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Dreamcatcher Origin Story – Ojibway

Long ago in the ancient world of the Ojibwe Nation, the Clans were all located in one general area of that place known as Turtle Island. This is the way that the old Ojibwe storytellers say how Asibikaashi (Spider Woman) helped Wanabozhoo bring giizis (sun) back to the people. To this day, Asibikaashi will build her special lodge before dawn. If you are awake at dawn, as you should be, look for her lodge and you will see this miracle of how she captured the sunrise as the light sparkles on the dew which is gathered there.

Asibikaasi took care of her children, the people of the land, and she continues to do so to this day. When the Ojibwe Nation dispersed to the four corners of North America, to fill a prophecy, Asibikaashi had a difficult time making her journey to all those cradle boards, so the mothers, sisters and Nokomis (grandmothers) took up the practice of weaving the magical webs for the new babies using willow hoops and sinew or cordage made from plants. It is in the shape of a circle to represent how giizis travels each day across the sky.

The dream catcher will filter out all the bad bawedjigewin (dreams) and allow only good thoughts to enter into our minds when we are just abinooji.

You will see a small hole in the center of each dream catcher where those good bawadjige may come through. With the first rays of sunlight, the bad dreams would perish. When we see little asibikaashi, we should not fear her, but instead respect and protect her. In honor of their origin, the number of points where the web connected to the hoop numbered eight for Spider Woman's eight legs or seven for the Seven Prophecies.

It was traditional to put a feather in the center of the dream catcher; it means breath, or air. It is essential for life. A baby watching the air playing with the feather on her cradleboard was entertained while also being given a lesson on the importance of good air. This lesson comes forward in the way that the feather of the owl is kept for wisdom (a woman's feather) and the eagle feather is kept for courage (a man's feather). This is not to say that the use of each is restricted by gender, but that to use the feather each is aware of the gender properties she/he is invoking. The use of gem stones, as we do in the ones we make for sale, is not something that was done by the old ones. Government laws have forbidden the sale of feathers from our sacred birds, so using four gem stones, to represent the four directions, and the stones used by western nations were substituted by us. The woven dream catchers of adults do not use feathers.

Dream catchers made of willow and sinew are for children, and they are not meant to last. Eventually the willow dries out and the tension of the sinew collapses the dream catcher. That's supposed to happen. It belies the temporary-ness of youth. Adults should use dream catchers of woven fiber which is made up to reflect their adult "dreams." It is also customary in many parts of Canada and the Northeastern U.S. to have the dream catchers be a tear-drop/snow shoe shape.

The above story is a combination of information gathered by Lyn Dearborn from California, and Mary Ritchie of the Northern Woodlands, with assistance from Canadian elders. Miigwetch.


Maori woman of age

EVE of a new year

a model for Pleasurements

On the eve of a new year was the day many of us stopped off ourselves away from the shuffle to doing nothing but be alone within ourselves. A lot were terrified of being alone. She was no exception. She lay upon the mattress of a small metal bed thinking about what the next year, 1934, would bring. It was a long wait for the answer, and even longer waiting to believe what she already knew: Hitler would rise to power, and many in her family would be killed by him. 

Her mother, and her mother before in her other lifetime were spiritual people who could read the winds, and gaze into people's eyes, their souls to see the fabric of their being: good, or evil, and all that lay between. It had been hard in the middle of the last century to be like this, but Hitler who'd just left her room, she could see was going to be worse. "What could I do?" she wondered aloud in an empty room.

The question is still in an empty room. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 12.31.12


Awaikeena Winddancer Rainwolf

"How often a woman goes into the dark planes to resurrect herself depends on who looks upon her and within her who loves her, and looks back at her."  - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories  12.18.12



I still party. Love dancing and performing. Never could feel those folks who abandoned themselves, at clubs and parties, to drinks as if it was some fraternity they were fronting for. I remember playing clubs. Looking down at the people who came to see us play, and watching their behavior, listening to their shout outs, and peering into their souls we used to refer to them as the Lonely Hearts Club. Not much to celebrate (some), but they'd show up at every gig whooping and a-hollering. At some point some would make it onstage in between sets, and talk to us about the condition of their souls, and we'd stop judging and listen carefully.

Those were the days, my friend. I thought they'd never end; those days of pretzels and popcorn and beer! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9.18.12

Giggle Palooza


"One of the reasons a young man wakes up is to inspire himself to new heights of achievement to better position himself to be able to speak to the woman who overwhelms his senses, and swells the sense of purpose to be with her. It is one of the dynamic aspects of being a young man. Let no one trample upon it. It can be and it is part of a rite of passage towards the maturity she needs to sense and hold. 

What man among men teaches young men to court a woman, to befriend and 'see' her? Wherever we are our lives teach. Let that be the hope women carry in these times for themselves and their daughters, and sons!"  - Gregory E. Woods (Alowan Chanteh Inyan Wichasha) 12.31.12


LOVE deep from within. . .

Mereana Taki's  intensity June 19, 2012

Love pure and unconditional ~ even residing in One ...has the power to totally transform the whole world ♥ so let your Heart be soft, and let your feet be gentle upon this Earth ♥ give your Mind to the refuge of silence and the sentinel of the ego to the keeping of your WellBEing. - Mereana Taki 

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SEPARATED, not together.

Man contemplating at sunset
by Eileen De Coite
“When your 'dream come true', your Beloved sends you away multiple times does that mean something? Time doesn’t heal all wounds. How does, or does a soul recovery from that? If her love and spirit, ever a part of your essence, is as alive as the first day what counsel is there for the heart still singing her songs? If love is eternal where it lives what does it become without reciprocation?” - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (12.21.12)

deep African beauty lies within. . .

transformed by the renewing of your mind. . .

waterfalls at Yosemite National Park by Kristýna Jindrová, Czech model

"End the hunger in your Heart ...and watch this world utterly transform itself as your Soul feeds itself." - Mereana Taki 

the Camera's EYE

"Gentle. I like the gentleness of the subject, and the confidence of the photographer's approach to the ageless questions around Beauty and who she is."

- Gregory E. Woods,
Keeper of Stories 
model for Justin Patterson Photography


No. 59

What is a Kura Wananga process?

"Kura is a way of talking about our Sacred Treasures ...symbolized by Red the sacred flow of the menstrual cycle that brings the child into physical manifestation. The child, the ideas, the take, the Kaupapa, the toto/the blood is our connection to Tipuna and Atua unbroken. Wananga is our commitment to activating our inner journey to consciousness or maramatanga". - Mereana Taki


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killed by train in NYC


“Fear grips people. People automatically do what they have practiced. Americans are largely spectators pretending at freedom, and restoring life. Cities like New York get, I feel, unjust reverence. The city is full of people isolated, self-centered, and closed off. It is reflected in the architecture. It is baffling to people from real and vibrant communities around the country to hear accolades about the greatness of life in New York city where community is expressed in a shared isolation, and heralded self-preservation! There is no surprise New Yorkers watched a man die. It is most likely to happen in Washington DC also!” – Gregory E. Woods 12.13.12

"Such a sad & tragic story. Saw this on Today Show this morning. The man who took the pic is a photographer who was at a considerable distance from the victim and could not have reached him in time even if he ran to him. But there were several other people less than a 100 feet from this man and they didn't bother to help him. As far as posting the pic on the front page...the photographer has no say in that matter.....the New York Post made that heartless decision. Its sad to say but this is the uncaring world we live it.

BTW: it was reported that several bystanders took pics with their camera phones during and after the incident...smh" - Tina Jackson (dec. 5, 2012)

"Everyone is always so quick to judge.. You were not there...until you're in a similar situation don't know what you would've done...what the camera said is possible.. For an example... Lets say you see a child running towards a busy street after a ball ...if you're not in arms reach you're gonna try to get the child's attention screaming "stop" or "no" "come back" anything to stop an accident until you're able to physically help... Same thing with the camera man... He used what he had... Same goes for the bystanders screaming... There's no way I believe so many people were standing around watching and waiting for a man to die just because...if there was time someone would have helped...

I imagine so...It doesn't really matter where I have been...people stand around and watch fights everywhere... We're not talking about domestic violence...We're talking about an accident that took this mans life... Most accidents happen fast...If the subway was going slow enough..yeah help...The subway was obviously going fast...this is real life.. not a movie...regular humans...not with super one was able to fly over and use super strength to pull a man out the path of a moving subway in ten seconds... I heard people up North we're assholes but that's a bit extreme...I just don't believe people were standing around chilling snapping pictures waiting for him to die... It doesn't sound right...." - Mersadis Pitts 12.5.12

babe in the water

by James Shipley

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ROSE LE VOILE collection

"The Rose Le Voile collection makes it possible to underline the femininity and soulness of your image. We have everything to make You feel beautiful, pleased and also to love the exclusiveness of Your body!"

Photo: The Rose Le Voile collection makes it possible to underline the femininity and soleness of your image. We have everything to make You feel beautiful, pleased and also to love the exclusiveness of Your body!

Rose&Petal lingerie, homewear, accessories

"Our brand named after French queen Marie Antoinette, who inspired our designers. As history says she used to sleep on rose petals to keep her skin soft and to look young as long as possible. As a person she was capricious, tempting and the famous trendsetter of her era. She was also known as „The Queen of the roses“. That is why Rose&Petal lingerie is a suitable choice even for capricious princess."

"Interesting contrasts and playful ruse in your concepts of fashion and seduction." - GEW

PRIMAL NEEDS: lover & tenderness

Black lovers with locks


“Lovers loving each other is an enviable state of being for many raised without touch, warmth and intimacy. Stifled by rigid codes and rules around touch for reasons pretending to care for the well-being of the child teachers, and parents adhering to these unnatural standards create cold individuals. Killers come from these standards. Killers are easy to develop in a culture composed of Fire that lusts after war, and aggression is at odds with peaceful solutions and gentle souls are viewed as weaklings.

It is hard living in the United States for many sensitive people. Contradictions are dealt with irrationally. Differences are resolved with laws void of understanding about the depth of relationship to Life in its pure forms. Reconciliation is too hard and is, at times, replaced with groups of people being forced to conform to lifestyles that grate against natural law.

Love is stronger than Death. A soul learns that better being loved and touched.” – Gregory E. Woods

"Your task is not to seek love, but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."Rumi

HONEY on bed

No. 56

"Embracing the Goddess will open the Living Library to you and teach you the secrets held deep within the bosom of Mother Earth, for who is the Earth Mother if not the Goddess herself?" - Barbara Marciniak

"Notre mere la Terre nous etalé tous les secrets de la vie et ses mysteres avons nous la patience et la sagesse pour les decripter comme il se doit."

"Our mother earth we spread all the secrets of life and its mysteries have the patience and wisdom to the meaningless as it should." - Youba Sine

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As I sat at my breakfast table this morning, I happened to glance around my sunny kitchen, and I spied wonderful mason jars on my counter filled with the delicious harvest of a dear friend of mine, an avid gardener. She always sends me the fruits and vegetables she so painstakingly nurtures and harvests, and then preserves and pickles them in these darling jars. I meditated o
n the essence of Fall, and I know that this season is one of reckoning, of reaping the harvest we have sown all year. We reap the benefits of our Acts of Power, as well as gather our thoughts and our creativity that blossomed in Summer. If we think about it, we hold onto our thoughts and creativity, and dream during the colder months of the year, allowing all we have gathered to settle deep within our hearts.

I pondered, for a moment, the meaning of gathering. How my friend gathers her crops and then transforms them, keeping and storing them in the mason jars for use during the winter months. I saw some movement out of my peripheral vision, and I noticed the hummingbirds flitting in and out of the several feeders I have hanging outside of my window. One little bird in particular caught my interest, as she darted quickly, tasting first one nibble from one feeder, and then on to another one. Her iridescent wings of green and gold flashed in the sun, and suddenly I was transported back into the Yucatan. I was startled to see the face of one of my teachers, a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, and an extraordinary woman of power, Amy Hummingbird Wing. Amy had gifted me with an example of true Gathering, the way a true Warrior of Spirit gathers wisdom. "I wrote about Amy Hummingbird Wing in my newest book, 'Coming Full Circle - Ancient Teachings for a Modern World."

Hummingbirds are great warriors; they fly vast distances, north to south and back again. Amy Hummingbird Wing is like a hummingbird, and is known as ‘The Wanderer’. She travels all over collecting wisdom from one village and then shares what she has learned with another village. Amy also is a bee-keeper of extraordinary bees known as the Melipona Bees, which some people thought had become extinct.

Amy is the keeper of the Melipona, and uses their honey for medicinal purposes. I wrote about my initial meeting with Amy in my latest book.

I was in the Yucatan, in Southern Mexico, visiting Zoila, another of my teachers from the Sisterhood of the Shields. One day, Zoila said to me, “Lynn, let’s take a walk, there is someone who wants to meet you.” Curious, but knowing better than to question Zoila, I followed her down a path through the jungle. We came to a little hut, which I would have just walked past had Zoila not pointed it out to me. It was cleverly disguised with thatch and leaves, and the sides, which looked on closer inspection to have come from a large green truck, perhaps a pick-up truck, were painted a green to match the leaves of the large plants all around us.

A woman approached us on the path. She wore a colorful embroidered blouse and skirt. Her earrings were silver, and they dangled and touched her shoulders, swinging back and forth as she moved toward us. I knew her, but had only before recognized her in my dreaming with the Sisterhood.

“I see you,” I said to her, “I know you!”
She laughed and said, “I see you too, little wolf!”

Zoila hugged Amy Hummingbird Wing, and quickly departed, back the way we had come. I stood there, staring at Amy for a moment, not knowing what was expected of me.

Amy pulled out a kind of netting out of her shoulder bag, which was woven and decorated with big red and pink flowers. She placed the netting over my head, and pulled it down to my feet. She placed one just like it over herself, and, off we went, down the trail.

We came to a clearing with several logs placed together like pyramids. I could hear a buzzing and noticed hundreds of tiny bees flying in and out of the logs. I began to wave my hands in the air, fearful of getting stung.

Amy took my hands and said, “Little one, do not fear. These are special bees. They are the Melipona, and they are stingless.”

I stood absolutely still as I watched Amy go up to the log pyramids. I could feel her gathering her intent, as she moved into the space around her navel, the shaman’s center of power. The bees landed on Amy, seemingly caressing her as they calmly walked over her arms and legs. I’d never seen bees act like this. They were truly amazing as they gently touched my elder teacher.

Amy moved only after the bees had flown away, and then she slowly and deliberately approached the hives. Amy was reverent as she collected the honeycomb created by these ancient bees.

After she completed the honey collection, she motioned for me to follow her up the trail back to her hut. We sat down in the cool interior, and Amy fed me the honey. It was so dark, and tasted so sweet. I felt better within myself, centered, after having eaten of this sacred nectar.

“The honey from these bees is special. The ancient Maya used it for healing purposes. The Melipona were greatly treasured, and the exchange of the bees or of the honey was like the exchange of money in your world today. They were highly prized.” Amy continued, “You see, the Melipona do not collect nectar like other honey bees, they take only what they can and only from certain flowers. They gather with intent. The Melipona are so tiny, only they can properly pollinate the orchids that we use to make Vanilla. You see, vanilla comes from a type of orchid in this part of the world, and no other bee can pollinate this flower correctly. The Melipona are small enough to climb inside, and they know just how to gather that pollen!”

Amy looked at me, smiling, and I realized she was waiting for me to ‘get it’. I thought for a few moments before I answered her.

You mean to say that we need to be like these bees, to gather our wisdom, but to be careful, to gather with intent, the wisdom, the knowledge, that will serve us and enable us to pollinate, so to speak, to create a beautiful and sweet ‘honey’ for our souls?” Amy’s earrings jiggled back and forth as she nodded her head, “Yes”.

I came back to the present with the sound of the breeze as it played across my wind chimes hanging from the porch. I thought of how much we gather in our lives, and the importance of sharing what we have taken in. Amy travels vast distances in an old green truck, going from one village to another, sharing the ‘honey’ of her wisdom. So, we must also, in the Fall, gather our emotions, our thoughts, and move inside of ourselves, into a hive, so to speak, to fill our hearts and our souls with all of the wisdom and experience we have harvested throughout the year. As Amy does, she shares, or discards what is no longer suitable; this is also part of gathering. We empty out that which does not serve a purpose for us or is no longer relevant to our growth.

As the sun moved higher into the sky, I noticed the hummingbirds began to fly away, to seek new vistas, and new nectar, elsewhere. I looked at the jars of preserves and jellies, and I thought of the coming months of Fall and Winter. I know that I use this time to go within, to dream, and to work on other planes of existence. Fall is a time of reckoning, of seeing what you have harvested, and of allowing yourself to let go anything that does not add to your growth. Fall is truly a time of transformation and change. So, as you move into the Fall months, think about what holds you back from your own enlightenment and your true power in the world. What is it that you still need to do to reap the abundance of the universe that is meant for you? Pull in all of your energies and thoughts that lay scattered around you like leaves falling to Earth. Begin to dream and collect your strength for the coming months as you collect your personal sacred honey to feed your marvelous soul all that it deserves!

So much love to all,
Lynn V. Andrews 9.7.12

home alone

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Turtleneck: Zara, Dress: Forever 21 (Love 21), Earrings: H&M, Watch: Michael Kors, Sunnies: Burberry, Scarf: Vintage, Bag: Prada, Shoes: Charles David c/o

Black & Burgundy

"An elegant, sophisticate sense of style." ~ Gregory

"When I saw the pretty chain link design on this dress I just knew it would make a great addition to my LBD collection. I paired it with a black turtleneck for a little added warmth and my classic burgundy pumps for a little pop of color. " ~ 


Dawn Wolf as Santa Claus dec. 11, 2012 in my living room 

"One of the things Jesus asked people to do was to tell the truth. He asked people to come to him as a child, to develop impeccability, love the Creator, respect and love neighbors, absorb and merge with divine teachings, study the prophets, pray, take of people. He forced people to re-examine their narrow views on subjects as wide and varied as law, women, forgiveness, prayer, and politics. He interjected into common theology a line of demarcation when it comes to financial responsibility as stated in Matt. 12:13-17.

He shed new light upon the initiatory tradition of the Hebrew people that was common amongst indigenous peoples. He taught enlightenment with a broad based foundation in traditional deep wisdom teachings from various influences of the Chaldeans, and the Egyptians, for an example. Upon further study Jesus’ life re-examined prophecy and one's relationship to prophesies. There are many things Jesus taught." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 12.18.12

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December 25, 2011

"God has made many doors opening into truth which He opens to all who knock upon them with hands of faith." - Kahlil Gibran, poet, author of The Prophet


"Madness is the first step towards unselfishness. Be mad and tell us what is behind the veil of "sanity." The purpose of life is to bring us closer to those secrets, and madness is the only means." - Kahlil Gibran


"The best gift is the one word, a way, a means, the right ritual or ceremony, or the right action that will allow or assist someone to manifest what is within them intangible into a way of life all can see and benefit from. It is the possibility of being and living that needs to be illuminated or made combustible. Ignited water should come balance the fires of creation, as the Earth, our Mother, grounds the illumination, and the recently freed expression of Life." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Dec. 19, 2012


Beyoncé Knowles
Beyoncé Knowles, singer

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé Knowles


A Child Is Born 
by James Loveless, Jr.

"... more believable an image. No way a white Mary and son could have hidden in Egypt and not been the subject of talk and speculation. They couldn't have hid anywhere being white as sheets. Anyway the Hebrew tradition forbade them from marrying outsiders so the traditional image of a white Mary and Jesus with the wind is gone."

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 


Jennifer Crystal
on July 10, 2012
photographer- Erik Danielson

“Thoughts have a higher dwelling place than the visible world, and its skies are not clouded by sensuality. Imagination finds a road to the realm of the gods, and there man can glimpse that which is to be after the soul’s liberation from the world of substance.

With one leap it (the imagination) would reach the core of life, divest it of all excrescences, then burn these excrescences and fling their ashes into the eyes of those who brought them into being. So must all imaginations be.” – Kahlil Gibran


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FAMOUS FACE: Anne Hathaway

actress Anne Hathaway

CYCLES are prophecies...

The beginning of the next 5,000 year cycle???

"I don't know."


Spiritual Healing by Dana Baker

I understand how spiritual healings works, but the artist depiction of two in struggle against each other holding crucifixes tells the story of why I could not marry a woman from  the Christian world. The concepts of unity, and healing are askew in real life, and the artist, Dana Baker, captured it so well. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8.26.12

DREAMING of a White Christmas

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Nadya Kwandibens took this picture of a march from Victoria Island in Ottawa, ON just two days ago on the 21st day of December 2012! It seems Native peoples see the prophecies as transformations, and transformative periods for the People to renew, and not clash within themselves.  There were lodge ceremonies, deep quiet vigils, vision quests, prayer time, and most important stillness. No matter what ceremony, or march there was stillness within on the day marking the end of a 5,000 year cycle.  - Alowan Chanteh Inyan Wichasha

© Nadya Kwandibens

HOLY GHOST got me feelin'!!!!

"For all its contradictions I cannot go but so many months without gong to a Black Pentecostal church for a dose of African ceremonial time. It might be denied by the parishioners, but it is African nonetheless." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8.26.12

Holy Ghost by Annie Le

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"The most compelling thing is second to the beauty heels add to the curve of the ankle and the slope of a woman's leg, is the eventual damage heels do to various parts of a woman's body in short years. Beneath that is the most intriguing of mindsets. Most women simply do not care about that! Jesus couldn't convince them to change into flats! Jesus can raise the dead, turn water into wine, bring an errant husband home, forgive a prostitute, call children to him, his name can get used with cuss words, but He don't have that kind of power!" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 12.2212

BRIDE she was.

Gomes Fine Art — with Katherine Navarro
on October 27, 2012

Katherine Navarro, simplicity and beauty marked your wedding day. Now may grace, fun, maturity, and intimacy be pillars in a long marriage. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories