Wednesday, April 30, 2014

poem written upon GENTLENESS

"a poem she is, has become, is mean to be received as..." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories April 29, 2013

" A vida é como um instrumento de música; tem de se elevá-la e libertá-la para a tornar agradável " . - Demófilo

a brown poem
 from gallery of Telma Regina Garcia

" Ainda que haja noite no coração, vale a pena sorrir para que haja estrelas na escuridão " . - Arnaldo Alvaro Padovani

The Beautiful Secrets

our dark story
Daughters of Ra.

The beautiful secrets of Africa can be read about, but the mind will only think it knows. Feet upon the land will tell the spirit more secrets, but African descendants in the United States are the Wasicun Sapa, the Black White People, and it takes so much to stretch beyond the confines of an identity structured around acceptance by white Americans. ~ Heart Song Stone Man 3.28.13

Embrace your sexuality Daughters of Ra., its part of your Queenness,
it's royalty that you possess in your sexuality ♥
Daughters of Ra.

A True Story

an Ideal

On many levels these words will remain an idea, or an ideal unattainable by believers, the mundane and those committed to their lot in life. The society we are living in has not, and is unable to embrace, or embody this. The Christian Bible in the last book of Proverbs speaks the same teachings, and is the identical sentiment of my Native culture, but it has always been lost upon the dominant culture. 

I know the Apostle Paul had two missions: to spread the Gospel of Christ, and the other more nefarious was to eradicate the Goddess from minds, hearts and traditional practice. The Founding Fathers of the United States examined and studied the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy, and gagged on the central element that balanced and made sense to the organizational genius of their laws. 

What was it? 

I'll tell you.

It was the power of the women to elect leaders, and decided if the nations went to war or not. We haven't ventured far from these notions. These fears dictate behavior, and inform custom and chastise people who look around and discover the Goddess.

- Gregory E. Woods, 
Keeper of the DRUM  

Circle of Union

Deep healing

Devin Bagley looking into the horizon.
August 16, 2013

"The character of your life isn't built by the “good times” and the things that are handed to you; the character of life is built by the times that you were at the end of your rope, the times that would have been so much easier if you would have just given up,  but you didn't." - Devin Bagley 

Devin Bagley
April 30, 2013

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The woman

All else pales in her presence in ways unfathomable.

The woman she. . .
Ra Intwy Damaleya

a Cat she is. . .


"The way a mother crowns her son in childhood marks him man or beast, an African man, or a Black White Man. The way a father asserts himself in the world determines the steps of his sons, and draws a design upon the Earth, our Mother, and within his sons of how to be a man with or without integrity. It is important to understand our roles before we understand our dream. It is important to know our dream. It is the sacred thing we are born knowing. Our roles provide a foundation to dream upon, and a place to lay out the dream we brought from the world before our birth into this world with all its dangers and wonder.

Does a Black boy need to be crowned and told he is a King? Yes. He does, but he needs to be initiated. He needs to be connected with his ancestors. That begins and deepens during his initiations into Manhood. Even though kingship over a populace is out of the common equations a sense of being worthy and important is fundamental in the historical relationship and context of life in the African Diaspora. As small an act as developing a boy into a man is deemed by American cultural norms is an act as big as life itself: the integrity of the truth, the telling of the truth and being the truth."  - Gregory E. Woods 3.28.13

photo from Daughters of Ra.

study Het-Hert

an introspective look from
The Daughters of RA
I understand the need to impress upon young Black boys and men a sense of presence in history, and a deep sense of their worth. I understand why a seemingly impracticality is fundamentally important to the psyche. It is meant to stand in contrast and contradiction to the implied and purposely planted ideas within white boys and men of the assumptions of superiority. Even though those assumptions are based upon a deep seated fear of developed minds, and spiritual intelligence discovering how they are based upon nothing of substance Black people believe those assertions.

Based upon the fear of retribution is white people's compounded dread of being eventuality being found out to be a weak caricature similar to the Wizard of OZ. As great a feeling as it might be to retaliate and crush whites for their sins, and trangressions it is more important, and part of the deeper spiritual requirements of humanity, at this stage of evolution to develop the fine and difficult art of reconciliation.

How a Black from the African Diaspora responses to the word, reconciliation tells the story of his or her maturity, and the depth of who they are is suddenly evident. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Drum 3.28.13

a model 
a child in  Bangkok, Krung Thep
 taken by photographer Dror Poleg
march 23, 2013

"Every child peeps around corners, and the bodies of their parents at an ever interesting world. Their curiosity sings to every stimuli..." - Gregory E. Woods, father 3.28.13


Beauty's song
from Telma's galleries


I am most compelled in my spirit to tell what Rose told me years ago about her origins. But online? No. It is the most inappropriate place to tell, in depth, the most sacred stories outside of the sacred circles, or lodge ceremonies.

This photograph captures the essence of a creation story worthy of its dignity and place within the beautiful  parts of Soul. The embodiment of Spirit that rest upon and within Innocence and Grace is the admiration and the adoration of Earth to Sky and Man to his Woman. It is in the song of our Heart of Hearts and the stories of our Minds telling us what Innocence and Innovation mean in the moment of Time's distinct quality of being a part of something Divine and Holy: Eternity, Service and Care. - Heart Song Stone Man 3.28.13

Monday, April 28, 2014

A breath away

Ingrid Araly wrapped in red cloth in a soft setting sets a tone, a mood that speaks with music.
 January 28 , 2014

Some things live on without explanation within us. This is one. 

Sacredness of HOME

A house in Costa Rica.

"Hola Concha, Costa Rica es un paraiso. Aqui tu y todos los Españoles que querais teneis un amigo dispuesto a recibiros. Un abrazo." - Luis Ramirez Lorente

Hi shell, Costa Rica is a paradise. Here you and all the Spanish you want you have a friend willing to welcome you. A hug. - Luis Ramirez Lorente

Sarah Palin lounging in her patio chair.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


THE Paths

Together We Are

"Some of us choose the toughest road, some the easiest but enlightenment is all about knowing the self. To be truly enlightened is to to let go of yourself, your ego, to walk through the darkest part of your soul. To truly understand peace and harmony with our entire being. Your journey is your own and how far you choose to go within yourself is your lesson." ~ Heather Guerette-Pelaez 

the inner work of Sacred Love.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Laura Aida & fellow playmate on red carpet on October 6, 2010

Dance Within

I adore you sweet darling
a little more each day
whenever I see your shining face I get on my knees and pray
with my arms raised up to heaven 
I touch the comets high above
my heart is slowly melting
into the depths of your precious love Romantic Poetry of Sri Gawn Tu Fahr

Healing work to be done begins as a personal journey.

2 Natural Healers

Catrin Weiss by Florence Grube
Oct. 15, 2012
Catrin Weiss  is a natural healer. She is a German sister.


"Tobacco is the sacred herb of the East, the direction of Grandfather Sun, Eagle, and the Creator. We send our prayers up in its smoke, and Eagle takes them to the Creator. Thus, Tobacco also honors Eagle.

Cedar is the sacred herb of the South; it purifies as well as pulls positive energy into your sacred space with its smoke.

Sage is the sacred herb of the West, used in smudging to purify, and to send prayers to the Creator.

Sweet grass is the sacred herb of the North, a purifying herb used to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. These herbs are also used in Ceremonies, for various purposes. - from Silvia Mamani

Deep Wisdom is a choice to receive.

"May I add to the sharing of knowledge what I learned from experience, and from the Okla-Choctaw elder, and teacher Rainbow Eagle? I'd like to share the more probing intimacies about our Sacred Medicines. Tobacco honors all energies. Sweet Grass makes no demands. It balances energies. 

The Cedar sets up pathways, and invites all into relationship. Cedar asks, "Will you be helpful with this new family?" Cedar has been known to offer, "If you are going to leave here is a song." This is an honoring. Cedar honors in a very big, yet subtle way. The Sage, or the Prairie Sage sets up the womb for decisions. It sets place for spirits to move, hold space and be a container for a time. Sage holds the Womb together. When using Sage ask of her to help you respect all energies. 

All of these Medicines have voices, and listen to us. This reciprocal relationship is beneficial as all good relations are, or could be." - Alowan Chanteh Inyan Wichasha

Vermont, USANovember 2012

Friday, April 25, 2014

At the GAME

I Freaking Love Sneakers

April 25, 2013

Rihanna rocks "He Got Game" Air Jordan 13 and Melissa Firde wears "Volt Dunkman" LeBron 10's at Heat Game.

Deep Art of INK

Takes the breath away she does.
Gorgeous image by White Wave Studios.

eye see.
Niki23gtr Niki Norberg art tattoo

an interesting perspective from such a deep artistian

The hibiscus flower on her thigh inspired me, and compelled me to be silent. I couldn't move, nor could I smile at  the discovery of so beautiful a moving art form! I am not a Christopher Columbus. I didn't discover anything. I saw. My open eyes discovered what beautifully existed in a form I could understand as an admittance from her about the beautiful essence she came from. I knew others had sensed the scent of it all, but there was to be but a few to fathom what the essence was beyond the appearance of the beautiful thigh, the hibiscus flower, the red color, her countenance, and the tan of so slim a body off limits to touch. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 3.26.13


Erica SIMONE, New York photogapher

"Las mujeres cuando entrenan se ponen mas sexy." - José Luis Valdéz Osorno 
The women when they train are more sexy

Professional body builder at work 

Thursday, April 24, 2014


POPEYE, the sailor man
Tattoo style and Art

Cat Woman
Spider Woman weaves the connection between the feline, the spirit world, and sacred femininity. In her natural state “She is I AM”, the Divine form of the Essence we come from and see to seek our destinies." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 3.26.13 

Goddess' Breath

a Sacred Journey

All the holy places are taken up by storms of revolution, intellectual discourse, and replaced by stone buildings scattered throughout metropolitan areas the world over. She, the Beautiful, is at home in the original places of Sacredness. She is in the body, and the body is a holy place. It isn't a temple. It is a form. It is story formed around a concept of containment of what cannot be contained, but will submit to being retained, or boxed if one so wishes it. The life force of Sacred Things is the essence formless, yet tangible, intangible but somehow we hold onto it when making love to our mate, eating our food to nourish our body, and when we need to draw, or create art our bodies come alive with the tingling feeling of potential, and promise and our sexual energies come in to play, and play they do somewhere between masturbation and the orgasms that topple over the misconceptions of permanence, and stability, and form. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 3.26.13

crater of Lake Oregan
by Black Rememberyourancestorslove

Reconcile Sacred Style

Native Mother and Child 

"We have gifts and knowledge to share with the world, but we can't do this if we have not been healed of our anger from the stories of grief told to us by our ancestors. That healing will be the purpose of the gathering of condolence." - Tekaronianeken (Jake Swamp), Wolf Clan of the Mohawk Nation, October 2010

"The greatest souls are awakened out of suffering. The most impressive personalities endures many scars."

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


some Wonders of the World!!!

Bebop Dancewear
April 27, 2013

African beauty & all its perfection


circa 1940

Benedetta Barlone
July 8, 2012
Italian Burlesque dancer & actress

the RAVEN, pink & black


Marilyn Monroe

"It is kind of a dumb thing to offset the serious of this month's topic: the Goddess, but it is important to interject it into the mix, the conversation about the sanctity of women's perception of self, and how we, men, look at and regard women. In particular, white women because white people have positioned themselves to be the ideal of beauty and high standards. They believe they've convinced the entire world of their rightful place above everyone, and most do. It is evidenced in our lives, and irrefutable.

Six scientific differences between blondes and brunettes is considered a serious subject in business. READ MORE.

1. Blondes take longer to get ready.
3. Blonde waitresses make better tips
4. First impression of brunettes is one of better intelligence.
5. Marilyn Monroe was not a natural blond.
6. Blondes in porn sell more product.

a dream asleep
reality star SNOOKI
eventually grew up and started a family.