Saturday, March 6, 2010


Dawn Wolf in the mountains with Boy Scouts after a weekend of sharing with the Order of the Arrow. The Order of the Arrow is a select group within the Boy Scouts that studies among a few other things the indigenous teachings of First Nations people.  I don't know how they learned of me, but they asked me to meet them in the mountains of Virginia at Wolf Run one weekend and share my medicine with them.  I don't know who learned more.  I was expanded by their energies, and willingness to work physically, intellectually, and within their spirits.  In the sweatlodge I poured.  It was a powerful life-affirming lodge we shared together.  

In our closing they asked me to drum for them.  I left them with the drum, and a final story sealing our time together into the realms of our souls.  One of the adults, a woman of depth and insight, gave Pam, my friend,  host, and co-facilitator, and I medicine pouches she had made by hand.  It was a beautiful exchange. 

-Gregory E. Woods, Dawn Wolf
Keeper of Stories

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