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2014 Woman of the Year 

From the hallowed halls of Harvard University Dame Helen Mirren twerks during the ceremony that presented her with an award from the Hasting Puddings organization as 2014 Woman of the Year   Following the presentation there is a parade led by the recipient. The history of the Hasty Pudding group is interesting. It is a cross dressing theater group formed 1795 as an artistic-minded fraternity hosting mock trails for decades before their first full production, a tragic burlesque, Bombastes Furioso, on December 13, 1844. All of the productions are done by men, and men in drag.

Prior to twerking in front of all those 'men' she admitted to practicing in her bedroom. "I tried in my bedroom. It was absolutely humiliating." There is an obvious comment I'd make, but with impressive restraint I refrain saying anything about help I could have offered. - Gregory

the Story 

Here is a video of Dame Helen Mirren twerking

Clothed in Black

Ideals come alive in the light of sun.
November 30, 2013 

Cloth in Black

November 27, 2013 

Black woman in black bra & panties 

Black woman Black wedding dress 

Working Women

Angela Bassett & Alfre Woodard working.

Aishwarya Rai on red carpet in UK wearing a sari

Alicia Keys in her Un Stoppable video

Amisha Patel, Bollywood actress !!!!

51st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals
MIA at the 2009 Grammys 


BLACK ACTRESS, Kerry Washington

actress Kerry Washington celebrates her 37th year on Jan. 31


Deep Kabbalistic Healing probes too deep for the wrong intent to attempt a try, a plunge into this vehicle.
Art: Shawn Hocking ♥
"…we give you this warning and we also give you a promise. For those of you who can "hear," know that the ticket is love in your heart. By love, we do not mean the mushy, romanticized stuff of your movies and novels. By love, we mean the absence of fear, trust in the Creator, and a willingness to put one's life on the line for the truth. In a very short time from now, those traits are going to be the only ones that gets one the "ticket to ride." A great wave of change is building now that will soon sweep the petty affairs of humans away: a great wave of purification and the cleansing of everything that is not in alignment with the destiny of this planet."

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Survival & Triumph

"The legacy, and example of poise and elegance during the dangerous time of Jim Crow built something within the texture of Black women that looks and feels very different, but is the same in the sense of survival." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.30.14 

Miss Josephine Baker unique in her glory, powerful in her spiritual gifts, and a teacher of how to be a woman and a Black woman of power when all stacked against her and bowed to her talents, and spiritual powers. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 


"There is so much to say about what we invest into our children." 
Jan. 29, 2014

So much of our hope is in the stages of our work to be better and to make better our children's lives. If we could extend hope and investment concepts beyond and into seven generations the effective powers of our lives will be more potent and far reaching. This child alone on a bus, or train in her regalia is safe when all make a child save from the worst of people, and the worse of themselves. Protecting youth and protecting children are the same and different jobs, and different sates of being. One lives in the other and the other is because of the other. Each needs to be protected and are best protected by those whose youth and innocence were protected during their formative years. Focus on the child within as an older adult is different if protected youth and innocence was the paradigm of their earlier lives. ~ Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 1.30.14 

 Our own Josephine Baker in the early 20th century. 

State of the Union between Forces

I'd like to know more about this image. Who is the artist? What time period was this created, and so on. Anyone know the answers?


Last nights State of the Union address by President Barack Obama was classic political theatrics because you saw Democrats and Republicans standing and clapping in agreement with much of what the President said. However, the day after, you see bickering and uncooperativeness. What an awful example of working together for the common good. Many of them aren't concerned with party politics; but about personal agendas. 

I have seen enough show and want to see some action. Perhaps it's time for the American people to stop depending on the government and politicians to do for them what they have the power to do for themselves. It's time for us to put aside racism, prejudice, and any ills and work together. It's time to find commonality instead of looking at the differences. Simply put - it's time to just do. - Dr-Sinclair N. Grey III 1.29.14

I thoroughly agree with you, Sinclair, but banking on that outcome from people looking for a Messiah ain't a sure bet. It's not even a gamble. Activists across the board puzzle and have angst over this, and many have come to see that for most it don't hurt enough to get involved in changing their circumstances because of the firm belief in others, or an outside force coming to the rescue. Traditionally and historically the older generation does their best and places skills and assets into the next generation to do better, to make life better for the following generations, but something is afoul within American culture. This happens on a tiny scale with a strange detachment from my generation down to a disconnected generation with limited skill sets passed on to them, lack of spiritual discernment, or intellectual curiosity, small doses of empathy, and a sliver of an inclination to serve. Something has been and is deeply wrong with the American soul. The missionaries coming here from other lands identify it as 'soul sickness'. It is so bad we can't see our way out. Jesus does not save us from it. So, what is to be done.

Paul, in his letters to the Romans, said to be transformed by a renewing of your mind, but is that how a people who believe they are the superior society envision themselves in need of? Our beliefs are stopping us from the obvious cures from coming our way, and if they do from working. The answers, I believe, are within us. How to resurrect the dead? I am not sure. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.30.14 

Black woman's muscles

Why do we have Black history?

Why black history? Every year this discussion comes around. In the US it comes around in February, and in the UK in October. White people all around the States and the UK ask the question why black history month? and come out with remarks like why don’t we have white history month.

It’s real simple, in schools every lesson is a white history lesson so you don’t need a white history month. It’s very arrogant to call History History when only European history is included. Black history is rarely incorporated unless it’s about slavery and important parts are left out, like slave rebellions in every country where black slaves were taken, like the Maroons in Jamaica  the state of Palmares in Brazil or the Haitian revolution in Haiti, and how it’s slavery which has made Europe so rich. Think about it. 400 years of free labour. Millions of slaves worked for free their whole life. -Lioness Daiba Sala 1.29.14

"There is a deep seated fear of retribution within the souls of our white relatives, and an unwillingness to give up the financial gains and the economic powers, and military gains of conquest. Enlightenment is a form and a force of change brutality has no defense against." - Gregory E. Woods 1.30.14 

I hear that boast a lot about wearing hair in a natural way, but seldom see Black people, at least in the States, venture into the depths of African spirituality. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories  

IMPRESSIONS are what you think...

Impressive, but how can one sit with such a presence; either one of them?

Some folks complain, "Why is this woman so bored?" 
"How could she not smile?"

In my mind I ask other questions.

"Why should the model be expected to be smiling, and appearing gay and witty in the presence of so powerful a Medicine, a wild creature? Wouldn't that be rather trite? Why such an expectation from critics of photographers who pose models in provocative and challenging settings? What does it say about the viewer? What does it reveal about some viewer's ability, or inability to sit in another person's point of view, of reference? 

Hmmm... Makes a thinker think." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 3.27.13

photographer Erica SIMONE
on a New York city subway train.

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Youth talking to Youth

The Sporah Show
Tanzanian Talk show host Sporah
Jan. 29, 2014
"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending!" - Sporah 

What is up Community with all the “shock” over the Grammys and suddenly hating on Beyoncé? I mean a good 3 months ago all most of you could do is rave about her to the point of obsession??? If only the collective became this reactive to issues that really impact our lives and the lives of our future generations – SMDH. Yes! The entertainment industry is FULL of racial disparities, and has been since its birth – what have you since been motivated to do to change it? Hell, most of you wasting energy complaining about it will watch the Grammys again next year, which is more reflective of you being at a point in your own personal life where you need something to complain about (more related to personal dissatisfaction(s) than outrage over the actual reality of a lack of authentic cultural representation in Hollywood/the U.S. entertainment industry, as this has been the case far before the 2014 Grammys).

And all this energy hating & misogynistic backlash on Beyoncé based on her performance … debating about whether she’s a “role model” or not, calling her a whore, etc. – you’ve got to be kidding me?! Beyoncé is a performer/entertainer, and 95% of female entertainers wear provocative clothing and are sexually expressive … as long as you the consumer continue on with your addiction to escapism and fund the demand of shallow, sexualized lyrics that say the same thing with the same beat in a different way year after year, half-naked female entertainers will continue to be the majority. Again, this is not new here - collectively, at any given moment in time we can choose to fund something different. 

The real issue here is that far too many of you continue to confuse entertainers (via your obsession with pop culture escapism) with reality, and (most importantly) *reality based* role models, which can be found in every city/town across this country. You are free to choose to spend some time amongst (or at least reading/learning about) real community-based and societal role models that are here to serve and make profound differences in the lives of many … perhaps educate yourselves and turn into that very type of person. Authentic human connections can make it better for everyone folks!

**PS: and to the women joining in on the misogynistic rants about Beyoncé – please tell me, like her, you've been with the same successful Man forever, as a best friend, partner and thereafter wife, wherein all your children were created from this loving bond, and the both of you work hard and play hard building a life and foundation together, b/c surely you’ve got the blueprint plan down re how to make it happen since you have so much to say right?!

Big up to the Grammys 2014 for serving as an example as to why my generation can’t get ahead and how we collectively remain far too absorbed with media created reality to shift our focus elsewhere (far sadder than any Grammy performance hands down)!Lea Jones 1.28.14

Beyoncé, and her husband on the night of the Grammys.
 Jan. 2014

CRUDE as shit!

Leeza Maliki.
Men were saying all kinds of things about Leeza's body, what they'd like to do to her. Making dumb ass remarks they thought were charming and alluring like, ""Cute, but overdressed." "kiss kiss lick OK? " "not necessarily over dressed!  i love the dress! and ur very pretty!" Stupid shit like that. Younger and older cats talking at her. They all stopped when I came up, paused and remarked to no one in particular, and every man in the room, "No one is looking into her eyes. Means you aren't paying attention." - Gregory  January 15, 2014

Pretty Much In Your Face

DEAR ABBY: I have been with my husband for 19 years. I offered his plumbing services to a married couple I work with. While he was fixing the problem, he became friendly with their adult daughter. She was lonely and I knew the family, so I wasn't concerned. Their relationship developed into something more and we separated. He ended their friendship and we reconciled.

Things were going great, but she continued to contact him. He has suddenly decided he can't live without her friendship and has decided to divorce me in order to continue it with her. He swears it's platonic, but something he can't live without. He hopes we can "still be friends"!

My question is how to move on from this. I have to see her enabling parents every day at work, and all of this happened under their roof. I feel betrayed on every level, especially by my husband, who was my best friend. Every aspect of my life, including my job, has been affected.

Have you any advice for moving past this without all of the anger I carry? I don't want to leave my job. It pays well and the commute is easy. But every time I see either one of the parents, I want to cry and scream.

P.S. My husband and I still live together as "roommates," as this is all very recent, and we haven't figured out our living arrangements yet. -- WRONGED IN NEW ENGLAND

DEAR WRONGED: I do not for one minute believe that your husband's relationship with this woman is strictly platonic, and neither should you. Consult a lawyer now, while you and your husband are still "roommates." Make sure he doesn't hide any assets because, after 19 years of marriage, you should be entitled to a healthy share of them.

I agree that you have been wronged, but for now hang onto your temper. "Best friends" don't treat each other the way you have been treated. It may take the help of a religious adviser or licensed mental health professional for you to let go of your anger.


DEAR ABBY: My friend of five years, "Gigi," has a heart of gold. However, we were raised differently. Gigi comes into my home when I'm not here and borrows whatever she needs without telling me. And whether I'm here or not, she feels free to go through everything -- personal documents, my drawers and cabinets. Nothing is safe from her fingers or her eyes.
I have tolerated her behavior because when I tried talking to her about it, she became upset and started crying, which made her husband irate. I'm now dating a man who values his privacy, and my friend's behavior bothers him. He's friendly with Gigi's husband and deals with my friend only out of respect for her husband.

How can I get her to leave things alone without her having another meltdown? I don't want to lose a friend, but my boyfriend has a valid point that I happen to agree with. -- INVADED IN TEXAS

DEAR INVADED: How does this woman get into your home when you're not there? Does she have a key? If she does, ask for it back or change your locks. And when you know Gigi is coming over, place anything you would prefer this nosy woman not peruse out of sight or under lock and key. That way, you can reclaim your privacy without being directly confrontational.

Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Write Dear Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

truth to a system

The dealers in the bodies and souls of men erect their stand in the presence of the pulpit  and they mutually help each other. The dealer gives his blood-stained gold to support the pulpit, and the pulpit, in return, covers his infernal business with the garb of Christianity. - Frederick Douglass 

Vraiment Belle

"I must exude some sort of innocence. People always think i'm from the Midwest, like the innocent, sweet girl next door." - Claire Coffee 

Playboy's Claire Coffee
Feb. 4, 2013

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


photo: Angela Weiss
arrived at the Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch in Los Angeles wearing what looks like a large towel, or a simple cotton cloth.   

She looks good in anything she wears, so the problem is what? All my life men (myself included) have talked about and idealized the women who'd look good in anything. Well, here is one of those women. The missing ingredient to further appreciate the fashion statement is being in close proximity to Rihanna. That is the other effect of fashion, one's presence. Fashion sense is about the senses. How the senses are effected by fashion is deep in the core of the individual. Men and women's personal attributes contribute to the physical effect of what is on their bodies. Granted there are some ugly, weird looking things we've thrown on, and no amount of imagination could justify the look, but this outfit takes a prize because of who sports the dress, and how the dress is worn. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.29.14

Jessica White
Model/actress Jessica White, for an appearance at BET's 106 & Park, in NYC 1.27.14
photo by Bennett Raglin 


How The Clans Came To Be – Creek

In the beginning, the Muscogee people were born out of the earth itself. They crawled up out of the ground through a hole like ants. In those days, they lived in a far western land beside tan mountains that reached the sky. They called the mountains the backbone of the earth. Then a thick fog descended upon the earth, sent by the Master of Breath, Esakitaummesee.

The Muscogee people could not see. They wandered around blindly, calling out to one another in fear. They drifted apart and became lost. The whole people were separated into small groups, and these groups stayed close to one another in fear of being entirely alone. Finally, the Master had mercy on them. From the eastern edge of the world, where the sun rises, he began to blow away the fog. He blew and blew until the fog was completely gone.

The people were joyful and sang a hymn of thanksgiving to the Master of Breath. And in each of the groups, the people turned to one another and swore eternal brotherhood. They said that from then on these groups would be like large families. The members of each group would be as close to each other as brother and sister, father and son. The group that was farthest east and first to see the sun, praised the wind that had blown the fog away. 
They called themselves the Wind Family, or Wind Clan

As the fog moved away from the other groups, they, too, gave themselves names. Each group chose the name of the first animal it saw. So they became the Bear, Deer, Alligator, Raccoon, and Bird Clans. However, the Wind Clan was always considered the first clan and the aristocracy of all the clans. The Master-of-Breath spoke to them: "You are the beginning of each one of your families and clans. Live up to your name. Never eat of your own clan, for it is your brother."

You must never marry into your own clan. This will destroy your clan if you do. When an Indian brave marries, he must always move with his wife to her clan. There he must live and raise his family. The children will become members of their mother's clan. Follow these ways and the Muskhogeans will always be a powerful force. When you forget, your clans will die as people." 

Strong Stories we've told

The Painter by Georgia AL Fullerton

Miss America? by Jeremiah Quarshie

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Slick Mobile

This is the kind of ride I've only seen a Black man in, and he is a pastor here in Maryland. His ministry is directed at the generation under 40 that was served a bad cultural deal from the 1980's on, and struggled in ways profoundly different from previous generations, but managed to create a respected response to their angst: Hip Hop. He speaks that language effectively and helps to transform lives in significant ways through his plays, his study, his marriage, his teaching style, his light shows, the invitations to the pioneers of Hip Hop that perform and teach in his church, and other simple, but effective ways of reaching Black youth. - Gregory E. Woods, 3.27.13

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A L I V E !!!!

Alicia Keys is pregnant 

There is no experience like the cuddling of a man with the woman heavy with the child they conceived.
There's nothing like it!

Belmoun Ibo Lelé noticed "If a man gives a woman love she will multiply it and turn into happiness, children and a good life". 

Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson & Whitney Houston 

Conversi ad Dominum, turn to the Lord

Living Repentance

The Irish Catholic Bishops have recently published a letter on repentance which, I think, says many good things. Here are a few choice excerpts.

The word ‘repentance’ means seeking forgiveness for our sins, but more than that, it involves transforming our attitudes and our lives. The New Testament word, metanoia, means a profound change of outlook. Repentance or penance is not a question of inflicting pain or hardship on ourselves for its own sake. Penance – fasting, prayer, works of mercy, giving to those who are in need and so on – is done ‘because the kingdom of God has come near’; we repent in order to ‘believe in the good news’. It is a change of outlook that allows us to see more clearly what God is doing in us and for us.
The reason for carrying out acts of penance is that we know we have often failed to appreciate that everything we have and are is a gift from God. We have all pursued our own interests, standing and influence as if these were our goal in life. And so it is good to pray, fast and give alms –activities which express a realisation that the pursuit of such goals cannot be what makes ultimate sense of our lives. That points to the second and more important way of looking at why we do penance – in order to receive the Good News. The words that come from the mouth of God are not just rules or demands. It is in the words of promise and love that come from the mouth of God that we find the meaning of human life.
If we allow lesser realities to occupy the place in our lives which belongs to God who is love (1 Jn 4:8, 16), we inevitably obscure our understanding of the full reality of God’s gift. The lesser things that we pursue can be important and good. Everyone needs goals and hopes in life, but no created reality can fully and eternally satisfy us: Let us say once again, we need the greater and lesser hopes that keep us going day by day. But these are not enough without the great hope, which must surpass everything else. This great hope can only be God, who encompasses the whole of reality and who can bestow upon us what we, by ourselves, cannot attain.3 Penance or repentance is not simply an exercise that we do from time to time. It is, one might say, what our life is about. 

by Fr John W Fenton at Tuesday, April 03, 2012

TWO Stories of AGING

Pretty Black woman with beautiful eyes lays on the grass...

I recently read an article in the Huffington Post on women over fifty becoming invisible to men! Here is my comment...
We all have so many variations on the theme of aging and the man/woman game. No matter how we do it, we all face the injustices of this ageist and sexist society. Under the man/woman "game" of how we give each other attention is the simple need for love, connection and the exchange of human energy, which is crucial for our life force. Everyone responds to an open human heart. Now that I am 61 and loving myself for who I am and not because I am loved by a man, it is easier to be truly open and engaging with everyone in a genuinely authentic emotionally warm way because I am no longer driven by the hormonal "need" for men to like me. The passage between 50 and 60 for me was about letting go of my "babeness" and embracing a more sovereign, centered version of myself. Am I invisible? In certain situations yes. Does it hurt? Sometimes yes! It usually pushes me to go beyond licking my wounds of aging and finding a way in to connect that feels good to me. Usually when I open my heart and reach out to connect, someone reaches back and I am no longer invisible! - Priya Rackoff,  Women in Full Bloom 

The story you told is like a piece of jewelry found on a beach. Everyone has walked over valuable things, and easily missed the fullness of discovering what is before them at some point in their lives. I was gently let in to your story. I've thought a great deal about invisibility from the perspective of older women since my thirties because of an older woman complaining about being invisible to the clerk, who could only see the young woman next to her with huge breasts and a big smile. The way she told her story opened an inner discussion. But, I've thought about invisibility from the perspective and experience of being a ceremonial hunter, a hunter of men (law enforcement), a father and most importantly I've developed an understanding of invisibility as a martial art. 

My inner discussions as a man about aging considers other factors, but all of them are based upon the perceptions of women around me aging and growing into either old women or Old Wise Women. Their views and outlook informed me. They were and are gauges. It is too much to discuss in this forum, but I can and do share what I've learned over the years. It is important to the development of young people. 

My manhood and sense of masculinity tells the story of learning to listen, and care for what women, my wife and mother say about the body, and getting old. I don't know how to convey all I need to say to this story of yours. I can, but for now suffice it to say, "I have heard your story, and will think about your story, how you told it, and why." - Gregory E. Woods, 1.12.14

mature elegant woman in Paris, France by the Sartorialist. 

Feelings of a Man

 A collage of communion between African men and women from times ancient of days, holy of nights. (1.25.14) 

Born into this world by the fusion
Of male and female energy 
accompanied by Love and lust. 
Inside of me testosterone is raging like
Hot lava ready to destroy
Anything that stands between
You and my desire to be loved.
Without you I am Lost and lusting 
at the cross road Of perdition land.
My soul is on ice. I am patiently 
Awaiting your arrival to bring me 
Warmth and mind pleasure.

- Belmoun Ibo Lelé 

African beauty of Femi Boma Ibim 2 

African hairstyle worn by Faith Whitney Jackson

African Goddess form of Marlene 

African woman's regal composure
from Mereana Taki's gallery 

the Hunter's log

First Note 

There is an answer, a solution to the imbalance of Nature. If you, or I, or a society has distorted balance restore the balance within self first, and with that done clarity comes to teach or show how to restore balance in the world. The problem is in the thinking of the masses, and what the masses accept as the norm, or necessary to have.

First Story

Feral dogs don't have the long and noble history wolves have. Feral dogs are castaways. Thrown away by people the first generation of wild dogs have severe heartache from rejection. Life on their own is hard as Nature weeds out the weak leaving the strongest to struggle to survive and mate. The next generations become hard and have not absorbed their parent's and grandparents' initial pain and none of the memories of association with people into their core. That is their danger to man and domestic beasts. The smell of weakness and dependency in domestic animals inflames wild dogs who do not live with deep and old relations with tribes of people.

I learned this from the wild dogs I hunted alone a long time ago as a young man. - Gregory E. Woods, 12.26.13

DEEP seductions

Egyptian sky above the pyramids & the desert at night.

"Temptations live on the outside. The deep seductions arise. They come from within. They move about like serpents undulating causing tiers to shutter, foundations to sway, and threaten to break vows. How we treat the forms of seduction is dependent upon how we were informed of their presence, how they feel connected within us, and their powers of persuasion. Seduction likes to sit within what is most at stake and lay claim to what she will do with each vaulted place of value. The substance of seductions taste good. It sweetens the lips, and hardens the groin in a vise grip.

Seduction, as a she, compares herself to the best of both worlds we live in. She is full of the passion of promises, and fulfillment is her drink, and our elixir. Who is seduced? He who needs seduction is seduced." - Gregory E. Woods 3.19.13

Dita Von Teese
Playboy™ Netherlands 
just declared Dita Von Teese Day:

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Epitome of...

"Actress Angelica Huston is an exquisite beauty disciplined in her profession and compelling whose enduring presence, in my mind, lingers as a standard." - Gregory E. Woods May 12, 2011 

East vs.West??

Several times I've read and even participated in discussions concerning the differences between Orthodox and Catholic theology. Too often I see that these differences are boiled down to "East vs.West." For example, it is simplistically implied that to become Orthodox is to reject Western philosophical categories or Western theological approaches, upon which is blamed every heresy (real or imagined).

I think, however, the differences in Eastern and Western Christian approaches are too often overdrawn. Differences in approach have existed since before the schism and, too often, they are magnified out of proportion. When this is done, acceptable distinctions become seemingly inseparable differences. A regrettable result is that these differences are laid at the foot of the West generally or a Western approach; or vice versa. The problem, in my view and in the view of some Orthodox and Catholic theologians, is not the West or the East but these distorted magnifications which overwhelm or skew or (in a few cases) negate these different but acceptable approaches. The solution is to eschew the simplistic tendency to blame the West, and to embrace the good which both approaches offer. by 

song of the wind


There are many roads to walk, many ways, many philosophies, many religions. But the path of the warrioress, the path of the magician or medicine person, is an energy path of the heart. Women move energy out from their center, the first part of their lives is so often spent taking care of family or other people. But a woman, no matter where she is in the world, knows that she does not surrender to this outpouring of energy. She may appear defeated in this male – oriented world, but she is only gathering more power in her humble stance. There is no more fierce warrior than a woman who has learned to change the wind. For if she can change the wind, she has learned to change the direction of her own thoughts, or to still them altogether. This is a quiet, contemplative thing. The circumstances in her life lead her toward her inward power. The alchemy of moving energy from outer to inner is the alchemy of enlightenment.

In spirit,
Lynn Andrews 1.19.14 

"Feeling naughty reading a wickedly delicious book." ~ Juan Alcantara, artist

Enchanted Zaftig
 January 20 , 2014

January 19 , 2014

"How can I change the wind in my life; by allowing my branches to bend in the wind, without breaking?" - Lisa Johnson Smirnov