Wednesday, March 21, 2018

ELDER TALK: separation

Herder in the hills of Yemen.

I read a snippet of a man's thoughts that made me think. He said, "The Star Wars/Star Trek architects borrow the outer appearances of our world's weavers, but never go to it's emotional spiritual underpinnings." It is a powerful poke into the dark of what attracts millions to explore science fiction, which as I think about it, is close to spiritual quests as many dare venture. But, it is more along the lines of intellectual explorations skirting around the edges of what indigenous peoples have interpreted from their explorations into the spiritual realms all around us this man pointed the thinkers towards.

"What is missing?" is the question he answered.

Separating from the heart is to part from the central intelligence of the human being. Somehow, Europeans made this separation a part of them in decisions made in the long ago. Only in the context of speculation one only gets intellectual discourse about spiritual problems, and little is gained. But, the story wanting to be told comes from the heart of Life.

To live with or against Nature and natural process was a choice Ancestors made. The choice made their future our present. How we live now is the story of the strength and the weaknesses of their decisions. We cannot forget we live under stars, where the past sparkles and flickers over us in our present with us projecting our thoughts and intentions into the future.

These are simple mysteries easily forgotten and easily remembered. Remembering or forgetting is dependent upon the choices the Ancestors made for us.

- Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 12/5/17

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