Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ancient Wisdom Today

hat worn by an elegant Black woman.

"There is no competition to be 'the most oppressed People on Earth'. Lets be clear. Resorting to what Predators do to undermine our own uniqueness becoming an opposite pole of victimhood to the Oppressor is not liberation at all. Indigenous People are not against anything in order to be for our own sacredness. To support and encourage, protect and uplift our own People on this Earth Mother is indeed 'normal'. This is who we always were and will strive to remain whatever is put in our path."

- Mereana Taki
sept. 19, 2016

Maori woman's involvement with her life is her mystery.

"... of the deeper mysteries is time. The way time is it is not. It can be held for a time and hold still in moments of great danger just long enough for each involved in their death struggle to see clearly within the slowed expanse of time. It is an uncanny ability being alive with time on each side and a part of every endeavor to stay alive. . ." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9.20.16

Gayle Ann Crosmaz-Brown, drum maker.

At the closing dialogue we were asked to listen not just with our ears. As Grandmother Beatrice shared her talk about taking time, the ancestors gave me this message which I shared with grandmother Margret:

"Take Time to Share Wisdom"

The 13 International Indigenous Grandmothers symbolize the sacred number of completion. We, the Grandmothers of the globe symbolize the 14th Grandmother. We are presently at zero point, that limbo just before the new beginning. As the 14th Grandmothers we are the unified foot soldiers, the Rainbow Warriors who must step forward and teach the younger ones so that they can create the new era, the new beginning.

This was the message from the ancient ancestors who also were in attendance at the Wisdom of the Origins conference in New Mexico."

Gayle Ann Crosmaz-Brown 
September 19, 2012

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