Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fierce on the runway, an advocate.

Photo of a young Naomi Campbell: 

Naomi Campbell as a child.

Vintage African American Photography 
Naomi Campbell as a girl with her gorgeous mother, Valerie.

As a woman Naomi Campbell became complex in her outlook. Her beauty would mature of course, but the woman thought deeply about her life and other lives that mattered to her in her industry and beyond into the African Diaspora. I admire that. Her famed temper tantrums are hers, and hers alone. In the sum of all things considered every one of our shadows must emerge into the light of discovery. How else does maturity find its way into a child?
As an activist working on behalf of the African women in her business she has taken a lot of burning resentment from the fashion industry, and whites across the globe unwilling to respect the depth of Africa, and her deep womanhood.

This is a terrible question to raise because it speaks into the shadows of her adversaries, but how and why does the European and the Euro-American rally so vehemently against the value of Black and African lives?  - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 7.17.16

Naomi Campbell on the runway for Fashion For Relief fashion show.
photo by Vittorio Zunimo Celotto on Getty Images (2014) !!!


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