Saturday, June 30, 2018

Undoing An Upbring! (2)

Valerie Baber, adult actress, educator and student of several disciplines
seated here March 18, 2013.

For many men, who know her name Valerie Baber is a porn star. Her lifetime interests and developmental process in psychology, travel, cultural criticism, literature, philosophy, human sexuality, media, sociology, photography offset something fundamental in the definition: porn star. In her life work she has become an Agent Provocateur. But, that is too limiting. I wrote her once saying: "You have made a compelling impact upon thousands of people beginning with first steps you took in your youth unlearning the patterns of a belief system. It is a commentary of a fundamental focus Life gives us: we can change from within!" Specifically, I was referring to her strict Christian and military upbringing that confined her sexual energies, and other creative possibilities into an unbearable aloneness. 

Many do not escape this, but she did. The question: "How? How did she do it?" goes unanswered by millions, who seem content to die without becoming themselves, or Life has confined them to the narrow places. ~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4/26/18  

the Riddle in "HOW?" 

"How is it that we can punish women who are paid by politicians yet allow freedom and forgiveness to the politicians who pay them? The irony of the situation is that if we allow Sptizer’s deep pockets to buy his way back into our homes and hearts, then it’s not young women he hired who are whores, it’s the people of New York." Valerie Baber

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