Friday, May 4, 2018

the TAO of nonsense

It is hard not to remember the visual effect of Indonesian women's energies. They were different 40+ years ago. My youth was exciting, as well as magical, and learning how to see Asian women was fun. Each country had a certain look and feel to their women, their food, and the atmosphere of soul. These elements distinguished one country from other Asian countries, and developed Western eyes to see what they don't look like, need to understand. The hope of the exchanges over the last two centuries were lessons to learn how to act in any part of Asia, as  human beings!

For the most part, it was unsuccessful.

It is hard to put to words the magical power of learning to be less to learn more about another. It is un-American this perspective, particularly if one is a white American, or a white-thinking Colored person. You see, in every sphere of life loss of magic, the inability to connect head to heart, or having no interest in enjoying attaching magic to daily living diminishes the quality of relationships between countries.

These are things lost to President Trump, and very much a part of his riddle of existence. In diplomatic circles it is a curse, a tombstone being profoundly ignorant and disdainful of the fundamentals of human interaction. But, it is very much a part of what made 'America great'! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 11/27/17

Indonesian modern Kebaya by Annie Avantie.