Tuesday, July 3, 2018

American Woman, as the song goes...

Devil woman created by John T. Howard. (2018).

“In 1972 Anne Braden wrote what she called ‘A letter to southern white women’. And I just want to share a short passage from that letter… ‘I believe that no white woman reared in the south, or perhaps anywhere in this racist country can find freedom as a woman until she deals in her own consciousness with the question of race. We grow up little girls absorbing the stereotypes of race, the picture of ourselves as somehow privileged because of the color of our skin. These two mythologies become intertwined; and there is no way to free ourselves from one without dealing with the other.' 

It seems like Hillary Clinton should have read her, you know. Because Clinton was deeply mistaken in thinking that she could [call up] an obsolete notion of feminism that focuses on the categorical woman with all of its clandestine processes of racialization and class hierarchy. She used an outmoded notion of feminism that revolves around white middle class and bourgeois women.” ~ Angela Davis, Black scholar, activist

artist John T. Howard created this piece. www.artofjohnhoward.com

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