Saturday, April 7, 2018

the Supremacy of White Images.

Sarah Jane Adams in the luxury of India's spiritual heritage.

[White] Americans and Europeans can live so lavishly enjoying the liberating feel of India's spiritual heritages as if they are above the grinding poverty and absolved of their participation in what happened to the country! It is a strange release saying that... But, on the other hand does one need to burst the spiritual bubble another is within?

It is a complex series of stories, and it is an easy thing to be upset about because it is a repetitive occurrence in countries where romance can abound and idealism can reign. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4/6/18

Superman as played by George Reeves with the Easter Bunny.

I have fond memories about this early Superman! He conveyed something permanently to the unconscious of little boys, black and otherwise. He felt honest, and unassuming as both Clark Kent and Superman. He defined in young minds the importance of integrity in all interpersonal relationships... It was just a TV show some would say, but the sub-conscience is involved in supporting assumptions, and notions of being better than others. This character fit his time on Earth!. . . - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

My cousin, Stan Pat, said, "Republicans think, this is Donald Trump."

the Tail of

tail of Nelara Wild.

... a strange thing. I remember being a boy and learning that white Americans had been to every country telling people Black had tails. This is an odd twist. 

Around Asia and parts of the US there is a belief that Blacks have tails and are ape and monkey folks. Like other myths, the stories lives deep in the lagoons around many a community, and only relationships between peoples will throw back the illusions, and expose each to the other. I feel very deeply that the responsibility to change and undue those perceptions of Black Americans rests squarely upon our shoulders. But, if Black people take pride in being niggers, and calling themselves niggers, and defending that 'right' niggers will be perceived as monkeys! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories April 3, 2013 

One man disagreed with me.

I have a tail, too, and indeed, it likes to stick into pussies, as we see here, yes, fits very well indeed, and that´s what Nelara is communicating quite successfully, I think. Thank you, Darling, for loving yourself and especially how you take tender loving care to your tail. Its really an enrichment to all of us, to see somebody so fond of and devoted to beautiful tails. Keep on the good work and show us more of your art in a future. - Thomas Godehus 

The woman, Nelara Wild, did also. She 'liked' his comment.

Sophia Loren as Cleopatra. 

Sophia Loren was so beautiful I wanted, as did a lot of dark people, Cleopatra to look like her, but alas; it was impossible. Cleopatra was full of melanin. Sophia Loren's role, and others before and since tried to convince themselves and rewritten history to succumb to a false image of the Egyptian woman! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4/6/18 

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