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a Sukuma (Tanzania) Proverb

"The hoes of two people cultivating together in a field sometimes clash (hit) against each other." 

"Magembe abili gatakitaga kwikumya." (Sukuma)

"Majembe ya watu wawili wanaofanya kazi kwa pamoja katika shamba moja wakati mwingine hayakosi kamwe kugongana." (Swahili)

"Les houes de deux personnes qui font le meme métier dans la même champ ne manquent pas de s’ecraser." (French)

When you have a lot of work to do, remember the African saying: "How do you eat an elephant?" ANSWER: "One bite at a time."

What We Know We See

Sam Hodges
July 1, 2012 

"Suddenly and slowly there appeared a woman red of hair, pearl pale of skin, clad in a soft white cotton dress on a fallen tree that had seen and lived many years. When she appeared I saw the mist come from her. When she appeared on the other side of the veil someone else saw the mist uncover itself to show her. This magic has two views if the perspective of the mist, the woman, the fallen tree, and the surrounding forest are disregarded as trite, incidental, or insignificant.

Magic is perception. Illusion is the view from the mirror's point of view and surprise and revelation are a person's contact with specific lines of energies we cannot see, but know!" - Gregory E. Woods, 2.18.14

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

a Favorite Tattoo Artist

Ink Master contestant, Catherine Flores, Tatu Baby !!!!

Ink Master contestant, Catherine 'Tatu Baby' Flores in a season finale of the show !!!!


A Dark Seldom Told Story

The Bible Is Against Homosexuality

"It grieves me both sides of the question of homosexuality for several reasons. For one there is no balance to perception or trying to fully understand each position. Fear of the question(s) each won't ask of themselves stands on each side. The Christians deny a great deal of their 'sin' and their participation in the terror leashed upon homosexuals through the centuries and homosexuals want an end to the terror of their lives we have visited upon them for reasons we will not try to fathom.  

For starters most of the fight for equality was started by white activists. People of color found quiet ways to deal with what was believed to be an affront, and the end result of the brutality of rape, incest and forced incarceration from 1877 onward, and the practices of white men upon Black men during slavery. Either way the blood connection and the love of a child superseded the dogma of protests and activism in the Black American community. Historically, Blacks were and have been long connected to Native American traditions for at least 5,000 years. So, one's sensibilities seeped into the others giving a perspective that found ways to cherish their kin and be angry and disapproving at the same time. To us, the white paradigms always create dysfunction to what can, or has traditionally worked. That is one part of the story." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 2.16.14 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Powerful Women We Know Little OF

Ink Master contestant, Lydia Bruno, co-owner/artist at Unique Arts Studio in Glens Falls, NY,
is a contesant on Spike TV’s “Ink Master” Season 4 (2014)

powerful stance of voice actress Linda Cardellini.

wealthiest woman, Abigail Johnson is worth $13.1 billion.
Her wealth comes from Money management. photo provided by Forbes Media LLC



Love and prayer are good tools. But, love is an action. This is why it is effective in social struggles. Prayer is a great tool, but what power does it have if no one has a voice and able to speak the truth to powerful people? There is a time to be in the background praying and in the front line working at the risk of life for others. Anything less is the coward's way.

"Racism and racial epithets must never be met with violence and hatred. We must use love and the power of prayer to overcome this evil." Yes, I agree with that methodology, Sinclair. But, I must point out that you cannot fight evil as you fight man to man. Evil balances and challenges the good we profess. It resides within our core struggling against the higher intellectual self because evil is illogical and self-centered and cannot get along with anyone not evil, and even that relationship is tenuous. Evil, like madness, needs to eat as every living creature does. Evil feed within feeds evil lurking in our neighborhoods, families and countries.

The fight against evil is an internal one, first and before any other struggle. So, deadly and close is our evil we quickly and instinctively turn to look outdoors through the window to see what others do. Sitting in that window it is easy to dream of the big fight against the injustices down below on the streets. But, if you are to walk the sacred path of the Peace Keeper your battle begins with the mirror your back is turned against.

- Gregory E. Woods, 2.15.14

Monday, March 28, 2016

Joan Osborne - What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted - [STEREO]

Symba "HEY YOU"

Looking for some documents I ran across some charts that Al Johnson wrote for SYMBA. This chart is a Cello part for the song "HEY YOU" that did pretty well on the Billboard Hot 100 singles.
It was a pleasure to be in the recording studio to see the magic from Al's mind transform into music.

Click on the link to hear
HEY YOU......Rest in Peace Al.. - Michael Zakee Jones wrote for DC Legendary Musicians ‪#‎DCLM

composer Al Johnson

composer Al Johnson's Cello part for the song song "HEY YOU" that did pretty well on the Billboard Hot 100 singles in the 1970's.


done in Jesus' name by murder ...

Dr. Sinclair Grey III – The Challenge For Clergy On Easter Sunday

You are correct in your article, Sinclair, about the origins of Easter and other days celebrated in Christendom. The fact of these origins is a study unto itself.

The High Holy days of the Celtic people adopted into Christianity were part of the compromise made by the European conquerors who as missionaries by bloodshed spread the gospel of Christ! Because the Celtic people were unable to be defeated in war the work of one man made the connections that led to the transformation of a people from their spiritual practices grounded in the exaltation of the Goddess to the patriarchal religion of Western Christianity that did not hold the value of women in high esteem, and unlike the ancient Celtics despise the Earth, our Mother.

It is too easy to  not know the history of one's belief system and it is also wrong to be ignorant of the why of one's religion. But, sadly most wait to be told and fed the remnants of the truth.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
March 27, 2016


Grandmother speaks ...


You can never tell someone about an experience that she is going to have. You can never tell her how to behave or how not to behave, because then you would be cheating her of that experience.

A teaching from Grandmother
"The Woman of Wyrrd"

Much love and spirit,
Lynn V. Andrews

Lynn V Andrews



Charlize Theron by Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz's photo shoot of Angelina Jolie (2015)


THE Essence is Self =

Michelle Pfeiffer touching herself, touching the inner core is a universal gesture.

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Bridget Moynahan in the eye of a camera.

camera of Lorrie Kelsey Glover



Did you know that as of today one of the most racist forums on the internet has now been in existence for 20 years?

Will it be around for another 20 years? Yes. The U.S. government keeps these organizations around. They are apart of the theme of the country, like the pledge, the patriotic songs. They'll be around and treated with kid gloves serving their public, most of whom do not put their alliegence to the cause of white terror and supremacy on front street.
Yeah, they will be around. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (1.29.16)

Colored children standing in the doorway of their house, March 1941, near Bonneau, South Carolina
by Jack Delano courtesy of The New Public Library.

flag carried by Ms. Sailor Cherie, a pin up model

Whatcha' don't know!

mystery of a woman 

"Early in life the mystique a woman develops is created under the auspices of the older generation of women whose presence influences time coming from a sense of style in the midst of personal turmoil in an ever challenging evolution of womanhood in the context of our patriarchs. Being a young woman is challenging before the daunting task of overcoming what the older women could not accomplish in their lifetimes. Left to their own devises young people will falter, and only make tiny progressive steps. With tutelage who knows what will be created, and given to their daughters and son?" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.15.14

Nadia Kazakova against the sunset

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Mask worn by Deanna Rachelle
It is puzzling to my ears when 'clock & watch' people make broad declarations like, "age is just a number". The mere fact they follow minutes and seconds with focused attention to the passage of time belies their boast. They cannot be in a relationship with timelessness, or know the feel of timelessness. For them it is form they are committed to, embrace, are addicted to, and judge others by. Their mindset and worldview is rewarded in Western society. It is one of the difficulties of cultural exchange with Americans; the obsession with exact time. It is one of the obstacles to spiritual transformation! - Gregory E. Woods 1.10.14

A woman into herself can get away with self-absorption if she is fine. At some point it gets old and unpleasant emotions come to the surface and split the illusion in twain. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 1.15.16


actress Mila Kunis 

Alpha Worthy

"I'm not boring to be around. Something will always happen." -Mila Kunis

Friday, March 25, 2016

Actress & Porn Star

Dania Ramirez lying on the beach !!!!

"In the historical telling of women's choices in life their bodies often come into the commerce field. Why? is in the make up of what." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 2.14.14

dark skinned beauty of Jasmine in black dress snarling, but why? 

What They Mean To Us!

Jenny Jones


Jenny Jones picture gallery
Jenny Jones from Frank the Entertainer. 

Women are the constant fascination, and consuming interest of men to either a fault, or a benefit! Three things make it problematic for women: men's impression, or understanding of the availability of 'pussy' to them, men's conceptual view of women's place on the plate of what we desire to eat, and the acuity that centers women in our focus. - Gregory E. Woods, 2.10.14

Thursday, March 24, 2016

There is a depth

Catrinel Marlon

"It is the time to take command over the dangers of being a woman in a man's world."- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories  

 "Se il tempo avesse una definizione
non la capirei,
perché di fronte a lei
ogni cosa si ferma.

Se Dio avesse una logica
nella creazione delle cose,
su di lei non avrebbe effetto,
perché la sua bellezza urla
come una blasfema chimera.

Se l'amore avesse un inizio ed una fine
io mi troverei nel mezzo,
non sapendo dove andare,
sedendomi paziente
ad aspettare il suo arrivo."

A. Giannantoni, "Chimera"


"If the weather had a definition would not, because in front of her everything stops. If God had a logic in the creation of things, on her would not effect, because her beauty screams as a blasphemous chimera. If love had a beginning and an end I'd in the Middle, not knowing where to go, sitting patient waiting for his arrival. " (A. Giannantoni, "Chimera") (Translated by Bing)

Catrinel Marlon scene from secret movie project. (2014)

About A Woman: Amnabella SCIORRA

Annabella Sciorra

Annabella Gloria Philomena Sciorra is an American actress. Sciorra was born in Brooklyn, New York, to a housewife mother and a veterinarian father. Her parents are Italian American, and her father emigrated from Carunchio, Abruzzo in 1951. Sciorra studied dance as a child, and as she grew older, began taking drama lessons at Hagen-Berghoff Studio and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Annabella Sciorra began her formal acting training at 13 years old,
when she began attending the prestigious Hagen-Berghoff theatrical studios. Later as an actress in a movie with Wesley Snipes I fell entranced by her performance upon each sensitive part of my being. I guess I was enchanted, smitten by an intangible concept that her delicateness could merge into something with me that would strengthen itself the way Sweet grass is braided.

Go figure that one out and you will know something. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.23.16


HER pull

An alluring beauty leads a man to know himself better just to get know her better. It is one of the better mysteries alive and vibrant between the two primary forces of our being together. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (1.24.16)


Original Flow of Love

Maori warriors

"As men we are initiating subjects of equal value with women who are in object position. The reality we know is out of sync with the creation ideal in the heart of The Creator who created man and woman, as the subject/object representatives of His own inner subject/object dynamic. This was with the intention to achieve true and glorious subject/object relationship between man and woman such that The Creator is enraptured in our human stimulation, covering human love with God's love where everyone is honored, valued and equal partners in love. The ideals of the engagement of love have been trampled and all experience violation and betrayal. That would not be our collective experience had humanity followed the original flow of true love outlined above." - Adruma Victoria 5.23.14

Rita Abrams in 2010 

Beyond Physical Appearance
By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Let's face it - there are many people who look good on the outside but are tore up from the floor up on the inside. In a real sense, when people try to cover up their issues with stuff, they are failing to address the main problem - themselves. As my mentor told me years ago, 'a person with a flawed character can't hide it for so long.' Here's the Sinclair remix. Make sure you work on your character behind the scenes so that your inner beauty is so radiant that people will be drawn to you. I need to preach it and say, you can look good on the outside, but if you're messed up on the inside, you're unattractive.

The Bible says when the prophet Samuel was sent to anoint a king from the house of Jesse, he saw Eliab and thought he was the chosen one because of his appearance. But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." Please don't miss this. An individual's heart, their character, and their fear of the LORD is crucial. Physical appearance is good, but inner beauty is critical. - 5.23.14

Penelope Cruz under the pier!!!!

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an Old story ...

Mistakes Of Old-Man – Blackfoot

ALL night the storm raged, and in the morning the plains were white with snow. The sun came and the light was blinding, but the hunters were abroad early, as usual.

That day the children came to my camp, and I told them several stories that appeal to white children. They were deeply interested, and asked many questions. Not until the hunters returned did my visitors leave.

That night War Eagle told us of the mistakes of Old-man. He said:

"Old-man made a great many mistakes in making things in the world, but he worked until he had everything good. I told you at the beginning that Old-man made mistakes, but I didn't tell you what they were, so now I shall tell you.

"One of the things he did that was wrong, was to make the Big-Horn to live on the plains. Yes, he made him on the plains and turned him loose, to make his living there. Of course the Big-Horn couldn't run on the plains, and Old-man wondered what was wrong. Finally, he said: 'Come here, Big-Horn!' and the Big-Horn came to him. Old-man stuck his arm through the circle his horns made, and dragged the Big-Horn far up into the mountains. There he set him free again, and sat down to watch him. Ho! It made Old-man dizzy to watch the Big-Horn run about on the ragged cliffs. He saw at once that this was the country the Big-Horn liked, and he left him there. Yes, he left him there forever, and there he stays, seldom coming down to the lower country.

"While Old-man was waiting to see what the Big-Horn would do in the high mountains, he made an Antelope and set him free with the Big-Horn. Ho! But the Antelope stumbled and fell down among the rocks. He couldn't run at all; could hardly stand up. So Old-man called to the Antelope to come back to him, and the Antelope did come to him. Then he called to the Big-Horn, and said:

"'You are all right, I guess, but this one isn't, and I'll have to take him somewhere else.'

"He dragged the Antelope down to the prairie country, and set him free there. Then he watched him a minute; that was as long as the Antelope was in sight, for he was afraid Old-man might take him back to the mountains.

"He said: 'I guess that fellow was made for the plains, all right, so I'll leave him there'; and he did. That is why the Antelope always stays on the plains, even to-day. He likes it better.

"That wasn't a very long story; sometime when you get older I will tell you some different stories, but that will be all for this time, I guess. Ho!"

Frank B.Linderman
Indian Why Stories , Sparks From War Eagle's Lodge-Fire , Frank B.Linderman, [CO SKEE SEE CO COT] , Published: 1915 , And Is Now In The Public Domain

from Blue Panther's archives


She Smiled to Herself

 Sharon Stone has a lot to reveal.

Brazilian model Izabel Goulart
who caused the most jaws to drop to the floor when she took to the red carpet.



ONCE there was a Mochomo, a chieftain of the ants who was driving a mule train of little mochomos. One night it turned very cold and snowed, and the snow killed every one of his train of mules.

"I shall go to the king of the snow," said Mochomo, "He has killed all of my mules!" He went to the house of the king of the snow, saying, "I am angry. Your snow killed my mule train! If you are a brave man you will fight me!"

"Oh, no," said the king of the snow, "I am not brave. I am very soft and weak. There is a man who is stronger than I am and he is the sun. When the sun shines on me I disappear."

"Well, I will go to see the sun then," shouted Mochomo. And he strode off. To the sun he said, "The snow has killed all my train of mules. You are braver than the snow, so I am going to fight you, since you are so strong."

"Oh, no," said the sun, "there is one who is stronger than I. That is the clouds. I have no strength when they cover me."

So Mochomo went to the king of the clouds, offering to fight him. The king of the clouds said, "The strongest of all is the wind. It blows me wherever it wills."

"Then I shall have to fight the wind. Where does he live?" asked Mochomo.

"Down there in that blacksmith shop," said the king of the clouds.

Mochomo went down to the blacksmith shop and strode up to the bellows.

"I am very angry. The snow killed all of my mules. Since you are the strongest and bravest, I am going to fight you!" he shouted.

The bellows made no answer. Then suddenly they blew very hard, blowing the angry Mochomo, chief of the ants, far away.

This is a fragment of a European fable variously named "L'Hormiguita," "El Aguila," or "El Zancudo." It has been recorded in other collections of folklore on this continent from New Mexico, Jalisco, and Oaxaca (Boas 1912: 221-222).

Yaqui Myths and Legends, by Ruth Warner Giddings; Illustrated by Laurie Cook; University of Arizona Press, Tucson, AZ (Univ. Ariz. Anthropological Paper No. 2) [1959] [1959, Copyright not registered or renewed] and is now in the public domain.

Posted by: "Blue Panther" <>


Maxi dressess

Chico's model in a Black Label Utility Maxi Dress in spring of 2015

body of Kim Kardashian in maxi dress

Kristen Leanne

our SUN & our MEN

Khloe Kardashian
""the sun sets on our ideas of self." ~ dawn wolf, keeper of stories 
At times, I wonder if the Western man punished himself for the perceived sins of his ancestors by clouding the skies with acid rains, chemical trails, and other loathsome chemicals, burning coals, the sounds of profanity leaping out, and into the atmosphere billowing upward to choke the light and the image of the sun once worshiped, and studied, and revered mostly, as a spiritual source of insight, wisdom, and knowing??  I wonder if the island of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, and the circling trash around the globe are indicative of the trade made for material wealth in exchange for the soul of the Earth, no longer seen as our Mother? 

I wonder about these things as the art of distraction grows sharp edges and renews itself with each denial carelessly tossed out of people's mouths into ears, and the air, and shrugs of shoulders to mimic and show disinterest in outcomes, and distance from the laws and mathematical equations that formulate Creation, prophecy, existence, and the fundamental expectations in the exchanges of death-for-life we subsisted on for thousands of years, and the relationships we  disrespect and have with the multitude of those living with us on this planet! 

I wonder how we will be judged by the slight of hand tricks of our ideologies that govern life on this planet that justify heinous actions, and decisions malicious to the cause of the just, and continuation of life through our loins! I think about this things, and I wonder aloud. 

"What if...?" ~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.9.13

tattooed women with the same 'Taonga' on their forearms.

woman breasts to the four winds

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

a Star from Dominican Republic

Dania Ramirez played the role of Callisto in X-Men: The Last Stand

Dania Ramirez was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


PRACTICE 48: your face your shield

Ojibwe artist Simone McLeod
 Shared with:Public  

I look in your face and remember, "The fighter is the warrior in the dramas we create and encounter, the people and ideas we defend, and the scope of our responsibility in our communities. The warrior is defined by the crudeness of taking life and the difficulty in the details of sustaining and affirming life. It is a choice to be brave. It is a choice to be wise. It is a choice to define who you are and what kind of person you will become. All these things make up minds, and the all of the aspects of a warrior are drawn into his/her shields and embedded within the expressions worn on the face." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 6.15.14

Warrior Man holding paint brush as if it is a prayer pipe.
May 11 
, 2014

"Beauty will save the world. Brush and paint artist are a powerful weapon." -  Vasil Woodland

Monday, March 21, 2016

from Lynn V. Andrews' book of her Life


Shaman power is the power to bring harmony and balance into your life and into the life of others. When you begin to balance yourself in a shaman way, you begin to see magical glimpses because you are telling the beings of the earth that you believe in beauty. To learn about power is to spin or to weave the concept of life into tangible forms, to lift beyond your ordinary vision and ...see the forces that give us life. Understand things with all your being, with all of your senses; your sight, hearing, taste, smell — with all that you are.

Agnes Whistling Elk
"Flight of the Seventh Moon"

Door into the Mysteries


PRACTICE 47: care

This labyrinth encircles our lives from within without! - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 

There are many types of caring. Just like alcohol or drugs or addictive relationships, you can be addicted to caring to the point that pulls you off center. Caring is important, but it is only part of the whole of who you are. You cannot care so much that it becomes an obsession. You must see the totality of things and realize where your caring, like everything else, fits into the perspective of your life. Emotions are important; all of what you feel and think is important, because these things make you who you are. Negative ideas are parts of you that need to be honored, so that they can then be healed and brought back into balance.

Take a look at your life. Are you seeing any of these aspects in your relationships or other aspects of your life?

So much love and spirit,
Lynn V. Andrews

January 3, 2014

a naked and pregnant Christina Aguilera