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Lela Rose fashion

Lela Rose Women’s V Neck Dress with Full Skirt

"I have to remark about the excellence of presentation, the elegance of the model and the skill of the photographer to capture the essence of the fashion designer's sensibilities. The whole ensemble touches the artist within me sparking a song of recognition. Creativity knows no limits in and of itself. Any constrictions come from within an artist, or the viewer. I enjoy the freedom of your design and how it is conveyed." 

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9.29.14 

fashion = Lela Rose Women’s V Neck Dress with Full Skirt from behind !!!!

Being Single-Minded, white women present a problem!

15 hrs 


21 hrs 

Quite an image of the white woman, whose famous face symbolizes the white feminist movement of the 1960's '70's & '80's, clenching her fist alongside a proud dark skinned woman with a tight afro herself raising her fist in the Black Power salute. But the poster crosses out the word Black and replaces it with women over the word power. Women Power. 

What is women's power in a patriarchy? What is Black Power in a white society? Is the suggestion a comfortable one replacing, or diminishing the role and need for Black empowerment? If white people, as a whole, cannot stop being invaders and warmongers how can white women and Black women co-exist in a movement centered around power? What does women power mean between two women's groups hostile and envious of each other? 

Women power? What energies will such a movement start with? Will it evolve into the higher planes of the Sacred Feminine, or wrestle with the old demi-gods who have consistently been the bane of women's existence in the Western world? 

Starting from the Western perspective and worldview how will women clinging to their traditions in other cultures in the United States and abroad strategically place themselves in this movement that by its inception in the States is polarized between Black and White women? - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 6.16.14

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a child is born at every stage.
"Innocence is in our origins, and centered within what is pure within our beings. It is in there somewhere as innocent as it is possible to age innocently enough, and as old as the maturation process our lives need to project into our probes into the mystery of Self. " ~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.1.13

art of Ancestors

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Can WE? We'll SEE!

Human Zoo

small picture of a detective
What if the sun held a grudge?

I was thinking:  What if the sun held a grudge and said to the earth "You owe me for all the millions of years I rose to sustain you, your life forms, everything in your entire planet and you gave me nothing in return" ...  if it held a grudge and exploded in anger, it could easily burn up the entire earth or just stop shining all together. This means DEATH for all life. The sun itself and everything returns to darkness. No moon shining either! No plants, no warmth.. no life.. no nothing!!!

Learn from the Sun.. Forgive, breathe, stretch and let it go!!!  Let there be light...and LET YOUR LITTLE LIGHT SHINE!  You deserve to be free to "be" AND free yourself. Think on that one. Love, Nov
And God said, "Let there be light, and there was light." ◄ Genesis 1:3 ► by Novlette Bernard

Black people in Mexico 

sensual whispers

a mysterious thing occurs within moments.
March 5, 2013
Denny HutchisonSEX AND GOD

sensual moments

With a lustful admiration
I look upon you
Can't wait until tomorrow
The things that we'll do

And this
Is where
It gets good

Permission to speak freely?
Well, I really must confess
I can't stop thinking 'bout you
Gettin' out of your dress

And this
Is where
It gets good

The sky in your eyes
The earth in your touch
The spirits come together
Well, it's almost too much

And this
Is where
It gets good..

song lyrics by the Eels

Powers over MAN

© Özkan Türkkan

Powers over man exceed the limits of myth, and the proportion of religion's conjecture. 

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From the Mountain Top to the Core


"The short and direct penetration into the practice of blowing up mountains comes from the minds of the people who came here from Europe. We ignore the subject being overly sensitive to how it makes white people feel, and in the end we don't examine the facts or the spirit of the question. 

The first step to acquiring personal power comes from the practice of unlearning all you know. That process requires deep self-examination. In the public forums centered around the environment the source and root of the problems go to the side and we all are instructed not to look in that direction, or make the obvious connections between the environment, conquest, supremacy, dictatorial patriotism, the Euro-American belief structure, and the tendency that came from the practice of killing one's grandchildren to feed one's children that none of the conquered people had ever heard of, or conceived in their darkest dreams! 

How else does a person deal with the truth of their actions to change behavior, I assert, is the central question to the complex problem of mistreating the Earth, our Mother. Activism not coming from a deep relationship with our Mother further soils the living waters. Why is that?" 

Gregory E. Woods, 
Keeper of Stories (Dawn Wolf)

Dawn Wolf teaching Medicine teachings at Raw Food weekend 2011.

Battle of the SEXES is battle within. ....

African lovers...
" Lutar pelo amor é bom, mas alcançá-lo sem luta é melhor ". - William Shakespeare

How do we love? is the heart song between man and woman. It is the predator dominating male energy that assaults the feminine energies born for divinity, but upon their intentions are the evil and dark thrusts of men upon women's spirit. - Gregory E. Woods 4.29.13

How do we love? is the heart song between man and woman. It is the predator dominating male energy that assaults the feminine energies born for divinity, but upon their intentions are the evil and dark thrusts of men upon women's spirit.

The spiritual work of merging, and overcoming the darkness of beliefs steeped in the overthrow of the Goddess forms of divinity is the most pressing of tasks to perform within ourselves.

Religion will fail give way to the spiritual worlds where knowledge was given to create paths to the roots of worship, worthiness, prayer, and sacred centerness. Before that occurs let the spirit within each unlearn itself, undress to be vulnerable in front of the mirrors Life presents to us in each other. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4.29.13

Telma Regina Garcia

forest paths lead away from the cities into the scope of humanity, and what it means to be one of the People. 

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Kim Kardashian on Sept 18, 2012 wearing a LnA leather skirt, long sleeve peplum top, & ankle strap heels !!!!

"The business of sales. ALL of this makes money in a number of circles." 

Pamela Anderson walking for PETA.

"... Famous public figures in sports and entertainment are the models and unless a young person digs, and is curious and determined enough to pursue the answers he or she will not get an introduction, or an acquaintance with what makes actors and rappers and ball players able to sell products outside of what made them a commodity. Commodity. That is the concept outside of the worldview of our young people..."

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9.26.14  

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Social Media Interactions

There’s this great Andy Warhol quote you’ve probably seen before: “I think everybody should like everybody.” You can buy posters and plates with pictures of Warhol, looking like the cover of a Belle & Sebastian album, with that phrase plastered across his face in Helvetica. But the full quote, taken from a 1963 interview in Art News, is a great description of how we interact on social media today.

Warhol: Someone said that Brecht wanted everybody to think alike. I want everybody to think alike. But Brecht wanted to do it through Communism, in a way. Russia is doing it under government. It’s happening here all by itself without being under a strict government; so if it’s working without trying, why can’t it work without being Communist? Everybody looks alike and acts alike, and we’re getting more and more that way.

I think everybody should be a machine. I think everybody should like everybody.

Art News: Is that what pop art is all about?

Warhol: Yes. It’s liking things.

Art News: And liking things is like being a machine?

Warhol: Yes, because you do the same thing every time. You do it over and over again.

The like and the favorite are the new metrics of success — very literally. Not only are they ego-feeders for the stuff we put online as individuals, but advertisers track their campaigns on Facebook by how often they are liked. A recent New York Times story on a krill oil ad campaign lays bare how much the like matters to advertisers. Liking is an economic act.

I like everything. Or at least I did, for 48 hours. Literally everything Facebook sent my way, I liked — even if I hated it. I decided to embark on a campaign of conscious liking, to see how it would affect what Facebook showed me. I know this sounds like a stunt (and it was) but it was also genuinely just an open-ended experiment. I wasn’t sure how long I’d keep it up (48 hours was all I could stand) or what I’d learn (possibly nothing.)

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April 29, 2013
Denny HutchisonSEX AND GOD

Meditation can plunge us deep into the soul, and the heart of a matter. Not every immersion is enlightening. Some probe and pull out dark mass. Other meditations can burden us with the tasks ahead, and circumvent our will. Others relived of us of the weight of temporal flesh, and reminded us of the formless lives we come from, and will eventually receive again when we die to ourselves, as we know Life. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5.1.13

LIFE in New York?

Angela Poliv in front of a New York city museum.
April 13, 2013

Angela Poliv standing in front of the Statue of Liberty
April 13, 2013

New York city is toted as the greatest city in the world, the hub of the world, the place to be, the place to live in, or be from, but it isn't. It can't be if sanity, and sacredness of land is a premium state of being! That defies the rules of logic. If it is it is buried deep within the tens of thousands of people walking with dead eyes walking from here to there in the loud, dirty streets.

But, many insist surviving and thriving in that city is possible, and the references to the city and the glorification of the city are spoken as if New York city is a nature site of rare and great beauty, and a breathtaking presence before the Creator is a New York experience, or is that what people have to believe to believe they will make it in their fields of endeavor while in New York city? The songs about the city are anthems, and the larger than life personalities flashing and flitting across movie and television screens make the case about the city's glory until you get there or approach the city, and the deep murky feel of dying, being dead, and separated from the primal feedings of divine light arrests your body and jabs the mind with the numerous impossibilities of life without the splendor and the touch of God. Many a person has heard themselves cry within, or say aloud, or to themselves in terror looking around at the city, "What the fuck is this?, or How will I get out of here alive, or sane?"

But, still some of the most innocent and precious moments are captured in that city, and you wonder how a flower blooms on a city street, or how the sun edges through the gray of fog to warm the street, how boy meets girl and marries the girl, or how a cry for help doesn't blend in with the sounds of the street? - Gregory E. Woods 10.18.13

Columbus depiction of introduction to the New World.
Padma Lakshmi in black dress on blue carpet !!!!

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SCALP Hunting


On July of 1689, at the start of King William’s War, the state of Massachusetts declared that each soldier would receive eight pounds out of the public treasury for each Indian scalp and that “whatever Indian plunders falls into their hands shall be their own.”

Less than a decade later, in 1697, a woman named Hannah Dustin became a Colonial heroine when she slayed her Abenaki captors while they slept "10 aboriginal women and children" then redeemed their scalps for money. A bronze monument honoring Dustin stands in Haverhill, Massachusetts, her home state. Clutched in her right hand is a hatchet. Dustin was held in New Hampshire, where a granite monument stands and one in Massachusetts.

This Hannah Dustin statue is in Haverhill, Massachusetts, her home state. This one shows her with a hatchet and the scalps of the native women and children.

statue of Hannah Dustin 

By 1702, Massachusetts offered 10 pounds for every scalp from a male Indian age 10 and older. That price increased to 20 pounds then 100, Scalps taken from women fetched 10 pounds each, while children under the age of 10 were sold into slavery with proceeds going to the scalp hunters.

Scalp hunting provided both an effective and a financially rewarding means to kill, conquer and subjugate the Indian peoples of the Eastern Seaboard,”.

Scalping, according to James Axtell, a former history professor at the College of William & Mary, was performed after a person was unconscious or dead. The executor, from a position behind the victim, pulled the hair back and used an obsidian blade to slice off a section of skin, in some cases the skin was torn off.

In other cases, scalps were displayed as badges of honor. Other times they were gifts or decorations. When there were bounties to be collected, scalps served as a way to count the dead.

One of the problems of scalping, however, was that taking a scalp did not guarantee death, they would sometimes suffer and bleed out for days. “There are medical journals that include articles about the care and management of a scalped head.”

Despite the evidence of colonists scalping Natives, the word “scalp” is culturally loaded, and most people assume the practice is rooted in Native tradition. It was invented by the Europeans, French, and Spaniards.

In 1969 Vine Deloria Jr. said Europeans likened Natives to wild animals. “Scalping, introduced prior to the French and Indian War by the English, confirmed the suspicion that Indians were wild animals to be hunted and skinned,” he wrote. “Bounties were set and an Indian scalp became more valuable than beaver, otter, marten and other animal pelts.”

The practice of scalping was losing popularity by the early 1800s. Although there were some reports of scalping during the Revolutionary War and bounties were being offered as recently as the Civil War.

Scalping was practiced by the ancient Scythians of Eurasia. Herodotus, the Greek historian, wrote of the Scythians in 440 BC.

People need to know the truth, Please share: http://www.smagnis.com/native-history-scalping-of-10-abenaki-celebrated-where-did-it-begin/

A Bright Woman

Rosie Perez Ultimate Nude Collection 

Rosie Perez on a talk show 

2 Beautiful

Gallery of Aashika

Indian beauty of Aashiki 

Gallery of Sharvya Reddy

Indian beauty of Sharvya Reddy 



Sacred form of a Woman's body

Nike is, or was the Goddess of Victory. When the company, Nike, took her name and incorporated itself was there a mystical intention of reviving her, or an attempt to use her? Feminist groups don't ask these questions of themselves. Why not? What is the feminist movement's agenda if not to empower women? That question leaned against the Goddess not taken off the stake the Apostle Paul and others placed her upon says something substantial about the feminist movement. Is that appalling?

When those men with tennis shoe dreams took Nike's name was that theft, or a way of honoring her? The last question I posed turned sour in my mouth because in the mouth of white men the sound of their honoring after conquest has no honoring. How does that honoring make women feel within themselves if the Goddess, any Goddess is relevant in their lives? It probably has the same ring tone of respect Native Americans feel when white men name their teams after people they've conquered, quartered, murdered and rendered invisible and irrelevant socially!

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8.2.14 

fitness model Renee Leslie
Sept. 6, 2013

Renee Leslie is 5'2" 

Sacred Body 

Remember JOY!

Simply put, "a cause for rejoicing is in the simplest pleasures in moments of living fully..." - Gregory E. Woods, 6.19.14

Cosetta Chantal enjoying the moments in the waters.
September 24, 2012 

Cosetta Chantal on the beach in jeans
September 24, 2012 

the inner knowing. . .

A child: the questions they raise as we raise them. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 5.1.13
"What child cannot hit the heart of man, or a woman and impact change within?" - Gregory E. Woods

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Joey DynOmite

True Corset

Joey DynOmite  onstage wearing a Red Shadow Stripe Steel Bone Corset
May 19, 2014 

a facial expression of Joey DynOmite.
April 28 , 2014

Seven Triggers

The Brazilian television personality, Laura Soares, said according to Sally Hogshead there are seven triggers of fascination, and we are always led by two.

 What are you led by? 

"There are many questions living gives to us. What do we do with ourselves? Am I where I need to be? Who am I alive? Where is the life journey taking me? What am I giving into? Was that wise? Is there more to me, if so what? All kinds of things come at us." 

Yesterevening, I met a smartly and distinctly dressed Black man sporting a black beret, and a vintage ensemble of his own making, and elegant manners. He was poise almost in a suggestive feminine manner, but making no expression of sexual preference, only a sense of knowing who he was and where he stood in life. I excused myself from the conversation I was in in the church basement, and approached him, greeting him in French with a question. He looked at me coolly, with confidence and tried to respond in kind. I made a brief appraisal of his wardrobe to him that he confirmed with a nod of his head, and our conversation fell into one about the arts, and performance and purpose. 

His name was Frank. He was at the church to sing and rap in a performance in the sanctuary upstairs. He was interested in the children running around in the basement I was looking after. The young man had an interesting background in his young life that included two years of public education teaching performing arts under the strict cold guidelines of the Washington DC public school system that are not compatible with a child's creativity, and their natural ways of learning and processing stimuli. It was an awful struggle he faced with his best efforts, but the harshness of the system shortened his desire to teach in that arena.

The most interesting thing about Frank was his wisdom about education. Frank said, "I went through school with purpose. I know who I am. I was in school only to enhance what I had, and to sharpen it." He went on to explain the average student's problem in school was going through school not knowing their purpose. It explained the switching of majors in college, the irresponsible partying and so on. 

His plan in school was to sharpen his skills, graduate and immediately do what he was doing at the church. 

Why was he born? To develop an art for families to better raise and develop their children through sound, movement and the spoken word. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 2.20.14

a Colombian woman sitting in the dentist's office.
February 13 , 2014


Maori women warriors 

Me te mea ko Kōpū ka rere i te pae

"The beauty of a women is like Kōpū (Venus) rising above the horizon." - Mereana Taki 8.17.14

Maori women enjoying each other.

Into the Mystics Waters...

explore the Adamic myth...
Feb. 16, 2013
Santee FeatherarmsSEX AND GOD

Erotic terms for Vagina
My temperate tomb
My pink sea

My secreting sleeve

My swollen flower
My river of love
My swollen embrace
My lover’s cavern
My fire down below
My lady of love
My pink curtains
My tender pink bloom

Feb. 4, 2013

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Philosophical Musings

"Modern colonialism won its great victories not so much through its military and technological prowess as through its ability to create secular hierarchies incompatible with the traditional order. These hierarchies opened up new vistas for many, particularly for those exploited or cornered within the traditional order. To them the new order looked like (and here lay its psychological pull) the first step towards a more just and equal world. That was why some of the finest critical minds in Europe (and in the East) were to feel that colonialism, by introducing modern structures into the barbaric world, would open up the non-West to the modern critic-analytic spirit.

Like the 'hideous heathen god who refused to drink nectar except from the skulls of murdered men', Karl Marx felt, history would produce out of oppression, violence and cultural dislocation not merely new technological and social forces but also a new social consciousness in Asia and Africa. It would be critical in the sense in which the Western tradition of social criticism-from Vico to Marx had been critical and it would be rational in the sense in which post Cartesian Europe had been rational. It is thus that the a historical primitives would one day, (the expectation went) learn to see themselves as masters of nature and, hence, as masters of their own fate.

Muhammad Ali & Kwame Nkrumah in 1964

"A world view which believes in the absolute superiority of the human over the nonhuman and the subhuman, the masculine over the feminine, the adult over the child, the historical over the ahistorical, and the modern or progressive over the traditional or the savage. It has become more and more apparent that genocides, eco-disasters and ethnocides are but the underside of corrupt sciences and psychopathic technologies wedded to new secular hierarchies, which have reduced major civilizations to the status of a set of empty rituals. The ancient forces of human greed and violence (one recognizes) have merely found a new legitimacy in anthropocentric doctrines of secular salvation, in the ideologies of progress, normality and hyper-masculinity, and in theories of cumulative growth of science and technology!" - Mereana Taki 8.8.14

conceptual idea of Miho Yoshioka, actress

ON THE JOB: Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson-20121104-8.jpg
Pamela Anderson 

Pamela Anderson4-20121104-6.jpg
Nov. 2, 2012

For those who don't understand, it is work celebrities and artists do that appears not to be work is their work. Creating income is different from working for someone. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories