Monday, July 16, 2018

Technical Hunts

Texting while sexy! Unconscious has become an allure to the hunter. The phone has eased the skill level requirements of the predator. Limited peripheral vision, loss of awareness, and dulled sense of place contribute to the ease of the hunt nowadays. There is a level of stupidity our young people have embraced rendering them ignorant of a real world more dangerous than the dilemma of what some guy meant in his one-dimensional text.

Being used by a technology is a testament of weakness placing one's soul in jeopardy. Warnings are meaningless in today's world! It has affected simple things all of them gifting the hunter with more opportunities to examine the women he wants without much caution. The warrior and the hunter know the importance of awareness. In the wild, the prey's awareness keeps him alive; across the country the hunted pride themselves being unaware.

Tens of thousands of people devoted to their phones have died violently, been kidnapped, followed home to be robbed and died in car accidents. Those are meaningless deaths. None of those deaths change behavior and attitudes amongst the devotees. They carry on vaguely aware death came to the 'unawares'. Being able to block the obvious from careful consideration is now a way of life. If people want to live and die thus I leave them to that. It is the way of the warrior. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories [4/15/18]

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