Monday, May 28, 2018

Crossed Purposes

It is always troubling the way white Americans rage against their women who tell the truth about white American historical contradictions. Jane Fonda gave a performance during the Vietnam conflict with American imperialism. She stepped out of her place in society and found her voice. The voice of white women then, as it is now, was never given respect due. President Bush made it clear during the invasion of Iraq pointing out, in no uncertain terms, the government was not going to pause to consider the word of a grieving mother, and Trump kept it crude; where he belongs, and maintained dominion over, and his contempt for women, and their pussy. It is said with aplomb.

Nowhere since the Vietnam War has a white man complaining about Jane Fonda's moral stance against that war addressed the immorality of that war! They are angered and offended that she spoke, and spoke from shared historical truths that easily are applicable to the Indian Wars, the mass killings of Blacks in the United States by whites from the government sanctioned massacre of Blacks in 1866 forward. She could have gone on to scores and scores of incidents, and around the world with story after story, but she placed full attention on what was current: the Vietnam War. Her biggest sin was being a woman. What kept her from getting killed was simple: she is and was a white woman!

It took a lot of courage for Jane Fonda to speak. White women live with the internal knowledge of the killing spirit of their men, and how recent the Inquisition Period is from now!

Now, the same venom is simmering across the country as white women, en masse, are speaking as a collective on a taboo subject in this culture: sexual harassment, and the entitlement of white men over white pussy. It is too hard to string thousands of women on a cross like they did and do to Jane Fonda! In this instance, Jesus does not save.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
March 14, 2018 

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