Monday, July 2, 2018

Apartheid, alive in Israel, American endorsed!

It’s an irony that Vladimir Jabotinsky used Hitler
As precedent for the eviction of thousands,
Since forcible expulsion

Was amongst the charges against Adolf Eichmann,
An architect of industrialized mass murder;
Captured in Argentina, tried and hanged in Israel.

Undeterred, the former Chief Rabbi,
Mordechai Elyahu, has urged Israel,
Its army and its government
To employ “the Nazi choice”:
By which he’s meant the carpet bombing of Gaza,
And he urges the “indiscriminate killing of civilians”
On religious grounds.

The Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Schneerson,
A self-proclaimed Messiah
Whose followers await his return from the dead
(As if the Rabbi hadn’t preached enough when alive
By his making the claim that his religion
Heralded a new Master Race),
Has a devoted and powerful acolyte, Rabbi Manis Friedman,
Who declares that the “only way to fight a moral war”
Is to “destroy the Arabs’ holy sites”
To “kill men, women and children”, to eliminate anyone
Who stands in the way of a Greater Israel.

With an Old Testament ferocity,
And a religious racism which the atheist,
Christopher Hitchens, has called,
“The root of religious evil”,
The Rabbi acclaims Israel’s relentless colonizing impulse
Whereby the Torah is used
To justify mass killings
And such crimes
Are given a whole country’s blessing.

The Head of the National Defence College,
Professor Arnon Sofer,
Outlines Israel’s strategy:
“If we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill.
“All day, every day.”
Jerusalem Post, 24 May 2004]

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