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Bold Immigrant is a Citizen!

Unapologetic 'Dreamer' Responds to Backlash Over Her Post on Paying Taxes

Cristian Benavides
March 30, 2017

When 23-year-old Belén Sisa posted a picture of herself along with a 1040 tax form on Facebook to show she had paid state taxes in Arizona despite being an undocumented immigrant she didn't know what to expect.

"I wanted to educate people and bust the myth," Sisa told NBC Latino, "that Uncle Sam doesn't care if you have a social security number."

Sisa is shielded from deportation under former President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The post went viral. It's now been shared over 4,700 times.

Response to the controversial post was swift. Sisa said she has received plenty of backlash, even death threats and that many people messaged her informing her they had reported her post to local immigration authorities.

Although Sisa said she's received hundreds of messages, it's unclear how many people have reported the post to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

"As a matter of policy, the agency does not speculate on any alleged tips made through the ICE tip line," said Yasmeen Pitts O'Keefe, a spokesperson for the agency, to NBC Latino.

Sisa remains defiant.

"I've been paying taxes for the past 4 years since I've had DACA. I always get annoyed and kind of angry because I pay taxes but all you hear is that we don't."

Although some of the messages were positive, she wanted to expose some of the ugly and wrote a follow up post on Facebook with screenshots of some of the messages she had allegedly received.
One read, "Reported you to ICE and Homeland Security. Crime doesn't pay lady," Another one read, "Get the (expletive) out of this country you ILLEGAL piece of (expletive), while another said, "Too bad you are cute, but you need to come back the right way."

Sisa said that rather than feel discouraged, she feels empowered by the messages.

"Don't let the negative messages stop you from speaking up because that's exactly what they intend for you to do," Sisa said. "Take a picture of your taxes and make a post. Let them know that you pay taxes too, because people don't know."

Sisa is a junior political science major at Arizona State University. She has been very involved in politics; she worked for the Bernie Sanders campaign and as a page at the Democratic National Convention.

"I learned that even though I couldn't vote, I could get others to get engaged to cast a vote," she said.
According to Sisa, this is her fourth year paying taxes; she has lived in this country since she was 6 years-old. Her parents brought her here on a tourist visa which they overstayed.

"I grew up here. This is my home. I have my closest family here. I work here and will continue to work here."

Although there's much debate about how much unauthorized immigrants contribute or affect the economy, a report by the non-partisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy found that undocumented immigrants contributed an estimated $11.74 billion each year through sales, personal income, and property taxes.

"There's a misconception about the immigration system; people have this idea that becoming a citizen is really easy, that you just fill out a form and get in a line," she said. "Do you really think I like being here as an undocumented immigrant?"

Some Things for Young Folks

by 3/11/2016

The Top 20 Traits Women Want in a Man

Convincing evidence suggests that it takes only one thing to get a woman's attention: money. (See Trump wedding, photos of.) But if you eliminate cash and gifts of Manolo Blahniks from the equation, it is unclear which of the more intangible attributes contribute to a man's sexiness

Top Character Traits: 1. Faithfulness 84%

More than 8 out of 10 women rated "faithful to me" in the top 10 attributes they find sexy in a man. A woman's tendency toward attachment is a biological imperative, a matter of raising offspring right. Reassure her (often) that you're not going anywhere.

Top Character Traits: 2. Dependability 75%

Three out of four women say they look for a man who makes commitments and follows through. Being responsible—even if it's just remembering to pick up salad dressing on your way over to her place—sends a positive signal that someday you might commit.

Top Character Traits: 3. Kindness 67%

Young women may still fall for the bad-boy type, but more-mature women are turned on by kindness, because kindness inspires confidence. In other words, if you treat the waitress well, your date figures you'll treat her well, too.

Top Character Traits: 4. Moral Integrity 66%

Having the guts to tell the truth means to a woman that you have the guts to be a good, caring, decent partner over the long haul. White lies are okay; just avoid any that are tinged with gray.

Top Character Traits: 5. Fatherliness 51%

Being a good dad (or having the potential to become one) is about being a good role model—and about being patient and caring, qualities women like in a partner. If you're not a father, then tell her about your favorite niece or nephew, or the employee you're mentoring at work.

Top 5 Personality Traits: 1. Sense of Humor 77%

Being able to laugh at the stresses of this world is a must, according to the women on our panel. You get bonus points if you can make them laugh. Humor tells a woman that you can laugh at—read, handle easily—the many difficulties that life throws at you.

Top 5 Personality Traits: 2. Intelligence 55%

A worldy, interesting man is a man she likes to show off. Men who are take-charge problem solvers make women feel secure, and men who are always improving are never boring.

Top 5 Personality Traits: 3. Passion 46%

Why have women always melted for musicians? Because rock stars are passionate in public. Women like displays of passion because they're not accustomed to seeing them from men. Get passionate about something: kayaking, impressionistic art, barbecuing, or Habitat for Humanity. It's proof that you care for and about something beyond yourself.

Top 5 Personality Traits: 4. Confidence 41%

A man who feels secure in his own skin makes the woman he's with feel secure. By showing you can handle unfamiliar people or situations, you tell the woman in your life that she need not fear, either.

Top 5 Personality Traits: 5. Generosity 38%

This is more important to women over 35 than it is to those under that age. Generosity, however, doesn't just mean springing for dinner at a four-star. Your willingness to give your time and lend your ear is what women crave.

Top 5 Practical Skills: 1. Listening 53%

Pay attention. A woman feels safe and secure when she knows her man will put down his BlackBerry and listen to her. Magic words: "I'm here. Tell me everything."

Top 5 Practical Skills: 2. Romancing 48%

Romance appeals to a woman's right-brained, less-logical side. Every woman fantasizes about being swept off her feet. Romance is bold because you're displaying your desire for a woman and revealing a softer, more vulnerable side that women find irresistible.

Top 5 Practical Skills: 3. Being Good in Bed 35%

A woman knows that a man who takes care of her in bed will take care of her out of bed.  Your enthusiasm for her body is more important than your sexual prowess.

Top 5 Practical Skills: 4. Cooking, Cleaning, etc. 23%

Self-sufficiency means you're not going to expect her to be like your mother. Learn how to make one or two killer breakfasts or dinners, and you'll win her heart.

Top 5 Practical Skills: 5. Earning Potential 21%

One in five women surveyed said a man's successfulness in his career contributes to his sexiness. If you've demonstrated talent, goal achievement, and follow-through, you give women confidence that you will be a good provider.

Top 5 Physical Attributes: 1. Sense of Style 30%

The way you dress reflects on the woman you're with, and she knows it. The man who knows how to match a patterned shirt and tie will notice when she's dressed well, too. (And maybe he'll pay for the Blahniks.) Keep your tailor and your dry cleaner busy, and spring for posh, touchable fabrics like cashmere, suede, pima cotton, and brushed corduroy.

Top 5 Physical Attributes: 2. Handsome Face 26%

The science of attraction, which has been studied ad infinitum, says it's all about symmetry. Imagine you have a dotted red line (Nip/Tuck style) vertically through the center of your face, down your nose. Are your features similar in form and arrangement on both sides of the line? Do your eyes and ears match up? The closer one side mirrors the other, the more attractive you are. Women in cross-cultural studies have also ranked men with broad chins, high cheekbones, and large eyes as the most attractive. Best way to improve your looks: Smile more, and make certain your sideburns are even.

Top 5 Physical Attributes: 3. Height 15%

Tall, dark, and handsome isn't the be-all and end-all. Women say they like feeling smaller than their men, but height doesn't necessarily mean might. They will feel comfortable as long as they aren't towering over you.

Top 5 Physical Attributes: 4. Muscular Build 13%

Spend more time with the bathroom mirror and less time with the gym mirror. Nearly three times as many women value a clean-shaven face over the clean and jerk. Muscles help ward off rivals and assure a woman that you won't drop her during a dip, but your overall appearance is more important than the size of your biceps.

Top 5 Physical Attributes: 5. Fitness 12%

Women recognize a good body as indicative of a man of discipline and self-control. It tells a woman you can keep up with her, in bed and out.

a Black couple together ...


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See Thru into Light

Milla Jovovich naked in light

Naked in light is a state of being and a study of opposites in one very important sense: one is in the light! Naked is often attributed to the darkness because of a perception of shame, not beauty in the dark where discovery does take place, but where one can hide the elements of beauty nakedness exposes in the light of day, or the throes of enlightenment!
This is an esoteric science, or it can be without the typical crudeness nudity arouses in the many and judgment in the others!

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
April 9, 2016

Mystie Knutsen, pregnant in June 2015 with child number 6.


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What Is Said!

Words Are Powerful
By Dr. Sinclair Grey III 
What you tell yourself has a way of manifesting itself. Let me say it another way. What people call you is a reflection of how they see you and value your worth (Oops, I said something). Words have meaning and because words have meaning, I challenge you to use them for uplifting and not tearing down. Don't let people cause you to degrade yourself and/or others for the benefit of profit and fame. With so much talk about free speech, let's get one thing clear - derogatory speech against Jews, Gays and Lesbians, as well as Latinos is consider hate speech, but use the 'N' word and it's either free speech or I'm sorry I said it and and got caught speech.

The writer of Proverbs penned the words, "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit." Please don't miss this. Be careful of what you say because it has consequences. In addition to this, love yourself as well as others enough to not allow anyone to degrade or demean you with words. Oh, I have to say this. Just as we don't want anyone labeling us and mistreating us, we cannot do it to one another.

March 27, 2015

Your words, "What people call you is a reflection of how they see you and value your worth..." are an insight into that which embroils Black Americans into a forever revolving door of frustration. It occurs within and without the churches they may attend. But, unlike any group I know of, save the Dalid people of India's caste system, give everyone the power to call them by the name that enslaves their spirit. American Blacks it's nigger. For the Dalid, it is the Untouchables.

- Gregory E. Woods, (Dawn Wolf) Keeper of Stories
March 27, 2015

Open Opened Up

powers between Kaylee's legs are the same & different from the powers of other women
because the how & why women use their punany are varied.
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 6.27.16

"One of the deeper lessons to learn before a boy is penetrated by sexual energies is the powers of a woman and how to respect the two of them. These are energies of the soul."
~ Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 6.28.16

powers between Kaylee's legs are hers for her to unleash. for a man his powers are the 'who' of who he is in relationship to his 'Sacred Dream', his reason for being here. When a man gives himself to a woman his essence, who he is, will be, wants to be and more goes into her. How, and if she reciprocates tells who she is in relationship to her Womb and the divinity.
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 6.28.16


simple things of Life.

rotary phone as chic

a couple & a pelican overlooking the waters of California by Mykii Liu Photography

bathing in a hammock.

a Study of person.

The affirmation, 'If you want to be somebody, somebody really special be yourself!' upon her back is aligned between and parallel to her heart and throat chakras. That means something! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.18.16

tattooed body of a FRONT magazine model

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cloth to the Human Spirit.

Arazel's fierce beauty by Craig Matthews (2014)

"Excellent fashion photography is similar to appreciated divinity and the way it intermingles with the playful and serious elements of life. Even though it is fashion, fashion is expression of the human spirit and how clothes dance around what traditionally is the temple of spirit and soul! Some refute the comparisons but their reactions to fashion, if one pays attention to the details of words, contradicts their assessments.

This photographer is that good, Ariadne. I wish you would credit him/her and the others."
- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9/26/16

Ariadne Diaz deeply rooted happiness a photographer somehow captured!. (2015)

A Keene Sense of Style

Elizabeth Keene in NYC wearing a Macy's tunic, a trench by INC International Concepts via Macy's with shoes from Macy's. photo by Danny Fung (2016)

Tunic: Macy's, Trench: INC International Concepts via Macy's, Bracelets:  INC International Concepts via Macy'sHereHere & Here, Necklace: INC International Concepts via Macy's. Bag: INC International Concepts via Macy's, Shoes: Macy's
Photos by: Danny Fung

It is too late, but listen anyway!

In the depth of American life is the ignorance of a people void of understanding how we live in relationship to the other peoples of the world. In our lives we are not introduced to spirit because the great pride of the country is the separation of the parts that come from and belong to the whole. Of wholeness is the possibility of anything within everything. This profound ignorance kills taking the life out of other's lives the way we live as if nothing else matters but what we want to dream about.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
March 19, 2017    – Dr. Rose Pere – Maori Elder     -  Angaangaq - speaking

Stories Without Sound

black photographer Derrel Todd of  Melanie Blankenship.

black photographer Derrel Todd of Tina Farris.  


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Story of a Woman's Business

Ludella Hahn's collage of achievements (2015)

Ludella Hahn graduated magna cum laude from college in May 2010 with a degree in Classical Humanities and Creative Writing. Ludella’s only real goal in life has been making a career in the realm of artistic expression which she has been successfully achieving since April 2011. She has often incorporated her love for the word with her love for modeling by writing little bits of narrative to go with some of her photographic spreads in magazine features, including her new regular column in Atomic Bombshells Magazine.

Though modeling and burlesque are Ludella’s main careers, she is an actress as well. She acts most often for fetish production companies, including Damsels in Distress Visual Productions where she has been working since 2008, but occasionally dabbles in television and film.

recently released an instructional DVD called Pinup Secrets (available at Find her full resume and press clippings here. ~ anon

Ludella Hahn by Robbins Studios Photography and Fine Art

model, Ludella Hahn as Spider Woman (2016)

Tribute to Excellence

photographer Darque Chylde captured a Black woman's business attire.

photographer, Derrel Todd of Asha & Joe Hawthorne the day they got married (2016)


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Yellow & White in Black

Michelle Jin in the early morning light. 

Milla Jovovich is an actress known for her work in Resident Evil and Dazed and Confused.


Ancient Teaching: family

driving a man crazy is an art form !!!!
March 23, 2016  

Driving not just any man crazy, but her man is the object of seduction, allure and binding a man to her. Holding a man with her essence is through lovemaking beyond the transitory aspect of a booty call, or one-night stands. It is the spiritual ability to connect souls to each other by the way seed is given and received. It is an ancient gift Creator gave his creation and it is the fundamental element building family.

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8.18.16 

American Pretense

Lady in the park !!!!

Americans like to live in the fantasies of our assumptions and proposals of fancy dreams that don't take into account that bodies age and exercise is not fit a substitute for living deeply...

It is astounding how many people in our cities have weakened and weak bodies. From women in heels to serious ailments the bodies of our lifestyles are not conducive to the way things were 150 + years ago. There is less use for the bodies as the technology dictates. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (4.11.16)

Bai Ling said, No matter what you do make sure it's fun, otherwise quit doing it!


Thursday, March 23, 2017

from 2 countries

Bollywood actress, Mehr Jesia Rampal

Brazilian model of note !!!!


Marriage shifts Powers.

"Marriage shifts powers. Shifting powers is the purpose of marriage outside of the obvious economic contract, and the state contract a couple makes in the United States.

There is the bond, the union and the power of two, now one. "One can chase a thousand, two can chase ten thousand" to borrow from the Old Testament story of King David is the math to become aware of a new way of being one. Not prepared for the power shifts of matrimony between a man and a woman is to underestimate the creation of Life as it ebbs and flows within and around us without stop, or reflection.

Powers don't need to reflect. Water reflects, but does not need to reflect. She just is. The forces of Thunder and the terrifying shifts of Earth moving and quaking the slumber and abuse off of her does not reflect. Earth, our Mother responds, decides to move, makes gradual and sudden changes without so much as a pause to consider how other life forces feel. What the elements do is move within their relationships with all of Life understanding without reflection who they are, why they are, and what moves between all of Life.

In marriage, these are possible states of being, and are subsequent actions to emulate because reflection is fundamental to human existence, basic to marriage and without reflection we are borrowing from the wrong concept of being alive and in a close league with Death, and chaos.

Sex is a language. Everything can be said in bed. A man's deep plunge into his woman's body is her pulling him into her mysterious happenings necessary to keep the soul afloat in tumultuous currents, to maintain the balance of elements, and to also maintain the equilibrium of the physical body and the body of emotions the intellect needs to check its reason. The language of sex is the spiritual aspect of the terrestrial forces holding one's spirit in the body. Sexual energies need to keep a soul alive and present, and the intent as sharp as the will is purpose driven to keep us alive. In addition, the language of sex is a deep pleasure. It is fun and adventurous play, which is important for the union of marriage.

Sex takes two back to the one period of our time as babies, and small children when there were only four things to do after birth: eat, sleep, play and grow. All of life was, and is within those four for that stage of Life. We needed those conditions after birth, and for the sacredness of sex and marriage those four essentials return. What protected us within that circle after as children after our birth is not the same protection marriage needs between a man and his wife. There are high spirits working a craft organized by what created the world, breathed life into the body, and stimulates growth continually in the stream of life-death-resurrection. Learning how they function is our adult task.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
Dec. 19, 2016

"A woman astride her man is in a wonderful position of power. It is a great benefit for her husband's sense of being a man, a husband because he is left 'overstanding' the purpose of being her husband without words." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Dec. 19, 2016

Black American bride and groom.

Young Black women returning to their ancestral roots. Illustration by Grace Wilson

Leave well enough alone & much can go wrong !!!!

Black man's assertion protects his women. photo by and of Derrick Muldrow. (2015)

Black women who have an irresistible urge itching to be seen as sexually dominate & submissive to the wants of men say they are available to be accessible to who the man is & less to who they were meant to be in this world. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 3.24.16
photo: Agus Rodriguez 


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Timely Blessing

My Heart sends you Ancient peace and Ancestral Love.

May you dwell in the Light of your Soul and there to rest your Spirit and rejuvenate. May you know kindness and joy in the simple things of existence. May your uniqueness be cultivated that you may harvest a life of purpose and Spiritual beauty planted deep in this Earth Mother.

May all waters reflect your true self to you and show you what a beautiful existence this can be. May humility grace your thoughts and appreciation heal any confusion. May your life be a celebration and a communion with the sacred. 

May your mind songs travel far in peace and understanding that all life upon this Divine Earth emanates from her and is returned to her. May all the blessings of this Mother Earth care for you and protect you all the days of your Earthly life. These things I send to you as a daily prayer without ending.

Ngaronoa Mereana Taki

Mereana Taki by the ocean on September 1, 2016

Poise is grace.

white dress and a demure smile worn by actress Katie Holmes.

Emma Thompson, British actress

elegant woman from somewhere ...

elegant woman, Vishaka Singh softly wearing a saree. 

5 Laws of a People.

Chitimacha teaching

"There is responsibility for each person towards each person. This is the first law.  Council is important and being inclusive is a fundamental law for living on Earth: Law two. The third law that came to mind sparked the Judeo-Christian trigger within me, and with some embarrassment I thought about the order of the gender: Man then Woman. I stopped because unlike the Eden story the emphasis is on joint cooperation, and no one in the story is above the other. The fourth law.

The Earth is dependent upon the Animal, Plant, Mineral, Human, Sky People relationship and the story instructs the Chitimacha on the fifth law of the People."

- Gregory E. Woods
Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories Sunday,
May 22, 2011

Dawn Wolf, Awes & Dr. Thornes honoring & acknowledging original peoples of Turtle Island at 1st Global Conference on Defending Dalit Rights in March of 2015

food is resistance = Caruru é resistência... in Brazil

A Beautiful Setting.

Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner attending Ciara's baby shower in West Hollywood, California on March 22, 2014.

Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner attending Ciara's baby shower in
West Hollywood, California on March 22, 2014.

For The Funk of IT!

Rosa Brighid by Michael Row at the Little Chelsea Gallery. June 2016.

In the hey day of the 1970's funk had taken over the world and amongst the wildest, if not the wildest of funk bands was Parliament Funkadelic! Their outrageous stories and characters from other worlds, the unbelievable thick, phat-tuh-death drum and base lines girding up the strength of the loins of the heavy brass and torrential rain storms of fiery guitar solos and riffs made the lyrics memorable. One of the philosophical spins atop of the funk came from one of the singers, Shiela Brody from an offshoot of the group, The Brides of Funkenstein, many years later. In retrospect and much older in an interview she said, "We are not remembered for what we do for ourselves."

Remember the funk of it all because it was African's music that liberated whatever was liberated within the soul of white folks. Which part of their emotional retardation mended came through the music, which penetrates the heart, as Bach is remember for noting and saying. Bach was of the African bloodlines himself.

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Jan. 16, 2017

Rosa Brighid by Michael Row at The Little Chelsea Gallery. June 2016.

Competition? No.

Keyshia Dior for Ice Box Studio Models

Tatu Baby, a tattoo artist who competed twice on Ink Master.


Just saying...

"... a profound sense of space. Hats off to the photographer." - dawn wolf, keeper of stories 9.2.16
Solitary moment captured by photographer, dplyusnin of Casey Perun for FRONT magazine. 2016

"a dose of reality. hats off to the wives." - dawn wolf, keeper of stories
Soccer mom, Charlotta Rose

"We can dream. We can work. We can do both." - dawn wolf, keeper of stories

the simple things are special.

InkSpired Magazine model, Angeliсa Anderson
 July 15,(2016)

Marilyn Monroe by T. Kelly

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Kate Walsh making a leggy appearance at the ‘Get Hard’ premiere wearing an oversized double breasted jacket, flimsy silk shorts and sexy heels !!!!What a far cry from the outrageous role of an unorthodox judge in her series a couple years ago.

Katie Holmes, actress in a black Azzedine Alaïa LBD with see-through slivers !!!! What a far cry from the dangerous villain with insatiable appetites for sex in power, acquisition at any cost, and vengeance in her role in the Ray Donovan series! It was chilling and focused her portrayal. It was hard to place her good looks in light so dark was her character. What a skill.

The ability not to use one's beauty or be indifferent to it as a chameleon in a role as an actress, to me, has long been impressive. It is a strength translatable in life situations to be indifferent to features that can and do endear one to other people's admiration to focus on a task at hand important enough to benefit others.

How many times have we seen ball players inwardly, and obviously focused on how 'pretty' they are, how good they look at the expense of the game 'profiling' for attention to be drawn on their good looks losing games, making mistakes, or worse get injured injuring another in their vanity?

Self-serving is vanity. It is enough to get killed in a battlefield. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Nov. 5, 2016