Monday, February 23, 2015

Healing AFRICA Healing SELF

"Africa is the birth place of our connections to other worlds, the entrance to the deep mysteries as yet unfathomable by wrong thinking, and the birth place of the major religions that have shaped the world. Here in this land lie the resources that have killed the soul of millions from the weight of murder, greed and industry. The redemption of the world's spirit lies underneath the pounding of machines, bloodied bodies splayed out in tortured designs upon the very Earth Mother capable of being nurtured by the laws of regeneration prophets listen to and speak of to the masses unable to see the soul of the Land of the Blacks.

Africa is a light in a darkness cast by many beings that vacillate between understanding her, using her, worshiping her, and embracing her!" - Gregory E. Woods, 2011

African art by Okpara Nosakhere

"In the Dagara tradition, Spirit brings the lessons of Life through falls from grace. Crisis comes as the instigator of change; it takes you to somewhere new, where you find a higher meaning and purpose. If you are going to learn and grow, you can't just be stuck in a particular place. Crisis breaks you out and creates the space for Creation to teach you." - Sofonfu E. Somé, healer 

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