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Elkhorn Vaughan, your words, "We are all microcosms of our Mother the Earth, and whatever happens to her happens to us; and whatever we do to her, we do to ourselves." are strong and deep as if they grew from a seed within you. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

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Katya Zharkova

"There is a deep disconnection between modern women and their wombs." - Gregory E. Woods (Dawn Wolf) Keeper of Stories.

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BOYS TO MEN: Killers

Hugo Jaeger and his Führer


"Hitler is on the extreme left of the image the third boy from the bottom standing & looks to have a buzz hair cut probably in Fischlham, Austria in 1895. It is an inescapable fact that something went wrong in his development. From a cute boy to a terror in five decades is a feat repeated in far less time in the 21st century. The United States went to war to topple Adolph Hitler and in the aftermath developed an education and religious system and a social structure that graduates tens of thousands of criminals into the general population, and amongst that number are killers and amongst those killers are heartless ones. It seems more killers with causes around the world are gaining a strangle hold on people’s lives and governments are under duress trying to contain an element feed by the atmosphere..." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

BLACK PRIDE: Paula Patton

Paula Patton at premier of her movie Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol in Munich, Germany 4 !!!!

Fashion industry hit: models meet anorexia definition, mag says.

Fashion industry hit: models meet anorexia definition, mag says

Katya Zharkova, Russian model
Katya Zharkova, a plus-size model, and a magazine dedicated to them, have launched a new campaign critical of the fashion industry’s demand for ultra-thin models. “Twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8 percent less than the average woman. Today, she weighs 23 percent less,” the pair claim.

Plus Model magazine demonstrates the difference by posing a plus-size model with a thin model more typical of the industry. It’s calling on consumers to pressure retailers to stop promoting thinness and start catering to average size women. Most models in fashion are anorexic, according to a widely accepted Body Mass Index (BMI), it says.

“Ten years ago plus-size models averaged between size 12 and 18. Today the need for size diversity within the plus-size modeling industry continues to be questioned. The majority of plus-size models on agency boards are between a size 6 and 14, while the customers continue to express their dissatisfaction,” the magazine says.

Women who wear size 14 or larger make up half the female population, yet the clothing industry only caters to women size 14 or smaller, says the magazine’s editor-in-chief,Madeline Figueroa-Jones, in an editorial note.

“We are bombarded with weight-loss ads every single day, multiple times a day because it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that preys on the fear of being fat,” she writes. “Not everyone is meant to be skinny, our bodies are beautiful and we are not talking about health here because not every skinny person is healthy.”

The fashion industry has grappled with the problem of too-thin models for sometime now. Last year, The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) began a campaign to convince the industry to be more responsible when dealing with young, vulnerable models, she said.

Right now, most sample dresses shipped by designers for photo shoots and fashionshows are size “zero.” Groups are calling on the industry to raise sample dresses to a size “four.”

“The CFDA has reached out to designers, stylists and casting directors not to work with underage models, girls that are too thin and to be more ethnically aware. And I think designers are listening,” said Victoria Beckham in a television interview.

“I had a casting last week and had some terribly thin girls come in, and it wouldn’t have worked. The campaign the CFDA has launched is called ‘Health is Beauty’ and they are definitely encouraging designers to work with healthier sized models,” she said.  by Keith Girard, NY Culture & Events Examiner

Natalie LaRon elegant in jeans

Natalie LaRon in black leather !!!!
Natalie LaRon in fur coat !!!!


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“Beyoncé Knowles' pregnancy sparked great interest in people who are encouraging and inspired by principled people. True to the style of her purpose she made pregnancy elegant, and the dignity she carried in the shadow of a miscarriage touched many of us who have lost children and know how long it takes to carry the pain of a child's death with a measure of dignity for our public. Everyone has a public, and our public measures us by the way we treat others. It is within the concepts of love and higher learning we accept our faults, ponder our loss, and its pain that helps young people forage in the forests they need to find nourishment, and the deserts they need to learn to find water, and the mountains they need to appreciate and scale to better rest within the comfort of valleys and oasises. 

Pregnancy teaches mother and child, and fathers teach themselves to be taught by the mothers of their children and the children of their loins. Birth dancing between Life and Death the way it does sharpens and deepens a father's intuition, clasps him with a patience that surpasses his understanding of himself because a father has no command during a delivery save the effect and intent of his prayers, and the ceremonies he creates for his family in his dreams…”

©Gregory E. Woods January 11, 2012

Nia Long, actress

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Megan Fox, actress Transformers

“If you want your girls to feel strong and be outspoken and fight for what they think is right, then I want to be that type of role model.” – Megan Fox, actress

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SACRED WHORE SERIES: Wages of sin in question

One year ago French Moroccan prostitute Zahia Dehar made headlines after it was claimed she had been paid for sex while underage by three French football stars. While their lives were shattered by the allegations, 19-year-old Zahia's fortunes were transformed entirely.

And now, her metamorphosis from call girl turned catwalk queen is complete, as Zahia debuted her lingerie line at Palais Brongniart - the former Paris Stock Exchange - as part of Couture Fashion Week. Taking to the runway the buxom model showcased some of her own designs, including a petal gown which left little to the imagination. The lookbook for the range was photographed by one of the world's top designers, Chanel's maestro Karl Lagerfeld..

For a girl who just a year ago was selling her body for cash, the transformation has been dramatic. Prostitution is legal in France where the accused men lived, but women selling sexual services must be 18 years old or over. Zahia was just 16 when she met French footballer Franck Ribery, 28, and 17 when Karim Benzema, 23, and Sidney Govou, 31, were accused of paying an underage vice girl thousands of pounds for sex. The men involved in the allegations faced up to three years in prison and fines of up to £40,000.
 by Deborah Arthurs (1/26/12)

Zahia Dehar

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A MEDITATION on November 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian
“Kim Kardashian’s wedding generated money. Kim Kardashian reportedly made $17 million from the wedding, $15 million in the deal with the television cable company, E! that produced the four hour show, and $2 million Kim made selling her wedding photos to People magazine. On her show, THE VIEW, Barbara Walters added to the discussion about the brevity of Kim’s marriage the amount of money Kim Kardashian, the ideal, the corporation, made per day: $236,111, from the whole process! Barbara Walters reading the numbers to her co-hosts reminded me about the contractual relationship made with the state by couples when they wed. That contractual agreement is acknowledged during the bliss but it bites, like the proverbial scorpion who beseeched a man to ride him across the river promising not to bite him. Safely on the other side the scorpion bit the man.

“Why did you bite me? I helped you. You promised not to bite me.”

Scorpion looked up amused at the man going into shock and deeper fears and said, “You knew I was a scorpion.”

Yet people keep walking into marriage illuminated by the promises in the stories told in their lifetime feeling refreshed by the dreams of everlasting, of communion, and companionship into the sunset years. They find the communal work the soul requires of them is the construction of the spiritual aspect of the feminine energies and the masculine energies and how it exceeds the simple mathematics of romantic love when the work of merging commences. But in the human marketplace dreams land hard into the backs of wagons carrying commodities to market. It changes the structure of holiness into a frivolous notion easily overwhelmed by the business of the market place, image, and domination of one over the other. Ego finds comradeship with Harshness and it isn’t long before the truth of most marriages comes to the forefront and all parties with vested interest in a marriage admit they all base relationships upon conflict. Marriage in its original form has descended into a deep depression. The She and He of the original Marriage are always called upon being a part of Creation and the creative process of being alive, but made subservient to base emotions and needs many modern marriages succumb to divorce and evoke the mechanics of the State’s part of the marriage contract. The very crudeness of its make up finds nuptials best suited for the market place.

Fortunately, the need for marriage, for union and companionship, keeps marriage current and necessary, but within Western societies enormous amounts of money are traditionally made by the businesses that make marriage ceremonies possible, and for the knowledgeable and amongst the rich the money flows both ways. It is incredible a revelation to the naïve and the uninitiated.” ©Gregory E. Woods

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FALSE MANHOOD: Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens


"If there's anything I'm sorry about, it's getting involved with all that." He never actually dated any of the women, he says. One was a one-night stand, the others "repeat offenders." Owens, who has never been married, concedes he is "not a very good judge of character." Still, he "never suspected they were the types to do what they done in the past year." - Terrell Owens


Now he is in court with all four women, whom he lumps together like one big bloodsucking blob. None of them are being fair, he says: "They know I'm not working; they know the deal." Although he never established regular visitation with any of the children through the courts, he says he sees the eldest three as much as he can when their mothers allow it. So bitter is his relationship with the mother of the youngest child, a son, that he has never met the boy.


"To say I regret anything would be a slap to my grandmother's face," Owens says, referring to the woman who raised him


He never had many friends—teammates never called him to party, he says, wrongly assuming that he was "too big" to socialize—and now, "I don't have no friends. I don't want no friends. That's how I feel."


Owens said financial advisers recommended by agent Drew Rosenhaus lost much of his money in highly leveraged ventures, then houses and apartments he thought he could rent out in a worst case scenario became dead weight in a housing market collapse (none of the properties are particularly excessive, but total a yearly mortgage of about $750,000), and $2 million was lost in an Alabama entertainment complex investment. That venture turned out to be illegal, and also claimed former Redskins running back Clinton Portis as a victim. "I hate myself for letting this happen," Owens told GQ. "I believed that they had my back when they said, 'You take care of the football, and we'll do the rest.' And in the end, they just basically stole from me."

Terrell Owens has always been an island of sorts. His brash personality and self-absorption routinely alienated his teammates during an NFL career that teetered between terrific and toxic, leaving him to fend for himself.
- Jeff Arnold


Owens earned around $80 million during his NFL career, but has found himself in deep financial trouble, despite never spending lavishly. - Jeff Arnold, journalist


I don't pay much attention to pro football players, but this cat, Terrell Owens, I have vague recollection of. I remember his eyes and the hurt distance in them when he was at press conferences. I knew a lot of cats like him on the streets so deep in old wounds they come to believe their shields and masks are living breathing creatures that say: ‘This is me! This is who I am!’ By his own words he wrote his story and foretold his future in his past. He followed his path of hurt to a path of distrust and the comfort of distance and distrust fed him and closed his eyes losing him in denials. He is still asleep and wounded and distant from himself and the truth: his truth.

I ask Spirit to send me a few more men like this I can help become themselves to prepare them to enter into the deeper mysteries and states of being Life has to offer. This is my word-song.” – Gregory E. Woods

Terrell Owens

Women's songs welcome the light of the sun & embrace the moon cycles

“I truly love touching and uplifting your hearts; your spirits. And I am so genuinely grateful when you all can touch and uplift mine. Let us not let go of the Joy, the Togetherness, the Compassion and the Laughter of the holidays. Let us keep our Circles close and our Hearts full! Aho and Many Blessings!” - Lynn Many Fires 

"This is Great Spirit Moon, and it is manifested through the Northern Lights. This is a time to honour the silence and realize our place within all of Great Mystery’s creatures. Nokomis may the healing colors of the Star People bring much love and peace to all." - Kim Knutson


Camila Alves, Brazilian model & TV personality

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obituary of a great man: JOE PATERNO

Joe Paterno
Paterno legacy damaged by scandal, but not erased

Joe Paterno lived 85 years and I never heard of him until the homosexual rapes on Penn State campus hit the news a few months ago. As the darkness of the broadcasts echoed from one station to another his life and legacy went front and center stage. I had to shut the clamoring voices of critics, lawyers, fans, students, and reporters out to listen and later read a bit about his principles and gaze into the eyes of the people he had shaped and influenced with his deep commitments to excellence, intellectual curiosity, joy of life, perserverance, and discipline. Everybody should have men like this in their lives to ground them, and teach their spirits and mind when they are young and impressionable.

I was angered listening to the people who ripped him apart and spit on him for not doing more about what he knew about the rapes. I was angry because nothing was done about the rapes after it was reported. How do you let something like that go? I stopped myself. I knew. I knew the answers. I know the culture that protects its own at that level of financial profitability, and I understand the social stucture that supports the large institutions of male priviledge, white male priviledge, sports, and university image. Sodomy is a dark part of prison, war, and sports. It is a hidden reality and one of the main reasons I avoid sharing sports euthusiam with a lot of fraternity brothers, and have done everything possible to stay out of jail. There is a comradery in those places that frightens me because in those enviorments if certain defenses are lowered a man or a boy could easily be sodomized and no one would stop it or report it. But, Joe Paterno had a value system and a father’s connection to the lives of boys that could not stomach the violations of rape upon a boy’s spirit. Paterno's comment that he had never heard of "rape and a man" was interpreted as being out of touch. I disagree because not everyone’s lives are shaped by atrocities, and unless it was part of his life homosexual rape would remain outside of his peripheral of life.

I sensed his confusion and his compounded feelings, and his inability to ‘properly’ handle what was reported to him. What is proper? In retrospect many his age would be at a loss for words because homosexuality and rape and the combination of the two were not part of the lexicon of his era, and to make it worse the dark aspects of homosexuality were not addressed in public forums most of his life, and to add to the pain it is not addressed outside of the neat little scripts handed to people who need to learn how to speak about homosexuality in a politically correct way. It is sad, dishonest, and unfair, but that is the way it is, and that is what faced the old man. I don’t know if anyone else in his capacity would have done much different because it was a homosexual act of terror, and people today are held hostage to a mode of behavior and scripts regarding homosexuality that does not embrace whole truths. I heard this in his words when Mr. Paterno said, “I didn’t exactly know how to handle it … I backed away and turned it over to some other people, people I thought would have a little more expertise than I did. It didn’t work out that way…”

Fear. Fear and grief. Those two emotions will fuddle anyone’s thoughts and limit his or her actions. Whatever you practice in rehearsal comes out onstage.

A well written tribute by Dan Wetzel spoke to the heart of the man’s integrity which is stronger than his faults and shortcomings: “Truly great leaders are measured by the lives they reached, the people they motivated and the legacy of their lesson that can extend for years to come, like ripples from a skipped stone across an endless lake.

For Joe Paterno, the impact is incalculable, the people he connected with extending far beyond the players he coached for 62 years at Penn State the last 46 as head football coach. Paterno always tried to be the giant who walked among the everyman both in the school’s greatest moments and, it turns out, in its worst. Paterno died Sunday at a State College, Pa., hospital, suffering in his final days from lung cancer, broken bones and the fallout of a horrific scandal that not only cost him his job, but also his trademark vigor and a portion of his good name. He was 85 years old.”

All I can add is that we all need to get acquainted with Truth and learn to speak truthfully to each other and ourselves. ©Gregory E. Woods


Joe Paterno in 1965
Joe Paterno: ‘I just did what I thought was best’

Joe Paterno played quarterback at Brown University in 1948 & '49


Dorothy Dandridge

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RELATIONSHIPS: Dolly Parton, country singer

Dolly Parton as a younger woman

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton in New York city in May of 1967 from the Hulton archives.
photographer, Emilio Murillo

The light of Dolly Parton's soul transcended the dichotomy that thrived in the 1970's between white country musicians and singers and Black artists, composers, fans, and musicians. The feat was and is a tribute to the attraction of honesty and genuine interest in Life and other people's place in it. Dolly Parton's light could only grow over time and grow it did. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Dolly Parton, at 66, by Jason Meritt !!!!


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"our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


from Mereana Taki's archives

African beauty of Adeola Ariyo of Nigeria

AFRICA, the question the answer

You ask, "Where is the Original/African/Black/Kemetic/Nubian/Alkebulan/ Plans for the future?" It's in two places: within our Being, and within our children. Birthing it is as difficult as it is to center and discover the African of our ancestry... I am taken aback. The question was unexpected. In the years since I lived in Africa I learned the hard way not to speak about Africa in African American communities. I wish times and Black America was changing at the level of this question. – Gregory E. Woods

African woman be praised !!!!

“The blueprint of our future was laid down in the beginning. It’s just been buried and long forgotten by those of the unsound mind and since we are the draftsmen of today we must retrace the stepping stones and the building blocks of those who left them behind for us to grasp and synchronize and then we can follow the blueprint for tomorrow because it was already pre-planned. We were given the contract of contact information and Unification, Solidarity and all out Re-evolution is the only solution.

Black Power, love, peace, and soul!!! - Huey Newton, 2012
African Man creating

“Huey Newton, your words resonate with the truth of sacred stories that are being told around fires and during ceremonies around the world today by Peace Keepers, Wisdom Keepers and Shamans and thousands of people who are awakening and awakened by the memory and the presence of their ancestor's words buried within them preceding their births. The prophecies of the four (4) races are saying the same things. These are the times of coming together.” – Gregory E. Woods

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AMERCIAN STORY: Intelligent grief isn’t part of dictatorial patriotism

Bond girl Ursula Andress played Honey Ryder !!!!

2012 Primaries: Let The Games Begin


The United States spends more on its military than the rest of the top 15 nations with the highest military expenditure. The rest of the list includes China ($119 billion), UK ($59.6 billion), France ($59.3 billion), Russia and so on… The military industrial complex has strained democracy thin, drained our coffers, and altered the essence of right and wrong in apparent and imperceptible ways as we spread terror in creative and crude ways around the globe. Minimizing the fundamental needs of American citizens created a baffling mentality that accepts irrational justification of policies that do not benefit Life. Our worship of, and relationship with the military industrial complex has borne a curious standard social consciousness engineers have cultivated within US citizens. It is best illustrated in our entertainment.

For example, Bond girl Honey Ryder, played by Ursula Andress, and Kim Kardashian’s wedding evoked more spirited scrutiny than the dismantling of environmental protections, or the dismantling of women’s rights around the globe overwhelmed by conservative political movements and fundamental religious clerics and fanatics. Our social consciousness is suspect because the sense of spiritual responsibility isn’t part of our national conversation. Our spiritual responsibilities are suspicious creatures our maturity level is incapable of seeing. A sense of a spiritual responsibility isn’t part of our national conversation. What passes for a sense of global responsibility fanatically purchases trinkets in Wal-Mart, and camps on streets to buy a pair of tennis shoes, and shops at 4AM the day after Thanksgiving with a fiery spirit of purpose while in cities across the nation Wall Street protestors up in arms about the industries, the ideologies, and policies that created the conditions the American consumer is responding to like puppets on a string shiver in the cold uncertain about the future and the durability of being alone, defiant, in a sea of conformity. ©Gregory E. Woods

Kim Kardashian

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Michelle Sujai & Miccusukee Indians in 2010

Michelle ‘Sujai’ Harvey, on Manhood

“It seems to me that Young girls are the conversationalist. I have found woman must train men to speak to things that stimulate women. Players are the men who take the time to learn the art of seduction through words & they get most of the women. Most men try to impress women with things not words. Women take the things but they desire the words. Since words are far and few between we settle for things. Train the boys to talk. That is what is missing from most relationships. Women can seduce men with words or stimulate them. The problem is few men inspire us to make the effort.” –Michelle Harvey


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DARK MYSTERIES: spiritual women

Amanda Seyfried, actress, nailed a role in the movie Red Riding Hood. I went to see it in the theatre, and I've seen it a few times on cable because the storyteller draws an intense storyline about the closeness of women's intuition in a man's world, and her deep spiritual connections to elements that terrified European men... - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 

Motherfucker 2


this is a phenomenon i cannot grasp at any level. Yet there are women who submit to it with pleasure climaxing between pain, fear, their own death and sexual stimulation. Where does this come from? What elements call out and speak for a soul willing to submit to sexual torture? How does divinity merge into something as dark as this? - dawn wolf, keeper of stories

bondage & torture 4

bondage & torture 5

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SEXUAL ENERGIES: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

August 28, 1963

"Let freedom ring. And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring—when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children—black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics—will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

black actress Nia Long pregnant walking with her husband 4

"... Dr. King had side women in his life, but by the time it became public knowledge it was of no importance to Black Americans because the axiom in African traditional thought places value on relationships above all, and the efforts of white Americans to present the evidence and shame were unsuccessful. The same thing years later perplexed white Americans trying to bring down Washington DC mayor, Marion Barry during his productive four terms, about African-Americans loyalty to their leaders. I studied these things hard as a father, but as a young man the Moroccan landscape, Moroccan women, and Gibran’s words were developing and opening a discipline within me, and creating enormous sexual tension, and powerful music within my being trying to get out of me as expressions of sound and movement..."  ©Gregory E. Woods 

Dorothy Dandridge
"Aug. 28, 1963, Dr. King, head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, addressed marchers during his "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. My father was there and I was too young to travel so Mommy, my sister Cynthia and I watched it on TV and searched the newspapers the next day for pictures of the event to see if we could see Daddy in the crowd. We found him, or so we thought. All of the parallels of that world and the aftermath of that moment were non-existent to me then. But here in the future I am and my father who later became the Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality in Washington DC is a great-grandfather and aging. Many things have changed since 1963..." ©Gregory E. Woods, excerpt Songs of a Father

The Centre of the Wheel

Moving the Assemblage Point

with Leo Rutherford, Howard G. Charing & Dawn Russell

The Level of Energy of all beings depends on three fundamental factors;
· The amount of energy with which they were conceived,
· The manner in which the energy has been utilised since birth,
· And the way in which it is being used at the present time. - Carlos Castaneda

There is a teaching that 80% of our energy is locked into habit, rigid patterns from generational & social conditioning and our personal history. The remaining 20% constitutes our true free will. The great teaching of the Medicine Wheel is to light a path to guide us towards release of these rigid habit patterns and addictions which, when unlocked, generates a reservoir of energy which can be used cognitively and with conscious intent. This is true free will and freedom - no longer living parental and cultural dreams but truly living our own.

The ultimate purpose of this body of practices is freedom. Freedom has powerful implications. Among these is that people must purposely seek and embrace change. It is no easy task to embrace change and thereby unlock the rigid structures which we have inherited, but we have innate magical qualities within ourselves to help us on the path to freedom.

Black powerful woman in control !!!!

In heightened awareness there is no objective world, but a universe consisting of flowing fields of energy where there is no subjective linear time. The particular alignment that we perceive as ‘the world’ is a product of ourselves. This alignment is within our own personal field of energy is called the ‘Assemblage Point’. On this course we work with the non-cardinal directions of the Medicine Wheel, the ‘movers and changers’.

The first movement, we begin the course at the South East, at our very beginning on the Earth, our conception and womb time when we have already started to absorb generational patterns, and emotional responses. By increasing our knowledge of what these are, we gain the ability to release and start the realignment of our assemblage point and thereby our terms of reference to the world. This part will include an overnight burial ceremony.

The second movement, is to the Southwest to examine our ‘Dream of Life’ - that which our soul has brought us into incarnation to experience and learn from. The objective is to ‘see’ this dream and apply our focussed will and intent to recreate and update this dream to one that meets with our soul’s needs now.

This is literally a step on the road to reinventing our-Self. The focus of this meeting will be the Circle of Mirrors ceremony which we have experienced as part of the South course. This time we will revisit this powerful ceremony from a whole different perspective. Includes the moving of the Assemblage Point with the aid of a crystal

The Third movement, is to the Northwest to look at pattern vs freewill (change and chaos) in our lives, to seek to strengthen our will to challenge patterns, habits and especially addictions. Ceremonies will include Trance-Dance, Trance postures and other pattern awareness shaking activities. This part may well be seriously challenging and is likely to involve some home-projects of a possibly challenging nature!

The fourth movement, is to the northeast and is about looking at the design and choreography of our lives and how we make our choices - and therefore how to actively make new and freer choices with consciousness and will. In a nutshell, to shift the assemblage point thus enabling seeing the world from other perspectives from which choices for freedom can more naturally be made.

This can shake up lives and worlds and assist greatly in the quest for ultimate freedom. Subtle energy dreaming exercises, painting, creating images, communing with nature energies will be part of this movement.

In the final meeting we will each sit in the Centre Of Our Wheel Of Life and face the directions our lives have taken us that have brought us here and the directions we now choose for our life to take us. The ultimate object of the course is to shift from being a person governed by the cross of the four cardinal directions to a person living in flowing movement and change in touch with and guided by the powers of the four non-cardinals - the movers and shakers.

Sword Lady