Friday, March 23, 2018

jeans worn.

jeans worn by the beautiful woman in the window.

"jeans and a choker bodysuit correctly worn by this woman sets it off with her disposition."
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 

jeans filled by a dark beauty.

"jeans Kim Kardashian wears must be something other than jeans! Good God!!"
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 11/23/17 

jeans worn by a right size woman.

Although jeans were invented for work, for men; jeans have become a part of women's wardrobes. Women turned them into flesh. They adore a woman's body a man needs to have, to hold, to marry, to long for, and be swayed by. It is remarkable the re-invention capacity of jeans. The colors they support, the way they shape cultures, and fit around a woman's body follows the creative flow of what makes sculptures possible.

The most compelling women in jeans are not famous. We see them in our localities. This is important to know because the streets inform the fashion halls of Paris, and they reinterpret them on underfed models. The translation is in language, and women's language, in particular, Black American women, defines the depth of fashion internationally.

I only make this assessment from what I have read and studied over the years of my interest in the women's fashion industry. It is compelling, but it makes many whites bristle with rage their relationship with the granddaughters of ex-slaves, who have been the examples of sexual freedom, and elegant expressions of dress and dignity despite the turmoil created by the white women who have enjoyed watching Black men suffer by their hands during and after slavery, or dangling as strange fruit from trees! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 11/23/17

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