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Again Los Angeles

costume designer Roberta Haze wearing the LAWGIVER dress
September 22, 2012


daughter and mother Kim and Chip Fields


Kim Wayans

Listen up! The truth is that what you're waiting for is really waiting for you to get yourself together (whatever that looks like). So in essence, when you SHOW UP fully & are aligned with what you already know to do, you will immediately (that's right) immediately begin manifesting in your life what you see in your mind! ‪#‎GirlTalkMoment‬ ‪#‎Shiftshaping‬


Serena Williams playing tennis in blue mini & heels.

Kim Fields

Colored feature

Shameless Photography: Pinup and Glamour Portraits

Sophie Spinelle posing for Shameless Photography
May 4, 2013

Sophie Spinelle



"Be kind with your power. For, what spell one casts upon another, spells what one casts upon the SELF." ~ Inna Rae 7.5.13

Has Feminism Really Helped Women?

Has Feminism Really Helped Women?

We’ve all seen (or been) the overworked woman who tries to do it all; she works full time, has a full time job, has a gaggle of children with a heap of activities, homework and sports for her to attend or attend to and she also has the pressure of having energy to fulfill her husbands “needs” when the lights go out at night.
While many people can argue that the feminism movement has helped to advance women and given them rights that they should have always had, there are those who argue that those so called advancements have not really helped women to live more fulfilling lives.
A few things that have gotten better for women:
1. More reproductive control and s*xu@l freedom allow us to enjoy safer s*x with more partners—and to shape our careers and make more money without having to worry about an unintended pregnancy. Economists recently found that women with access to the Pill made 8 percent more money by the time they were 50 than women who lived in states that make it harder to buy the Pill.
2. Women’s participation in the workforce has increased dramatically, from nearly 40 percent in 1960 to over 60 percent today.. This translates, plainly, to more opportunity and greater chances for women to do more varied kinds of work—and earn money—than Friedan could have imagined a half century ago.
A few things that still haven’t changed…or have even gotten worse:
1. Women work more—but boy, is it hard sometimes. The United States lags embarrassingly far behind the rest of the world when it comes to guaranteeing paid maternity leave (i.e., we don’t have any, while women in other nations around the world, from Pakistan to Mexico to Canada, are guaranteed between 12 weeks and a year). We need paid leave for new mothers and fathers as well as quality subsidized child care so that when the 50 percent of families with two earners and the 26 percent of single parents need to get back to work, there are options available. Most important, we need to begin thinking of work-life balance not as a woman’s problem but as a human problem. Without that, we’ll never have as many women as men in politics, in boardrooms, in research labs, or in other important fields.
2. We’ve turned mothering into a competitive sport. Women are expected to research every aspect of parenting—strollers, naps, nutrition, sleep habits—from the moment they get pregnant. Researchers have found that today’s mothers—even the ones who work full time outside the home—now actually clock more hours with their kids than back in the days when Friedan wrote about the stranglehold of child care. Time for yourself? Forget it.


"The responses to this article were few, and interesting. Despite the advances common to this era this publication did not allow the spelling of the words sex, or sexual to spell out in print." ~ Gregory


"As a whole, feminism has NOT helped black women AT ALL." - Latrice

"No. Feminism was NOT DESIGNED with black women in mind. Therefore a black feminist is any oxymoron. They’re the most confused women on earth. Feminism is designed to benefit white women, first and foremost." - Blackd

"Well their are two slaves in Americas history– the Black Man– and the white woman– that feminist jive was to liberate white women while the black woman continued to raise their children and cook their food then and now– the Caribbean sistas and Hispanics dominate that chore nowadays. As for the Black woman being able to take birth control pills or other contraceptives gives their white bosses the leeway to have their concubines at their will
- without being the father of their out of wed lock bi-racial children’s and it also has mislead the Black woman in some cases of corporate illusion-that she is the man-bcuz of her income-she don’t know that she’s a modern day nanny taking care of his office– and that same boss of hers won’t hire her son as a janitor– in must Cases." - Phillip Battle
"Some black women take feminism too far–men don’t seem to know their roles anymore—-it has given them an excuse (they don’t realize it) to seek out other cultures whom they believe to be the true meaning of femininity(another mistake) Black women are STRONG out of necessity ——deep down inside they long for that strong man to love and protect them EXCLUSIVITY!!!" - Blackjk Jones

"More than that stated above and more; if GOD is first-more importantly…women have lost what GOD intended in their creation. A man was to protect his woman. Now, men must protect themselves from this “helpmate” in the streets, Court and in a marriage from these modern (post 1970′s)women.
1 Corinthians 6:1-8, Genesis 2:16-17, 1 Timothy 2 and 2 Timothy 3;16. Heaven help us! ^-^Rev 3:20." 

- Dr. Roosevelt Northern Jr. , Ed.D

Reni D. Batts-Foutz


Kim Fields has personified growth in the public eye and within her being. Her essence and her marriage attest to those important things. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 7.31.13

Pregnant At 44: Kim Fields

actress Kim Fields

Move over Halle Berry, it is time to share your spotlight! Halle announced a short time ago that she was expecting her second child at the age of 46 which she said was the shock of her life. Well watch out Halle, here comes Kim Fields! The 44 year old child-star actress and director announced her pregnancy on Fox’s new daytime show The Real during her appearance.
Fields went on to tell the audience more after a hearty round of applause. She says it is a boy and his name is going to be Quincy Xavier. She has one son already who is now six, named Sebastian Alexander. Sebastian is very excited to be having a little brother. Kim’s husband Christopher is ecstatic as well.
Kim and Christopher had been trying to get pregnant for a few years before this, so this was not a complete shock like Halle’s pregnancy, but more of a pleasant surprise that it may finally be happening for them. Fields revealed that she had miscarried twice before this pregnancy but through it all her husband was there for her, being a great support system when she needed it.
Fields encourages women who feel like they are having symptoms such as forgetfulness, clumsiness, and mood swings to get checked for pregnancy in their forties. She thought she was going through pre-menopause, which can have many of the same symptoms. She began to get sick after her son got a stomach virus, but there was something different about it. Her husband convinced her to go to see the doctor because she may have been dehydrated and when she did, she was told she was two months pregnant! - 

Kim Fields and her husband Christopher Morgan

12 photos of Navneet Kaur


model for
Fantasy Fitness Wear

illusion of Kim Kardashian's dress by JB LaCroix 3.24.12

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Black abolitionist: "Pap" Singleton

The birth of "Pap" Singleton in 1809 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black abolitionist who helped lead hundreds of African-Americans out of the South and into the West, specifically to Kansas, during Reconstruction.

Benjamin "Pap" Singleton, born in Nashville, TN, was sold into slavery several times. He always managed to escape, and he eventually settled in Detroit, returning to Tennessee after the Civil War. In the late 1860s, Singleton tried to help Blacks buy farmland in his home state. That failed when white owners would not sell at reasonable prices. Soon Singleton began to encourage African-Americans in Tennessee to move to Kansas, where with his partner, Columbus Johnson, Singleton had found a location for a Black community. He helped orchestrate this because of his vision for a society in which African-Americans owned their own land.

Singleton printed up posters urging people to come to his colony. Many African Americans responded, and tried to leave the South. Only about 50,000 actually completed the trip, because White residents patrolling river and land routes prevented hundreds of others from leaving. Those who made the trip west were called "The Exodusters.”

In 1881, Singleton began a new effort, organizing a party called the United Colored Links. This party was affiliated with the white workers' Greenback Party. The Links was founded to help African-Americans acquire their own factories and industries. Lack of capital in the Black community ended the United Colored Links' existence.

In 1883, Singleton founded the Chief League, a group that encouraged African-Americans to immigrate to the island of Cyprus. This did not get much support and eventually failed. In 1885, Singleton tried again, this time founding the Trans-Atlantic Society to help African-Americans move back for Africa.

By the time this last attempt failed in 1887, Singleton was in poor health. He died in Kansas City, MO on February 17, 1900. -


Personal Moon Story

The Ceremonial Moon:

Beating drums echoed throughout the village at full blast. The sound became the slightest echo as me and him ran further away from the site to find adventure with the cursed grins of a Bob Cat on our faces. We were spontaneous, aren't new lovers naturally are? We heard the twigs breaks and leaves crunch beneath our feet as we ran further into the dark valley. Tonight we would meet in the light of a full moon. Deer's, elk and birds moved anxiously out of our path as they heard the frantic movement of our feet and over worked lungs as we panted with excitement and giggles. Although we had no light until dawn, our heart's somehow knew the path as familiar and we followed almost indefinitely. I was followed by his hand, he held tight to my wrist as his soul lead mine further into the darkness beyond the outer-limits of my safety zone, I only kept up for I would not slow down nor let go. 

The smell of Dog Wood and shrubbery enhanced our senses as the icy cold breeze soothed our perspiration. The spirit of the wind whistled in our ears as we picked up speed from the bursts of adrenaline we endured while knowing we had almost made it to the peak of our destination. We had finally arrived , the mountain was covered by snow as soft as cotton, we then threw ourselfs into the land. We chuckled in between gasps of air and laid head to head as that of a compass, my body pointing south, his body pointing north laying across the cold haven. We stared up at the dark ocean blue skies with wonder and amazement with the gaze of two newborn children. The light of the moon waited until we had calmed, then she blessed us with her true beauty. What beauty she was, tonight she had the glow of 5,000 stars as seemed to perform for us when in actuality, it was our minds still moving vividly. 

I closed my eyes as small snowflakes stuck to my reddened cheeks only to sting them passionately, I then opened them in time enough to see my companion's face facing mine. His rounded dark brown eyes danced as the moonlight only defined them more and exposed his pure beauty as that of the moon's. He took the longest feather intertwined in his hair out and then tucked it behind my right ear. Although our surroundings were frosted, his hands were as if they had toasted by the fire back at the Pow Wow in the village recently. I slowly nudged my neck and shoulders towards his, he then rested his hand on my cheek and leaned towards my face. We kissed, all that was cold melted around me in my own imagination, his lips were fevered with passion and warmth. We joined as one that night, under the moon, between the earth and sky, under the deepest love spell you could only imagine. Jade SwiftHeart Margarita

Nneka Goforth
May 14, 2013


Seven Stone People

It is by no mistake that stones were used as the visual, and the corresponding energy to accompany the quote, "No soul is desolate as long as there is a human being for whom it can feel trust and reverence." from T.S. Eliot's pen, and life force. The Stone People are receptive storytellers and containers of memories of stories they've witnessed and held many a millennium. The Stone People sit upon the Earth, our Mother, or nestle beneath her, or live in the Waters of the World as witnesses holding countless stories. Their abilities are their responsibility ours is to be receptive, and listen to the Stone People. 

Didn't Jesus say that if people don't praise and honor the Creator the rocks would cry out praise for the Creator? Yes, it is true.  The Stone People are deep in their responsibilities caring for their understandings. Let us live in the depth of our spiritual responsibilities, and abilities the Creator gave us. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 7.25.13

symbol of teaching



A Grandmothers Call

Carissa Rosario

How do we change? A forgotten piece is that a young girl starts to feel the father/mate energy as the new hormones are produced. She is not mentally nor emotionally ready for a physical relationship and all that brings. A man who is much older should not take advantage of her feelings. Show and teach her worth, respect, and the wisdom she will need to be the best woman she can be. 

She needs to know and understand the sacred teaching of the Feminine: Healing, Nurturing, Compassion, Intuition, Caring, Balance, along with Wisdom, Respect, Honor, Humility, Love, Courage, Truth. 

Aroha Nui, Dawn SkyWeaver

Jackie in black stockings and stilettos 
 "It is a simple request, or a tall order what you are asking, Grandmother. It places responsibility on men to train, or re-train men to first comprehend this, and second to forge through a mess of a terrain to unlearn so much before the teaching starts. . ."

 - Gregory

Realizing the illusion of Time: We are in the past, present and future in every moment. 

All is in the present: the Source of All Things/Creator, Ancestors, DNA, Mothers and Fathers, ourselves, grandchildren, future generations ...
Cherish each moment's wholeness even when it is painful. Look for the eye of the bead, vision the pain free.

Realizing the illusion of arrows: A weapon that can be used in peace, love, trust, hope... Arrows are sent daily without recognizing the gift or pain sent in thoughts, words, actions. The deeper it penetrate the more it is felt. I am holding my arrow high knowing I am sending words of respect, wisdom, and love to you. 

Aroha Nui/Much Love, Dawn Skyweaver 6.10.13

Carissa Rosario

It feels like, from your insight, the illusion of Time is a perception of time different from the one that recognizes three points in one moment. - Gregory 6.18.13

Priestess Mafariel Nama

Priestess Mafariel Nama

  • Priestess Nama is a spiritual student & teacher. A funny chick. Ancient. Modern. Available for oracle readings via Mother Peace tarot & long distance Reiki energy work.   



Sacheen Littlefeather


A shaman can teach you about power. A magician can train you to become strong in spirit and competent in your endeavors in life. But to describe how a miracle happens or how you come to be a powerful magician is to try to explain the mystery. You can talk around the secrets of power, but if you describe them directly you lose that power and you destroy the mystery. Welcome the mystery, and allow the miracle of existence to emerge from the darkness and transform you.

Much love to all,
Lynn V. Andrew
(October 28, 2012)

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Debbie Shadoe White 

My biggest memory of the 60's was when I was 8 yrs. old. I was sitting on the floor watching the funeral of Dr. M.L.King.I sat thinking how great a man he must be that all the famous people were at his funeral. As I sat I heard my mother, who had been cooking in the kitchen come over and stand behind me.We both watched. I heard something so I turned and looked up into her face. There she stood with tears coming down her face quietly weeping. I wondered who was this man that although she didn't not know him she still cried over his death. I never asked her why she cried I just understood that he must have been great. - Debbie 2.9.11

All from Patricia Smith's vault of knowledge:

Oklahoma City 1958 sit-ins Katz Drug Store & Honoring Clara Luper

WOOLWORTH lunch counter - Greensboro, NC - Febuary 2, 1960


an exquisite Brown Woman

Daisi Pollard Sepulveda-Low is also a talk show host for a
martial arts show, and a beauty queen...
August 23, 2011

Daisi Jo Pollard Sepúlveda-Low from the Laurie Elyse Collection
November 12, 2012

Daisi Jo wearing Hakama pants and Kendo jacket in a nomadic warrior style for a
competition. August 23, 2011

What a Man teaches a Boy

May 21, 2013

"The ways of seduction are mysterious tools. A man can firmly believe in his persuasion, and at the victory of bedding his woman of choice, or marrying her discovers he was merely reacting to the spools of the weave she spun. Such a natural mystery flowing through the air most of us are unaware of, and if we are how has that helped us?" - Gregory E. Woods (Heart Song Stone Man) 5.23.13



my mystique is mine.

Dark & Lovely Woman


the joy of together.



Melissa Apel: Dragonfly Photography (Nebraska)

Lena Paige

Lena Paige

to scale...


May 7, 2012

I don't think it is scandalous. It is more than that. It is daring. Daring to be vulnerable is an act of power because nakedness is a strength not held up or supported by pretense, but by evidence of strength. Vulnerability and nakedness feel the cold, feels the warmth and their intimacies mean more unclothed because that relationship is built upon receptivity. Naked, reciprocity no longer needs explanations and what gathers in the storm of controversy pales against the backdrop of revelation within the state of one's vulnerability.

Dig what I mean?

I learned this as a young man in the forest the first time I undressed and hid my clothes and ran bare ass and naked through a green forest a few miles away from people. Animals watched me. Birds slowed and flowed downwind tracing my steps through the bush, and my thoughts at the moment of release when it hit me: I was free!! 

This is my story. This is my song. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories  1.2.13

beautiful body of Anita Dark, in
purple, speaks to one, two of the bodies men abide in. 

"Men look into mirrors to see themselves in the women they are attracted to, and love to be around. The women they are with are the mirrors held against their natures." 

- Gregory E. Woods 

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Woman on Toilet

wedding picture Inez Vinoodh by Zanita, an
Australian model & phtographer

drummer Cindy Blackman

elegant beauty holding