Tuesday, May 8, 2018

a short story told

Little Red Bunny in December of 2017 said, "It's so cold out that keeping a warm mindset of better weather may not be enough. Want to stop by and help to keep something else hot and wet tonight?"

For a man there is always something to think about in offers like this. Because a woman wants you doesn't mean she needs you, or do you need just a body and emotions to plunge into pulling and pushing inside a woman millions know on the internet, or in your small world of influence where women move about sly with a need to give it up?

It is raw these emotions; so are the consequences, if any, and there is the momentum of being engaged in the sensuous, enthralled by the sensuality of basking in lust, yearning in spite of inner conflicts surrounding the need to be loved in return for expressing the heart during intercourse, or forsaken during wild unscripted sex with no boundaries. We are complicated being people, and sex proper makes us feel unique; no, special. We are unwrapping ourselves at the soul level during sex, and in our working lives sex is uncoiling in the dimensions of Being.

How deep our souls go during sex, because of sex and for the need for sex.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
March 8, 2018

Little Red Bunny is provocative! She challenges the soul's integrity without more than suggestions!

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