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"There is a tradition in my family which is traceable through our ancestry. I was receptive to it, resented it sometimes when I was a young adult, and eventually grew to embrace it because it was a life link for many people in need of the connections my parents could consciously make with people younger than me. People would sometimes see, and sense my parent’s spirit, or would emerge from a standing relationship with my parents miles from their parent’s homes and ask my parents to adopt them into our family. Daddy and Mommy would, from my view, inhale expanding their energy and the power of their spiritual covering, and exhale releasing a force gentle, like wind, and lovingly sweep the individual into our family for as long as they needed.

This is deep in my Medicine. I didn't realize how deeply it was embedded within me until my own children were teenage children admired by other parents struggling along with things out of their depths. When some began to ask me to take and adopt their children into my family I was shocked, and had to take counsel from my parents. I didn’t think I was an ideal father. Fatherhood is such an evolving craft. But my father and mother shouldering the concept found ways to convey how to relax and accept the offers with wisdom conscious of the timing, and well aware of my own children who are my first priority. Being approached in this way has always stirred me. It feels like a touch of eternity, and heavy, at the same time, like Earth under my feet. I can’t describe the feeling, but it is a responsibility to assist in other people’s growth process especially when it is a life and death crisis to the soul. I learned how to address the process, and it is a process. Sometimes it is as simple as hearing the words, and Ebbie spoke the words, and my Medicine answered and accepted it. This is the connection between Ebbie and I. This story is mine. It lives in the deep place of soul, and counsel.” –Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Breath of a Butterfly

When I awaken
into the power of
Heart unto Soul
may I be a little
Butterfly breath
as it inhales lifeforce
as it exhales lifeforce
WellBEing me.

When I Walk in beauty
and into the power of
all that is Ancient in
my Heart Songs may I
breathe as Butterfly
before she left her
cocoon me.

When I Fly atop Dreams
and spread my Wings of
magikal transformation
hear me Ancestors as I
shed the cocoon and
open these Sacred Wings
breathing in,
breathing out,
double breathing.
I am a Sacred Butterfly


A Child of the Divine
and one day a Woman
will emerge, her Wings
will be mine.

I am awakening
into the power of my
Sacred Soul on Fire
and into the arms of
my BEloved's Heart
where I will breathe
a Oneness
As a Sacred Butterfly

As a Child into a Woman
emerging with Wings
embracing the Heart
and Joy life will bring.

photo: Ebbie Lavigne, daughter

Dedicated to a Sacred Daughter, beloved and everloved. Everblessed and overflowing with the magik that is a Woman. -Mereana Taki
Nga mihi ki te Atua Ebbie and Gregory. May this Sacred Bond be ever nourished, strengthened and blessed eternally. Mauriora! Lifeforce WellBEing to you both.

4 naked black women

The spirit of Four naked women asked a man a question without saying a word.

“...studying the promise; the powers of this womb-story nudges the sensibilities of this priest-warrior with the questions about the Divinity of Punany. Could this woman know the ancient stories central to the medicine of the Sacred Feminine? Does she possess the powerful sense to become an Elder, a Wise Old Woman? Could she be one of the women called to teach the young women from the depths of her being about the depths of the Womb’s powers?” - Dawn Wolf

13 Grandmothers

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Howlin' Wolf - How Many More Years

Koko Taylor ft. Little Walter - Wang Dang Doodle

"Colored womens had an appeal white womens didnt hav. We wus 'fraid to look at de whit 'omems. Git a nigga kilt. Koko Taylor cud sing dem blues. Make you fergit how hard ist wid dem whitfolks. Dem crakas was even stuck lissen to our blues particular to dey ways they watched dark colored womens wanning to have em for dey self. Dem des wus r blues. De wus r blus dem pecker woods wannin our womens and kill men folks like de kill chickens. Das duh blues no matta how happy it may sound. We are du bluesmen. The blues is ours. We are the blues!!!!" -Flaco

Koko Taylor & Willie Dixon - Insane Asylum

This style of singing comes from a base of experiences untranslatable in the 21st century. This is the story of my people: the blues, the shout, the dog-tired soul singer singing his soul against the backdrop of Neo-slavery, comfortably calling itself Jim Crow. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

lovers embrace

photo of Madison Parker & her girlfriend

"In the 1960's white folk were researching their behavior. It was a frightening task. The news broadcasts were more informative. There was no emphasis on gossip. It was straight news. The integrity of one's word was part and parcel to news journalism. The internal dialogue of whites was intense, and the feelings the hippie movement, the Civil Rights movement, AIM, and the feminist movements engineered weighed heavily on everyone's mind, and psyche.

Fear was a tangible element, and black folk liked to play with it. A lot of black revolutionaries got a lot of white women into bed through guilt. As the women languished between racial guilt, and shame they thrashed about in bed with one angry black man after another fucking his brains out as he justified it by claiming it was rape in retribution for what the white man did to black slaves on the plantation. The exchange was brutal. It tainted all involved, and no one knows how many black men Klansmen, red necks, or some angry white punk in a small town somewhere up north killed in silent retribution. The credibility of black revolutionaries was called into question if it came into the light that he had been sleeping with white women. Their justification was weak spoken aloud. Black women could see through that shit, and that was some shit!" -Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Saturday, May 29, 2010


“This frightens, and angers me as I get older. As healthy as I ate, and lived as deeply as I did in the end my health questioned me. I never expected to have bone leave me, or anything for that matter to adversely affect my health. But the arrogance of corporations, and the American belief-system is destroying the very fabric and structure of sustainable life forms for no good reason other than the acquisition of money, and power over people. Their very concept of power is juvenile, and narrow, outside of the true definition of Power, is their grasp of power!

Anyway, this process genetically altering food has forced me into another area of spiritual work I had never envisioned.” –Dawn Wolf

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lisa Nicole Carson


linda fiorentino, actress

"... dreaming can be knowledge." - Léa Shining BlueJay


Langston Hughes reading his works

Langston Hughes & his words

"The beauty of a man is admired by women and unvoiced within other men who are affected by the beauty of men because who we are in our fullness, our vision, our power is beautiful."

- Dawn Wolf,
Keeper of Stories

Maori warrior - Kaupapa Maori

Maori man 2

The word, beautiful, has a totally different connotation in a man's mouth. It does not register along the same wavelengths as beautiful, the word; in relationship to how we say the word beautiful to women we dig…

Maori woman naked in prayer


Kutra Pirivu

"I don't know how to describe the power of the beauty that comes out of India. The thing that baffles me is the exclusivity of women's upbringing, their bearing that holds people of African origins, and descent in loathsome corners of their awareness?" -Gregory E. Woods

Actress from the Movie Gaja

"Simply put she is a Goddess. The whole concept and understanding of the sacred feminine is embodied within her bearing. Deep in her eyes is a silent knowledge easily mistaken as 'come hither'. A man, in the deepest sense of the word, can see the divinity within." - Gregory E. Woods

Thursday, May 27, 2010


photo of my wife, and I after a sweatlodge ceremony in 2009

Bi-racial identity

“My maternal grandfather protected me from this by keeping me from telling anyone I was an Indian boy. His reasons became clear in my early 30's when Negroes found out and almost crucified me. By then I had been fortified into the definitions of Gregory, and my response to belittling comments, and brutal assessments of character challenged uninformed remarks and shut them down. Now, detractors have to deal with powers within me.

So the landscape has changed as an Elder, and I am responsible for the young listening to their stories. I have become a presence somewhere in their awareness. It is an introspective place to live with others...” –Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

Crystal's Conga Solo

Giovanni Hidalgo solo. At home in Kissimmee

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


“Old age is youth revisited with lessons learned.” • Gregory E. Woods

“All species have gone through a long series of changes, adaptations, and, in some cases, failures. Certain species have become so prolific that they incapacitate another competing group. We have seen our own species expedite the extinction of certain birds, mammals, and the like ─ species which may, or may not have continued to flourish without human encroachment.

But I would like to infer a much different point. Nature has one universal law: the law the law of self-preservation. All species fight to the last molecule of life to defend this law. However, humans have created a species whose goal is to compete with itself ─ a very strange voluntary action. Why would we create machines that destroy the ability of average humans to work? Do the new positions created by technology bear out any higher nobility than, say, farming? Is there anything self-evident about technological efficiency? Where does one draw the line between efficiency and self-annihilation?” ─Brad Johnson, ‘The Bird that Highest’ (100)

‘Diluting religion to a non-confrontational amoebic structure failed. We can never beat the media in its battle. They choose the when, the where, and the how. And it wins every time, without exception. And do we learn? Do we take the battle to the deepest part of the human soul? No. We merge together into behemoth structures. We mimic the massive corporations we denounce. Like a dancer with the teacher, religion follows every step that the virtuals make, going so far as to make entertainment the focus and God peripheral.’

The Church’s response wasn’t unique. Educational systems dealt with media competition by reasoning ‘if we can’t get kids’ attention, we’ll change the way we teach them’. (Baruch) compared this reasoning with giving a child chocolate for breakfast, because it won’t eat bread.

“Small truths consist of replicas of larger truths and vice versa.” Baruch based this saying on the geometric principles of fractals any object contains infinitesimal replicas of that image. In other words, Baruch argued:

“If the smaller truth is feeding a child bread, the larger truth is to feed that same child a sound education and healthy spirituality.” (102)

“…let us not mistake Christianity for Christ. What is taught today does indeed cause blindness. Is there a difference between what certain churches teach today and what drove our Western world into five hundred years of intellectual bankruptcy? Christ taught enlightenment, not censorship. My God removes your blinders and lets the horses run onto freer pastures. Your Christianity dictates a path. Christ’s enlightenment opened endless paths.” (103)

“The perfect act has no consequences.” ─Bhagavad Gita

“There always a few who feel the weight of the yoke and cannot restrain themselves from attempting to shake it off. These are the men who never become tamed under subjection; these are the ones who, having good minds of their own, have further trained them by study and learning. Even if liberty had entirely perished from earth, such men would invent it. For them, slavery has no satisfaction, no matter how well disguised.” ─Etienne de la Boetie, Discourse on Voluntary Servitude

Carla Bruni

“I stand in total awe of existence. I don’t pretend to know what it’s all about.” ─Hugh Hefner, Playboy publisher

“This is the blessing of humankind, what separates us from the animals: to dream.”

“One of the great ironies in our society is that we celebrate freedom and then limit the parts of life where we should be most free.”

audrey hepburn 2


Indian beauty of Gaya Patal 7

Some of the most beautiful women in the world:

Gabrielle Union & Elise Neal, actresses
actress Jeri Ryan

Samuel Torres performs on 7 congas tuned to E minor

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


“If I am understanding the face, your beauty and the knowing within your eyes that see then I know that you hold knowledge secret, that initiation is important, that mothering is a choice, and a state of being oneself before the mirror of what is, who you will become, and what a child will reflect back towards you!” – Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

Monday, May 24, 2010


“Beautiful, as defined by the mainstream American population, has changed the world. Iranians are among the most beautiful people in the world. You haven't seen male beauty until you have been in a room of Iranian men with their beautiful women each complementing the other. It is also a disturbing fact that the largest numbers of nose jobs are performed in Iran. Iranians trying to fit into a Western (white) standard is an extraordinary contradiction, and revelation into the power of conquest of a people who were pawns in American duplicity, or rather, our foreign policy.

The finest women in the United States, arguably, live in Washington DC. The black women in the DC metropolitan area are devastating to the issues of men. Men have literally dropped to their knees trying to restrain the natural urge to touch, and claim. Even in the poorest areas of the city the women are so fine it is hard to exhale. Sadly, many of these women open their mouths and remove the spell their physical beauty has cast. On the other hand, it ain't unusual to find the words of DC’s finest women plunging men deep into the wellsprings of their feminine. Their beauty encourages exploration into the realms discovered by virgins, and interprets revelations into their beauty. Standing before such women men are required to uncover the beauty within the woman before them. This is the nature of the spiritual work beauty requires of initiates, and potential husbands!

actress Kirstie Alie

Oddly, in my estimation, the most beautiful white women pour out of Europe. I have been stunned by it, and realized over the years that it takes centuries to produce certain types of beauty. In America beauty is discovered, and defined, and lives on screen. The screen is the pulpit, and the auction block. Our actresses are the most lauded of beauties. Their sanity depends on the development of their beauty internally. Their jobs depend upon the external form of their beauty, and within the imagination of men, and the comparative religion of women's eternal angst over their own appearance. The longevity of women in the public eye is held in the balance between forces that incorrectly inform the public about the mystery of beauty.

actress Jennifer Tilly

Beauty has long left the temple of divinity that connects the beheld, and the beholder in reverence, and respect. It has been a long journey, but we arrived here as the paradigms changed over the centuries, and the currencies of exchange between people fell into the hands of conquerors incapable of seeing women as more than pussy. Conquerors cannot see mystery, or the sacredness of magic. They see profit, and income.

Political agitation for change was only possible under the United States constitution, and the culture that was birthed from its relationships with the Indians Europeans stole from, and murdered en masse, and the Africans enslaved through relationship with Africans who sold their own into bondage closed the eye for beauty. The currencies of bondage, and killing shaped the world of beauty in America. The patriarchy that valued property, and chased after pussy saw little amounts of divinity mirrored into their world until the oppressed women they married, fucked, and protected from niggers, and injuns followed the logic of law, and wrapped their pale legs around the very structure that limited their movement into a liberation movement that changed, eventually, for women around the world.

black athlete, Nimi

There is nothing like change. It is frightening. But it is necessary if we plan to live on this planet to re-define beauty. Without that revelation the Earth will die within us, and we won't be able to see the path of pussy, as conquerors say, or discern the path towards the Sacred Womb, as holy people use language. The mystery of Creation lies in the concepts of merging, seeing, knowing, birth, renewal, discovery, surprise, play and joy in the moment. These are the same attributes hidden between the legs of the women men love, need, and desire, but cannot see because they merely seek to acquire.” -Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Black British beauty of Amanda White 2

Sunday, May 23, 2010


filipina wrestlers rhoan & silver

I have a strong cultural bias, which I recognize as such, but haven't been able to get over it entirely. I'm Palestinian and we have a long history of being highly literate and highly educated. Sports/games are for kids and after a certain age, there is a stigma of "the ball is for those who can't really handle the books." Athletic prowess is rather looked down on as something to occupy those who lack intellectual prowess. I know this attitude is wrong, but I haven't overcome it entirely, so stories like this one posted here are important to me.

As I understand it, sports/games have a long history in Native American cultures, but as I understand it, sports/games are not about competition and winning as much as they are about cooperation and fun/joy.
I thank you and Brother Gregory and everyone who helps me by challenging my own prejudices and making me work harder on myself. -Sadakne Baroudi

filipina wrestlers Rhoan & Lhet

Sadakne, I own a particular bias around sports. There is a cultural joke among Americans about the 'dumb jock', or dumb athlete. Intellectual prowness, curiosity, and pride are taught out of most American students and ranks low among millions of sports fans here. There has been change in that paradigm over the last couple of decades, but it is prevalent, and evident in action.

I used to play a lot as a child. I still play but as a child I played a season of baseball. Loved it. But there is nothing as terrifying as seeing parents, and fans screaming not praise, but insults with demonic faces distorted and full of rage. As much as I enjoyed playing ball I swore to myself I would not develop into a college, or pro ball player because of the relationship between American sports, and violence.

In Maryland at our university violence accompanies important wins. Cars are overturned, vandalism runs rampant in the surrounding neighborhoods, and white boys, liquored up, feel powerful and unleash themselves into mob mindlessness. It is terrifying, and is often excused by saying, "Boys will be boys."

The few professional football games I have gone to I am armed for the possibility of having to physically defend myself, and my wife should there be a violent outburst which can easily be justified. Violence and sports go hand and hand. The spiritual basis of play, and war in the indigenous cultures of American Indians is not a part of the American lexicon.” –Gregory E. Woods

Saturday, May 22, 2010

ISLAM & negroes

diane kruger

murders in mexico

Americans are known worldwide for their profound ignorance of national, and international affairs. Ignorance, greed, an unethical acquisition of things, and white supremacy consistently undermine this country.” –Gregory E. Woods

“What's pitiful is that Blacks in this country REFUSE to do their history before leaping into Islam. They join the very organization that, as far back as the 1600s, came to the African tribal leaders and paid them to capture their own people for enslavement. TO THIS DAY, they go into villages of peaceful, working Blacks, torturing, slaughtering them by the hundreds, kidnapping children, putting them into enslavement. Don't Blacks in our country ever bother to read or listen to the news???

Just remember this: We were all created with RED blood running through our veins, blood that, if it matches via type, can be transferred from a White arm to a Black arm to a Brown arm to any other color arm. If you hate this country so much, perhaps you would be happier in those places in Africa that I described above. The rest of us seek peace and kindness toward others, no matter what their color.” –Annie

Annie, you start with an obvious contradiction that plunges into a root of cause of us African Americans. It will be better received, perhaps, coming from a white woman. Your last comment contradicts your obvious intelligence.” –Gregory E. Woods

Friday, May 21, 2010


"We all have power. Some of that power is personal, some is institutional, and some is historical. The goal is to identify and accept the power that we do have, and creatively use that power in the service of social justice. Denial of the social realities that shape our lives blocks our efforts and undermines our ability to produce true social change." - DeRosa and Johnson

If you live in America, you show respect for this great country. If you don't like it, then get out! It is as simple as that.’ –Mike D

“Mike D that is the most perplexing kind of simple-minded approach to the complexity of what it means to be an American. Being a parrot mimicking behavior is not the height of citizenship. Mindlessness has gotten us where we are today as a nation. It takes intelligence to be a citizen of this country, and the main group of Americans who tend to over emphasis patriotic songs are ignorant of what being an American means to other ethnic groups. It takes great intelligence, and a lot of thought to be an American citizen, and the implications of our policies, our supremacy, and the definition of patriotism, citizenship, and responsibility spread far beyond the pledge of allegiance.

How can the intelligent Americans ever forget the horror of millions of Americans, and our congress people sign over, without thought, absolute authority to a President, who the months before September 11, 2001, been severely ridiculed for the shallowness of his understanding of world affairs, and his lack of an historical perspective of the world, and American politics, and history! The sleep that fell upon millions of Americans, myself included, who could not grasp the meaning of President Clinton’s repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 has placed us in the current mess we are in now. It takes great intelligence and deep introspection to be an American citizen. Simple-mindness is not an option of a super power.” –Gregory E. Woods

Thursday, May 20, 2010

LET ME FALL - a poem

Let me fall

Let me climb
There's a moment when fear
And dreams must collide

Someone I am
Is waiting for courage
The one I want
The one I will become
Will catch me
I will dance so freely
Holding on to no one
You can hold me only
If you too will fall
Away from all these
Useless fears and chains

Someone I am
Is waiting for my courage
The one I want
The one I will become

-Patricia M. Baker

Patricia M. Baker' classic beauty

Maori concept of kaitiakitanga

Kaitiakitanga: Guardianship of All our Relations.

For Maori, protecting the environment takes on another dimension; they are the kaitiaki of their land. This Maori concept of kaitiakitanga should inspire anyone who is interested in sustainability. But to really understand the meaning of this word, one must understand the holistic world view of the Maori. For them all is interrelated: the divine and the human, the living and the inanimate. It is impossible for me to describe their vision in its fullness within these few lines, and I certainly don't claim to do it on their behalf, but I will all the same try to tell you how I understand that concept of kaitiakitanga after three months in New Zealand. We must first go back to their founding myths, but here I should make a point. The Maori I met don't like anyone referring to their gods using the word “myth”. Speech originates in Io, the supreme god, and the Maori consider that their history was told to them through oral transmission since the beginning of times.

Toi tu te Whenua, whatungarongaro te Tangata.
Ma te Whenua me te Wahine, ka ora ai te Tangata.
Toi tu te Mana, toi tu te Whenua

- observations of tourist to New Zealand's indigenous people

(taken from Mereana Taki's FACEBOOK page)

SACRED MASCULINE: Maori teachings

"You are in love with me, I shall make you perplexed. Do not build much, for I intend to have you in ruins. If you build two hundred houses in a manner that the bees do; I shall make you as homeless as a fly. If you are the mount Qaf in stability. I shall make you whirl like a millstone." ~RUMI

Gregory ...Nga mihi Tribalz salutations and affirmations Chiefly Brother. I bow my head in humility to one and all and especially the privilege of sharing in the Heart and Spirit of your respective words. You most of all have my utmost deepest Ancestral Respect. By your own example you Live the Love that has at times been an expensive journey to inner equilibrium and initiation. You are on a journey; as we all are, that will never end. That is one of the enigma's of this Realm, we came here to experience what Godds in our out of body Selves cannot. We even begrudge sometimes the steepness, though not for long and not without the shaping of wisdoms, in the end.

This poetic piece is by RUMI. A lesser known piece and yet it has his signature insightfulness of undeniable beauty and honesty ambivalence and brilliant bold wrecklessness which oftentimes shapes our very Human relationships. I love these works in themselves and in the ways any of us chooses to utilise it as a Healing and a Teaching for ourselves whatever that means. That you have all shared so Lovingly and Freely with me is an honour I recieve with the greatest Respect. I believe my role models for Manhood were predominantly Men of supremely upright good character, humble yet erudite with pristine and rather chivalric types of values and beliefs regarding their roles and responsibilities to the Tribalz as a whole and Women in particular. These are me examplars and I rightly or wrongly uphold this standard when contemplating the possibilities of a Soul Mate. At the moment I am at peace in my Heart and content in my Life path. I heed the Wisdom of my Spirit in all matters, even in this. Big Love Aroha e ... -Mereana Taki (May 2, 2010)


What I am exploring here is that Human touch alone is not the sole means of connectivity. That perhaps so much brutalization has caused the Human BEing to become seriously warped and distorted, taking even their touching of each others Lifeforce. Egoless touching of another BEing is not only possible it is what an unconditional reaching out can with purity and Soul cleanliness send without even the physical embrace. Ideally ANY TOUCHING WHICH BONDS US TO ANOTHER WILL BE PURE AND UNCONDITIONAL. I acknowledge Western experiments and theorums about Human attachment and damage which can occur from prolonged neglect. Such theorums are a more powerful way to examine present day nihilisms and outcomes of Slavery either from previous centuries, or in the present. Human touch in a climate of brutality is constantly held in suspicion, more often violent and/or abusive contextualized as it has become in a cess pit of compromise, ongoing unmet justice and equality; touch has become an altogether over sexualized under utilized moment of our existence.

Do we touch the planet with the same regard? Is this the kind of hug Capitalist Societies have given the so called Heathen? It marvels me that Western Scientists can organise theorums for which their own Parent Socieities have rarely applied to their own members and then ...offer these to the present day casualities of such social genocides, political brutalities, economic abuses and intellectual bastardizations.

Yes, in an ideal situation of course Lifetouch is an important aspect of bonding and attachment. Though culturally, this is where the similarities with Western theorums end. There is no existential focus for Cosmogonic and metaphysical implications where the dimensional self is seriously neglected and violated through Great Mother's 'disconnect' through Land theft and political atrophies. The primal touch of Mother to Child is indeed severed at its most esoteric and vital source: the Mother Land.

Bless the subject for what it can reveal, what it can unmask; yet let us move beyond insular Humancentric applications and understandings of what Lifetouch actually means in its diverse YOUniquenesses across Great Mother and directly in relation with her and Father Sky. Thankyou for stimulating this open ended dialogue of respect and exploration Sacred Kin.

Kua tae mai te wa hei huaki ka taka te kapa ...aana! Big Love Aroha e ...only Love in expansion Whanau Kin. -Mereana Taki

lover of thea


I have been on different sides of Bishop's evolving spiritual force. I felt then, and more so now, a part of his evolution. Seeing his creative pattern of greatness from my view was controversial within the counsel of my soul, my own evolution, among my elders, and my development into a man. There was a rugged, sometimes rude quality within Bishop that made him the force we all identify with. I remember the dark, the light, the revelations, and disclosures I detested, studied, or didn’t have the depth to understand. I was in awe of him, at times, learning a lot about mysteries and service!

The very complexity of a man from humble beginnings, from the hardships he spoke of so often, and the minimum of education that taught him to become a Bishop, a man, is the essence of what we Native folks call strong medicine powers. Those who develop from flaws into power are what we traditionally admire and respect, and Bishop Green's medicine powers followed me into the ceremonial circles my medicine carried me into. Elders in Greenland, people in Europe, and across Turtle Island have felt the stories, and teachings, and power of Bishop Green weaved into healing stories. These powers move people in their souls sometimes shifting their consciousness into higher realms of knowing or relationship with the Great Mystery!

This isn’t the time to tell the stories now, but there has been enough expansion within people who have learned from the stories I carry in my medicine from Bishop to change and grow into their calling. These are my words. I am Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories. AHO! (2-13-10)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


"We all have power. Some of that power is personal, some is institutional, and some is historical. The goal is to identify and accept the power that we do have, and creatively use that power in the service of social justice. Denial of the social realities that shape our lives blocks our efforts and undermines our ability to produce true social change." - DeRosa and Johnson

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

inverted triangle

The star of david is built from the pyramid. one triangle in place, u jus place the inverted pyramid in its corresponding position. then u have 6 points. one is the eye itself. the other 5 points...conveniently find themselves at the edge of the following letters. M A S O N. So it basically means...Romulus and Remus' children are really confused, n think for a second--unwittingly enough....that they're built 4 the essence of Kush....its colony atleast...Kemet (Egypt)...

Thas the image of Romulus and Remus, btw., photographhed with it is one of their descendants. Also...wut led me 2 even posting these Easter...n seein habeshas...let alone plantation dwellers of the so-called Western hemisphere...picturing a man they call Jesus, in the image of Romulus and Remus--an image opposite to that described in the book of Revelation...or Al Injiyl for muslims...which spoke of his apperance as having..."skin like burnt like lambswool".... Isallah Anunaqi

Its meye understanding this symbol represents the omnipotent, omnipresent, and unseen emphasis on the unseen. This understanding relates to the expression "the devil's biggest secret is convincing people he doesn't exist". Eye relate this, to the people many call "Satanists" and "Luciferians", who have opted to fall in league w/ the hEyeghest principles of our 'Godhead', to further themselves. The irony of this: the element of the unseen. They are using the principles of the unseen nature of our "Godhead' to further themselves, cloaking their activities under the pejorative guise of "satanism" and "Luciferianism".

Altho' I don't mistake a pale devil w/ one who has the capacity 2 truly be diveyene. Its meye understanding, that they are not even Sahu man. In terms of As Above, So Below, eye feel this reveals the necessity of knowledge of the neteru for one to prosper, altho the power amassed by those European families in control is not in EYE, just a loose explanation -- documentation, of such. Ra un Nefer Amen instructs they exercise power through a lower faculty of abstract intellect. Out of which, they audaciously assert themselves to be symbolic of OUR symbols. -Isallah Anunaqi

Alicia Castro in the throes of dance

“Every woman is beautiful. Beauty of a woman is first defined by her own interpretation of self, and the dance she dances to her songs, and the love she generates pondering the mysteries Creation embedded within her being.” -Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

MEDICINE TEACHINGS: gentle reflection

"Being gentle means forgiving yourself when you mess up. We should learn from our mistakes, but we shouldn't beat the tar out of ourselves over them. The past is just that, past. Learn what went wrong and why. Make amends if you need to. Then drop it and move on." -Marilyn Charging Crow (Kanji Nantan)

“…wisdom and virtue are like the two wheels of a cart that our lives may use on the road to truth and self realisation.” Orman Griffith


Native American woman Crayezee Ndn

“Men should know how to see the Sacredness of the women looking at him, and the Sacredness of women who hold them captive by charm, or beauty, or the allure of their mystique. Good looks are not enough. A woman’s interest can fade quickly into a suspicion that allies itself with the possibility of being misunderstood, and women, like men, need to be understood. The greatest defense against male aggression is discernment, the ability to take life, and the indisputable ability to see into the soul.” –Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

Native American woman Mish Mitchell


Inexplicable beauty has always confounded and overwhelmed the senses. To approach it without truth is as precarious as entering the sacred lodge of serpents without respect, stillness of mind, or permision... -Gregory E. Woods

Monday, May 17, 2010


MISS MICHIGAN Rima Fakih centering herself in contest

We, as a society, have come a long way from the days young women were prepared for marriage and were on display to attract the best of the best young men who likewise prepared themselves to be the best husbands and providers for the best woman in the tribe.  From the times, the tribes, the customs of beauty on display to attract the male, and a skill set to add value to the exchange between families to the business of beauty with one standard and none of the intention of attracting the best of the available men for marriage who has benefited from this development?  -Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

MISS USA Rima Fakih

Sarah Palin