Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Ideal of a Woman is Creative.

Free, being free is expressed best in the elements outside.

Colors of Emily in the essence of her femininity.

Fragility of a woman is the flight of a bird startled by movement. Her strength is where she hides. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 2.12.17

Gloria Sol stands above certain levels of. . .

The ideal of a woman is creative.

Gloria Sol stands above certain levels of understanding the embodiment of femininity. and the contradictions of not knowing True Woman! If there is any stature over such elements it has to reach sensuality secretly, and by nature of the culture she exists learn how to live in the mysteriousness of creating sacredness. From whore to shame, and self-sufficiency to understanding how co-existence creates relationships and onward to what our lives mean for children to come.

Children and women are revolutions identifying each other. Despite what current thought thrills itself being beyond this cultural trend in the West, Nature writes and records her own script. As our children advance in their years, each generation of Western youth subscribe to the presentations of past speculation against the nature of the feminine element; and for what? one should ask, and why?

If the wombs children come from are ill-informed how can the sacred mend? Does the Sacred Feminine go away, and if we can live without her does the political process absolve the evil that jaunts through the leeway left open as a vacuum by the lack of sacred approach to what is sacred?

So far, no.

Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories
Jan. 25, 2018

Nature vs Nurture by zephy0 on DeviantArt

Pakistan Folk Punjab Painting by Maryam Mughal

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