Sunday, August 13, 2017



“Repentance is a mystery within European thought, and practice. It is the individual’s responsibility at this stage of the game, upon the theatre in the worlds of other races, tribes, and people to learn to find and practice a new healing modality to help each other. We all act out what we want in our relationships, and in the relationships between races millions of our whi...te sisters and brothers are incapable of asking for forgiveness. We, of color, and painful stories, must learn to listen to the stories of their hearts for the ear reveals the path to help, to assist our white relatives who cannot make their journey to forgive themselves.

People are weary of the struggle unforgiveness leaves upon the soul, and the endless dialogue of ‘you did what to whom’. The mind weakens under the relentless resolve to not learn to create hospitable environments for guests, and family. But the responsibility to usher peace into the world begins within the heart of men, and the women they love, and the children they bring into this world with less and less sacred space for their maturation process…

Repentance and forgiveness are mysterious creatures. Listening with an open heart is a gift from one spirit to another, and a loving embrace is stronger than hardness, and résistance." – Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories August 22, 2011

"Daring has its way within women of certain ilks, wouldn't you say?"
photo by Wil Cohen of Billie Jo Powers.

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