Wednesday, July 19, 2017

a story from inside

a Light worker, Debra Robinson (July 24, 2016)

a few years ago I went through a near life and death experience. what that experience taught me was self reliance. I was lead to studying energy medicine and learning about the integrity of energy because everything is energy . I learned how to heal myself. there was no doctors no medicine no help except form the beings of light that came to me.

as Jesus said "you too will do what I do and more ...." as my vision is open I was able to see these beings of light, and I learned that there is so much that goes on in the unseen world that we don't understand and some of us don't believe in. the unseen world effects us more than we know. 

I teach my clients how to be empowered and how to heal themselves and their energy bodies. I learned that disease starts in the energy body meaning it is more than what we eat that effects us. its everything we do on a daily basis, and when your wanting to get well you understand that it takes work and discipline to get better.

if I can assist you on your journey don't hesitate to contact me on my page Debra Robinson Live Your Souls Journey. remember we are always being helped by beings of light, but they cannot intervene unless we ask them for help. I also learned that revenge never helps anyone it only hurts everyone involved.

wishing you so much love and peace and blessings always xoxo.


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