Sunday, May 20, 2018

EPIDEMICS: diseases of soul and bodies in our world!

Black Theology, Black Church

Many church goers are seeking individual salvation. Family and community is actually closer to being "Christian". I am convinced that the Kingdom of Heaven begins in the family. Return to the civility of our deeper mind to transcend the madness. "When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you." African Proverb. The dominant culture still regards us as property, so we are forced to access divine wisdom as a collective that has eroded in too many of our youth. This is our responsibility.

The selfish angel dominated the children of God. He rapes the powerful and the weak. As a liar and a thief, he successfully educates the privileged to exploit the exploitable and feel satisfied while he rapes the human collective, causing all to behave like his children and not God's. We must address the pathology of contempt from the individual to the collective. The lust for power creates pirates who do not apologize for their behavior. - Adruma Victoria (2017) 


African Mothers and AIDS 

Mothers2Mothers, an international non-profit organization, based in Cape Town, South Africa was born in 2001, was founded by Frank Beadle de Palomo and Robin Smalley. Mothers2Mothers work with pregnant mothers, and new mothers who are HIV+, empowering, teaching, training and employing the mothers. These women become advocates for the millions of women in sub-Saharan Africa to fight through the myths about HIV/AIDS for better quality to life, and a myriad of concerns facing the countries of Africa; not as common here in the United States! The infected women receive treatment, while pregnant, preventing the transmission of the disease to their unborn children. These mentor mothers empower and educate other mothers throughout sub-Saharan Africa in a concentrated way to diminish the transmission of HIV, and better equip mothers with the tools they need in their environments! In sub-Saharan Africa 200 babies a day are infected with the virus. 1.3 million pregnant women live with the virus in this region; it is estimated!

My research suspects this is a modest estimation to ease the enormity of the epidemic. Remember this is an epidemic! Now it is possible to reduce the chances of babies born with the virus to as low as 5% by technological advancements approved, and made profitable for Western countries to pour into Africa! Mothers2Mother is an organization, a movement to support, get behind and emulate in related fields of concern for women throughout the African Diaspora! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5/17/18

Robin Smalley, co-founder of Mothers2Mothers!

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