!!!

WE are multiple Truths as branches on a Sacred Tree of Life. WE are not here to be the same. WE are YOUnique. WE are the only US that is ever going to BE in this lifetime honour who YOU are ...cherish YOUR gifts ...Love the BEauty radiating within YOUR Heart ...Live totally in the Spirit of YOUR consciousness. To thine own self ...BE TRUE.” – Mereana Taki
Mereana Taki's great beauty