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sacred whore series: MARILYN MONROE

Photo gallery of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe in a LIFE magazine shoot with Phil Moore in the Mocambo club in Hollywood

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reality stars Nene Leakes, Sheree Whitfield, Lisa Wu Hartwell, Kandi Burruss, & Kim Zolciak of Atlanta !!!!

The tendency is to shove 'reality stars' into a dusty drawer. They come across, more often than not, as assholes, or stupid, insipid, or shallow. The first 'reality show' was in the 1970's, and the outrage of the public centered around the violation of privacy.  The networks backed off, and new technologies were packaged and sold simplifying life, and creating an elite class mentality amongst regular citizens. Laws were passed that slowly eroded the rights of citizens while jobs leaving the country were barely noticed by a population distracted by their pride in their ignorance, and the comforts of modern life. Presidents performed on stage for three, and four decades before a public that needed entertainment, and soft sells that matched their education levels. Gossips replace introspective, and hard news analysis, and reality show stars were studied from head to toe, and gossiped about to the distraction of a populace smug in the clusterfuck of their existence, and place in the world as a super power.

Many things occured during the Great Sleep. Roused from their sleep millions of US citizens found themselves poor, unemployable, and scantly clad in the images they dreamed of as reality. The Earth, our Mother is changing her form, and the state of mind of millions of US citizens is so profoundly locked in a dysfunctional paradigm they cannot see with clarity.

What is your spiritual responsibility in these times?

- Gregory E. Woods,
Keeper of Stories (3/22/11)

Kris Jenner shops at Dash

Paris Hilton, business owner & reality star

reality star Kristin Cavallari in gold sequined Gert-Johan Coetzee mini on 24th birthday day !!!!

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Born Illiana Lydia Petrovna Mironova in 1945 made Dame Helen Mirren in

the 21st century, and star of the movie ELIZABETH, one of my favorite movies

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ZANITA'S photos

I am a fan of Zanita. Her photographic work captures me. I look at her work at least twice a week. Here is a photo of Solange wearing Carly Paiker in Zanita's lastest photo shoot. I have nothing else to say about my interest in women's fashion other than providing a link to this shoot. 

Solange by Zanita 2 

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reality star KRISTIN CAVALLARI, The Hills

Reality, and the new industry of reality TV stand in their own places. Reality television tries to mask truths about Self, guarding against exposure to the depths of the human experience, and encouraging its fan base to avoid living beyond mere existence. So desperate to escape reality millions of people plunge into the lives of shallow underdeveloped people groping for stature. As pitiful as it is reality TV is effective mocking high intelligence, and belittling introspection into the shadows. We pay for cable TV, and the things we ingest we eventually have to release. Whatever we release into the sensory world affects every living soul. How do we mature in a social climate that encourages people to spend extraordinary amounts of money to re-structure their faces, eliminate menstrual cycles, straighten noses, whiten teeth, and trains, and graduates thousands of criminals from high schools who can barely read and write? - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
walking her dog walking her dog Kristin Cavallari !


Pamela Brown is best remembered amongst film buffs for her performances in the films of Powell & Pressburger. She was born in 1917 in London. Her first film was “One of Our Aircraft Is Missing” in 1942. She was splendid in “I KNow Where I’m Going” and again in 1951 in “The Tales of Hoffmann” with Moira Shearer. Amongst her later films was “In this Hous of Brede” where both she and Diana Rigg were nuns in an enclosed order. Pamela Brown died in 1975 aged only 58.

actress Pamela Brown 1956

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ceremony in the mountains


smoking Edit Magyar

Pipe Ceremony

Native American elder & his pipe

I wish there were better tributes, and connections to past actresses, and actors rather than our myopic approach to life. I wish this sentiment was applicable on a wider scale. Without the Griot tradition in place we have a myopic approach and view of things. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

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an AMERICAN WAY: business in NDN country

A message to all members of The Red Nation Society I received this important message from a TRNS member and counting today, there are six days left to act. “Subject: URGENT CRY FOR HELP!!!! Asiyu Brothers and Sisters, Im sending out this cry for help from our Brothers and Sisters in Glen Cove, CA. You may have read about what's going on there.

A company wants to set up a collection of solar panels, and wants to bulldoze off a whole Native American burial site and the remains of an ancient Native settlement to do this. You would have also read many of our sisters and brothers have been protesting and filing lawsuits, injunctions, and everything else they can do peacefully to stop them. What you might not know, is a large group of them has been physically standing guard over this land to stop the destruction for 97 DAYS NOW! And now they've ran out of legal choices and been informed they will be moved by force the 26th of this month! We can NOT let this keep happening to our people and culture! We have lost enough blood, sweat, family, friends,land and DIGNITY to let this continue! So I'm helping to spread the message to everyone possible of the only action we have left to do.

The man to contact who is head of this is Brother Wounded Knee. His number is 707-373-7195, but before you do that please go to their website and sign their online petition to stop this, and especially leave a comment for them as a show of support for everyone of them to read. Then you need to write the 2 local departments in charge of this and demand they stop it, their address is: City of Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis and City Council 555 San Clair, Vallejo CA, 94590
GVRD Mr. Shane Mcaffee 395 Amador St Vallejo CA, 94590

They can also email to Vallejo Times Herald to the readers Opinion and write there as well with 250 words or less to voice their opinions. Look up their phone numbers and emails and FLOOD them with those as well! PLEASE get this to everyone possible! Time is SHORT!! Lets draw a line in the dirt with them NOW and tell the U.S. Government “ENOUGH!!” I try not to ask for much, and never for myself, but these brothers and sisters need us NOW! May The Great Spirit bless you this and every day! With Honor and Respect,"
By: Luc Majno


Thursday, July 21, 2011


Shakespeare created some of theater’s most famous female roles, from Juliet to Cleopatra. Yet in Shakespeare’s time, while professional actresses were becoming popular across Europe, such challenging female roles were played on England’s traditionally all-male stage not by women, but by boys.

“The question that Shakespeareans, and anybody who has studied Renaissance drama, have always asked is how the English – alone among the nations around them in Europe – kept out the actress. Why and how?” says Pamela Allen Brown, an associate professor of English based at UConn’s Stamford campus and an expert in Shakespearean drama and Renaissance literature.

Brown, an avid theatergoer as well as a poet and playwright, believes that the English managed to keep their stage all-male by creating dynamic new roles that put theatrical foreign “women” at the center of some plots. Shakespeare and his colleagues, Brown says, were pressured to do so by the emergence of the professional actress on the Continent in the mid-16th century, especially in the renowned Italian theatrical troupes called the commedia dell’arte.

“I started thinking about the characters I would call the leading or star players on the English stage and how they related to characters and actresses in Europe,” says Brown, whose work-in-progress, Extravagant Stranger: The Foreign Actress in Shakespearean Drama, recently earned the support of a yearlong fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities, a prestigious award that helps fund individuals pursuing advanced research of value to scholars and general audiences in the humanities. Brown also has won a grant from the Huntington Library in Pasadena, Calif., where she will hold the Francis Bacon Foundation Fellowship.

As the international reputations of actresses in Europe flourished, and Italian troupes began to cross the English Channel and appear at Elizabeth’s court, Brown theorizes, playwrights such as Thomas Kyd, Christopher Marlowe and Shakespeare became acutely aware of the need for the all-male commercial stage to compete with dual-gender European rivals, and began to create major new female roles that would be performed by boy actors.

These central female characters, famous for their dramatic scenes of suicide, madness and passion, were unprecedented in their theatricality. Juliet, for instance, delivers an erotically charged soliloquy framed by her window, and performs both faked and real death scenes, while Ophelia’s mad scene in Hamlet is a tour de force of tragicomic acting and singing. In creating roles that demanded star quality performances from “boy divas,” and stressing their uniqueness and special skills, Brown says, English playwrights effectively kept actresses off the stage for almost a century.

Seeking to understand the dynamics behind these aspects of the English theater’s past, Brown has set out to study historical materials relating to English and Italian actors and troupes along with all plays with major female roles written from the 1560s through 1616 by such greats as Shakespeare, Marlowe and John Webster.

“I’m asking, ‘What was it like before the advent of the actresses? What were the female roles like? Where was the pressure point the greatest to start training and having women on stage in England?’” Brown says. “Somehow the professional companies managed to turn back the threat of the actress … through the means of creating these incredible dramatic roles.” By: Stefanie Dion Jones 

Pamela Brown, associate professor of English. Photo by Peter Morenus

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Care for each other


“Deep within the psyche, the soul of people and the People lives the need to be touched. Adults who live in a sad state have forgotten and need to be reminded that the Child is the Word of God. Alone the Child's power to herald is stronger than talk therapy. It moves amongst the other healing modalities seeking companionship with a playful glint in its eyes…” – Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

children playing in the water by Shanelle Gayden

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MATURITY: deep wisdom

Chris Tina Johnson on Hawaiian beach

“The old wisdoms of our People settle within some of us giving as gifts a beauty beyond the simplistic boasts of modern life into the realms of maturation, the invigorating engagements with the living elements of what created us, and who fashioned us. Such a special power it is the ability to be proud, to be beautiful, to have a cause to fight for, to have a purpose, and to serve from the beauty of that which is within us. Isn't it a wonderful and playful gift you have within your touch, your face, and your carriage? Isn't it wonderful and gracious of the Creator to give your beauty a light no other has? It must be intoxicating to those fortunate enough to spend time with you or fortunate enough to love you.

Your knowledge is your life. Your life teaches that Reciprocation is both a natural gesture and a skill fundamental to love, loving and serving from and to the highest points of our Nature.” – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

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 July 14, 2011 - Photos by Bauer Griffin

Christie Brinkley's Marilyn Monroe Moment

"There is a great deal to be said about a man caught by surprise. Who he is comes to the surface in a flash." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories


The blue light calmed people’s homes, and assured night creatures of the soul with the knowledge of imminent danger. The blue appeared to be a balm, but nefarious creatures were distracted from their tasks by the pull towards righteous light, bearing and integrity. It was disturbing the power of blue, of light, and the stillness evoked by its presence confused dark sorceress. Most living beings did not question its source, or wonder long into the night of their souls, or their memories where blue light came from or why it settled in certain flowers. The Magi did, and men and women of various cultures saw blue light amongst other lights cast throughout great forests as the first idea from God, and others thought blue light was the strand, the life line between the Goddess and the God she birthed into existence.”Gregory E. Woods

photo: blue flower from Zatiti Ema's gallery

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Journeys Home

Children of Orman by Monika Wintersteins

Love Letters – Celeste Morgan

As I approached my forties, older women gathered around me to speak about the changes I would experience. They whispered that I would have a stronger voice. I would lose my ability to tolerate and suffer with the masks I had acquired. They mentioned I would have more spirit and a second adolescence. Well, I have to get honest, this news kind of irritated me. I wondered why did I have to wait so long to give myself permission to fully live my life? I ask that question of most of the readers of this blog and invite you to ask yourself if you are waiting to start your life. The tools of sacred play and introspection continue to guide me on my personal journey. However, Journeys Home is the spot where I share about the magic of living my life and giving practical examples of walking in my own authenticity and truth. I’m not always skipping the halls or playing, but I will say that I have far more fun now than I ever did in my first adolescence as I continue to learn more about myself. As more of me comes out, I feel a call to share the love and light. I enjoy being of service and finding creative ways to help people look for their strengths and understand just how special and unique they really are. I believe the key to life is finding your true bliss and following it passionately. Strength and vulnerability live side by side in my world and while my voice may shake at times, I still speak today. Journeys Home chronicles my story! – Celeste Morgan

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“The young man who caught Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit, and returned it to the team got caught in one of the gross contradictions of freedom, rights, and the pursuit of happiness. He could have followed a typical path and cashed in on the ball for up to $250,000! He didn’t. The Internal Revenue Service announced their intentions to tax him somewhere in the area of $5,000 to $13,000 for the gifts of gratitude the New York Yankees gave to him.

Banks after their bailout have become more predatory in their practices. Charging non-customers fees for cashing checks written to them by the banks’ members, and dragging their feet reviewing and giving loans to small non-profit business owners, and the social stigma of welfare for the middle class and the poor, and the high esteem of welfare for large corporations are four of the reflections of a dominate and contemptuous attitude held against working Americans by corporations, the US government, and praised and upheld by conservative branches of a specific American ideology of freedom!

Being trapped within the practical expressions of this loathing from ‘privileged’ people in our culture creates an indescribable rage that tore the country apart in the 1960’s, and threatens ‘stability’ in every decade. What will happen when the social fabric tears at the seams not because there was no warning, or insight into the thorny sides of the oppressive beliefs, and practices but from ignoring the people trapped in the web of contradictions, dictatorial patriotism, corporate welfare, and the fringe benefits of warmongering?" – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

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Daughters of the Earth Gathering

Daughters of the Earth Gathering in Massachusetts on Aug 5th - 7th

"Why.... For the women who don’t know... For the women who are afraid to know... For the women who find it hard to believe... For the women who have yet to bleed... For the women who need to recharge to move out in the world and spread it wide... We need those Winds to disperse those seeds farther than they might have gone on their own... We need the startling moments to reboot our souls......... We need someone to believe whispering love in our ears... Igniting a passion we didn’t know we didn’t know... Even a hummingbird needs to land on a branch, sit in a nest, rely on the rest to do their best... For those who will not make it, this year or ever, for they will inherit the work done by others and touch grounds we have yet to dream possible... Why??? Because we love..." -Kathleen Rouleau

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thoughts measure & guide a person through life

actress Krista Allen

Conscious utterance of thought, by speech or action, to any end is Art. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

At certain times I have no race, I am me. When I set my hat at a certain angle and saunter...The cosmic Zora emerges. I belong to no race nor time. I am the eternal feminine with its string of beads. ~Zora Neale Hurston

RECOVERY: africans


“For the past 500 years, we have been in survival mode, our elders and ancestors have worked hard to afford us the opportunity to make it as far as we have. They are urging us to move to a higher level of modus operandi (mode of operation), IT IS TIME TO BUILD!!!! Time for us, the People of African Descent to look at our rich history; present situation; and into the future, beyond our projected individual life spans, and decide ...whether we want our collective legacy to once again be great.

We must do something now not later! We must get off our mental, physical, and spiritual backsides and get a move on. The success, prosperity, and stability of our children and their children's children depends upon what WE do NOW.

We must Emancipate ourselves from the Mental Slavery of the Eurocentric idea of living, this way that does NOT work to our benefit, as the consumer, and builder of the collective wealth of others.

Let us build, our ancestors did, by being the creators of civilization, mathematics, the sciences, the pyramids and much more.


It is OUR responsibility to do so, we owe it to our elders, our ancestors, our children, and our children's children to stop complaining, and start finding solutions, make a plan, and work the plan. -Mwalimu Antoine Bean,

The Voice of Timbuktu

Thursday July 7, 2011 on blog talk

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Zhang Ziyi has a gentleness that belies her fierce determination & drive


Destiny Delite

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PAMELA BROWN, educator
Ms. Brown is an experienced educator who specializes in promoting strong student achievement through data-driven and collaborative planning processes, positive student behavior, second language acquisition, and community partnerships. Most recently, she served as Northwest Regional Superintendent in the School District of Philadelphia, where, within one school year, the percentage of schools that met Adequate Yearly Progress targets increased from 59% to 69%, including 80% of its Empowerment (Corrective Action II) Schools. Prior to that, she served as Chief of Staff in Richmond City Public Schools (VA), principal of three elementary schools in Charlotte (NC), Director of Second Language Acquisition Programs in Phoenix, and Spanish-English bilingual teacher and specialist in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Her fluency in Spanish, near fluency in French, instructional and organizational leadership, and ability to inspire community support allowed her to develop Pre-International Baccalaureate, French Immersion, Spanish Immersion, Core Knowledge, and Multiple Intelligences thematic programs in various schools. She earned a B.A. from Stanford University, Bilingual/Cross-cultural Teacher Certification from the University of Southern California, an M.S.ED. from San Francisco State University, and an Ed.M. from Harvard University. Ms. Brown completed the Urban Superintendents Doctoral Program at Harvard University, from which she expects to earn her Ed.D. in June 2010.

The School District of Philadelphia

440 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia PA 19130


“The Elders have some much to teach us, it all depends if we want to listen and learn, or just say I am not interested. It does touch many souls because at the end he will be reunited with same souls and other souls. The life of an Elder has mystery in it. Life itself is a mystery. It is up to us to see it and learn or just close our eyes and pretend that one person's life did not exist.” – minerva

photo of Minerva

Monday, July 4, 2011


American Eagle by Kathy Sharp Frisbee

The phrase, "let us remember those have given so much, so that we can be a free people" has been tainted in my ears. It no longer inspires me. The phrase has assumed the tone of dictatorial patriotism replacing introspective thought sending historical perspective careening into distant fog.

The phrase might refer to others in service to their country with skills other than war, and killing or conquering, but that is a slim hope. There is a deep fear of Life in American culture. It is reflected and echoed in our economy, our children, and most tellingly in our way of life. Jesus Christ’s life, and testimony of his goodness has not released our deep fears of living abundant lives. If not him who? - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

flag wrapped around pornstar Lisa Ann !!!!

famous American beauty: Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall starred in series, & movie Sex & the City

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Samyra Gellatly-De La Torrezz teaching with her life

Samyra Gellatly-De La Torrezz before the public

“There is a time to break away from coloring, and painting the picture of what ails the soul, and gaze into the possible dream. This is the time for that pause. Without it the spirit can be crushed and separated from hope, and possibility.” – Dawn Wolf, Keeper of the Sacred Medicine Wheels


“… incorporating elegance into one’s soul, and tutoring the art of being composed and elegant is not a lost art. It is a work of refinement, and maturity outside the grasp of the crass, the crude, the rude myopic focus of pitiful souls outside of who they are. The power of being composed and comfortable within the powers you’ve acquired is being conscious of the cumulative affect of the feel, and impression of it upon anyone. Looking at what you, Samyra, project into the world evokes the possible to the dreamers dreaming themselves from underneath a hard circumstance.” – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Saturday, July 2, 2011

BLACK HISTORY in White America: a children's story

Lauren Holly, actress, in black dress aboard a boat reminds me of what separated colored folk from white folk, and rich white folk from everyone else when I was a child. Two generations before Lauren Holly's career bloomed racism was a partner of white privilege, fame, and wealth. The best talents, and most famous beauties esteemed highly in their day, and in ours were immersed in a culture that held colored folks hostage to the idea of their inferiority, and second-class citizenship. More likely than not most of them thought we were niggers. But Colored folk, like everyone else, enjoyed good movies, and like everyone else idolized whoever caught their fancy. All of the famous names enjoyed adulation from their fan bases, but they did not speak for the cause of Negroes, or Indians until certain people in the industry spoke up.

Black artists like Harry Belafonte, Dick Gregory in the 1950's & '60's influenced a national consciousness from their connection to their unknown predecessors in the entertainment industry, the ministry, politics, business, and education. Black Africa in North America thrived and suffered. The intelligentsia of Negro American life added a paradigm to the concept of inferior status that exceeded the attitudes and expectations of white Americans. It is a deep source of pride to know these things. Even deeper is having that blood flowing through your veins, and deeper than is knowingly acting upon that energy.

The culture of Hip Hop comes from various African traditions of thought, belief, action, behavior, culture, and spirituality. Our African ancestors sing, dance, and rejoice with the new births of our freed expression. Without knowing and understanding these connections to freed speech an element of creativity is individually lost within artists. Talent is important but if an artist is ignorant of the ancestral and historical connections of the art and the People he/she comes from his/her 'game' is weaker than it should be. Every artist is a conduit. Ignorance is not bliss. It is a fault; an err in training. It is not good for the upcoming generations to be cut off the line of their ancestors. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Lauryn Hill

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ELDER in a boy

I have been learning & enjoying stories as a boy, first, later a man and now myself a Keeper of Stories.  I want to continue this experience learning new stories and asking questions of ancestors and myself.   Ancestors become stories and the living listen to each others stories, and stories are told to children who will become more than old people and become Elders- Gregory E. Woods, Dawn Wolf

Dawn Wolf sharing a sweetgrass teaching at Abrams Creek in 2011