Saturday, August 12, 2017

SHE Wrote her life.

Cicely Tyson speaking at City of Praise Family Ministries in August 2017, at 93 years old!

I wish it was a clear picture. The details of her face contribute to the depth of her living, and signals what is possible... Didn't realize she was old. I've long had deep feelings about her that started in the 1970's being in awe of her voice, character, the way she looked and faced white folks and their institutions. Then a crush developed.

When I found out she'd been married to Miles Davis, I realized I would always be out of her depth. Some people, like Cicely Tyson, remain ahead of the fearful, and those outside of the deeper acceptance of the deep truths within their souls, will not ever fully grasp the years of her life, or the roles she played as an old woman. It is a compelling concept portraying old Black women. The answer to why such an endeavor pushes the majority of Americans into what is culturally feared the most tells its own stories: old age, clarity, power and death! 

That is a responsibility to have to take care of! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories [Aug. 12, 2017] 

Cicely Tyson speaking at City of Praise Family Ministries, August 2017. photo by Janice Payne.

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