Saturday, August 5, 2017

What We Are: excellence!

NSU Spartan Marching Band in 2016 with Patria Whitley Waters (c.), and Rome Brandon Simms. (r.) up front!
photo RD Williams Photography Sept. 2016. 


NSU student, Patria Whitley Waters. She is beautiful this child's spirit, form and who she represents! Hope she fulfills the 'why' of her existence and outlives the doubt about a bright future!  photo by RD Williams. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8/4/17 

Dr. Juanita Bynum sits as President of Juanita Bynum Ministries and CEO of Juanita Bynum Enterprises, with headquarters in New York City. She is a best selling author, and a lecturer.

WE DONT SHAKE WE SHIFT: teaching moment.....
after you have done all that you know to do and there is an interruption ..... THE FIRST THING YOU MUST DO.....

1. STAY CALM.... why?

Because many times we get frustrated and upset because all we can see is what is happening from a negative stand point. But in every negation situation there is a shift sitting within the walls of it. When things go wrong... 10 chances out of 10 The lord is trying to reveal something to you that you have never seen. So what do you do? You stay calm and wait for the revelation.

There is a God side to all that happens and when you have a God nature then your spirit adheres to and waits for what HE WILL SAY AND DO!!!!! This is why the enemy speaks so loud and his interruptions are so harsh because he is not being heard !!!! Think about it... when people have to scream and yell all the time it's because they have a fear of being heard !!! He is afraid of us now.... nobody that use to listen to his lies is listening anymore!!! So he has to speak this way!!! THE enemy has already spoken ..... he has caused the interruption ..... we have heard his voice...... now we wait to hear what the lord will say. He speaks in a still small voice ......remember when there is great change on the horizon the wind comes the thunder comes the lightening comes all as distractions to provoke fear!!!! But when God speaks he doesn't have to yell because our spirits are always attentive to His voice. BUMBLE BEES don't be discouraged .....

He is revealing a greater plan and a better way!!!!! I am confident in this!!!!! THIS IS NOT JUST A PAGE ...... THIS IS A MOVEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CAN NOT BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!#NOFEAR!! 

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