Sunday, August 12, 2018

2 Stories Interlocked!

Brigitte Bardot having fun!

Brigitte Bardot was once innocent, had innocence and played with it with ease until the world of men, predatory men, took that from her. It is an old story her old age repeated. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 4/12/18 

Fred Astaire, 1935.
"The African informed, taught his act and he became famous being white interpreting African dance to a less sophisticated appreciation of African genius!" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4/12/18 

Fred Astaire. Looking at the man through the lens of how entertainment failed and divided the races (Black and white) with the ingratitude of white entertainers learning, as best they could, how to dance the popular African dances of the time is a tell. . . White people are indeed lacking in gratitude, they also prefer to not acknowledge the debt of African genius. It doesn't agree with the intelligence of their assumptions of superiority, arrogance.

Far beyond in terms of years, the current fad of playing around with words and concepts like diversity, getting along, tolerance and other trite movements white people distant themselves from self-analysis and we, the rest of us, have to grapple without the presence of the designers of the racial construct we live within, to get along with white people! That's some shit! But, that is the way the misconception: racial reconciliation conducts itself!

This is hard to understand with a Twitter frame of reference and developmental substance. There are those who would prefer I'd simplify complex subjects, but I am a mature man who has steeped himself in study and analysis of this culture since my teenage years. Why would I try to fit all of this into 140 characters like the President Trump currently does most days!

It is this division of intelligence wrestling this global power into ineffectiveness. In time, in ways I don't need to see from this vantage point because of my age is a grown up way of dealing with a child. Let the child stumble. In this sector of human history the risk is the loss of power, and Americans without the powers they are accustomed to will falter in terror, no longer being the most powerful nation in the world!

That is quite a story Fred Astaire started. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 4/12/18

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