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Bridget Moynahan, actress BLUE BLOOD

Bridget Moynahan's elegant beauty underlines something value and attainable: impeccability, a strong belief in something larger than herself, and a strong work ethic. How does a Mother, a woman teach this to girls?

There was hardly anyone on the train yesterday afternoon. Two teenager girls got on the train posturing, and self-conscious. Obviously trying to appear suave, mature, and elegant they strutted like short peacocks to their seats, and plopped down as if the cameras were rolling. They flipped out their cell phones with flair typical of young people who have a limited sense of what is important or real. The two Black girls carried themselves as if they reached outward for answers, got some, and otherwise conducted their lives without a grasp of what womanhood entailed in truth.

A few stops later I looked up because something disturbed the atmosphere. An elegant woman stepped on the train. As she walked down the aisle looking at seats I could hear soft music around her. Her black hair bounced around a round olive colored face lightly made up. Not skinny or fat she moved carefully guided by an unperceived wind that sustained an appearance of soft movement when she sat down and crossed her legs. The short black boots matched the black body suit that climbed luxuriously upward and under a dark mini skirt worn tastefully with a soft gray short coat. She cast her eyes around the car obviously not interested in her audience, but in the condition of the train car, and pulled out something to read. Neither polite, or obtuse she was simply elegant, mature, comfortable, and content within herself.

I glanced at the two teenage girls. They were spell bound. Transfixed is a better word. They were sitting directly across from her studying her every movement, and ingesting every subtle thing communicated to them.

Standing next to her when we had to get off at L’Enfant Plaza felt good. I was excited because my medicine told me to speak to her, and I did. I told her what kind of impact she had on those two girls. I only had two minutes to speak. She turned into a luminous being when she absorbed the story, and I, from my heart, blessed and commended her for that one simple act of being herself, and unconsciously teaching two girls who didn’t know how to ask the questions about their womanhood. – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories


Lauren Holly exquisitely poised in a pants suit 2

Lauren Holly, actress

Maori warrior from Ngaronoa Taki's gallery

Tama toa ...Young Warrior.

He is the epitome of whare tu Taua
Chiefly House of Warrior codes
He is Great Forest deep
He is Sky and Earth unbound
He is Oceanic Heart
He is summit unto height of Mountain
River is winding and weaving within Him
Great Mother's Heart beats
in time to the rhythmic
patterns of the woven Universe
unfolding within HIM.

Cherish and Honour our Sons
Our Brothers, Fathers, Grandfathers
like Great Forest deity Tane Mahuta
Breathe for this world
and it answers.
Stands for this world
and WE answer.
Toi tu te Mana
Divine Authority is eternal
Toi tu te Whenua
Divine Mother stands eternal
Toi tu te Kupu
Divine word stands eternal
Tui toi te Aroha e
Divine Love gifts
the presence and lifebreath
of Creator.

~Ngaronoa Taki

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Zhang Ziyi is a beautiful woman delicate; strong as the willow’s ability to adapt and move within strong winds. – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

an EPITAPH: Jack Lemmon

actor Jack Lemmon's eptiaph read IN

delicate flower hard seed

Zhang Ziyi, Chinese actress

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Beyoncé Knowles

elegant in red


Rev. (Mrs.) Irene Perkins - Founder of the London Spiritualist Church about 35 years ago. A channel, a psychic, a clairvoyant - a beautiful Soul that stepped into my life as dozen years ago.  "Do It with Love" was one of her phrases. ...she sits at one end of the bridge so very close.

Rev. Irene Perkins & Elizabeth T. Harris

Friday, January 28, 2011


Sanaa Lathan's exquisite & beautiful face

Vivica A. Fox !!!!

Beautiful, talent and under exposed black actress don't have the full backing and support of the Black American community. It is in our conditioning that we are incapable of keeping our Black and Latin actors employed. Our sense of being voiceless, and powerless in the face of powerful industries didn't keep Arsenio Hall on the air.

Arsenio Hall was the most obvious pick to continue the American tradition of nighttime entertainment Johnny Carson set at the highest level. His energy was that intangible combination of elements that I call 'negro sauce' jokingly. His creativity, and natural ability to pull the best out of people in the sweeping range of American popular culture was outstanding. The energy he created he sustained at the highest level of sustainability. It was brilliant. His band. The musicians were among the best of LA's top musicians. He even went further and hired a gorgeous woman in the band named Starr. She was cabrón!!! That whole band was in synch with Arsenio, his producers, the sponsors, and the concept they danced together as they stirred the fires within their viewers for a nightly party.

His facilitation tools were and are worthy of study. He dared himself and pushed his audience to follow his plans, his visions, his sense of play, and adventure. It led him to make some political stands. One of them ended the show. He brought on Minister Farrakhan to balance a national discussion at the time.

Not a single Black person, myself included, found his courage, his balls to speak to the powers in Hollywood. That has haunted me, and fueled my drive to excellence. After this profound disappointment I found my voice. I say this apologizing to letting Arsenio Hall down, and being a small part of dominance of mediocrity that is the standard for late night prime time talk shows.

-Gregory E. Woods

Keeper of Stories


Paula Patton

Noemie Lenoir

Thursday, January 27, 2011

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LOVELY EDWARDS, mystery of youth

“Lovely Edwards, it is important to be in your generation. There are many things to unlearn, and do but most importantly the sacred work of this time requires transformation at levels, and depths not ushered into the world for well over a few thousand years. There are elders capable of working with you until you become yourself balanced between the Goddess, the God, the mysterious forces of Life that birthed your child, and distinguished your womb to birth into a dark world a light not seen in times past. You were made for these times, and you are not alone by any stretch of your imagination.” - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories


"All colors are enhanced, or fortified by dark skin. Dark skinned beauty is the depth of origin, and original ideals and ideas of beauty, and it is a creation story overlooked more often than not by what is misunderstood about magic, mysticism, and mysterious things outside our peripheral vision of the worlds." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories


"All colors are enhanced, or fortified by dark skin. Dark skinned beauty is the depth of origin, and original ideals and ideas of beauty, and it is a creation story overlooked more often than not by what is misunderstood about magic, mysticism, and mysterious things outside our peripheral vision of the worlds." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


"Nga mihi ki a koe Kai. Ae ra, te Tane purotu me ona whakapapa korero. Te Ta Moko mona hei tautokongia ona motuhaketanga i raro i te maru o tona kawai whakapapa. Kia whakatau i te Tane nei me mau ia te Ta Moko. He kaupapa whakahirahira h...ei hapaingia hei kawea te taonga o kui me koro ma.

Mahalo nui loa e Kai. It is indeed eclipse of Chiefly BEingness to behold. A Man at peace in His Sacred BEing wearing the face of His Ancients and Ancestors as his Chiefly cloak of journey." - Ngaroonoa Mereana Taki
Maori man in traditional tattoos by Ngaronoa Mereana Taki
"Nga mihi ki a koe Kai. Ae ra, te Tane purotu me ona whakapapa korero. Te Ta Moko mona hei tautokongia ona motuhaketanga i raro i te maru o tona kawai whakapapa. Kia whakatau i te Tane nei me mau ia te Ta Moko. He kaupapa whakahirahira h...ei hapaingia hei kawea te taonga o kui me koro ma.

Mahalo nui loa e Kai. It is indeed eclipse of Chiefly BEingness to behold. A Man at peace in His Sacred BEing wearing the face of His Ancients and Ancestors as his Chiefly cloak of journey."
- Ngaronoa Mereana Taki


Persecution News - Pakistan
Governor assassinated for opposing blasphemy law
(January 06, 2011)

“That was a sad day for me. That same day one of the young men from one of my circles killed a man here in Maryland. I know there is a thread that ties these killings to belief systems from one part of the globe to another. Distance is meaningless to energy. Yesterday three men joined me in that circle as we worked with this group of boys probing deep into their souls, and ours to better see the ties between their actions and beliefs, our actions, and inactions, and beliefs at play within our young people who are closer to killing than we care to admit.

What if our spoken word as men of God; as fathers, and sons, is the power to provide the shift within the thoughts, and mood of a person anywhere in the world about to kill? What if it is our thoughts, and energies, the meditation of our hearts, and minds that shifts and moves killers in or out of their dark frame of mind? How much responsibility do we hold, and how far does it extend; our influence, when we speak, believe, feel, and think? Isn’t the power of life and death in the tongue, and cannot we create, and give life?

So I ask what within us can change the world in the most profound way?” - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

Monday, January 24, 2011

a short story

actress Lauren Holly

“There is a softness that descends softy upon the vulnerable sense of being still in the presence of certain types of beauty held by certain types of women. Defining it is senseless. It’s almost disrespectful because some elements of beauty shy from descriptions. They only respond to touch, memory, and quiet acceptance before they open you up to the aspects of themselves they guard. Beauty is a mistress, a source, an illusion, and among other things a source of confidence.” – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories


Manaaki i te taangata ...this is a core philosophy of Grandparent generations ...Share all that you are in the general good ...herein lies the wealth of our WellBEing and Abundance ...Sharing and Caring for Life ...with Love Light.

"...these are some of my works Sacred Sister. They are the places I go to rejuvenate my HeartMind and sort through creative ideas within a deeply Spiritual puna aroha. Sometimes its so important to nurture our creative Heart with gentleness and ...Art allows me to do all of this. I used to watch my Grandparents in their respective roles as Elders do the same, whatever they were doing. Mahalo for the BEauty in the medicine of your words. Big Love Aroha e ..." - Ngaronoa Mereana Taki


Evelyn & Jayla, granddaughter


“There is a legacy to and from Beauty. It begins with a thought traveling between the worlds we all come from and return to in a lifetime, on a daily basis, or in the rapture of extreme joys released into the ethers through sex, worship, wonder, or engagements with the Light of our Being. Beauty extends beyond the obvious and attainable into the mythical chambers of Stories living within our Sacred Essence.

Breath is our Beauty. She is Spirit within us alive on either side of the grave. She is our perception of self, our projection of Self, and who we are alive! She is how we say I love you.” –Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Evelyn at Union station

WARRIOR TEACHINGS: father to son

Brazilian bodybuilder Flavia Crisos' form

“Living in the present is more a cute thing to say. Not being a part of one's everyday practice modern people live in the future. You can spot the evidence of it in the walk and stances. The necks extend forward leading the awkward bodies to the next engagement. At concerts, and I have seen this from many stages I have performed on, people cannot get into the best music preoccupied by getting out of the audiotorium before the next guy.

Christians, obsessed with the rapture, cannot get through the present moments. Not living in the moment is a tell-tell-tale sign of immaturity, and a lack of the spiritual discipline one needs to grasp eternity. Perception enhanced by discipline is a spiritual practice not often not heard of, or at the highest level — practiced. That being said the scriptural texts are meaningless without the prerequisite disciplines of a spiritual warrior, which first of all requires one’s presence!” – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Sunday, January 23, 2011

WHITE ROSES, white lei poho

Kia ora ~ Vibrant WellBEing Sacred Kin ...Great Mother is speaking stronger in our BEings in this time. The call to our Kin far and wide is growing in our need to create inner shifts and come back to Earth, literally. Our Elders do what needs must, to ensure the flow of Life continues regardless of the Takers and Strangers who bring gluttony, selfishness and perversion to our Minds. We are strong enough to resist and walk on in BEauty. Our Hearts and Spirits reach out to ourselves cos we are One Family in the complex of Life. What affects one, affects the whole.
I feel so many there our Ancients Selves and Tribalz quietly going about getting on with the ever blessed changes to come into alignment with Great Mothers Renewal and Rejuvenation. I hear in the many conversations still, a deep addiction to the Having cultures. It's understandable, if that is all which has been presented to your Mind, when Heart is demonized and Spirit is hijacked by outer concerns. These talismans of the white lei poho (head garland) of white Roses speaks to my energy of the need to keep my own thoughts pure and the innocence protected by my Grandparents in tact. It is a discipline. To cleanse one's thoughts daily of the debris all around, in order to see first and always, the BEauty beyond it. The Hei Tiki in Rasta colours is a fusion from our Brotherz. The Hei Tiki is our Fertility symbol and one of the icons of the First Human Being ...Tiki referring to the Last Born the Family of Creation. The Rasta colours bind us to our Kinspeople the Planet deep in our shared beliefs regarding I and i Spirituality coming direct between our Gods and ourselves with all that is between. My Heart reaches out to you Sacred and Chiefly Brother Alowan Chanteh Inyan Wichasha.

Ocean Wahine Ngaronoa Mereana Taki ...Smiling into our Blessed connections.
Ngaronoa Mereana Taki 5

"...such a profound relationship you have established within yourself with others, the Divine, your Ancients, and Ancestors who connect dots and lines for many people in the worlds we come from and live in, Ngaronoa Mereana Taki." - Alowan Chanteh Inyan Wichasha


Saturday, January 22, 2011


May your time be nourishing and your company bless your Spirit with upliftment. Let all that is Love bind itself to you and all who are with you eternally. Kia piki te Aio ~ Abiding in Sacred Oneness. - Mereana Taki


“Ngaronoa, a towering truth you told. It introduces the opening of a door to usher light into the dark spaces that have been closed for centuries in the coldest, crudest, and cruel ways. Here, in America, Black Americans tend to run in the defensive circles like terrified animals not sure of how to get away from the tactical advantages of hungry wolves playing with their next meals. It is hard to hear any voice pointing out the obvious ways out of being so full of terror.” – Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories


shopping Via Senato, Milano by the Sartorialist !!!!

Shopping and watching sports are the worst things I can think of having to do. Shopping for food is unpleasant to me, I sense, because it is an experience pretending to be a community event. After shopping in the markets in Africa it is painfully clear how profoundly disconnected American shoppers are from the fabric of intimacy, the little secrets of relationships between the mineral, plant, animal lives, and the pleasure of touching people in the sun who have labored to bring food from the earth. Trading for food was meant to continue after the hunt or the harvest or the exchange with other tribes with rejoicing, and ceremony. Anything less discredits the relationships that bring food to the table, and removes modern shoppers from the real concepts of exchange, empowerment, enlightenment, and family ties.

Shopping for clothes is equally painful. Without a connection with a person who understands me, who is capable of listening to my story around clothes, or able to discern my spirit and translate it to the art of making clothes? What is left is pretense. Identity is masked, no, it is lost to the tradition of modern clothes making, and purchasing. The buyer, typically, is persuaded to lose his/her name and accept someone else’s name. For many men, and I mean men, not a semblance of a man: men need clothes made by women or men who respect and understand the nuances of manhood, and its expression. Without it what is a man wearing? – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories


Friday, January 21, 2011


Frederick Douglas, freedom fighter, author, lecture

Post-Racial America ???

On Monday January 17, 2011 in the city of Spokane, in the state of Washington, in ‘post-racial’ America, during a parade rally celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, someone left a highly sophisticated bomb with a remote control strategically located on the parade route exactly where it would do the most damage and kill the most people.

Washington State has long been a stronghold of support for right-winged militants and a haven for white supremacist organizations. But it comes as a real shock that such an attempt would be made with a black president in the White House in this ‘post-racial’ America. After all racism no longer exist since the election of a black man to that office, and all the hatred for blacks by white supremacist disappeared or evaporated with President Obama’s inauguration. At least that’s what the propaganda machines keep feeding us.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation the bomb was meticulously manufactured, extremely lethal and placed in a position on the route where it would have killed several by remote detonation. The FBI must be mistaken though because I distinctly recall hearing Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others say that we are now living in a ‘post-racial’ society where racism and white supremacy no longer exist.

What is interesting is that 43 years after Dr. King’s death the same hatred that murdered him and bombed a church in Alabama killing 4 little girls is the same hatred that almost reeked havoc on the streets of Spokane in 2011. If not for the astute observations of some alert citizens we would have the trauma of Birmingham all over again. On December 10, 1964 during his acceptance speech of the Nobel Peace Prize Dr. King made mention that on the day before (Dec. 9, 1964) there were no less than 40 churches bombed in the state of Mississippi due to racism and the notion of white supremacy.

Interestingly, on December 3, 2010 twenty-six year old Frederick Jermaine Carter was found hanging by his neck from a twelve-foot limb of a forty-foot oak tree in Greenwood Mississippi. What is more interesting is that the tree he was found hanging from is less than 10 miles from where Emit Till was brutally maimed and murdered for being a black boy attempting to speak to a white girl. The Sheriff’s office of Greenwood say that, the shorter than 6ft tall Frederick, committed suicide by stringing himself up over a twelve-foot limb of a forty-foot tree. While this is going on the governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour continues to lambast and condemn President Obama just for being black and proclaims that he and Frederick Jermaine Carter, are and were tumors on the State of America. Mr. Carter’s family however, says that the 26-year-old was not suicidal at all and, on the contrary, was quite happy with his gainfully-employed life.

The purpose of this blog is to question how all these issues are able to exist in a “post racial” society. America claims that it has risen above its Jim Crow issues and it’s predisposition with WHITE SUPREMACY. America claims that it does not suffer from Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome as a nation. The United States of America vehemently refuses to admit or apologize for its cruel injustices to its fellow human beings during the time of slavery up to the present.

And so this blog is to question when. When will these United States of America take ownership of the crimes it committed and is still committing against its fellow human beings? When will its officials, including our current President, address the issues that have plagued the African in America since the 1600’s? When will we address the issue of white supremacy and racism in these United States? When will we face our greatest demon; a demon that says I, THE WHITE MAN, AM BETTER THAN YOU, THE BLACK MAN?

Until we have courage enough for this question; until we muster the strength to deal with this issue, we will all suffer. Because whether we choose to face it or not, the only reason that bomb didn’t go off in Spokane is because the hate-mongers and orchestrators who planned the bombing of the MLK parade in Spokane Washington were not as efficient and organized as that lynch-mob in Greenwood Mississippi.

Given my last statement; I have two questions. 1) are we really living in a “Post-Racial Society”? And 2) when will we learn to love instead of hate? by Ty Gray-El, author, poet, father


Nga mihi o te tau hou Sacred Kin one and all, greetings and salutations.

So what do we do about it? We Think Smart and do our own research about this Planet's g'over'nance over the Worlds populations ...thinkin Global, actin Local. REALI...TY is what is left after we have understood the totalizing psychosis of a %1 plutocracy controlling and manipulating the other %99 of our Sacred Kin. Consciousness is the Human. Infinite Consciousness is the Human in concert with our Great Mother and Grandmother Cosmos. Spirituality is expansionist, all else is dogmatic oppression and domination investing in chronic reductionisms, rabid linear one dimensionalism and falsified individual isolationism.

Ohhhhh the term 'Post-Racial' is part of the psychotic pulse predatorial Mindscapes. It is like Post-Colonial and Post-Patriarchal ...Democracy as First past the post ...the mad rantings of alien-ation, alter-natives and sub-alterning the Others. It's a lie. Spinning the 'truth' is a market product and language of Capitalism the cheat, liar, thief, burglar, Overlord, debt inducer ...well ...predator inside our Minds and infesting our realities. I think your piece sparks different questions for me as a Nativez Woman living at home here in the South Pacific. Different, yet still related.

The USA is the home of Red Nations. At what point in healing tide to 'Survivalism' do all the other Nations who have since become residents upon their Ancients Land base does true partnerships and respectful relationships with the Indigenous Peoples begin?

The Red Nations are at Home and one day some people come knocking on the door. The 'visitors' storm the house, kill most of the hosts and move the rest out the back yard into a shed with no lights. In time, the Burglars act like, its their House and go steal Black Nations raping, pillaging and plundering them on the way. They bring Black Nations descendants over to help take over the Ancestral Home of the Red Nations while all the while brutalizing and Soul Wounding them. Each night they put the Black Nations in the back shed with the Red Nations.

This is what my Spirit speaks into this 'Post-Racial' post. Where are we to 'Post' anything to when our own consciousness is seriously scarred and wounded ...even while we share a common enemy? Ignorance is a socially transmitted, preventable dis-ease. Are we really prepared to be completely honest and committed to healing of ALL of this degradation of our Sacred relationships, while holding fast to the BEauty and the Courage of Ancients and Ancestors so we could all live another generation? The pain is very real. The injustice is very real. The ongoing predatorial systems are real and pressing. In being strategic Truthtelling is vital as Medicine and Celebration for sustained transformation within us all.

I go back to Great Mother as our focus. We are where we are. We want acceptance and respect in Amerikkka? Yet where are we? If we go to Africa, do we give our respects to the Indigenous peoples there observing our Ancients protocols when you go to someone else's Home? Do we instead, give our support and respect to those who installed themselves in power over the Indigenous peoples cause being in the USA is both forced and ambivalent in how it positions the Red and Black Nations as 'competitors' for the Resource systems which the White Nations currently usurp and unilaterally seek to control. Brutality isn't new. Propaganda and psychological Warfare is not new. UNITY of our DIVERSITIES as Sacred Kin based on our Ancients First Life principles for respectful relationships ...THIS will be new.

The cultural bomb daily exploded on our Children when we are inwardly divided is already catastrophic. Slavery can no longer be the moment which Unites anyone. Survivalism is no basis for strength and positive regard. Yes, many were severed from their Mother Land, tho Great Mother is still there ...the details of where yes, these things have been shattered by the predatorial systems enacted to bring that state of events into being. It has no comparison, and ought NEVER be used in such a way as a heirachy of oppressions and dominations to minimize or seperate ourselves off.

I highly recommend these Vids by Dr Sizemore.

We are in a time when Women are coming to the fore. This has NOTHING to do with Western Feminism and everything to do with being Earth Peoples attuned with Great Mother Earth.
This is what (rather than whom) we are dealing with;  

I highly recommend everything by Dr Dick Gregory where we are seeking to embody Truthtelling to ourselves most of all;  

This is a powerful gift from our Black Nations Kin. I bless us all with the BEauty of our Ancients and Ancestors whose faces we are wearing, whose blood and DNA as light consciousness we are incarnating in being on this our Divine Mother Earth. If I have offended anyone, please forgive me in advance it isn't my intention. Ka nui te mihi aroha ki a tatou katoa, kia tau te rangimarie.' - Ngaronoa Taki

TAMALA JONES, an affirming presence

“There is a line the eye can follow into the circular form of the essence of a woman's beauty. If the travel comes to a dead stop, or moves along easily there is no law that says either path has to end. Beauty draws the eye into formlessness.  Formlessness is within itself, and detached from form, but its very formlessness is a shape we perceive within the most beautiful parts of our women.  The mystery of a woman is not shaped by the men who love, admire, or want them.  It is a formless substance fashioned by the women who carry within their wombs a mystery designed to hold worlds together.  That elusive quality comes from the stars and the Earth.”  -Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

“Everything Tamala Jones appears in and anything she is a part of is illuminated.”
– Gregory E. Woods,
Keeper of Stories



“There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to question them. ~ Anthony de Mello
Maori Waka symbol of a human lifespan

"The beauty of ceremony...May this union find ways to embrace, remember the 'the why we wed', and be consistent reciprocating love to each other." ~ Gregory E. Woods (Dawn Wolf) Keeper of Stories
lovers by Madeline Bernadette Scot

unconditional love

Brazilian bodybuilder Flavia Crisos

Thursday, January 20, 2011


"This is a manuaute, a form of kite used by our Ancients for divining and prophecies. There are many kinds and they each have their own functions, weather, war and so on. Wind divination harnesses the Elemental relatives and seeks their assistance in times of great need when Spirit Visioning is directly invoked in explicit terms with Elders of ascension ~ like Tawhirimatea essence of all Winds and progeny of Earth and Sky senior lineage." - Ngaronoa Mereana Taki


Dr. Vera R. Jackson has been a full-time marketplace missionary for almost eighteen years. She is currently a pastor at Hope Christian Church under Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr. and Pastor Michele Jackson. Dr. Jackson also serves as president and CEO of the Epilepsy Foundation Metropolitan Washington. A seasoned entrepreneur, she is also president and CEO of Vera Jackson and Associates, a management consultancy that offers professional services and training to strengthen the operations and personnel of businesses and organizations.

A few of her past executive experiences include CEO of Residential Youth Services, executive director of JCC, vice president of In2Books and Best Friends Foundation, and senior management positions with the National Capital Chapter of the American Red Cross and The George Washington University.

For years, Vera has counseled elected officials and business and non-profit leaders on the value of blending sound ethical principles and practices with organizational and business strategies. She is the author of Taking Jesus to Work: Living out Your Faith on the Job (Chosen/Baker Books). She has also authored and edited numerous articles and books in the field of social work. At conferences and workshops, she speaks frequently on the topics of taking a biblical approach to marketplace success, leadership, stewardship, family and work relationships and personal growth.

Vera received her doctorate and masters in social work degrees from Howard University and a bachelor of arts’ degree from Trinity University. She and her loving husband, Wilbert, reside in Bowie, Maryland and are the parents of two adult children, Brandon and Anjelica.

About Vera Jackson and Associates

Vera Jackson and Associates engages the subject matter expertise of association managers, business owners, researchers, technical writers, and a host of other industry professionals to deliver the highest possible quality of services.

We deliver an extensive array of high quality services to help plan and implement change; to improve leadership methods, management techniques, and problem-solving skills; and, to promote a better understanding of operational. human resources, and customer service processes and systems.

Sample List of Clients Served

Christian Hope Ministries
Community College of Denver
Denver Weekly News
Department of Human Services
French Foundation for Alzheimer’s Research
GERO, Inc.
Haworth Press, Inc.
Kajax Engineering, Inc.
Key Provider Network
La Voz Hispana
Medical Associates of Washington, DC
Nyack College
Ricardo Pyfrom, MD, PA
The George Washington University



"This medicine is different from his relatives in other parts of the worlds for one simple reason: they all live in relationship with different energies, and agreements dictated by the land they struggle to live upon on our Mother, the Earth." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

naked dark beauty


“Would that all of our daughters excel within themselves, and expand beyond the definition of definitions of self and beauty held by others.” Gregory E. Woods


“Serena Williams' dark beauty is a Muse. It lives in the beyond comfortable in settings that feature the best of one's soul. A man can wonder, and dream of possessing her, but the elusive depth of her personal powers, and the feel of impeccable elements within a woman require a great deal of any man confident enough to court her. What are the essential elements of such dark beauty? Where does it come from? Where does it lead itself? How can a man find the center of his being in her presence, or merge with her as she walks on the trail of her divinity? The journey to merge with the sacred will produce something if lust pulls at a man's loins, guides his words. The exploration of being, of one’s self is the beauty in the eye gazing into the eternal questions around beauty. These are my words. I am Gregory E. Woods, Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories.”

Serena Williams' naked dark beauty

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We have all evolved over our lifetimes into something a bit outside of the norm by necessity. I imagine that all of you, like myself, have had profound challenges becoming your true Self, and finding your voices especially hard in these times of conformity. So I want to honor that process, and encourage you to stay focused on the paths you are upon, and continue to evolve empowering others as you grow, thus changing the perception and understanding of the world by your life’s lived, and be an example to the weak, and unsure of foot. These are my words.” - Gregory E. Woods, (Dawn Wolf), Keeper of Stories

Jesus said, "Behold, Father, she wanders the earth pursued by evil. Far from thy Breath she is going astray. She is trying to flee bitter Chaos, and does not know how she is to escape. Send me forth, O Father, therefore, and I, bearing the seal shall descend and wander all Aeons through, all mysteries reveal. I shall manifest the forms of the gods and teach the secrets of the holy way..." (Christian Naassene Psalms).

The Friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing or healing, & face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a Friend who cares.” –Joe Gonzales (Bear Warrior)

photo: Maitrieya Jessie Lotus picture of the embrace

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One time a young man said, "If I had children and those birds took one of them I would kill them." People told him not to say such a thing, but he persisted. This youth grew up and married in course of time and had a child. One day, when the child was large enough to run about, it was playing around while its mother swept the yard, the father being off hunting. Then a tlanuwâ flew down and carried the child away. When the father came home and his wife told him what had happened he did not seem to be angry but said, "I am going to kill him."

He lay down and fasted for seven days. Hitherto people had always failed to shoot this bird, because when they sent an arrow at it it caught the arrow in mid-air. After the seven days fast was completed the man went to a, creek or river near by, dived into it, and brought up a turtle. Taking this, he went to the top of the precipitous cliff on which the bird's nest was built, and, tying one end of a grapevine at the top, swung down to the nest. He tied the turtle to the end of the grapevine and hung it in front of the nest. Inside of the nest he found some young hawks (tlanuwâs), which he killed and threw into the water. Then he hid himself at the top of the cliff and waited for the return of the old birds. By and by they came back carrying an infant with them, and finding that something was wrong they flew round and round without alighting.

Then they flew high up into the air, let the child they were carrying fall and beat it to pieces before it reached the earth. After that they dived into the water and pulled out a snake which they also carried high up in the air and treated as they had the child, letting the pieces fall into the water. After that one tlanuwâ flew up against the turtle, broke a wing upon it and fell into the water, and after a while the second bird did the same thing. Then the young man went down to the nest again, untied the turtle and carried it back to the place from which he had obtained it.

He went to the other side of the river where the bank was low, made a canoe and pulled both tlanuwâs out of the water. He pulled off their feathers, which were a fathom long, and made a box for them. Afterwards some more tlanuwâs came, but they were red in color. They lighted on a tree near by, and he shot one and put its feathers into the box where he kept the others. After that a great many people in his town began dying of a bloody flux. He though to himself, "Those red feathers must be the cause of it." So he took the red feathers out and threw them into the water, and the disease was stopped. The person that saw these feathers was Watt Sam's father's great-great-grandmother. It was somewhere in the east.


246:1 Cherokee name for a sharp-breasted hawk that was supposed to kill by striking with its breast. My informant had forgotten the Natchez name. This is a very large bird, and my informant's grandmother claimed to have seen its feathers, which were "about a fathom" in length. It lived on a high cliff above some body of water and used to catch children as a hawk does chickens.

Myths and Tales of the Southeastern Indians ☼ John R. Swanton


Maori woman by Ngaronoa Mereana Taki

Moko Messages

Every Moko, contain ancestral/tribal messages that pertain to the wearer. These messages narrate a wearer's family, sub-tribal and tribal affiliations and their placing within these social structures. In terms of the wearer's "placing", a message would basically contain the wearers "value" by way of their genealogy, perhaps their knowledge or expertise and their participation within each social level.

Inherit or Credit

There is a main thread in Moko that details whether a person received status based upon purity of blood lines or quality of participation. This is either by virtue of inheritance or accreditation. For example; An ariki (chief) is an ariki, solely by virtue of aristocratic genealogy. This title is his/her birthright and cannot be removed from them.

However, a rangatira (tribal leader) is made such by either the whānau, hapū or iwi, through the quality of their personal participation. The position is accredited so could be removed by the power of the whānau, hapū and iwi, or ariki. These markings of birthright or qualification are prominent throughout moko.


Many Māori were born into and lived within the hapū "small group/village" structure. The genealogical markings made broadcasts of that fact. This particular information was more important to these specific levels alone, and only relevant to any higher groups like Iwi, if the genealogical lines warranted such attention.

So, in terms of participation, if a wearer, was to bear some authority over any such hapū matters, the markings would symbolize whether this was through bloodlines or through qualification. This was fundamental in the conceptual and practical rituals of encounter. As it is still recognised, the utmost respect was afforded to those with senior birthrights and so forth beneath them, so any diversion from that was regarded as insult and could easily end in fatalities or worse yet, generations of unresolved feuding.

from Ngaronoa Mereana Taki, Maori teacher, healer