Tuesday, August 31, 2010

you aint nothing but fine rockin sydney

Jennifer lounging in hammock !!!


Rachel Bilson, actress

"Cats all up and down the coast lines, and in numerous cities are taking stock of their surroundings and stashing religiously the memories of the babes who flocked their dreams, and paced up and down and out of reach of their skill levels.  The end of summer is exciting and depressing to many particularily those who run their lives through a gamut of clichés.  For others whose summers are spent in pursuit of sex it is a shifting of energies because the fall season requires sublties summer doesn't need."

-Gregory E. Woods,
Keeper of Stories

Who am I?

Miss Universe 2007 Dayana Mendoza


Abram's Creek picture a light show

"I am moved by the poetry of embracing life, and the emotions capable of evolving from the scrimmage of base elements that generate mystery to the everyday." ~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

art - I'SATTA in bronze by Vinnie Bagwell


photo: julianna margulies with baby

"I pointed towards the sky as the daylight thinned out on the darkening horizon. The wings of large birds lifted eagles and hawks, pelicans and other smaller birds into the air and beyond.

A clap of thunder smote chests of living breathing men and the women around them burst into songs. The last chorus collapsed the sun into darkness and night life began to move upon the land.

Sun Flight is a precious entity. Darkness is a presence teaching the light to come boldly from the shadow of fears and restraint…

I never knew what happened to the man who didn’t rise with the next day, but the women’s songs modulated into deep longings and even deeper joy…" Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories, Heart Song Stone Man

Alexandra Taillefer in 2008


Facebook Thelma Thomas: Libra Lion:

loving couple in water
Libra Lion

Libra lion,
Sits purring upon his pinnacle,
Proud with lion- tine prowess,

Longing for love is a painful task
Heart beating,
Eyes shining,
Breath retreating,
Dreams and soul entwining
In the purple melodrama
And the lover's mask.

Feel the feelings
As you dance the dream dance
Kiss the lips of your beloved's smile
Her tell-tale eyes mirror romance

Past Love spoke to you
In bitter speech,
Wounded your poor heart and fled
No destiny can your rage undo

Libra lion
Your roar fills the caverns of loneliness
Across the ages
Karma's specter
Keeps new love beyond
Your reach

July 14, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Miss Universe for 2009 Stefanía Fernández

Stefania Fernandez Sexy Photos

by puguh on August 24, 2009
in Artist, Entertainment

Stefania Fernandez is no stranger to beauty pageants. She won the Miss Venezuela 2008 title in a pageant held in Caracas, Venezuela on September 10 last year. During the same event she also won the “Miss Elegance”, “Best Body” and “Best Face” titles. Now, Stefania Fernandez become famous as miss universe 2009. In below, there are sexy photo of Stefania Fernandez. Lets, we look it!

It is estimated that the Miss Universe Pageant brings in more than $1 billion in free advertising for the host country. There is TV exposure, some 15, 000 tourists who follow the pageant around each year. However a government needs to pony up some $20 million or so to the Donald to get the rights to host the beauties.

a Medicine teaching

"The best way to get what you want is to help others get what they want."

Madalyn Blunt

photos of a mysterious woman & Minerva

LIGHT OF Mother Earth in moonlight

"Well, if you really want to be transparent, you can't really get mad when you ARE. An open heart is a beautiful thing! Here's a big hug to unconditional love and acceptance and embracing your full divinity, the fullness of your human story. Be blessed, Family! Walk in a good way. Be true to yourself! Ashe!" -Celeste Morgan, Spirit Woman

"Yes My Sister: and in so doing we come to better know that the illusion that we are humans having spiritual experiences, it is the complete opposite - as we come to experience fully - we realize that we are spiritual beings having earthly/human experiences. The greatest gift - LIFE - and opportunity to co-create along the path of this journey. Know... See More that you are loved and that my heart is deeply linked to yours. Your words and your presence continue to be a constant reminder of unconditional love - AGAPE - and in that acceptance those who you come into contact with are better able to drop the wall and embrace ever increasing measures of their full divinity. ~Ashe" -Emilio Williams, author (7-09-10)

lovely dream

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sandra Bullock june1 03

Keke Wyatt formally posed in the dark !!!!

fine photography & fine women


magic is seen in others through the magic within ourselves. -gregory e. woods

ebony beauty in pink 2

"In a world of illusion you see what you feel, feel what you know and don't know, and somehow understand the inexplicable in ways unforseeable in the physical world; itself an illusion." -Dawn Wolf

Elaneet Barclay-Jones, entertainer & entrepreuer

Saturday, August 28, 2010

adinkra symbol of Sankofa 2

Fotos de Jennifer Lopez muy sexy en la playa con su familia

Alexandra protects her secret

Seek the morsel that's beyond your grasp.
Seek the saga that defies what's apparent.
The eager heart carries a secret
that even archangels cannot reach.
Seek that.

~Molana Rumi

Translated by Kambiz Homayounfar

Africa Unite sung by Ziggy Marley

Abena Disroe & Mama Marilynn Killingham who died dec 26, 2009

Abena Disroe at Bob Marley's house


“Africa is the birth place of our connections to other worlds, the entrance to the deep mysteries as yet unfathomed by wrong thinking, and the birthplace of the major religions that have shaped the world. Here in this land lie the resources that have killed the soul of millions from the weight of murder, greed, and industry, The redemption of the world's spirit lies underneath the pounding of machines, and bloodied bodies splayed out in tortured designs upon the very Earth Mother capable of being nurtured by the laws of regeneration prophets listen to and speak of to the masses unable to see the soul of the Land of the Blacks. Africa is a light in a darkness cast by many beings that vacillate between understanding  her, using her, worshiping her, and embracing her.” - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of the Drum

Africa's Witch Children 6-Nov08

Thursday, August 26, 2010

angelina jolie

is a mysterious tour de force. Thriving on inner fire directed by what she has kept secret she arrests and holds an international populace spellbound not by trivia but by a purpose unseen but perceived. It isn't important to say everything.  It is more important to mean everything. 
-Dawn Wolf,
Keeper of Stories
August 26, 2010

Kim Kardashian's news flash !!!!

Kim Kardashian's exotic mysterious look 2

"Dear black one-shoulder dress, I am officially retiring you. We had a good run, and it was fun while it lasted, but it is time we went our separate ways! Thanks for the memories! xo Kim." - Kim Kardashian

The depth and nature of our culture's malaise is evident in the urgency of this morning's news flash. If we had the prerequisite insights of powerful people it would easily be caught and a news agency would be chastised for attaching such importance to this against the vast contradictions of an event occurring in Washington DC this weekend. Conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck will be speaking at the Kennedy Center this Friday, the 27th of August. His site asks Americans to “Join Glenn Beck for an inspiring look at the role faith played in the founding of America and the role it will play again in its destiny. The audience for the event will be overwhelmingly made up of pastors, ministers and clergy: a modern day Black Robe Regimen. Tickets will be made available to the general public at no cost.

So, if you are sick and tired of hearing about how divided America has become, then join us for an eye-opening evening at the historic Kennedy Center in Washington, DC on Friday, August 27 that will help heal your soul. Guided by uplifting music, nationally-known religious figures from all faiths will unite to deliver messages reminiscent to those given during the struggles of America's earliest days. The event will leave you with a renewed determination to look past the partisan differences and petty problems that fill our airwaves and instead focus our shared values, principles and strong belief that faith can play an essential role in reuniting the country.”

In and of itself, at face value, it is noble, patriotic, caring, and selfless but the deep senses of many are chilled by what is behind door number #1. African-Americans with a strong memory, and a fine sense of self and history are alarmed at the similarity of the dogma of white conservative religious connections to suppression, subjection, and the tomes of white supremacy that fueled resistance to the Negro vote just a few decades ago. Native Americans hear Glenn Beck’s use of the term Black Robe Regimen and the bitter conquest of Indian nations, and American government, education, and religious policy to remove the Indian from his soul through schools, and churches awakens those who suffered through that system.

Intelligent Americans, in general, independent thinkers, agnostics, Democrats, etc. have not suspended informed introspection for the reactionary tone, and closed spirituality of the American Evangelical Christian movement that compelled thousands of conservative Christians to the nations capital. Millions of Glenn Beck’s followers cannot grasp the chasm between their beliefs, and the Jesus they follow and pattern their lives after. Their inability to embrace the concept of sacred ground has baffled and killed thousands of Iraqi citizens, and pushed some Muslim women to their edges and they turned themselves, pregnant or not, into bombs and killed people, as a sacrifice, against the uncaring, cold calculating indifference of an invading force on the ancient land that once housed the Garden of Eden. Unable to see the sacredness in their religion’s holy land Islamic freedom fighters recognize there are no boundaries the ‘invaders’ will honor as Americans convince themselves they are defending America in Iraq.

Dark spirituality has a hold on American politics, and millions of good Christians don’t recognize it as they try to live their lives with Jesus as their master. Ignorant of Jesus’ teachers, the initiatory tradition he went through, and the books, and practices he studied in his early life never touched Christian education. Without it this rally needs the attention, the loving, non-judgment of Wisdom Keepers, Light workers, Healers, and strong Elders to be in attendance. This assembly in the nation’s capital needs the prayers and the spiritual support of elevated souls. Did we not ascend from those ranks to become who we are today? They are our relatives who care enough to make a stance in a dark time.

These are my words. I am Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Glenn Beck with his children

a vision in red

The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism." - Norman Vincent Peale

a vision in black

"Without a clear definition and insight on the images that own parents I am left pondering ways to shift the allegiance for the acquisition of things into a creative process that sees and uses things as a tool, and nothing more than a tool. I recognize that Americans have a centuries long contempt for indigenous cultures. I don't believe law or petitions change the heart, or melt the ice. It is a start after many starts to right wrongs Americans pretend do not exist. These are my thoughts." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Susan Lynne Kitsinu's medicine

... beauty poised between powers of thought, Eagle, song, Mothering, and her dance is a relationship with herself. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez speaks to a need to be elegantly clad in the moment of soul and truthfulness.  It might be an appearance, and I don't assume she embodies these things but the images of it are powerful enough to stimulate and nudge people to explore, and eventually become soulful and elegant in body and spirit." ~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of the Sacred Medicine Wheel teachings


actress Rosario Dawson as a blond

"Beauty, truth, friendship, love, creation- these are the great values of life. We can't prove them, or explain them, yet they are the most stable things in our lives." -Jesse Herman Holmes

Judge Glenda Hatchett

"Anyone can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend's success." -Oscar Wilde