Monday, June 4, 2018

Nuff said.

Wicked Women
Feb. 2017

Ernie Reed (whom I don't know) reported: "If you treatem like shit they love you forever. Works both ways, i left an angel for no good reason . But then i met the devil now i know what that phrase actually means , i would have stayed forever if the angel would have put her cigarette out on my arm. Also i would have never left after 30 years .she needs lessons on how to treat a guy!" 

His was a strong way of learning himself by revealing contradictions people are comfortable believing that this practice is normal and workable. It isn't until the death of aspects of themselves that are weighing their souls down, some look up and see they are strangling themselves being consistent in their inconsistencies.

And then the ball dropped. I couldn't believe it. His wife, Nancy Gonzaga Reed chimed in!

ok husband. we have been together for 30 years. u tell the world that I don't know how to treat a man. if u were a real man you wouldn't have said something so cruel about me. I gave you my love, respect, trust, compassion and forgiveness all these years. no , I will not do some of the horrible things u asked me to do. no husband would have asked their wives to do what u asked me to do. Ever. I will not become a whore for you. those girls in pornos don't enjoy the things they get paid to do. i am a lady and i have respect for myself.

any man would be happy to be treated the way i have treated you.
So yes husband. I did treat u like a real man. 

maybe you should look at the woman you threw in the trash . and say ty.
no other woman would have stayed with u as long as I did. my forgiveness is the only thing that kept our marriage together.

I am a real woman. so either step up to the plate and treat me the way i deserve, or and let me know you don't have what it takes to be a real man. believe me. there are other men that want nothing more than to have a woman like me beside them.
So quit humiliating me on line and be a fucking man!! 

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
June 4, 2018

Rose says so much the lips cannot say.

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