Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Care to the Touch.

Salma Hayek as she appeared at the photocall of the movie, Savages. The gesture is a sacred one indicative of care for the womb. It is a lost art among masculine femininity! It is hard to envision this in a man centered world of economic unbalanced distribution. But, these revelations are meaningless. Both women and men are too far into the double exhaustion of denial and busy work to embrace, and inhale this movement into their awareness. It is sad, but true.

So, deep is this unawareness the number of children born dead by a mother's emotions and thoughts and the stress of their belief systems rises with fury. It isn't theory. It is spiritual science Creation at work. The designs we learn from don't come from Nature's knowing, but from an arrogance and fear based ideologies disgusted by female essence. It is a spirit willing and hard pressed to consume the grandchildren's spirits before they are born stirring this brew over wood fires encircled by stones void of water to keep the explosions of knowledge within the Stone People!

- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 3/19/18

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