Sunday, July 1, 2018

Asked of Self.

Emily Marilyn's feet are the fetish for many men. I don't quite get it, but it keeps her on the forefront of many a man's focus. Pity, their wives or girlfriends, who wear heels, when they get some age on them! - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories [November 28, 2017]

Danica Collins, a British citizen, was born July 01, 1965. Was she meant to be the desire at the end of countless men's sexual yearnings? It is a question to concern one's soul with. The answer tells us our story.

Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 11/28/17

Danica Collins smiling happy with a cup of coffee.

Danica Collins's pearls! 

Danica Collins, like so many women, holds great powers. Through sex she dominates. By way of sexual powers she rules imaginations, but in actuality how powerful is a woman without spiritual powers from and of the womb? - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

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