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Kwakiutl story of MINK

Mink is deserted by his Wife

Then he went to his house with his wife. Then his wife was pregnant, and gave birth to a child. Her child was a boy. Then Sawbill-Duck-Woman said, "Let us go and see the ancestors of this baby."

Then he went to Woodpecker. He said, "Please have pity on me (and give me) a little drop for this baby."

Then Born-to-be-the-Sun was given red ochre. Born-to-be-the-Sun tried to put a little in the mouth of the child. "Don't (put in) too much," said his wife. He just finished trying to put a little into the mouth (of the child). "It does not taste bad, it tastes sweet."--"Verily, that rascal has no sense. Let us just go." Then they went home. The two were in the canoe, he and his wife. They paddled along the rocks, and Born-to-be-the-Sun looked into the water. Then he saw sea-eggs. He backed-water and dived headlong. Then he carried the sea-eggs in the fold of his blanket.

"Go on!" said, on her part, his wife, "and stay longer." His wife thought that she would leave him. Then Born-to-be-the-Sun dived. He came again carrying sea-eggs in the fold of his blanket. "Indeed, you were not long under water. Try to walk about on the ground below. Go again and try to get plenty," said his wife, on her part. Then he dived; and as soon as he dived, his wife paddled away. She left him, and looked back often. When she had gone a long way, Born-to-be-the-Sun emerged.

"What are you doing, my dear? Come, I got a great many. Oh, come!" he said, on his part. "Do come, try to be a chieftainess,--a big chieftainess,--else I will call you an ugly one with matted hair on the pubes."

Then Born-to-the-Sun went ashore and walked along the rocks. He sat down on the rocks and ate the sea-eggs. He did not care that he was left by his wife. He started again. He did not forget the sea he was anxious to eat them. He desired them much. He was careful when he sat down on the rock and ate the sea-eggs. Then his wife returned home, and Born-to-be-the-Sun finished having wives. He was just left by his wife. That is the end.

Kwakiutl Tales, by Franz Boas; (Columbia University Contributions to Anthropology, Volume II) New York: Columbia University Press; [1910] and is now in the public domain.

archives of Blue Panther

The Women Protect

First mother: "If dey think, for one minute, I'm gonna stand for it, dey gotta anudda thang coming...Stand strong Sista."

2nd mother: "Yeah... I'm standing strong..."

First mother: "You ready?"

2nd mother, "Umm hum... I got this. Let's go!" - Sadhvi Ayele Maat 

"The spirit of these two women holding hands and holding machetes resides in many Black women I know and have known of. Seeing it is a matter of respect, discernment and perceptions.".

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Mother's advise

1 9 4 6

"In 1946, Ophelia Devore was determined to create a new market for non-White women in the U.S., DeVore would establish The Grace Del Marco Agency.

In the agency's early days, it was a stepping stone for countless household names; Diahann Carroll, Helen Williams, Richard Roundtree, Cicely Tyson and others. Racism was rampant in New York's fashion business and the Grace Del Marco Agency was one of the few places non-White models could gain work." ~ Old Black Hollywood

visionary business woman, Ophelia Devore created a market for non-white women in fashion establishing The Grace Del Marco Agency in the U.S.
August 12, 1922 – February 28, 2014

"She was 24 years old when she established The Grace De Marco Agency! In those times? I wonder what obstacles she went through to make that happen right after World War II? I wonder about her family? How did she live? How did she die? What else did she create against large obstacles? Did she marry, have children?" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 12.13.15

DREAM of a Woman

Cosetta Chantal sitting astride her motorcycle in a black dress and heels speaks to the adventures of womanhood. During and after raising children what should a mother not do? Should she not play? Should she not ride motorcycles, jump out of planes, or plan the next ingenious move in the game of her life? What motherhood provides a woman in terms of options is as full of optimism and promise as it is for fathers, and men. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
Nov. 17, 2012

Oshun Iyalbeji Shango pregnant in a white dress.
May 11, 2011 

"The profundity of what carrying a child cared for within you is different a capacity as carrying the hope of another generation within. The beauty of seeing a woman embracing and caring for her womb instinctively surpasses the songs a man can sing to his womb, his woman. For who can carry life this way, and mean to shift the world and can shift the world with the word of new birth her birthed child will say leaving his mother's body? It is beyond the powers of destruction the powers of birth. It is beyond the beauty of youth and form the timeless ritual of conception, carry, care for, and delivery a woman performs. It is God-Gift. It is the I AM presence in a natural form. It is the beginning of the world. It is the Creation story Eve could never tell you tell standing there rubbing your stomach, caring for your baby!!" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.11.14

Delotta Brown is sucking her finger.

"Poems, sculptures, radical thought, storms, nights of passion, and unbelievable flashes of genius have come from the mere sight of the Goddess form, the Goddess stories, and the essence of the Goddess." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 2.20.11

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Lacey Duvall holding hands.

Jada Fire's classic beauty from behind 

True love is not rare. It exists in belief, and lives in truths, and clarity of mind. Love is invisible to the wounded souls, the gossips, manipulators and unappreciated by cynics, and fouled by the powers of dominance. Love isn't rare. It holds hope, keeps the world circulating, propels change, bursts between two lovers in bed into inexplicable meanings, and changes the scope of desperation by its mere touch, or the suggestion of its arrival to a dismal life.

Love is not rare. Love is like the Tao. Love is like Aleph. Love is like the spirit of Budo. God is Love. Love is Ifa. The Goddess is Divinity and her love is divine. Love cannot be contained, but if you want to contain it it will be contained. Such is the nature of all mysteries. True love can be held captive by bitterness, unbelief or disappointments, but no, true love is not rare. Love is because I AM. - Gregory E. Woods 1.10.14

Lovers kiss. 

lovers deep in each other.

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DREAM of a Woman

A three some: water, hose and a woman in a shower doth make for a treat or a surprise! 

"Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream." - Gerard van Duinen 1.10.14 

Yemaya merging from the waters (Marlene)


Jordan Carver poolside

Amanda Jean in white lingerie strikes a pose for older women. It is in their beauty the presence of youthful beauty is mirrored and reflected back with possibilities." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 6.11.14 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

DREAM of a Woman

lovers embracing by Indu Huynh Photography

A dream of a woman: to be held knowingly with love.
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 

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Remembering Celebrity

Valerie Leon (born 12 November 1943) is an English actress
who had roles in a number of high-profile British film franchises,
including the Carry On series.

Virginia Mayo, sweater girl

Vivica A. Fox at 50th birthday on red carpet in purple dress !!!!

Kathleen Bradley on red carpet !!!!

Do We See This?

Art of Freedom from Noëllie de Casterlé's gallery

Purity is defined by how it feels, and where it comes from. Who is pure as defined by who is defiled has a different meaning from the assessment of pure souls seeing themselves in another. Purity as a concept is foreign to the presence of purity because the intellect believes it has the right to define, redefine and assess the Unknown without the touch of the Divine that brought us all to Life. Such a mysterious thing trying to evolve in part when wholeness, the purpose of spiritual development, hides itself in Play and Work. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.9.13  

artistic expression of a woman's form

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HE Spoke Into IT!

Art by Corinne Reid of man crying

Sacred Masculine tears healing the collective 

"As it deepened, I came to the certain conclusion that this healing phase was not just about my personal healing. I was not just crying for me. This ocean of tears was just too vast for one soul alone. I was also crying for Sarah and the entire collective. In the same way as we had entered the collective heart when we fell in love, we had also touched the collective wound. In the same way as our ecstatic moments had elevated the collective vibration, these moments of release contributed to its healing. I cried for my loss, her loss, your loss- all those moments when humanity had longed for love, retreated from love, lost love before it could be fully lived. 

Oh, my God, there is so much unfulfilled love on this troubled planet. So much. All the salt water in the oceans must come from the unshed tears of humanity. When will we learn to honor love when it comes?

~ Jeff Brown 

Art by Corinne Reid

Art form of a Black Woman 

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Jennifer Lopez on special days

Jennifer Lopez attended the 'China: Through The Looking Glass' Costume Institute Benefit Gala
May 4, 2015

a beautiful woman photographed by Rich Cutrone

Jennifer Lopez at 87th Annual Academy Awards on February 22, 2015

51 of Jennifer Lopez's looks!

See thru elegance

Singer Rita Ora attends the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 22, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.

Kelly Brook on red carpet in black see thru gown.


The Way We Were

Anne Marie Rios on toilet!
Perhaps it comes from living through a few decades and a few short eras we can feel the differences in all of the fundamental things of life: beauty, women, song, the taste of the atmosphere, etc. As we age and experience maturation all things change, even sound. The sound of things are indicators telling their own stories to our sense of being present. What we remember as old men is different from what we experienced as young boys.

The first nude I saw I was twelve years old, and didn't expect it. I had a friend from India, Raj, who looking back, was hyper and full of sexual daring. We lived outside of Manila, the capital of the Phillippiness and had a lot of freedom; much more than the constrained children of today. We romped around for hours in or out of our houses playing, exploring, talking, dreaming and being in wonder about our childhoods until each meal time. We never missed meals. Meals were the only indicator of time and relevance to schedules.

One day after daring me to do something naughty he pushed the envelope and took me to the snack stand in the park down the street. He said something to the man behind the counter and the man in a secretive manner gave him a magazine. Raj, came to me in a conspirator's hush, like he was Maxwell Smart, or the Saint. He looked around barely able to contain his excitement and showed me a black/white nudity magazine of Filipinas! The first picture I saw I will never describe publicly  or forget! That visual indoctrination was powerful, and compelling! What I later discovered in this mist of open sensations was my unwillingness, and deeply rooted resistance to taking advantage of girls with the powers of being a male! That story I won't share either, but in sacred circles I have been required to share by Spirit a very few times in my later life! It is important to share this type of vulnerability face to face with men for reasons men need to grasp for the sake of the women they will gravitate to in their lifetimes!

Unleashing sexual energies into a boy's life is a responsibility, and it is about timing, and moderating. Play is a complex drama. Under the guidance and care of parents learning to be wise at young ages childhood is very different from parents undisciplined of thought, spirit and emotions. Because child rearing has its complexities that fact alone tricks people into assumptions, and belief in a simplicity, and a simplistic approach very popular in the 21st century. There is a tremendous focus on academics negating the importance of play and undermining the principles and purpose of growing from a child to adulthood. Crippled emotions do not raise and train impeccability into a child. Fear and competition take over the spirit of wonder parents should share with their little ones. In this ancient practice the illusion of our wealth has created a blindness to creative processes, and stifled growth history has already shown to be detrimental to the environment of consciousness, education of the four parts of Being, and life on the planet.

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.09.14

Cycle of Abundance
from gallery of  Memnon TeZe Zaahir
Jan. 9, 2014

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Works of a Depth

Kimberly Donolon's Off The Backboard 8x10 inch Sharpie paint markers on canvas (2012)

Amber Blues no. 22 by Kimberly Donolon, a commissioned piece acrylic on canvas 24 x 36 in. (2012)

Kimberly Donolon somehow captured the deep feeling of the blues, and somehow translated the deep feeling of old Blues men's stories of entrapment in Jim Crow's clutches. . ." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (2.7.16)

LOOKS on Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez on a photo shoot for Kohl's 2015

Jennifer Lopez arriving at the Chopard At The Weinstein Company's Academy Awards Nominee Dinner
on Feb. 21, 2015

51 of Jennifer Lopez's looks!

a Dream of LIFE

Jada Fire's dark beauty on the balcony. 

Japanese beauty of Chen Yu. 

"The Bride and the Ideal can collide within one person's dream of themselves with the reality of their existence." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.9.13

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Two Years Ago: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in Cushnie Et Ochs at the American Idol XIII finalists party on February 20, 2014 !!!!


SEE Yellow

Jessica Alicia Bertrand
by Curtis Noble Photography in the desert naked !!!!

"... an interesting visual. Pale beauty against two, three shades of yellow from a setting sun in the desert. With the brown of the ground beneath the sparkling gray heels, and gold string around her waist the ensemble sets off a chain reaction to the body art. It is fascinating for some reason the thought of the contrasts..." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 2.20.15  

Jessica Alicia Bertrand's body art is stunning
January 16  2015


its Not nice to be a fool.


Balance is the only path to heaven. But it is the nature of the domesticate to seek imbalance. It is the nature of the domesticate to seek things in his or her own favor and usually as much as possible--selfishness. To come from the self-perspective as though self-perspective is absolute--when the reality is it is always incomplete. For that reason ALL domesticates (which includes virtually all modern humans) are doomed to HELL and are devil worshipers!! Just remember our Indigenous ancestors lived in heaven, the Garden of Eden, before the infection. They lived in heaven because they sought balance above all other things. Because balance is Wakan Tanka. Balance is love. 
  We have a choice we can abandon the hell forced upon us by the Wasicu and embrace the Indigenous ways of living of our ancestors and heal from our addiction to the selfish ways of the Wasicu or stay in the hell that they created for us." - Teacher unknown

Water Nymph Trae Harris


the Bride & the Dream

model and ex-Naval officer Keli Serio in a white gown.
Dec. 19, 2013

"Men, just think about the most beautiful things that consume your soul, and you will eventually come back to a form of Godliness. In the physical form the feminine is sacred by the virtue of spirit. Clothed in white is that mystery men sense walking down the aisle on the day of a wedding." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories  1.19.14


Friday, February 19, 2016

Black Americans looking at African Women

Traditional woman from somewhere in Africa.

"Black Americans are fond of declaring any picture of an African woman in traditional garb are queens or a princess. How do you know she is a princess? Is princess a role within her culture? What tribe does she hail from? Africa is so large and complex. There are hundreds of languages and cultures and the nations have traditions and customs too many to sweep away with vague tributes. . .

But when it is an African woman fresh in the United States it is a different reaction. Black Americans are quick to distance themselves from Africans with disgust. The two seldom interact in daily life." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (Dawn Wolf) 11/19/15

big Black woman in the woods
modern royalty
"Why do African or Black American women have to be labeled a queen, a warrior or a combination of the two ideals? Is it a longing, a gap in the spaces between who one is and who one's ancestors used to be? Is there a chasm in the sense of self that needs exaltation, or is it a boast against the boast of white people's sense of being superior, or is it all of the above assembled into one declaration?"
 - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (Nov. 19, 2015)

naked Black couple



My Uncle Bill was afraid of bird song at night. There was one bird who sang 13 notes or 9, or 6 notes that I heard as songs every night. I called the bird, 13 voices.  Uncle Bill was not amused, or impressed with what he thought was my cavalier attitude. He said, bird song, the bird, any bird singing at night brings death to a neighbor! A few weeks later our next door neighbor died mysteriously and suddenly. Uncle Bill felt I had something to do with it. Feeling triumphant about his foreboding he spoke seldom a word to me the next few days before her funeral.

The bird paused in its ritual for a few nights. 

I couldn't shake the feeling of freedom, of being freed by the bird's song. The bird always sat in the tree outside my window singing alone into the night, or to others of his clan distant or near the house. One night I recorded his singing and played it back to her outside my window. She startled. Her vocal rhythm changed a bit. She was quick to regain her voice to play, and puzzle with the recording's inability to change patterns. The fun of it fell away when the bird spoke to me about a hint within her spirit of being deceived. I felt bad, so I stopped that game.

For years I listened to these birds singing day or night, and heard more of life in each note. Eventually, I learned to lace their sounds into series, and the series spoke of gaiety, the motions of vibrant energies, and resilience  Often times the birds would give glimpses into their childhoods, or laugh at an upcoming danger heading my way in the forests I hunted solitude. Is there a story about these night birds? Yes, the stories live within the perception of the wise, the fearful, the curious and the playful spirits absorbing sound into their body awareness. 

One warm sunny afternoon birds swooped down barely missing my head making a cacophony of sound their languages one different from the other. Warning me of imminent danger they circulated the sound of and the image of three dogs tracking me through the forest. Squirrels got excited and and joined the birds hurrying me along a winding path and up into a knotted and crooked tree to wait. Each clan gave the same story. I pictured the dogs, and could gauge their proximity to my tree with deadly accuracy. Barefoot, my sandals secured in a nook of the old tree, I found a comfortable spot to rest, sleep if necessary, and waited. Machete in hand I relaxed slowly merging into the tree. The birds stopped their telling, and sat in adjacent trees to watch. Then I noticed 13 voices amongst the tellers. We nodded our recognition of each other. The dogs came. They were consumed with the darkness of their intent to tear me apart. By the time they arrived and picked up my spirit I'd merged into the tree, and the forest shielded me. From above I watched the dogs near my tree their noses full of my scent. Puzzled by the end of my trail they left another route away from my tree. 

I sat for a good while, grateful and satisfied in the tree. I left an offering of thanksgiving to all and returned another way home through the forest. Each bird found a song to sing me away from the hunting dogs. I promised myself I'd keep their stories within me. After all, these were amongst the birds who named me Dawn Wolf a few years before. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1/7/14


Jordan Carver hailing a cab in heels & black fishnets.
January 1, 2012 

 February 19 , 2014

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Walking in the Shadow of One's Own Death

Paris Hilton walking towards her car.

Jahi McMath, a 13-year-old girl, had surgery to remove her tonsils, adenoids, and extra sinus issues. The surgery was recommended by doctors to treat pediatric obstructive sleep apnea – a condition that caused her to stop breathing in her sleep which led to other medical problems.

According to Jahi’s uncle, she was worried about not waking up after the surgery. She later dismissed her worries and had the surgery. While in the intensive care unit, something went terribly wrong. She was bleeding profusely. Because of her profuse bleeding, Jahi went into cardiac arrest and was later declared brain dead. Now, the child's worse fears occurred. Suspended above and around her body initially had to be disorientating and frightening when she realized she could not re-enter her body the way she had numerous times while her body slept. Beyond that is speculation. Children's innocence and newness to life and living life on the terrestrial plane affords them courtesies an adult would not get after dying. What they are I cannot remember.

Deciding someone's death will change the core of your existence. I have had the option to take life from people in the past, and I have had to decide the how of someone's continuation upon the Earth, our Mother. The most difficult was having the power to make the decision over my own mother's life in her last days. It is a serious subject subjecting the simple minded approach to life to a veil of the mysterious dark of the light of life as we know life to be. . . - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 1.07.14

Persia Pele walking in the parking lot.