Thursday, June 30, 2016

WOMEN to draw from ....

Serena Williams looked hot in pink, wearing a Rachel Roy jacket dress
with a plunging neckline and large front-pockets at 2011 ESPY awards

strength of a woman - Tina Knowles


The Elegant Lines of Black Lovers

Fine Black couple expecting their child.
 8 hrs 

"Many things open within me seeing moments like this between a man and  his woman. Those memories I have are personal and dear to my sense of purpose, Being and very sensitive to how the sum of one pregnancy points to the possibility of a better horizon, a better chance for hope and the fulfillment of prophecies each birth creates.

same fine Black couple pregnant together.
8 hrs 

Nothing can speak as loud, or louder than the bulging form of a woman's body carrying life. Nothing speaks to the mysterious Life and Death exchange that pregnancies and birth brings center stage to challenge the mundane of existence and dynamics of the friction between the three." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 6.30.14

A black couple pregnant, proud, beautiful to look at and be around is often more than a lot to treasure.
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories
8 hrs 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Muse, the Moment, the Model

Princess Lucy by Kenny Lee Photography inspired Mr. Lee to say, "Some stories wait their turn to be told, others just tap you on the shoulder and insist you tell them."
 September 5, 2014


What is the image?

Aynakiesha Dudley posing March 2, 2015 is fine as all get out!!!! But, that would be a tested assessment because beauty American style has a definition that is separate from the depth to appearance motherhood has, and melanin and the intangible things African blood gives to unite the history of fighting women, African freedom songs, and the delicate qualities of being a Black woman for a Black man and children.

It is an extraordinary thing being married to one and it is of historical significance to come from one.

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
June 29, 2016


Four Women Enjoying Themselves


Andrea Rosu's beauty of leg & form !!!! 

Eva Angel seated !!!!

Kagney Laporte (May 24, 2010) on sofa !!!!

ballerina in black leather


a Wild Woman Song

conservative Kristina at home in Russia by Alex Production 

"A Wild Soul'd Woman has two 'selves'; her Moon cycles and wisdoms provide ample initiation for her Wild Soul to feel the source of her own power to create destroy if needs must her Soul Sovereignty requires it to be so. To give birth and to nurture these seeds of her creative life. To nurture and sustain life in the womb of her own consciousness. She is in need of Wild Soul Mothers and Grandmothers, initiated Wild Soul'd Women ...who can come from anywhere ... and most especially out of the unseen metaphysical planes of our Cosmic and Celestial Kinswomen." - Mereana Taki 7.30.14

classic beauty of a serious woman 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Naked Before The Captor

Escape From Abuse
By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Do you know someone who has been abused or is currently being abused in a relationship? They've gone through physical, sexual, emotional, and/or mental abuse. No matter how you label it, abuse in any form is destructive to one's psyche and spirituality. Going through abuse shouldn't be taken lightly. I want you to get into your spirit that men are not the only ones who abuse because there are plenty of women who are guilty of the same behavior.

In this life, I've discovered if you continue to live in an abusive state, you'll be messed up from the floor up. In other words, when you fail to escape from abuse, the abuser has control over you. Your thoughts and actions are centered around the abuser. In many cases, people who spend so much energy focused on the abuse and the abuser will end up missing what God has for them. Getting over any abusive situation requires plenty of work, plenty of faith, and plenty of self-determination. As one who faced physical, emotional, and mental abuse from past relationships and friendships, I can testify to the goodness of the Lord. Whatever you're dealing with in your life, I want you to know that God has the ability to pick you up when everyone else is trying to keep you down. God has the ability to provide you with a supernatural escape route from the abuse.

In this spiritual journey, I want to offer you a few suggestions in helping you escape from abuse. The first thing you need to do is tell yourself that you're better than the abuse. You must reiterate to yourself that you deserve better and no one and nothing is going to hold you back. The more you tell yourself that you deserve better, the more you reinforce your self-value. The second thing you need to know is that you're not defined by the abuse but by your relationship with God. Don't allow your spirit to be broken by people trying to hurt you. Once your spirit is broken, they have control. On the other hand, if you've got faith in God and hold on to His Hand in the midst of it all, you'll begin to see your escape route.

The Psalmist said, "I will lift up my eyes to the hills, From whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber." Please don't miss this last lesson. You can escape from the abuse because you have power on the inside that's greater than anything on the outside. In a real sense, abusers don't know who your Heavenly Father is or what He can do for you. As I close this message, you need to know when God gives you an escape route; He closes the door to the abuse and abuser. That's shouting material because God is able to do what others deem impossible. With God, all things are possible. 7.18.14

art of Paul Gauguin titled Spirit of the Dead Watchin' - Vogue 1992

Monday, June 27, 2016

Revelation is Recognition

Short dresses and shorts girls

Strength of a woman is entrusted with birth, inspiration, food preparation, sacred life, resurrection, the mysteries of birth, life & death in long moments.
Woman is mystery, strength is a conduit.
- Gregory E. Woods (Dawn Wolf),
Keeper of Stories 6.20.16


Is That What You Want?

Freedom !!

"Not everyone bound wants to be free. This is one of the bitter truths I've learned in this lifetime. Veterans in the game of life like Dr. King, and Harriet Tubman learned this through the trails of their lives and the errors of judgments they made of people they thought wanted to be free. Freedom is as much an illusion as bondage can be broken by the urgent necessity to be freed."  - Gregory E. Woods, 7.20.14

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Along the way tastes changes. Does it? How?

Gazelle Powers by Pink Light Photo
July 1, 2014 

Betty Page astride a sofa. 1950's

Hidden from Today: our stories

Lola Falana greeted by Muhammad Ali

Leslie Uggams had the first variety show headed by a Colored person
since Nat King Cole's show in the 1950's

Cartoonist, Zelda "Jackie" Ormes was a first. Here with her creation Patty-Jo doll!!
But, fellas! Fellas can we first stop and talk about how fine she was?

OK. Now we got that out the way... Her legacy. Would she be proud of her innovation, her achievement and would she be deeply moved by how her vision altered Blacks from the practice of measuring themselves against white standards? What would she feel looking into how we see ourselves today? Would it have been in vain? Is it vanity to have a vision of a people better than how the people see themselves? - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 6.26.16 

Altovise Davis (August 30, 1943 – March 14, 2009) was an American entertainer, best known as Mrs. Sammy Davis, Jr.


walking away on the beach from Noëllie de Casterlé

"Success, if it is to be measured, has nothing to do with other's perceptions of you. It is the scope of the 'why' of our existence that is the basis of gauging success. If a Westerner is able to not compartmentalize the world fearfully, and able to live within the concentric circles of deeper engagement with Life, the conversation around and about success would not linger on money, but the fulfillment of one's agreements made before entering this life cycle." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 7.20.14

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Transparent, IT IS.

strong proud Black woman's stance.

"Strong Black women standing strong in their accomplishments and achievement stand alone in the emotions responding to crass men who only see someone they can bind and gag. Being a woman is tough in a patriarchy. Being of African descent has been a trail of tears. . . " - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 6.25.16

Paula Kelly, actress famous for Sweet Charity in 1969.

Film, television and stage actress and dancer Paula Kelly. Perhaps best known these days for her role in The Women of Brewster Place in 1989 with Oprah Winfrey ...and Lonette McKee, the versatile Kelly’s wide-ranging career spans from film (“Sweet Charity” with Shirley MacLaine in 1969) to television and Broadway (Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Ladies with Gregory Hines, Phyllis Hyman.


The Stories of HELEN

Dame Helen Mirren making an entrance in white fur. 

Helen Mirren has a small number of galleries online with pictures from her life. It is a compelling study I don't tire of examining, or feeling. From a young actress to the incredible Dame and her marriage pictures they are individual stories containing something inaccessible a soul can touch, if one is in tune to his or her own soul's stories. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 7.13.14

Helen Mirren, younger 2 

SEE Color 3

Gisele Bündchen is one of the world's most famous models.

Indian woman wet in a black sari

dark skinned woman & her dog

Black British model Rachael Williams


Friday, June 24, 2016

Slow in Motion

Alexa performing art form. 



Quote from Black Elk, Oglala Sioux:

"The first peace, which is the most important,
is that which comes within the souls of people
when they realize their relationship, their oneness,
with the universe and all its powers,
and when they realize that at the center of the universe
dwells the Great Spirit,
and that this center is really everywhere,
it is within each of us." 

Dottie Chicquelo dancing at 9th Pow Wow at Maryland University

Thursday, June 23, 2016

the Joy in Union (2)

Caroline Dyer-Smith Photography

married in Switzerland, Katharina & Mirko in 2016 as one.
photo by Caroline Dyer-Smith kissing

 Location: Hotel Sonne //
Other Location: Zurich Stadthaus //
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

married in Switzerland, Katharina & Mirko in 2016 embracing.
photo by Caroline Dyer-Smith



Maori children playing early 1900's

Mereana Taki said, "Last century we were publicly declared 'the dying Maori race' by our Colonisors. This is the underbelly of Imperial elitism, planning for the demise of the planets peoples unless they become adherents of the refrain 'theft is holy'." 

"Does the race really die, or is it the numbers dwindle while new ones are born to cultivate depth of more or Mauri existence!" Apache Cheynne asked. 

"Numbers indeed fell dangerously close to extinction ... and yes renewal through two population explosions in quick succession ensured against all attempts to erase the Nativez from their Ancestral lands and environs (Mother and Elders)." - Mereana said in response. [6.16.14] 

Maori pride 2 - Kiaora whaea

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Another Realm

mystical creature woman with horns.

"Most people don't want to be part of the process, they just want to be part of the outcome. But the process is where you figure out who's worth being part of the outcome." by Alex Morton

porn star, Alexis Silver.



"I believe that ancient tribal cultures have important lessons to teach the rest of the world about the inter-connectedness of all living things and the simple fact that our very existence is dependent upon the natural world we are rapidly destroying." - Wilma Mankiller, First woman elected Cherokee Deputy Chief, 1991 

creating a world within a world 

"I strongly believe we need to connect with our ancestors and the ancient ones so we can understand our sacred spiritual journey now and the sacred wisdom we contain within; I summons forth the sacred wisdom and knowledge we have for too long allowed to stay hidden. The time for our awakening is NOW!" 

- Michelle RedSun EagleHawk SunHawk  3.2.13

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

WOMEN valued

 did a discerning public a service analyzing the payroll for both Clinton and Trump's campaigns for April, the most recent month with publicly available data. They compiled the figures using Federal Election Commission records from April 2016, the most recent month available. The analysis captured all employees on the payroll, as well as consultants whose compensation could be identified, who were working enough to make at least $1,000.

The women who work for Trump — who account for about 28 percent of his total staff — made an average of about $4,500 in April, according to the Globe analysis. The men made nearly $6,100, or about 35 percent more. The disparity is slightly greater than the gender pay gap nationally. 
Of the 15 highest-paid employees for that month, only two were women.
The women working for Clinton — who account for 53 percent of her total staff — took home an average of $3,710. The men made slightly more, at $3,760. Clinton’s staffers, men and women, made less than the women who work for Trump.
On Clinton’s campaign, the highest-paid employee was a woman, Jennifer Palmieri, the campaign’s director of communications. And of the 15 highest-paid employees, eight were men and seven were women.
Boston Globes' reporter, Matt Viser, who I am quoting from in his June 5th article made an important observation:  
"Clinton has a significantly larger campaign workforce, with at least 670 campaign workers who made at least $1,000 in April. The total pay for them was $2.5 million.
Trump had 113 employees who were paid a total of $635,000. His operation is far smaller, like a luxury yacht to Clinton’s battleship, (Matt Viser writes) which allows him to be more nimble when making campaign decisions but also could put him at a disadvantage in key states."

The obvious and the unobvious conclusion to this controversy is laws may change, but if the heart does not the law is just a law and nothing really changed. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 6.9.16


lying down !

Alisa Masood lying down on the beach

Arabian beauty 

lying in middle of dirt road Laura Soares, Brazilian model

Arabian beauty curled upon bed 

the Best of Photographers

March 7

Black woman, Latasha Eaddy Haynes (a photographer herself)
 by Derrel Todd (2016)

Nadia MM by Joe Damasco
(Nadia Morris Mitchel)


FOUR Alternatives of Standards

Bad Charlotte by Yellow Bubbles Photography wearing a corset by Timeless Trends Corsets
July 21, 2014 

bewitching in black outfit !!!!

Adriana Arlene by Ruby Woo Vintage

alternative model in light.



Mereana Taki

What movement speaks.
June 30, 2014 

You can't handle this 
without your illusions
your voyeuristic blues
that denies its origins
as sex acts on demand
you want a south pacific
red light district to go 
with your drive in take out
hole in the wall hijacking
you can't handle this
without your illusions 


What spirit speaks.
2 hrs