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“The movie, THE BOOK OF ELI, raised many questions and a few challenges. It is conceivable, in my mind, that such a thing could occur and there'd be one copy of the Bible left in the world. Ina sweeping motion I could see a few scenarios that are plausible, and in response I could see how just one man had the impeccability to carry out his mission compelled by the whisper of an instruction in his ear to his spirit.

I mean Eli had to learn how to be blind, how to walk by faith, and utilize everything he'd learned in life and his ability to turn within himself, and transform those things into a purpose filled killing machine made him a force of God! He had to discern, learn to kill effectively, and minimize words, and movement to live in solitude aware of his inner man, and his outer surroundings at the highest level of his capacity to endure, and believe.

He was able, I believe, to read one book on a daily basis because of his broad and deep education, training, and his knowledge of how and why things work together for evil and good. His grasp of the dead areas of sound was perfected over time as a blind man alongside and in collaboration with his military and martial arts training. His breathing was remarkable. He had an incredible understanding and control of his chi.

There were many parallels between Eli, and the life of Jesus Christ, and other spiritual teachers, Warriors, and Priest-Warriors in times past, and the present that made this movie, this story a powerful and effective teaching.” ©Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Beauty in Sri Lanka

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African politics is a totally different terrain than here. Even in terms of democracy, democracy is relative to the country that you find it in. But the common denominator all over the world is the grabbing for wealth for the few and slave labor for the many. China has allowed the us and other multinationals to come into their country and create sweatshops. These sweatshops import goods to the US via walmart and other conglomerates. We just found out that even Whole Foods imports their 365 brands from China. China is our biggest importer. The question is, why would they go to another country and set up shop differently than they do in their own country??

Capitalism is a beast of an economic system that has taken reign over the entire world. It feeds into the basic nature of greed that resides in every human being... and over powers the sensibilities of fairness and harmonic cooperation. When the masses rise up within their ranks, overthrow their governments, have coups there is a change but only minimally. The oppressed become the oppressors and the cycle begins again.

Some people feel that they can do this by recreating the Capitalistic system towards fairness, but the very nature of it is to exploitative, if that is changed then it is no longer Capitalism but something else.

There has to be an inner rumbling among the masses, those who are oppressed, who know their culture and how they can run it in a more human way. It is difficult for outsiders to impose concepts on another's culture, a lesson the US and other invaders of their ilk have yet to learn.

On the other hand, the US hand picks who they want to call out for Human Rights abuses and Who they want to attack openly or decry their lack of Democracy, but that is another subject altogether.

Nana Baakan Agyiriwah

Nana, you said it best.  There is a paradigm here in the States rigid, and resistant to truth telling the truth to our belief-systems.  I think the two most important figures of the 21st century are President Obama, and Ben laden. They have created a fire, a prick into this consciousness unlike anything preceding their era.  As a balance to this what will arise to the surface and jar us out of our stupor? Will it be the shock of the Womb Teachings we historical ignore, come from, and need?  I don't know. The time for profound change is nigh upon us, and the paradigm, the dance of fear that passes for patriotism, and greed for self-governance cannot live long.  We will die from it one day. –Gregory E. Woods

All Praises Due to the Most High!

As we move forward, it will take a concerted effort of consciousness. Raising awareness of the planet, and human beings connection to it. A Collective mind set of resistance. A movement towards our intrinsic and beautiful humanity. A recognition that we live on one of the most beautiful planets in the solar system, and an understanding that if we do not evolve in consciousness of our connection to the planet, each other and the Universe, we will surely expire, as so many other planets have before us.

Protesting is overrated. It actually feeds the capitalistic monster. It feeds off the monies spent, the advertisement, the energy and the investments made into the economy of the city/state/police/government agencies, etc, where the protest is held. Again, making a concerted and intelligent effort to change from the inside out, to me is the strongest type of resistance.

I always say, that if we just change how and what we eat, buy only what we need, spend only what we have to, study where the things we do buy come from, and decide to only buy those things that do not destroy us/others or the planet, that change would be catastrophic. It would take a lot of work, but the benefit would lift humanity to it's rightful place as exalted in the eyes of the Creator.

We can complain, protest and right letters to the Congressmen, but until we close the purse strings, they will never listen or alter their ways to supporting the masses and not their banks. If we do not accept that it is our runaway consumerism that fuels the Capitalistic Economic Model, we will remain complicit and as much a part of the problem as the "other" villians.

Blessings, Nana Baakan Agyiriwah

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Lori Anne Williams, singer & mother

"The songs take form and shape in the body of the artist. It is a law of nature."- Gregory E. Woods

Lori Williams singing with Bobby McFerrin April 15, 2010.

Washington DC's own Lori Anne Williams


One thing to note about EarthFire is that they have rescued animals from horrible conditions; wolves, coyotes, bears, buffalo, lynxes, cougars, mountain lions, Foxes. All these rescues came from places like homes that could no longer take care of an exotic pet or were forced to get rid of it, and rather than kill it, EarthFire took them on. Other rescues came from circuses and other type of carnival type atmospheres that were just horrible and the animals were treat with total disregard. EarthFire is building acres and acres of land for all these animals to roam free. They need financial help.
Colette Baron-Reid

spiritual teacher & advisor  Colette Baron-Reid
holding a squirrel she returned life to in 2010

spiritual teacher & advisor Colette Baron-Reid
with a rescued wolf

the profundity of Black women


Ty Gray-El, do women understand how much depth is required of a man to listen to your poem, “A Black Woman’s Smile”?  For a man to embrace the depth of these words do Black women need to care about the difficulty we have facing this poem of yours?  Black women respond to this poem out of relief. As a release being validated by a man, and other reasons not obvious at first glance this poem has medicinal value.  Women embrace this poem outside of the realm of what men fully grasp.  Men, black men and white men, hear things in this narration they cannot process within themselves or share between the various aspects of themselves, or with other men with true clarity.  That being said sharing beyond applause and cheering with women on the raised subjects within BLACK WOMAN’S SMILE, is out of the question.  Ain’t gonna happen for too many black men, and precious few white men.  It is too much.

I’ve seen some of the comments from white men, and they tend towards fear.  But Black men are from another mother.  Black American manhood, like our white male cousins, shrouds itself in secrets, and regrets, and we, Black men, tend to wear them as a rough exterior, or a show of force, strength, and a manly presence.  In retrospect, I notice how few men respond to this subject, and the subjects raised by your poem, Ty, with the sensibility that resonates with Black Women’s sensibilities, and their sense of Womanhood.  Because your words conjure up our culpability, and our guilt we flinch behind cheers, and praise of the poem. Stirring painful reflections without a sacred process will not change men into the men their families need, and their women need. Most men can only cheer, and applaud to cover, by sound, the truths stirred, the memories evoked of actions and beliefs seen in new light sparked by your poem. 

There are spiritual responsibilities not being met, and from this poem it is clear that introspection is required to be a tool, a guide towards the actions strong and wise enough to led us towards the Spiritual Responsibilities we have as men, and as men for our women.  We cannot listen to this poem without thinking of our hands blooded by a belief-system we hold against the very nature of the womb we come from and the wombs we seek as men.  The poem you have been given is the old conjurer-woman in the tradition of conjuring up the powers of being, the powers of Ancestors, and movement of Spirits that agitate for the strength to see ourselves, and what we truly believe. 

This poem is about what we have done to our women, what we have believed and felt.  This is Truth telling! In the deepest sense this is the spiritual work required of us as a people.  That white man has no hand in this work until we mature enough to bring him in to add his piece, his medicine.  - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper ofStories {Sept. 14, 2011}

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Marilyn Monroe

FREEDOM to free self

FREEDOM to let go...



"...  One of the things that seems to be a teaching for me in this walk is just that: the unbinding of my spirit from the limitations set by my matter.

We limit ourselves with labels all the time! And then we use those same limits to attack ourselves or others! "Boys don't cry" so we limit our men from connecting to their own sensitivity and then bitch because they aren't the loving, nurturing companions we need. We teach that "Good girls are obedient" and then we wonder how a woman who is obviously being mistreated/abused can't seem to extricate herself and her children from a possibly dangerous home life.

History will show how time and again the "other" is demonized, vilified and dehumanized so as to ease the transition of a civilian to a soldier... It's all done by labeling "good" or "bad"." - Nanu Pagan 8/02/12

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La Princesses Lointaine

 I feel these ancient stirrings of awkward divisions within divinity constructed by ideologies of conquering the divine world's hold on temporal life. Europeans' art fills their spaces with doubts that shroud their beliefs and contradictions. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 
art - Ert, La Princesses Lointaine


Study to show thyself approved. . .

Starmarie Sugarplum Jones

I am really sick of Haters, but what is a Queen to do? stop being Royal, I can't do that, its in my blood...... Please go to this 

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black mother's body in recline nude

WOMAN IN BLACK: Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel,
reality star, author, & business creator
posing in front of  St. Patrick's Cathedral
on Sept. 24, 2009

Bethenny Frankel
January 8, 2009


"The mystery play of feminine souls is dangerous in existence, and playful in its broad sense of timelessness. What that means in the confines of a rigid social construct is one thing and not the same thing within a safe relationship with a man who loves his woman, and understands the connective tissue of the four things important to a wife which are essential contributions to her sense of wholeness and connection to herself. These four things create and stimulate ecstasy like no other force from love can..." - Gregory E. Woods (8/02/12)  

business of PRISON practice of SLAVERY

 "I read an article: "Private Prison Management Company Seeks Guaranteed 90% OccupancyFrom State". It is chilling. It is also a reality of American economic theory and practice and it is key to understanding American foreign policy, and our approach to race, and domestic issues. The United States cannot muster the moral outrage over this because of the deep roots and need for the survival of the institution of slavery. Our fundamental axiom: the acquisition of things and accumulation of money has the nation in bondage! Deep within our souls lurk demons we divert our attention from with frivolous distractions, and news bites we hold and cherish, as if they are the Truth, and Knowledge can be contained, and Power is one dimensional; while Death circulates around us with its smells, its murky countenance, and indiscriminate preferences..." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9.23.12

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I am humbled and amazed at the number of things I've written on this blog, and the hundreds of people who've read it, and the commentaries I've received in response have strengthened, corrected and widened me in unexpectant ways. I write with a central audience in mine, young boys and men. That is a wide land mass to cover on foot, but the subjects underscoring the developmental needs of boys and men lead in a variety of directions.

The interesting thing about this blog, for me, has been the fact that most of my readers here, and on Facebook are women. That straightens the spine. I don't know all the reasons why this is but I am grateful, and I appreciate every thought and comment and the silence of so many whose vibrations come to me in different waves through the air when they read my words, or ponder the picture-stories. I receive them with as much curiosity as I do with other mediums of communication. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Gregory giving tribute to elders at family gathering in Pittsburgh 3


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Sioux Indian chief calls all nations to action on June 21, 2012
By Juliane Poirier

The leader of the Lakota Dakota Nakota Oyate, the great Sioux nation, is a man with a vision. Chief Arvol Looking Horse sees a great danger threatening "Grandmother Earth" and a great hope for restoring her wholeness. So he is calling all nations to prayer of any kind on June 21 in an effort to return the planet to bala
nce, the people to spirit. I asked him why this path is the right path to take.

"A man or a woman without spirit is very dangerous," Looking Horse explained in a recent phone interview. According to this Sioux chief, the absence of spirit is causing suffering everywhere. "We are in a time of survival," he said. "But we don't want to believe it because we have forgotten our spirits. We have forgotten that Grandmother Earth has a spirit." Disconnected souls, according to Looking Horse, are "hurting others without even knowing they are hurting others." Those being hurt include animals, trees and waterways.

The Sioux have an inclusive worldview, but it was not shared by the transplanted Europeans who undertook genocide on Indian land, culminating in the Wounded Knee massacre of 1890. That final brutality broke the "hoop" binding Indians together; however, Sioux prophecy foretold that in a hundred years the people would be reunited.

Although surviving tribe members and their descendants were stripped of religious freedoms (returned to them only 32 year ago by the U.S. government), the rituals were kept and the prophecy not forgotten. So the Sioux nations set out on horseback to "mend the broken hoop" of their nation in 1986 at a sacred site known to non-Indians (and Close Encounters of the Third Kind fans) as Devils Tower or the Great Horn Butte; their ritual went on for four years and concluded in 1990, 100 years after Wounded Knee.

During the course of that long ritual, Looking Horse was surprised by a vision that came to him of peace and unity that included not only the Indian nations but all the nations of the world, each gathering with ritual plants around sacred fires on every continent. The Sioux chief felt called to oversee a much broader mending. But who was going to listen even to the chief of a people largely ignored in the country where they lived?

"We had to leave our homeland to be a voice in the world," said Looking Horse. "We are up against a lot of violence and anger and hatred. We need to go back to our sacred places and pray about this. In every generation, there are changes. But our way of life, our ceremonies, our prayers don't change. Our sacred sites don't change.

"When the first non-Indian came to this land, our people said, 'What shall we call this man?' and they called him Wasicu," he continued. "It means 'takes fat,' which we know today means the white brothers are taking fat off Mother Earth. Long ago, when the first nations lived on Turtle Island, through our prayers and ceremonies, we maintained harmony and peace, a way of life where there's no ending, no beginning.

"It's everyday life for us that we hold Grandmother Earth sacred, we hold the trees and the plants, everything has a spirit. We need people to be really respectful for each other. The Great Spirit put us here all together. If we're going to survive, we need to have spirit and compassion. On June 21 we're asking people to go to their sacred places or sacred spaces to pray."

Looking Horse seems surprised to be a global spokesperson for the environment. "It seems like it was just yesterday when a woman had no voice in this country, when our people were fighting for their rights," he said. "Just a hundred years ago, our people were in concentration camps called reservations. Our ceremonies were outlawed, and we were put in boarding schools. I never thought I would have the opportunity to go to the White House. Now today, people all over the world are listening to us."

And here's the message. "On June 21," said Looking Horse, "shut off the electricity and let's pray."



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Working for a living is the slave master's preamble to keep the slaves "working" for them. The wealthiest don't work, but reap the benefits of the masses who do. There are so many ways to avoid being enslaved by this system of servitude, but if they let it out, then the system would crumble and that is not the desired outcome. So they stiffle kill, threaten and thwart any technology that will give the masses freedom. On the other hand, doing creative things to bring about sustainable existence is different from working 9-5 on the slave ship. If we know how to create with our minds we can have whatever we need and do it peacefully. There is certainly the issue of environment, particularly in the jungle, but even in that light, they too could be taught to exist harmoniously in nature and have all they need as well. Just saying. - Nana Baakan Agyiriwah 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BLACK Neurosurgeon

Meet the FIRST African American Neurosurgeon: Alexa Irene Canady. Don't believe what statistics says about Black women because a lot of them are very educated, but are misrepresented or under represented. - Nana Baakan Agyiriwah

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"At the end of every discussion about pollution, the environment, politics, religion, etc. how one treats Water tells the truth about one's religion." - Pam Tinker 


"All energy is connective tissue ...flesh of the Cosmos with filaments of the Celestial fiyah of the Soul." - Mereana Taki "
"so true, sharing your spirits, heart and soul with someone means you will take them with you when you go to heaven... Our Ancestors taught mate as sacred eagles and swans that mate for life...luv Glakwa Kweenie

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Oh Great Spirit, keep me awake today. Let me hear the voices of our ancestors...let me hear the voices of the Grandfathers. Because everybody is doing it doesn't make things right. Let me hear the truth today and become a coyote for the people. Give me the courage to be willing to be different. Let me walk straight on the Red Road.

Elder's Meditation of the Day 
July 25, 2012

"People need to wake up. They can't hear God's voice if they're asleep."
-- Vernon Cooper, LUMBEE

Black Elk, a Sioux, talks about the hoop of many hoops. He says that above the people is a hoop, a conscience, the total belief of the people. If the hoop is sick, meaning dysfunctional, co-dependent, a lot of alcoholism, family abuse, violence, racism and sexual abuse, the people can get used to this and think this is normal. In other words, the people are asleep. If we have left the spiritual way of life, the people are asleep. If we are giving our power to another entity, the people are asleep. In most tribes, there are Coyote Clans. The job of the Coyote Clan People is to wake the people up. They need to become a nuisance and irritate the people. We must return to the spiritual walk.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Ladie Organc of Black Planet


The major goal of the New Age Movement is to bring peace to the world upon entering the Age of Aquarius. This will be accomplished primarily through the leadership of "the Christ" who will supposedly come to teach us to live at peace with each other. Some of the other stated goals of the movement are to establish a World Food Authority, World Water Authority, World Economic Order, and an entirely 
New World Order. It should be noted here that one of the requirements for a person to enter the New Age is that he or she will have to take what is known as a "Luciferic Initiation," a kind of pledge of allegiance to the Christ of the New Age and to the New World Order. The primary goals of the movement then, are to prepare the world to receive the Christ and to enter the Age of Aquarius, thus establishing the New World Order.
Annunarqi Netert

Why these steps and who ordered and designed these steps? Will the Christ of the New Age be another person with another creation story? You say a "Luciferic Initiation" is a kind of pledge of allegiance to the Christ of the New Age and to the New World Order? A pledge and an initiation are two different things. Which is it; one or the other, or both? Will this Christ of the New Age be a white man? If so, is it an attempt to ward off the endless accusations coming from the African Diaspora about the stealing of and the erasure of Jesus' tribal identity? Is this New World Order inclusive? Will it continue in the old paradigms with a new makeover? DawnWolf KeeperofStories  

A story of several wombs. . .

Cosetta Chantal & her husband elegantly attired 

A STORY told

A man needs to want to warm up to his woman and smile into her smile. It seems obvious why, but cynical feminists, and other hurt angry people choked with their bitter memories can talk the simple pleasure into confrontation. That hurts the innocence of lives, and unjustly tears the joy, the discovery of childhood out of young romances, and children's eyes, and weds them to a hopeless frontier of debate about equality.

I pulled my baby brother from a slaughter years ago when he was on a purposeful quest for a wife. Surrounded by two women scoffing at his simple hopes I had to get him out of there. Michael had said, "If I could come home to a woman who would smile from her heart at me I would work 3 jobs just for her!" The two women fell into awful guffaws. Pitifully, Michael tried to defend himself. He was no match for them. Both were ministers, and both were single. One claimed to be a 40 year old virgin, and had surrounded herself with weight to prove it. It was terrible, and I was angry at those women.

I insisted Michael come upstairs to see something in my bedroom. I closed the door and sharply admonished him, and embracing him told him to reject their words, and not listen to the words of women like that! The words of a woman whose womb is closed blocks out love from moving in either direction.

"When virginity becomes a weapon it no longer of any value." I told him, and the words stuck.

Michael is married now with two children, and his home is warm and loving. One of the women, Anne, is married now, and the other one is single, claiming to be a virgin, getting closer to 60, and her ministry is within the confines of her four-cornered room in her parent's home. The Medicine powers she was borne with have lost integrity, and her brothers no longer consult her. It is sad, but this story as a Womb story is a cautionary one for those who claim to be married to Jesus who, in fact, are wed to inner conflict, and the demons that plague their psyche are puppets mastered by unforgiveness, disdain for others, and bitterness. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8/15/12
Cosetta Chantal lives in stark contrast to the above told story. Imagine being an adventurer. Wouldn't you want your daughters to dream and follow their dreams? Of course you would, but sometimes for inexplicable reasons some people's fears borne of their anger turn them into something incomprehensible, and we all suffer because of their lost of soul, of drive, imagination, and fulfillment. The story I told many may help a few to come alive, forgive, and move on into the purpose of their lives. - Gregory E. Woods


Keepers of the Keys

From out of the mists of aeons past

Walk the keeper of the Keys

Holding their secrets locked within time

When all was one and No locks did bind

The Keepers knew our thoughts and held them Free

For they would speak Telepathically.

We were those Keepers of long ago

But we lost our way-now like sheep we go

Herded into Pen’s of Self

Condemned with Greed and thoughts of Wealth

We travel blindly led by fear

Losing our Roots with the passing of years

Listen now and Listen well

For our Ancestors once more do tell

Its time to open up all our Minds

And discover again the Key and find-

Within yourself a wealth of knowledge

Facts you’ll never find within any collage

Follow not blindly what you are told

Seek and find and soon you’ll behold-

A world you thought was real with fact

Was distorted and tainted,

Look for the Cracks

The Truth is out there, you all have the Key,

Just open your minds-look and see

Stop bleating your woes, and following the herd

Be Daring, Be Brave, let your voice be heard

Start looking back, trace the flower of Life

Look into the Apple, cut it open with knife

Take a bite, reveal the Real Sin,

Research beyond History, delve and look in

The Keepers return they watch and wait

To see who will awaken and open the gate

We all hold the Key- It’s held in the Mind

Look Beyond what you see

Seek and ye shall find…

© Sue Dreamwalker

{idea from Silvia Mamani }

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"There isn't a thing to add to this poster. All is expressed, and the fact a Black woman is the featured model tells a lot without a word from me." - Alowan Chanteh Inyan Wichasha


You are Life passing through your body,
passing through your mind,
passing through your soul.
Once you find that out,
not with logic, not with the intellect,
but because you can feel that Life -
you find out that you are,
the force that makes the flowers open and close,
that makes the hummingbird fly from flower to flower.
You find out that you are in every tree,
and you are in every animal, vegetable, and rock.
You are that force that moves the wind
and breathes through your body.
The whole universe is a living being that is moved by that force,
and that is what you are.
You are Life.

- Don Miguel Ruiz

{display idea from Silvia Mamani}


PLUS MODEL magazine

"One is never over-dressed or under dressed in a little black dress!" - anon.