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an American conflict

A photographer takes a picture. An artist captures the essence of the model. The difference is dramatic: the first is a snapshot, the second is erotic art. And this difference is what makes every gallery contained in the Errotica Archives completely unique.

The erotic art photos contained in the Errotica Archives are reflections and impressions of the beautiful women who pose in them. In these photos you'll find the moods, the dreams, the fantasies of the world's most beautiful erotic models. What you see here isn't something a photographer dreamed up - the beauty, honesty, and intimacy captured in the Errotica Archives is what these exquisite females want you to see. And when you've experienced the Errotica Archives, the way you experience erotic art will be changed forever. ~ anon 

Errotica Archive model, Seny by Flora

Met Art is the flagship site of the MetArt Network, a group of erotic websites that explore nudity and explicit sex through artistic photography and video. It is an artistic nude photography website owned by HLP General Partners Incorporated of Santa Monica, California. The site features erotic photographs of partially or completely nude white women for the most part, and has been online since 1998. ~ anon 

Deserea A. By Jon Barry - Dalika

The subject of nudity is framed by the Puritans and undermined by the community of thoughts about subjugating women by sex, and entitlement of gender. This is a complicated thought process to wade through, but a must. How will a man engineer good thoughts about a naked woman that can make him wade into a consciousness engineering a path towards divinity?

It isn't hard to fade into crudeness because it is an escape from divinity. But, a woman needs a man to be hard into the advice of the sages to discover who he is in connection to who she is supposed to be in the flow and conceptual vibrations of exploring love as a spiritual entity to come from, to be and to create from within. 

So, what does nudity and art have to do with any of these esoteric nudges? - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories [2/19/18] 

Nancy A By Arkisi - DRADE

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