Saturday, February 14, 2015


elegant Halle Berry in blue floral dress 

elegant woman, Joan Collins, actress  

"To be an elegant woman is not the standard for poor white and Black girls in their circumstances today. It is evident all over the place. But, why and why not? Whose responsibility is to train and develop our daughters into women? With girls taught as young as six to use their bodies to get what they want from boys or men where would such a child wind up as an adult? It doesn't have to be prostitution. That field isn't the only option. Elegance with substance distinguishes each culture. Each culture's women tell the story of their world, and how they fare is either reflected or masked in women's fashion, and style and approach to their lives by their men tells the other side of lives they live or endure. Women are storytellers. Their bodies tell stories and their eyes go deeper into the stories men create for them. Their stories tell who the men of their cultures are to them, and what the men believe about women..." 

Gregory E. Woods
Keeper of Stories 

1940's look for white women 

elegant Black woman - Natasha Ellie seated in a chair !!!!

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