Wednesday, July 26, 2017

a Facebook dilemna

What man would not be stunned and taken aback by a beautiful woman interested in talking to him? What is puzzling is the developing culture in cyberspace. Beautiful and available women are making themselves 'appear' to be accessible, but it is illusion, all illusion. They are images on a screen pulled together into a person's imagination the way our Creator designed within us. So, what am I saying to other men hems alongside the logic of decency and order in the context of who we are as sexual beings.

Online, women are 'friending' men they don't know out of the blue. They have nothing in their profiles. They have at most two pictures of themselves revealing their large breasts or their body scantly clad in slithers of cloth coiled around the wide hips, if they have them, through and between thighs to connect behind. Lust is the intended reaction and one after another men 'friend' them and then nothing. There is no contact, just the same picture.

A man can draw any number of scenarios in his mind if his 'dick' is his thought process. But being a  whole man is a process of development at each level of masculinity and each degree of manhood developing towards powers for each aspect of our essence dependent upon right relationship with the feminine energies. Online, the calibre of men I associate with assume these sites are decoy traps set up by law enforcement to catch predators. How it works I don't know. 

You can't get a woman for nothing. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9/20/16  

A breathtakingly beautiful woman, Delia Alexander, in the light of day.

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