Monday, February 16, 2015


black actress Paula Patton at 13th Premiere Magazine Women in Hollywood 9.20.2006 !!!!

elegant beauty
holding mirror

Elegance cuts across every line molding the circumference of each circle we live in or entomb ourselves within. Elegance is a mysterious suspense. It is in the air around maturity as a scent of honey, a scent of the self vulnerable and beautiful and brave. Elegance is a wave beyond emotion, a thought beyond a dream. It is of a person's character holding no illusions about the frailty it comes from, and the strength it exudes. Elegance is aghast at how it can subjugate, and what it can subjugate in a moment, and liberate in a moment. 

Like all mysteries it simply lives indifferent to belief. - Gregory E. Woods 5.31.13

photographer Peter Salama captured a feline creature by nature 4.28.10


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