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Ashley Steel is one of the constant reminders of what is wrong with, and what condemns men's assessments and understanding of women. In the Black American community the conversations around women in the age range of sexual attainability more often than not the evaluations of women as bitches and whores comes from the sensibilities of boys, and men who were taught as boys to gang rape women they wanted. The mentality of a group activity is different than the intimacy of lovers. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 7.31.13

the Mother Kim Kardashian

face of Kim Kardashian
this is my favorite Kim Kardashian picture

Kim Kardashian, as a mother, exiting her car is the other favorite picture of
Kim Kardashian that touches my spirit with its maternal energies.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Autrey Bitoni has a mysterious dark beauty. What she does with it is the responsibility of the soul, and her soul agreed to certain things important to her soul, to the essence within her body.  We are all like that. - Gregory E. Woods 

She Can Play !!!!

Drummer Meytal Cohen behind her kit !!!!

Gallery of Meytal Cohen

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REALITY = CASH in business.

Kim Kardashian Photo Shoot for Vogue Italia - kim-kardashian Photo
Kim Kardashian for Vogue Italia

Kim Kardashian stuns the senses in a cherry red midi
(and matching Christian Louboutin pumps)
while out and about in Los Angeles !!!!

Despite being a reality star, and having a sex tape on the market, Kim Kardashian's appearances are international events. I believe the money she generates for other people, and an assortment of industries, or more succinctly the value she brings to the market place is the primal impetus of all the fuss around her. As her beauty unfolds many expect to be astounded by her appearance, and insight during her older years much the way people like Dixie Carter, Eartha Kitt, First Lady Roslyn Carter, actress Cicely Tyson, my mother and her mother did. Aging is impressive if one lives deeply and doesn't subscribe to short cuts or illusions of forever youth. 

Growing up physically, and maturing are not the same thing. Physically growing up only leads to dead ends, and disappointments if a soul cannot bend like the oak, or flow as a stream from within  Maturity is a spiritual undertaking, and intellectual development. It is the learned capacity to have control over one's emotions, one's spirit and the words of the moth. Maturity is control over reactions and actions. Maturity is revelation. Much is revealed during evolution, and creation stories are the process of budding understandings from crude abrupt awakenings to relationships with True Powers! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9.30.13

radio host Lady B at sunset sitting on Stone People !!!!

Real Housewives of Atlanta season 3 !!!!

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Tippi Hendren, actress attended 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Tippi Hendren, 84, star of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds captured something in her face that speaks to the aging process with dignity and a classic tone. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories (6.9.15)

Form in Delicate

Anowa Adjah

Nigerian fitness trainer Anowa Adjah (2015)


Malaysian beauty of Franklene 

Anowa Adjah, Nigerian fitness trainer May 3, 2011 !!!!

Malaysian collage of Franklene 


Kim Kardashian arrives at LAX airport

Kim Kardashian arrives at LAX airport.

Born to be beautiful

Mariam is an exotic dream
"Not only are we born into magic we are born to be beautiful and are wonderfully made. It is within us. It isn't always beauty of form and body. That is appealing and it is important for the sake and purpose of esteem. Beauty is also for the senses and the enchantment of wonder and is an inspiration for dreams. 

Life is the beauty of spirit. The body we see is not always in correspondence with our energy bodies. I see them, and it makes a difference in one's living how people develop the beauty of their spirit. By word of mouth, thought of mind and belief in a number of things  about beauty and  understandings of power we are designed to develop until Beauty is visible as a shimmering our conscious awareness sees, and often the intellect cannot grasp, and will ignore, if one is a strictly linear thinker. Those in circular relationship with Life see is the dance.

Our beauty touches the world, and touches the solar plexus. Like music it comes from the heart and returns, as Beethoven said, to the heart." ~ Heart Song Stone Man (Gregory E. Woods9.29.13

Kim Kardashian
Oct. 15, 2009


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Sun Bathing the Yoni

Sun bathing the Yoni !!!!

By @fit4_a_goddess "Its YourYoni
Sun Bathing the Yoni
The Penetrating Energy of the Sun is just like the Penetrating Energy of Penis (Masculine Force)..... It can be Life giving....Healing...It can burn you...It can Kill you....There is a reason it is always shining yet not always shining....a reason why it's in the midst of darkness yet gives... off light....You must understand the Masculine as well as the Feminine...
To Understand the Sun and it's power is Holistically Nourishing for the misunderstand or to think you know it intellectually but not truly understand it will harm you
Same with relating to Masculine Energy in personified forms....especially sexually
Opening your legs to be penetrated by the sun innately helps a woman understand the Masculine ... to Feel and Guage the intensity.... what's not enough..what is too much...what is just understand what Trust really means.... as long as we are living on this planet the Sun IS is always never leaves you even when it's not seen..the Presence of the Sun is known even when it's not present in your sight" via @PhotoRepost_app


My Vintage Look

Creatress - 
One of these women or both are the creators of Vintage Look.

Astounding! I remember when young white women didn't have this appeal and could not express it if they had it! How times have changed for the privileged. 

It isn't that privilege is an odious state of being. It is not. I grew up with privilege. Privilege occupies its position with responsibilities to others. That is why privilege is given. ~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9.29.13

Imaginative, playful and pretty
in white gown Kate Mara on
red carpet !!!!


Kim Kardashia
I've long loved the illusion of glamour. It is right up there with other illusions, chief of which is the illusions we sell to ourselves.Those illusions I don't love, but I pay attention to them. Mine are and have been compelling. I had to follow some of them to their place of origin. Each time my mind opened up and expanded, and like Albert Einstein said, my mind once expanded did not return to its original form. Bursting the illusion is easier than stalking it the way one stalks solitude. It is within solitude illusions come out. Unable to hold a hiding place from a diligent hunter illusions will involuntarily pop out of hiding because it is not in their skill level to do such a thing. Well, it's not that illusion cannot hide. It cannot hold itself with the anticipation of being discovered. The way illusions are it better not to be surprised. The host may retain his or her illusions should they be startled prematurely. 

I've met a lot of melancholy in my life, but much more joy and contentment than pain. I don't know if these things are to be measured accurately, or at all. They need to be felt like any relationship as we develop and mature. - Gregory E. Woods 9.29.13

Marilyn Monroe collage of blown skirt in movie Seven Year Itch

sports wife

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Gentleness of her love 

Feminine Awakening with Natalie Brooks

"There is a soft sweet surrender in a women's body when she rests back into her innate nature. A connection to the soft fertile womb, the open tender vulnerability of her yoni. Softening and softening as she opens to the devotion in her heart to love. It is such a trembling place of the unknown mysteries that she is discovering. Yet the more she opens the deeper her connection to the earth, womb and her belonging is felt through every cell and bone of her body. Here she roots herself in this knowing and authority and the arms of the mother's safe holding. It is not a passive place this surrender in which boundaries cannot be expressed. Oh no. She is fully in her Queen, open vulnerable, fierce in her courage and passion and connected to her roots and nourishment, a deep maturity that arises from the knowing and truth of who she really is." - Natalie Brooks (5.30.15)

Maat Petrova uses & sells Yoni Magic eggs

a photo shoot: Rihanna

RIHANNA by Terry Richardson

Rihanna by Terry Richardson elegant February 2013 !!!! 

Rihanna by Terry Richardson smoking 

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Real Powers

body of this woman in heels & bikini !!!!

"... For I believe it is when women on the earth reclaim this power, that all beings will find it again, and finally be able to remember these gifts and shine…" ~ Jennifer Posada, sexual healer, teacher & author  

Black Negro & Colored Men set against Niggers


"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up." —Muhammad Ali

“Growing up in his era impacted the approach to life of every colored and Negro man. It affected how the white man, Mr. Charlie, was dealt with. Ali's distain for the boundaries Mr. Charlie set was in a style similar to the old folks' hero, Jack Johnson. These things meant a great deal. It meant life or death because white folks took it personal about a 'nigga' outa his place, and many a colored lost his job, home (sometimes) or his life over the fights between Ali and Frazier, or some white fighter and another Black fighter who like Ali defied the social construct of the times.

There was a thing white men used to say to each other in the South. “A man ain't a man ‘til he’s had himself a nigger!”

Often times them good ol’ boys used to rape Black men before they killed them. That was some sick shit, but that happened. It was terrifying; numbing. It numbed the senses the vulgarities of white racial superiority. Muhammad Ali was bold. He stood up against that sick shit. We took stock and many of us mimicked him in our daily lives. It gave us bold courage and clarity that politeness and manners could not wrestle from the larger and menacing white society. Whites understood one thing and one thing only: war, strength, blood, and power as they defined power. It took high intelligence to be a Negro, and build a life for yourself and your family.

Today there is an odd weak almost sissy like quality in the definition of manhood in the decades after the greatness of Ali's glory days in too many Black communities. I understand why, but it shouldn't be. Ali, James Baldwin, Nikki Giovanni, Marcus Garvey, Stokley Carmichael, Miriam Makeba, Pharaoh Sanders, Chuck Brown, Nancy Wilson, Adam Clayton Powell, Dr. Carver, Miles Davis, Jesse Owens, Dennis Banks, Ethel Waters, Ma Rainey, Ossie Davis, my father Herbert L. Woods, Benjamin Mays, Joan Baez, Peter Paul & Mary, even Captain Kangaroo had a hand in developing the colored into the Negro into the Black into the African-American. Those stories have not been properly handed down, and as a consequence we have the remnants of broken shards of fine pottery crying for validation instead of boys becoming men who can, unlike their grandparents, protect their manhood and their families legally. They don’t know from being told that it was against the law for a Black man to have the power to protect his family until recently, and Muhammad Ali’s boastings were not grandstanding. It was a political and spiritual act of power, of defiance, and mostly importantly an act of war against an idea of Self that did not come from Self!

It is the responsibility of every generation to validate the actions and lives of their fore parents and their champions and heroes into the lives of their children, and grandchildren in such a way the legacy of lives lived in service are honored and the momentum of change moves ever on and forward. That sums up Muhammad Ali to some degree for a soul that knows not who he or she is and where they come from. Muhammad Ali is heralded by the world, but he was foremost the mouth with the voice of his people before white America embraced him as they do now. He was pretty. His body was made not into a sacrifice, but a living testament of beauty, lethal power, rage, dance, fortitude, and raw Black masculine energy.

My word to my people Red and Black; “Conjure up the spirits of your people’s great ones in your thoughts and in your living let them live animated lives.”

These are my words, my thoughts and feelings. I am Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories.”

© Gregory E. Woods
May 30, 2012

Ancestral Story: what Whites did to NDN's

"I am not asking you to agree, this is an opinion from me based on my life and my experiences as a Survivor who is looking back after eight of years of working on herself as I look at the light at the end"  

I am the first one to say that my mother as like many other mothers from that generation did not have the proper skills to parent as an aboriginal woman. My father as a aboriginal man lacked much as well as many of the other aboriginal people of the time. If you were fortunate in the fact that your grandparents kept your parents out of Residential School, then give me this time to explain without jumping in to say that what I was say is not true and count your blessings.

My mother was born to a loving father who she spoke fondly of daily when I was growing up. He had a dog team and dog sleds, he lived off the land, he loved his daughters and his one son. I have recently learned that he followed a path that I am following today and have been drawn to and living by most of my life without knowing, as did my brother Christopher. She of course lost her father when she was young. Her story of life later on is her story and it is not my place to discuss this in detail without the permission of her sisters. I will say though that Residential School had gotten it's unclean hooks into her.

My father's family of course was in a chaotic state at his birth. I know that some relatives of his would have the world believe that they had a wonderful family full of love and greatness but I know the truth. My father was of illegitimate birth and the people around him were cruel toward him. To this day when I ask one of his sisters about him, his father and grandfather they act like it is this big secret and that I and my siblings have no right to find out. This too is a great big piece of stupidity brought on by the Residential Schools invasive presence in their lives and it is obvious by how "The Lord" has them all by the throat not allowing them to think for themselves today.

It is my opinion that many of my once tall strong proud First Nations People of this country have fallen into White religion in a desperate attempt to save their souls due to the fact the Nuns and Priests of the Residential Schools had instilled in them how very evil they were and that to embrace God would save their souls. I can only say that "How can children of this earth be born with even an ounce of evil?"

When I wrote the Honoring my Mother writing, I did it from deep in my heart. I am not and have never been in denial about how I was treated and raised as a child. I was merely saying that my understanding of why it was the way the way it was, was! If Residential School did not have interference into the lives of my People, I would have taken my place in the Midewiwin Lodge alongside my Grandfather and Great-grandfather.

It has been a long road to healing since I first lost my brother and I have said in the past that I would not wish anyone to travel this road like I did for it takes a lot of strength. The highs and lows of looking your present day beliefs in the eye and questioning them with your own sense of spiritual truth can cause so much doubt in ones own existence that you might want to just disappear. It does get better and easier as time goes by though and when you feel your ancestors thoughts and strengths flowing through you bloodlines again it is then that you find peace of mind and a sense of belonging for it is then that you are truly home. It was finding this and embracing who I was and then looking back upon my childhood and recognizing how Residential Schools attempted genocide of my people by vessels such as sexual abuse and incest and feelings of never being worthy into the minds of the children they kidnapped and forced to live there. There was a whole generation of children who stayed in these prisons and upon release, they had to take the skills that were not conducive to raising loving traditional minded family systems that our people had in the past. Instead the family systems and more importantly the closeness we once had that provided the glue to our own spiritual practices and understanding of humanity were tainted by feelings of NEVER being good enough to end where these wardens ended up when we move into the next world.

We are First Nations People and the grandfathers will never turn their back on us no matter how rough a road we may end up walking on in our efforts to find a good path. No matter how lost we might get, we belong beside out ancestors and we shall end up there when our individual journey's come to an end.

It is with this understanding that I embrace my mother and her essence of a human being, I can look aside from the forced path and look ahead to the spiritual path that she left for me to find and it is that for which I am grateful and for why I do feel much love her.

I hope this sheds some light into why I wrote this, it was never to seem like my life was a storybook for it was not and even to this day I would change nothing for this the path I was born into and I have instead chosen to value the lessons along the way. - Anon.

One Day poolside

Sabrina Sanchez
September 25, 2012
The thrust of the Civil Rights movement was to be equal with whites. Beyond that scope was no vision. Beyond these shores was no capacity to extend and follow the momentum of the movement to the freedom fighters in Africa. As a result the bonds that should exist between the African states and countries and Black America do not exist. We suffer because of this failure in our projections and our negotiations with Power for power. If this were not true we'd not be sitting with our hat in hand hoping we can vote every 25 years! - Gregory E. Woods 7.31.13

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Black Mothers White Images

Betty White in 1951

Betty White re-invented the image of motherhood, and womanhood in Colored people's minds in the 1950's and '60's. She replaced in a lot of Colored kid's minds their own mothers when they were dreaming about ideals. Because Betty White was on television, as was Timmy's mother on Lassie, and Daniel Boone's wife, and Kitty on GUNSMOKE were on there too many of us dreamt of them as our mothers, wives, or girlfriends, if we could catch up with their ages. 

It was innocence, but it played havoc on some people's minds these ideals and the idea that beautiful white women on the screen were the ideals and our mother's were just Colored. But, in the end, and at the end of the show, or movie our mothers cooked dinner for us and tucked us in at night and all was well and our need to be loved and cherished had come true looking up into our mother's face knowing she was the truth. 

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9.29.13

My Vintage Look

Betty Page tantalizing !!!!

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an Oracle

On Eleven Years as a Modern Oracle

by Jennifer Posada on May 14, 2015

elegant white woman in black dress
"... You see, I was born remembering.  I remembered my past lives as an Oracle, and I knew this was my work in the world.  I remembered my soul journey, and had access to my very ancient wisdom from long ago.  I had watched worlds crumble, and be re-born.  I remembered all the way back to when the earth wasn’t solid yet, and was something we were dreaming into being…dreaming into form.  I remembered how to go to the place of all the information in the universe.  I remembered how to see and talk to beings, who were my friends, and how to see people’s “colors”, or auras, and offer them healing with the energy through my hands.  But my most sacred gift was that I felt the sacredness in all things…the love in all things, and because I felt that I was the most intimate form of this sacred love to myself, I loved myself.  When I saw that the adults around me didn’t know this beautiful love in themselves, I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, what I was here to share with the world.
And so I have been sharing it…

I have taught thousands of people all over the world, in nearly 100 countries, and shared my writings with millions of people.  I have written a book, The Oracle Within, that has been received with such beautiful acclaim that I am deeply humbled.  I have taught at the sacred sites of Delphi, Greece, and in the glorious temples of ancient Egypt.  I have sat by the spring where I lived as a Nymph, and gotten teary-eyed letting my gaze fall on the ruins of the sanctuary where the Oracle gave prophecy for 1,000 years at the temple of Apollo, after the Goddess religion was overturned.  I have sailed down the Nile and run with the wind in my hair through great columned halls of temples where the Oracles of Egypt once slid their bare feet along the smooth stone.  I am always both ancient and modern.  I am the same girl who became a Priestess, again, and again, and again, and also the girl who likes to DJ dance parties and listen to loud music driving in my car.  After all, good dance parties are some of the closest experiences to the ancient rituals we once all knew.  All that is missing is the memory of the true power of what we carry inside of us.  And that is coming back.  It is time for what I call in my book, The Oracle Within, “The Great Remembering”..." ~ Jennifer Posada

Time OUT!

reflective moment in the park


My Vintage Look

Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller walking hand-in-hand !!!!

Marilyn Monroe, free as a bird. It seems to be such a 'girly' thing for her to have said "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." Being frivolous, carefree and rejoicing seem to be the claim and right of women. In a man it is different. It isn't expressed the same way. A man can't come across as a sissy. That is weakness. Our joy doesn't have the same textures because our freedom is always associated with our ability or inclination to take care of, be in control of self, and strong in the light of our sense of freedom ,and capable and ready to fight, and defend and protect.

Healing the wounds of damaged masculinity is a vague notion to many a crude soul, but invaluable to the self-expression a girly girl and a feminine woman's life as mother, lover or wife. The healing tools for wounded manhood are safe within the virtue, the inclination and the powers of women who know themselves, their wombs and who they are.

- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

Marilyn Monroe feeling the music !!!!

Marilyn Monroe. The sound of her essence and the feel of her voice. - Gregory

Marilyn Monroe in The Prince & the Showgirl trailer

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Perceptions Create Beauty

elegant wedding style for a Black Woman 

elegant white woman from the 1950's era !!!!


Japanese actress Miho Yoshioka

jeans over a lot of a Black woman

jean dress worn by a Japanese woman

jeans worn by Nadine Sage 

walking across street in grey dress 

walking in a corn field by Nightcap Clothing

Twyla D'Vine by Autumn Luciano cute in the woods !!!!

vintage Black vixen 3

Sacred is the Woman 

What Bruce Jenner will never be: a woman. He may feel it, but will never embody the essence of a woman. Nor, shall the powers of a woman become a part of him as a woman, and never shall a father introduce his son to a man like Bruce Jenner to learn of the depth, and magic and powers of a womb, a woman, or a woman's song. Pretense, a beautifully told story, science, and fervent hope make not a man a woman. 

~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (July 22, 2015)  

Ladylike Vibes

woman sipping cup of tea


Plus Size Model Sandy Dietrich

absolutely beautiful breasts & body of Tyra Banks