Thursday, May 31, 2018

What is at stake

Venezuelan woman. Bella Maria‎ by Nell's Photography (2017)

We all have the ability to bring back the knowledge that have been lost or taken by the Evils of others, we only need understand we have the power to step up to the plate doing what the Grandmothers/Grandfathers ask to regain this Ancient Knowledge/Wisdom...

Many times the road is hard, but we must do the same as those ancients who took the same walks to gain the same lessons...

There are no short cuts, no easy or simple ways...

~ Cloudwalker

Healer healing in a man in ceremony. 

"Heyoka help to maintain balance in individuals by introducing contradiction through comical actions, humor, satire and paradox, much like a Zen master, to prevent arbitrary social conditioning from becoming rigid identity; to balance the chaos inside their own circle, not worrying about what can't be." is an academic explanation of a complex texture of what cannot be contained by hand, but felt as heart.

There is a special relationship between a Heyoka and all the elements of Life. When one reads about their abilities, their exploits it is a distant translation. In the flesh, in a Sacred Lodge, or wherever living is engaged in mysterious forces, or the mundane the Heyoka creates something otherwise inaccessible out of air, a joke, a gesture, or a backwards prayer blurring the lines between profane and decent.

Being a Heyoka is never an ambition; it is a calling one hears, and runs from until it connects you into its source. "When any child finds that calling moving around within them who will assist them?" is the only and the first question that comes from within the Elders hearing what the Ancestors say!

Gregory E. Woods, Sirmiq Aattuq Wisdom Keeper
April 14, 2017

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