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Define Elegance

elegant African woman walking while on cell phone 

elegant woman captured by Peter Salama's camera Aug. 8, 2010 

"Elegance is captured by flames, and defined by character
~ Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 5.31.13 

elegant woman in purple !!!!

exquisite beauty of Sanaa Lathan, actress 


white supremacy, the symbols

"It is a pity when there is nothing to say because ... And it is a pity when there is nothing to communicate because there is no substance to speak of." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 8.25.13

The small miracles of survival are the most important gifts of living.’ – Gregory E. Woods

If we remember more of the laughter & less of the pain we can heal anything. - Michelle "Sujai" Harvey

Fresh from the salon.
August 23, 2013
Bria Myles

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Thick AM I

thick Black vixen - Minaj Carter

white model with crazy hair & fine legs

white woman is badd!

Bria Myles
August 22, 2013
Bria Myles

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tattooed scripture on body of a married woman, Genesis 2: 21-25
photographer unknown 

An Art of IT

Poetry captured with the lens of a camera is a part of an art form painters, and sculptors and poets have been born with and charged to share with the world. The world needs these translations to make sense of the mess created within the world that needs to be told stories of beauty in a beautiful way outside of the reach of their crude hands, and hardened hearts.

It is children who play with sounds that creates music, and children who grow up within a body into adulthood whose receptivity ignites change and creates harmonies. The magic of art is the retention of space that holds the child dear and alive. © Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 2012 

Wolf mother with her cubs...

Basic to MANHOOD: knowledge

Bonnierzm Photography

by Bonnie Rodriguez
May 29, 2013


How did Jesus and the Hebrews become WHITE?

How did the Hebrews turn White? Of course they didn't really; just in the imaginations, and then the histories of White people. Who for probably practical reasons, decided that Hebrews, and also the Blacks who originally lived in the Country's that they took over, should all become White for posterity's sake.
Seeing as how it only takes three generations to turn a Black person into a White person (and visa versa). No doubt there came a time when as Europe's formerly bi-racial populations, became more homogeneously White, White people decided that they could no longer acknowledge that all that they knew and had, was derived from the minds and labors of Black people - even down to their religious beliefs. The logic no doubt being that Whites could not progress to their full potential, if they were always looking up to Blacks, as the personification of knowledge and wisdom. So a change had to be made, and at some point, by somebody, that change began.

Of course, we have no way of knowing when this process of Whitinizing Blacks began, or who did it, or where it was first done. But we do have some materials by which we can track the process, somewhat.

But first, let us go back to see what Hebrews REALLY looked like. The earliest authentic pictures of real Hebrews that we have, date back to before Christ. They are Assyrian relief's showing Hebrews, and others that they conquered, in pictorial scenes detailing the battles fought, with associated text. These relief's decorated Assyrian palaces, and were no doubt used to gloat over their conquest of the Hebrews and others. Here we are using pictures of: Assyrian King Shalmaneser IIIs "Black Obelisk" (858 B.C.). Assyrian king Tiglath-pilesar III’s relief's of his conquest of a city near the Sea of Galilee (730 B.C.). Assyrian King Sennacherib’s relief's of the conquest of the Judean City of Lachish (701 B.C.). The four pictures below, are from those Assyrian relief's. (These relief's are stored in the British Museum, London England)... 

It is worth mentioning, that the Hebrews were just as literate, and just as artistic as the other Black civilizations around them. The reason that we have to depend on outside sources for pictures of them, is because Whites destroyed all that the Hebrews ever created. Even down to the very religious writings that they claim to worship by. That fact is that ALL Hebrew writings, even the SEPTUAGINT {the original Bible}, which was only roughly Hebrew (it was made for the Greek King of Egypt, Ptolemy II (Philadelphus) in 282-246 B.C.), has been destroyed. Everything except for the "Dead Sea Scrolls" which were found in 1947, in Qumran, a village situated about twenty miles east of Jerusalem. The Scrolls are under the joint custody of the Catholic Church and the Israelis. The translated contents of those Scrolls has never been made public, and probably never will be - no doubt the differences in teachings and facts would be irreconcilable.  (A few inconsequential snippets have been made public - the entire Scrolls is a huge work, which contains the entire old Testament plus many other works).

Why wasn't the material in these pages destroyed? Because after it's fall, Assyria came under the control of the Persian Empire, which was itself a Black Empire. It then came under the control of Greeks, who were at that time, seeking to merge with the Black Persians, not in denying that they were Black people. Then Assyria again came under Persian control, and then finally under the control of the original Black Arabs. So at the time when Whites were destroying vestiges of Black history, they had no access to the Assyrian artifacts.

But at those times when Whites did have control of an area, they seem to have been very through in destroying all vestiges of the former Black inhabitants; there is nothing left to suggest that Carthage was a Black city, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley civilizations are some of the oldest known, yet very little is left - next to nothing in the Indus valley. Ancient Anatolia (Turkey), was home to many great and famous civilizations, but very little has been found there. The Egyptian artifacts, of which there are many, were mostly recovered in modern times, when Whites rather than simply destroy, instead modify artifacts; sometimes just by breaking the noses off, in order to make them look like White people, and then proudly display them as proof of the White mans greatness.

The Khazars, a Turkish tribe who had established a Kingdom in the Caucasus region, and converted to Judaism in the 8th century A.D. Must have seen the doings of the Romans and Greeks, and seen it as an opportunity for them to take over the Hebrew identity, and thus control of the orthodox branch of the Hebrew religion - which indeed they did. They logically thinking that if Jesus can be White, why not then, the entire Hebrew nation - which was by then a diaspora anyway. The Islamist side-stepped the entire issue by forbidding imagery of any kind. 

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A Keene Sense of Style

No matter how many detours I take, full skirts will always be my signature style. I can't even begin to tell you how feminine and put-together they make me feel. When I slip on a full skirt I feel like the woman that I want to be. With that being said, I'm fully aware of the fact that  I can't wear them everyday because, well, that would be boring, but every once in a while I pull out one of these beauties and I twirl the day away. It's a good feeling.

I hope that you are having a great week. Thanks so much for visiting me! 
Xoxo -Elizabeth Keene 4.9.15 

Elizabeth Keene by Jonny Villanueva
in a Thrifted top, an 
ASOS skirt, J.Crw shirt, & shoes from The Candy Room,
accented by a Shoedazzle bag & Anarchy Street shoes 

Teacher's pet - Twyla D'Vine in 2014 

Didn't think teacher's pets existed in schools today. The way imagination is killed on a daily basis anything that adorable would bait a child-teacher relationship into a bowl of controversy. Better to expect children to be categorized into diagnosed drug users by a psychologist, a kid marked for incarceration, students who cut and paste their essays, and students who excel at rote memorization to get good grades, and go to college, and the rebels who cling to a semblance of an idea of freedom, freedom of expression as if their childhood depended on it. Without advocates unafraid of defending children what will high school graduates look like as adults in a decade or less? 

Teacher's pets. Are they outdated, or regulated out of the equation by hard lined conservatism, stupid liberalism, or the gang cultures that dominate so many American schools? One would think American schools and approaches to child rearing wouldn't be dominated by fear and cowardice the way it is today, but it is. There it is standing against the image of the apex predator we are known for around the world and across the spectrum of human history! It does not take a prophet to see where a country is headed with contempt for their children. Nor, should it be surprising the number of children who try, want to and do eventually leave the U.S. to train in terrorist camps in the Middle East! The 'why' is easily followed in the sands. Not knowing why many American children take that route, or resort to killing is the ostrich approach to life. Ignorance is bliss in America.

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4.10.15

Mother waters

Black mother & her daughter

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Afro Pop songstress Arlene Gould

Today (May 8, 2015) we're premiering the new video from Brooklyn based Afro-Pop songstress Arlene Gould - 'Rollin'. The single, first from her new EP, features rapper Rebel Sun and, as Gould states, is a reminder that "most times we rise from the lowest places and roll to the peak of our success by being positive, having faith and standing firm in our beliefs. This will surely activate the energies of joy to forever keep us ‘Rollin’." The video, directed by Kobie Flashman, was filmed last summer in Arlene Gould's home country Israel, at an abandoned water park at The Dead Sea (one of the world’s most fascinating locations and the lowest region below sea level).

Check out the vibrant visual below.

Watch —>


September 4, 2009
from gallery of
 Zenzi Zynzelay-Hussein Whitsett
"She (Damaris Starr) creates the songs of praise within my spirit, and amongst the spirits serving and tending to me, and guarding and guiding me she, in her eyes, seems to sense it all..." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 8/25/13

by Marlo Herring Photography
August 20, 2009

"What is beautiful and comforting is to have a safe place to return to physically and by thoughts further down the life line. White parents with things, and capital, wealth, and all create legacies from a different way of thinking. Not occupied and obsessed with survival they chart courses, and create legacies. Jews and other tribes do the same. Outside of the scratching of survival is not murky waters, but paths easily followed by the way a child's spirit has been studied, and guided into adulthood.

This was my father's way of seeing and my parents' way of being, and Mommy's way of perceiving each child's spirit under the light of where they were in life. This continued until I was deep into my thirties in my dark time!" - Gregory E. Woods 8.25.13

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Brooke Burke-Charvet

Brooke Burke-Charvet standing proud in a black gown!


The truth is Goddess figures 'littering' archaeological sites around the globe are pearl, or pear shaped. With emphasis around the potential of the Womb down to the strength of the thighs they exude a sexuality and contain intense powers restrained by the Woman herself. The breasts are a presence separate in function, but as one in the whole scheme of how her body is revered and her essence discerned for the dissimulation of spiritual knowledge. 

You move into the era of the diffusion of her energies and it is an arena of erotica, nastiness, the degradation of pussy, and the business of trade. Online it is difficult to figure what words, or phrases to type in the search of the various forms of Black women's bodies that cannot help but be reminiscent of the Goddess form. Inevitably, you are led to pornography. That says something.

So, the responsibility of seeing, young man, is in the possibilities of your perception, and the determinate elements of your awareness.  ~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.24.14

 Buffie, ...

Pearl shaped

luxurious pearl.


A Thousand Rivers

What the modern world has forgotten about children
and learning.

by Carol Black

Schools as we know them have existed for a very short time historically: they are in themselves a vast social experiment. A lot of data are in at this point. One in four Americans does not know the earth revolves around the sun. Half of Americans don’t know that antibiotics can’t cure a virus. 45% of American high school graduates don’t know that the First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees freedom of the press. These aren’t things that are difficult to know. If the hypothesis is that universal compulsory schooling is the best way to to create an informed and critically literate citizenry, then anyone looking at the data with a clear eye would have to concede that the results are, at best, mixed. At worst, they are catastrophic: a few strains of superbacteria may be about to prove that point for us.

On the other hand, virtually all white American settlers in the northeastern colonies at the time of the American Revolution could read, not because they had all been to school, and certainly not because they had all been tutored in phonics, which didn’t exist at the time. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, not exactly light reading, sold over 500,000 copies in its first year of publication, the equivalent of a book selling sixty million copies today. People learned to read in a variety of ways, some from small one-room schools, but many from their mothers, from tutors, traveling ministers, apprentice’s masters, relatives, neighbors, friends. They could read because, in a literate population, it is really not that difficult to transmit literacy from one person to the next. When people really want a skill, it goes viral. You couldn’t stop it if you tried.

In other words, they could read for all the same reasons that we can now use computers. We don’t know how to use computers because we learned it in school, but because we wanted to learn it and we were free to learn it in whatever way worked best for us. It is the saddest of ironies that many people now see the fluidity and effectiveness of this process as a characteristic of computers, rather than what it is, which is a characteristic of human beings.

In the modern world, unless you learn to read by age 4, you are no longer free to learn in this way.
Now your learning process will be scientifically planned, controlled, monitored and measured by highly trained “experts” operating according to the best available “data.” If your learning style doesn’t fit this year’s theory, you will be humiliated, remediated, scrutinized, stigmatized, tested, and ultimately diagnosed and labelled as having a mild defect in your brain.

How did you learn to use a computer? Did a friend help you? Did you read the manual? Did you just sit down and start playing around with it? Did you do a little bit of all of those things? Do you even remember? You just learned it, right?

Wolves have litters of same-age puppies which the mother leaves in the care of another adult while she hunts; elk give birth to calves which are able to stand up and follow the herd within a matter of minutes. Primates, including human beings, have one offspring at a time which the mother carries with her while she seeks food or works, often sharing care with rich networks of relatives and friends.
All social mammals have evolved species-specific social structures and behaviors for learning and transmitting the skills they will need to survive as adults. Our own species evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to live in small mixed-age communities where children are embedded in adult activities, surrounded by older and younger children and grandparents, immersed in the natural world, free to move and play and exercise their bodies, and where they are able to observe, imitate and then participate in adult work as they become developmentally ready. In societies that still live according to this model, elegant indigenous pedagogies have developed over millennia that are so attuned to the natural development of children that complex and nuanced skills can be acquired in ways that appear almost effortless.

Any Gikuyu mother in Kenya knows that you wait to give a child a task until you see that she is ready for it.  Any Baiga father in the forests of India knows that if a child tries something and then backs away, you leave him alone, because he will be back to try again later. Any Yup’ik elder knows that young children learn better from story than lecture, from hands-on experience than direct instruction. Any Fore parent from Papua New Guinea knows that children sometimes learn best by emulating older children, not by being taught by adults. 

People all over the world know these things about children and learning, and interestingly, they are as workable for learning how to design software or conduct a scientific experiment or write an elegant essay as they are for learning to hunt caribou or identify medicinal plants in a rainforest.

But we don’t know them any more.

Any wildlife biologist knows that an animal in a zoo will not develop normally if the environment is incompatible with the evolved social needs of its species. But we no longer know this about ourselves. We have radically altered our own evolved species behavior by segregating children artificially in same-age peer groups instead of mixed-age communities, by compelling them to be indoors and sedentary for most of the day, by asking them to learn from text-based artificial materials instead of contextualized real-world activities, by dictating arbitrary timetables for learning rather than following the unfolding of a child’s developmental readiness. Common sense should tell us that all of this will have complex and unpredictable results. In fact, it does. While some children seem able to function in this completely artificial environment, really significant numbers of them cannot. Around the world, every day, millions and millions and millions of normal bright healthy children are labelled as failures in ways that damage them for life. And increasingly, those who cannot adapt to the artificial environment of school are diagnosed as brain-disordered and drugged. 

It is in this context that we set out to research how human beings learn. But collecting data on human learning based on children’s behavior in school is like collecting data on killer whales based on their behavior at Sea World. . .


4 beautiful pairs of legs ...

Kate Hudson's beautiful legs

Katie Couric, news anchor 

Kym Kymberly 

Lucy Lawless' beautiful legs !!!!

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ELDER'S TALK: toilet to the throne

From their bathrooms more and more young women seem to be dreaming themselves into existence backwards. Frequently, women across the color and ethnic lines are posing in, or taking self-portraits in public and private bathrooms. Often billing themselves as working models, or aspiring models they share the ability to demean themselves visually without a clue of how low class their presentations are to anyone looking to hire a model. There are numerous women who film themselves in nasty bathrooms with graffiti on the walls of the stalls, or pose next to a hole in the stall smiling hungrily at a large penis protruding through the wall. All of this with the insane idea they will attract a company, a sugar daddy, a trick, or an agent who will lead them through the gauntlet from anonymity to fame with cash for 'dat ass'! 

What has stalled the birth apparatus within millions of today's young women? Where do women go to find the counsel that does not sell them to the illusion that there is something appealing about filming themselves in a bathroom? Most certainly they do not get wise counsel from the sage, the old wise woman, or the grandmothers. 

The old stories women traditionally passed to their daughters in the sacred hideaways from men folk that emboldened them, and strengthen their spirits with the mysteries are not told. That much is clear. So, where do our young women go for insight into the mysteries of their Being? The bathroom? The internet? - Gregory E. Woods 10.28.14

portrait of Dolly Castro 

Estoy más interesado en la mujer que quiero ser, en lugar de las cosas que quiero tener. En el momento que sea ella, ya tendre todo lo que he querido..

I'm more interested in the woman I want to be, as opposed to the things I want. By the time I'm her, I'll have everything I want.Dolly Castro, model, designer & actress from Nicaragua

Dolly Castro selling products & healthy living choices

Learn Through the Illusions

breasts of a mature white woman on a farm

"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect, but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity  The creative mind plays with the objects it loves." 

~ Carl Jung b.1875 

breasts of a tanned white woman

"The more you cling it, the more you lose. So knowing what is sufficient averts disgrace. Knowing when to stop averts danger. This can lead to a longer life."  from the Tao (44: 2-3)  


A view of the Forte Belvedere in Florence, Italy, Saturday, May 24, 2014. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will wed and host a reception at Florence's imposing 16th-century Belvedere Fort on May 24, according to a spokeswoman at the Florence mayor's office. The couple rented the fort, located next to Florence's famed Boboli Gardens, for 300,000 euros ($410,000) and a Protestant minister will preside over the ceremony. Belvedere Fort was built in 1590, believed using plans by Don Giovanni de' Medici. Located near the Arno River, it offers a panoramic view of Florence and the surrounding Tuscan hills. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)
A view of the Forte Belvedere in Florence, Italy, Saturday, May 24, 2014. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will wed and host a reception at Florence's imposing 16th-century Belvedere Fort on May 24, according to a spokeswoman at the Florence mayor's office. The couple rented the fort, located next to Florence's famed Boboli Gardens, for 300,000 euros ($410,000) and a Protestant minister will preside over the ceremony. Belvedere Fort was built in 1590, believed using plans by Don Giovanni de' Medici. Located near the Arno River, it offers a panoramic view of Florence and the surrounding Tuscan hills. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West leave their Paris residence ahead of their wedding. 5.23.14
AFP Photo/Kenzo Tribouillard

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Speaking of Hannah

Hannah Davis & her horse for Direct TV has enchanted me each time I've seen the commercial leaving me breathless with wonder and nudged towards switching to Direct TV. But, I catch myself at least half an hour later and realize it all boils down to dollars and quality. I don't know much about Direct TV. I think is a service with satellite dishes. I don't cater to the dishes. They are creepy associations I have with the Cold War, communism and spooky cloak and dagger types spying on citizens which is today a reality. That present day reality annoys me because it was a skillfully executed upon a people who used to value freedom, define it and fight for it.
- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Hannah Davis astride her horse !!!!


altered sky altered moon

mystery of Jessica Alicia Bertrand by Curtis Noble in shadow !!!!

Curtis Noble Photography,

When I look at this photograph I remember the old knowledge and the impression Old Man gave me of life in his teachings to me. He didn't use these words, but the words he used changed in my body and became words I can say today because this photograph of Jessica Alicia Bertrand pulls them out.
"The mysteries within express themselves in moments between light and shadow the way death, or essential questions pose in the light of discoveries between the cracks and crevices of our awareness subtly shifting who we are and our perception of things" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 2.20.15

Mother nursing on bike


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dancing to the drum

“Women opened the windows of my eyes and the doors of my spirit. Had it not been for the woman-mother, the woman-sister, and the woman-friend, I would have been sleeping among those who seek the tranquility of the world with their snoring.” ~ Kahlil Gibran 

Playmate of Rio's leg tattoo.

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Body Imagine

"Body image changes as we age. We change, but insisting we remain as we were, or as men clinging to the hope younger women will be attracted to us older and healthy men is more vanity and clinging to what once was possible. Aging reflects back and forth between then and later. In the present, it is wonderful to see the change in the changes as we age. Maturity is its own wisdom and peace keeper.

None of us knew this when we were young." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4.22.15

body of Toni Braxton 

Bebe Neuwirth, actress

body perfection of an older woman 2 

Martha Steward walking with her daughter Alexis in New York city
after grabbing iced coffee at Sant Ambroeus by Brian Flannery in 2006 !!!!



in a moment


"It takes a great deal of work to open the eyes of men into the realm of balance given the lack of gifts they have received from the women of their lives, who lack the spiritual depth and knowledge of their own wombs." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 


Thigh Highs, High Heels and Hot Rods
Is this the Italian actress, Sophia Loren?
July 11, 2013

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